Looking for a reason to vote?

Besides national abandonment of God, runaway debt, runaway taxes, loss of individual liberty, advancing progressive communism, usurpation of state’s rights, courts (including the Supreme Court) filled with activist judges, political pork, political corruption, international apology tours, publicly funded National Propagandist Radio, and the Dude in Chief appearing on Comedy Central there are some other reasons.

If the tires on your car continue to wear out prematurely on one side or the other you can replace the tires, but you will not fix the problem until you make sure they are in proper alignment. Career establishment politicians replacing other career establishment politicians will never put us back on track or in alignment with what is important to America and Americans.

In America, the power belongs to the people. We are not a pure democracy. We are a representative republic. Americans entrust their state’s Congressional representatives with that power. We loan it to them with an unwritten, but well understood contract. They are not our rulers. They are our properly named public servants. They work for us and their job is to serve and act in the public interest and be the guardians of our God given freedom. They are to govern by the will of the people and not from an “I know better than you” elitist worldview. Unfortunately, for many years our politicians have not met their contractual obligations. They have not, because you and I have allowed them trample on our Constitution while ignoring the will of the American people. Thwarting the will of the American people is now steroidal. The American people have a contractual obligation too, but sadly for what is likely the most important election in our national history probably fewer than half of us will fulfill that contractual obligation to vote.

In Alaska, the people voted. They chose to thank Lisa Murkowski, who is in the Senate because it was a gift appointment from her father, for her try at representing their interest and send her into a well deserved political retirement. Alaskan’s Republicans voted instead to have Combat Veteran Joe Miller represent them in the race for the Senate seat to which Murkowski feels entitled. Although she was defeated in a fair primary election, a defeat she conceded, she decided to wage a write-in election campaign. The real stinker in the weeds is that her bid has the support of career, establishment politicians. Even after her primary loss and her campaign as a write-in, who could put a Democrat in her Senate seat, the establishment Republicans allowed her to keep a Senate committee chairmanship. Ridding our government of the Murkowski’s and the infestation of progressive ruling elites is a real good reason to vote. If you are an Alaskan and voting for Murkowski, you are unfortunately part of the problem. You are subjecting yourself to serfdom. It is however, your vote to use.

In Florida, the Republican National Committee was totally in the can for Governor Charlie Crist to be the next Republican Senator. Enter Marco Rubio. Rubio was handily defeating Crist in the primary campaign although Crist still had the backing of his progressive peers in Washington. When it became apparent that he would not win the primary election, Crist decided that he would just run as an Independent candidate. Like Murkowski, one does not decide to do that without a beltway wink or two thrown their way. Now we learn that Crist, with unnamed help (from Crist’s own admission) inside the Whitehouse and from Slick Willie Clinton, is trying to get the Democrat in the race to withdraw so that he might fill the seat to which he feels entitled. A vote for Crist is a vote for everything that is broken in Washington.

In Delaware, Christine O’Donnell defeated the establishment Republican choice to run for Joe Biden’s seat in the Senate. The career politician she defeated, like Alaska’s Murkowski, would not endorse her candidacy. On top of that, so called conservative pundits (Rove, Krauthammer, et al) lambasted her as not having a chance to win. The Republican National Committee did not come in to aid her campaign. In other words, the will of Republican primary voters in Delaware does not matter. What matters is what elitist’s like Mr. Rove and establishment politicians think. Not exactly bending to the will of the people are they? If there is one election in the country where Americans can send a clear message that enough is enough, it is in Delaware. Is that reason enough?

Go vote. The survival of our country depends on it.

© 2010

Why Are You Voting?

I listen to Rush Limbaugh’s radio program when I can. I am sure that is a revelation to you. Recently, I heard a caller talking to Rush about West Virginia’s Governor Joe Manchin.

Since I am a native son and resident of wild and wonderful, the call activated my radar. The caller, who claimed his residence in California, also claimed to be a lifelong Democrat. A West Virginia Democrat, he clarified – emphatically. My Father, rest his soul, was a West Virginia Democrat. Today, he would be considered to the right of the typical Limbaugh Ditto Head. I am a little wary of today’s Democrats when they claim to be of that particular breed. I view them with the same skepticism with which I view San Fran Nan’s puppy dog democrats. The ones who prefer the blue dog label.

Governor Joe proclaimed that he too is a West Virginia Democrat. A different kind of Democrat he told a Fox News host. Which kind, I wondered? Puppy or blue? Unfortunately for Governor Joe, he is the party politician kind that is more like a lap dog. To advance his standing in the national party, he got into a hug fest with the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triad. Unfortunately for Joe, this trio of junk yard hounds is not viewed as warm, fuzzy and huggable little puppies here in the Mountain State.

But back to Rush’s caller. The caller told Rush that Manchin might lose his Senate bid because as Governor he forced West Virginia University to come down from the heights of superiority and engage lowly Marshall University in a football game. Hey, whatever motivates you to vote brother I say. I shan’t bother you with the details of this hill family scrap. If Rush’s caller, self-proclaimed Mountaineer for life fan and avowed West Virginia Democrat is typical of today’s West Virginia Democrat (and West Virginia University ) thinking, I will cheerfully wear Marshall Thundering Herd green to my polling place on Tuesday. And, on November the 3rd I hope to just as cheerfully point a