I would lay down my life for America, but I cannot trifle with my honor. – John Paul Jones

On August 28, 2010, a man many of us are still trying to figure out who is clearly a media and marketing genius, Glenn Beck sponsored a rally at the Lincoln Memorial. He called it the Restoring Honor rally – a return to Faith, Hope and Charity (or Love). Many Americans attended. We will never be able to settle or agree on an actual number of attendees. So let’s just agree that it was a multitude and each of us can assign to that the number that pleases us.

I was not able to attend, but I did hear much of it on television. The message I heard was that we can only restore our national honor by retuning to our Christian roots. What one hears often has much to do with where one stands in life. What message did you hear and what does it mean to you?

To me, the message I heard means that we must put our Faith back in God. Faith that He will do what He told us He would do and Hope that we as individuals and as a people will make it to salvation and the promised eternal life in Heaven. When Faith and Hope are realized what remains is Love – the constant in Christianity. (Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ ; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. – Luke 10-27 (NIV); And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13; We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. – 1 Thessalonians 1:3)

I am neither theologian nor preacher. That is simply my understanding of the Christian trilogy of Faith, Hope and Charity (or Love depending on your interpretation). I thought that it was important to try to place it in the Biblical context from which it comes. The bottom line is that if you are not prepared to discuss yesterday’s message from Mr. Beck in that context, then you probably will neither understand nor accept it. Or conversely, I am standing all alone out in left field.

What exactly is honor? Years ago, I wrote the following:

Honor is a code we live by. It encompasses all our values and all that we do. When honor is a value, it means we will do what we say and live by the values we express as ours. It means we live by a code of dignity, integrity and pride. It also means that our personal integrity is maintained without any legal or other obligation. A code of honor is an uncompromising commitment to a way of life. – The Three Meter Zone

In the context of yesterday’s rally, if we are to restore our honor we must first decide what makes up the code by which we live. Our “American” code can be wrapped in one predominant phrase. In God we trust. If we truly believe that then Mr. Beck’s message is on target. If we claim that we are Christians, as statistics show the majority of Americans do, then we indeed should live by the values encompassed by that claim. Or, we should agree that we are not Christian.

Only God knows whether Mr. Beck’s message will have any resounding influence over the direction of our country. Time will tell.

Al Sharpton has accused Beck of trying to hijack the civil rights movement. That is a statement that will cause your drink of diet Pepsi to exit through your nose. Imagine the “Reverend” Sharpton accusing anyone of trying to hijack the civil rights movement.

Like snow in summer or rain in harvest, honor is not fitting for a fool. – Proverbs 26:1

What you can count on in the coming days is for that theme to be picked up by the liberal media, most of which view Christians a bigger threat than terrorist Islam. What else you can count on are senseless arguments about how many people actually attended, etc. All of it with the purpose of distorting or deflecting the conversation toward something other than the true message. You can also bet that public relations firms are collecting big fees as I type this for telling scared to death politicians how to spin their message so that it sounds like they were actually standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2010 offering up a hearty Amen.

Vietnam veteran Dave Roever gave the closing prayer for the rally. He said to know what 8/28 really means, read Romans 8:28.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. – Romans 8:28 (NIV)

God has blessed America. I agree with Mr. Beck. It is now time for America to bless God through our Faith, Hope and Charity.

© 2010

What are American Values?

What does America value?

Absurd proclamations are common these days. Often, the justification for them is a declaration that they represent our deepest held American values. Sound familiar? They declare this so emphatically that it puts the timid on the defensive and garners cheers from the sycophantic ignorant.

Who among us could possibly stand in opposition to anything that is born of our most cherished, deeply held American values – whatever they are or however they are defined? Who does not fear being labeled intolerant or declared disease ridden by a phobia of some sort should we demonstrate the audacity to question what those values really are or express disagreement with their self-proclaimed defenders?

That fear of labeling is why the most prevalent modern American value is political correctness. It is a value for certain. It is also a national suicidal tendency. But, it is just one.

Values are not just flowery phrases dropped into a conversation to justify ones position. Values are what drive us. Values equal action. What we know or think we know transfers to our hearts – how we feel about things – and that translates into our actions. So when most of us are declaring that something is an American value, all we are doing is sharing what we personally value and adding to it a little hope that everyone views the world as we do. That is why it is important to understand what it is that you value. What drives you? Only when we honestly understand ourselves can we ever hope to put our finger on what America values.

God given freedom and constitutionally protected rights are supposed to be the shield that protects us from a potentially tyrannical or abusive government that might try to take them from us. Our conflict is not that complicated. People, who wish to fundamentally transform our country and try to redefine our deepest held values, use our freedom and rights as weapons against us rather than as a shield of protection for us.

Do we value the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Is it a value of ours that all men were created equal? Do we value God given freedom that was endowed to us by our Creator? We think we do. We claim to. But do we really? Is what we value defined by the rights guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution as citizens?

Is the right to life an American value? If it is an American value, could we ever say that pro-choice is the opposite of pro-life? Is individual liberty an American value? If it was, would there be 30,000 people nearly rioting in Atlanta trying to get an application for government provided housing?

Is it an American value that we were all created equally? If it was, would we more than 200 years later be fighting for equal outcomes? The good Lord placed us all here. We arrived with nothing. We will take nothing with us. Each of us chooses the path taken between arrival and departure. Our national focus does not seem to be on the creation.

I saw an ad on television this morning. It was a collection of people billed as national religious leaders. I must say, however, none of them were familiar to me. Basically the ad supported the ground zero mosque. Their position was that everyone should be allowed to pray. No one can argue with that deeply held American value. I am just curious about where this group of “national religious leaders” have been for all of these prayer banning years. Where were they recently when a group of students, in silent prayer, was kicked off the steps outside the Supreme Court of the United States?

When the press uses a constitutional right to pursue a political agenda, like the Journolistas, or when papers publish documents that endanger people and our national security is the right being used as a shield to protect those who exercise it or as a weapon?

The establishment clause clearly has the purpose of protecting the Church from the state and not the other way around. Its sole use for many years, however, has been as a weapon to expel any vestige of Christianity from public view. Not Islam, Buddhism or any other religion.

The protection of these freedoms and rights is so deeply ingrained in American society that we are slow to acknowledge it when they are being used against us as weapons to a devastating effect. It is time to say stop. There is a fundamental transformation that is needed in America. It is the one that draws a clear distinction between protecting rights and abusing them. Only when we can do that as a nation, will we know what America values.


Jumping the Shark

There comes a time. A point where the lingering thoughts you have held on to internally lest you offend friends and fair weather acquaintances must be cut loose. You know that you must rid your conscience of them otherwise your silence propagates the problem plus there is always the potential that your head might explode.

Our country is being led by a comic book character. He never existed until he was written into the story line to deliver a well-practiced speech at a national political convention. Oh, it had all the right words in it and sounded just swell, but for some reason it lacked the feel. It lacked heart. At least there is little proof of his existence before that speech as his handlers have spent millions to keep a lid on anything that might crack that window and reflect a little sunshine onto his past. He is a creation. He is the work of others and was drawn into our lives one story panel at a time until several issues later on a bleak morning in America, he became our President.

But, as usually happens with a bad script where the final episode was not written before the story was put into production, this one too is starting to take unintended turns. The most obvious is that although he appears in every panel of the comic book strip, his substance is as thin as the multi-colored pages on which his image rests. It is his creators and behind the scenes handlers that we should fear. Desperate people who want to keep their political power will take desperate measures. They will write dangerous maneuvers into the script to save their faltering figure head. They must find a way to salvage his legacy. Iran may want to duck.

His youthful communist and Muslim indoctrination is now well-documented. It is rare that one travels very far from life’s influential years and its influencers. That probably explains the relationships of today. A bigoted America hating “preacher”, the self admitted communist and terrorist in whose home his political career was launched, and other assorted communists, hippies and members of Students for a Democratic Society who surround him and are now charter members of his czardom. It likely explains his globetrotting apology tours. Probably explains why he was first out of the gate to state that a local police force acted stupidly while urging Americans not to jump to any conclusions when a Muslim nutcase screaming Allah Akbar shot and killed 13 Americans at Fort Hood. Of course questioning any of this does result in one being labeled a racist by his script writers. Everyone cowers at being called a racist by racists. It is a strange phenomenon.

Stupid starts to add up on you after a while. The apology tours were not good. Americans are like anyone else, they look for a leader who will stand up for them, not apologize for them. Spreading the wealth, we are not a Christian nation, when life begins is a concept above his pay grade, we are one of the world’s largest Muslim nations, bankrupt the coal industry, clinging to your guns and bibles, looking for some ass to kick, plug the damn hole…

Is the President nearing his jump the shark moment? He has traveled so far to the left that his typically professional left, as Mr. Gibbs refers to them, is now on his right. His polls are in the toilet. Congressional polls left the toilet long ago and are heading for the sewage treatment plant. The political future, if you can trust the political prognosticators, is not too bright if you are a Democrat. Now Mr. President has put his Presidential, and de facto Democratic, seal of approval on building a symbol of Islamic conquest at ground zero. America was once again flipped off and gut punched by a cartoon character.

When popularity has peaked and ratings are nearing toilet bowl ring level, jumping the shark to either raise the ratings or make them even more irrelevant cannot be too far behind. The question is can we survive it?

I am curious. Has anyone seen Colin Powell?

© 2010

Tolerant Americans

According to the handy look up program attached to my word processer, tolerance is the acceptance of differing views of others such as in religious or political matters and fairness toward people who hold these differing views.

It is also the act of putting up with somebody or something irritating or otherwise unpleasant. I could make quick work of compiling that list. I am sure you could as well.

Have you noticed? The intolerant label rolls freely from the mouths of the world’s most intolerant. Much the same as racist, sexist and homophobe labels shoot forth from the mouths of the world’s most bigoted. I have often been accused, along with most people who hold similar views as mine, of being intolerant. I assure you that I am. Some things demand intolerance. Drunk drivers for one. Then there is the small issue of incompetent leaders who tend to steer a country as erratically as a drunk might. Or, oddly enough, intolerance of people who want to kill me in the name of their god.

When the ACLU attacks every vestige of Christianity, is that a demonstration of tolerance? Just curious. I am sure that they will contend that they are not intolerant of Christians, only that every trace of Christianity must be restricted from public view. Their approach emphasizes a freedom from rather than of religion. More accurately, freedom from Christianity.

I am sure that you are following the story about the mosque that Michael Bloomberg, The Most Tolerant Mayor of New York adamantly supports? A mosque at ground zero has nothing to do with reaching out to Americans and healing the hurt from the attack that took three thousand innocent lives all in the name of Islam. No, it is an Islamic symbol of conquest not unlike the mosque that sits on theTemple Mount.

More innocents were just murdered by tolerant Muslims. They were members of the International Aid Mission providing medical care to remote villages. They were unarmed doctors and nurses from a Christian medical team, six Americans, two Afghans, one German and a Briton. Lined up and executed.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told the AP that they killed the foreigners because they were “spying for the Americans” and “preaching Christianity.” In a Pashto language statement acquired by the AP, the Taliban also said the team was carrying Dari language bibles and “spying gadgets.”

Islam is the most intolerant group on the planet. There is no radical Islam. There is no moderate Islam. There is just Islam. Christians believe that you can choose Christianity or not. That is why God gave you the free will to choose. Islam believes that you can choose Islam or death and the locations of their mosques do not change that tenet of their law. They brutalize women. There would not be enough stones in Hollywood to meet their demand. They execute homosexuals. They kill their children in the name of preserving family honor. They forbid conversion to any other religion. They believe Sharia should be the law of not just Islam, but the world. As an American, fools like the Most Tolerant Mayor Bloomberg insist that I must be tolerant of this. Just so the Mayor understands I am also intolerant of fools. Especially the ones who hope the alligator eats them last.

When Christian churches dot the Islamic countryside and Christians are not lined up and executed in Islamic countries just for being Christian, then you may raise the topic of tolerance with me again. Until then, I must say that I am content to be intolerant.

I just added another item to my list under he might be a closet Muslim. It is right beneath near prostration before the King of Saudi Arabia, we are not a Christian nation and we are one of the largest Muslim nations. He said those things, not me. Why is it my President, who never hesitates to mention how stupidly a local police department acts, has not made a statement about this issue? Americans were murdered at this site Mr. President. All of them killed in the name of Islam. Can you suggest to them that maybe they should locate their mosque elsewhere, like maybe Saudi Arabia?

Are you keeping up with the extravagant trip that you purchased for Lady Michelle and her rather large entourage? If you want to see what she’s been up to, it might be a good idea to scan the European papers. This interesting paragraph was in an article in Spain News Paper El Mundo.

Michelle Obama vacation in the Costa del Sol – English Translation, Spain News Paper El Mundo
Several Arab royal families also spend their summers in Marbella for many years. Thus, there will be a meeting between Michelle Obama and Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, governor of Riyadh and brother of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, while another meeting is shuffled from the first lady with the owner of Málaga CF, billionaire businessman, son of Qatar’s Interior Minister and member of the Qatari royal family, Abdullah Al Thani.

I had not heard that she was meeting Arab royalty on her trip. Of course I typically rely on American Media. Reckon she covered her head? Suppose she asked them about that old mosque issue? Or told them how proud she finally is of America?

Be tolerant Americans. Right up until the day that there is no more America.

© 2010

Free Lindsay

It is entertaining. Frightening, but still entertaining in a sick sort of way. That is, living in a country where our fate rests on whether we will be kicked to death by a herd of braying jackasses before we succumb to the antics of an errant herd of pachyderms. I do not wish to insult the animal kingdom or PETA, so to be clear it is political animals to which I refer. These beasts inhabit the District of Columbia and none of them were harmed in the production of this essay.

Other than being certain that we have the best Congress that special interest money can buy, we still wonder how they came to be in positions of power in a nation where the people supposedly get to choose their representatives in government.

Once you stop banging your forehead against the desktop, it is not too difficult to figure out why. Excluding cranial rectal inversion syndrome as the cause, we also have a unique ability to focus on the unimportant in America. The important stories in the news are Lindsay, Mel, Chelsea, Mrs. Sherrod, and the President is on The View. If that is what is in the news, it must be what is important. At least that is what is important to the Tingles Matthews branch of the American news media, which is most of it. They would prefer that you focus on such inanity rather than on the problems of the day. For if you learn about the real problems, their façade will begin to crumble. But, they know that a large majority of Americans still tune in to the Tingles news service nightly broadcasts and trust that they are getting what is important. The day the media discovered that it could drive the American conscience and affect political outcomes and then chose to follow that path, freedom was lost. Honest brokers of facts are hard to come by. Everyone has their biases. Even me. I have disdain for purposeful idiots and liars.

In the news, for example, Christians and Christianity are frequently beaten to death. Figuratively of course. Tingles et al will never challenge Islam in such a manner although it is the antithesis of all that they purport to stand for. For practitioners of Islam, it is not just a religion, it is the religion. No other allowed or tolerated. It brutalizes and subjugates women and executes homosexuals. It is their economic system. It is their law. But, what the heck. This is America. Let them build their monument to conquest at ground zero. Maybe I will go scout out a good location in Mecca to build a mega Christian Church. I am sure the religion of peace will understand my peaceful outreach. But wait, am I even allowed near Mecca?

Have you paid attention to what is happening in Afghanistan? Casualty rates are on the rise. I am missing that steady drumbeat from the Tingles news service lamenting the waste of lives. It proves a point. To them, and the politicians they promote, it was never about the lives of American Soldiers. Period. If it was, you would hear it louder now than ever. Afghanistan is the war they wanted, or so they said. Now we have the leaked secrets. Soon there will be revelations of government and political malfeasance. Then many will decide that we can no longer support a corrupt South Vietnamese Afghan government and Tingles media will start singing louder each day that is time to quit the fight. And we will sometime right after Walter Kronkite stands in a street in Kabul and declares the war is lost.

Has anyone heard whether Lindsay was paroled yet?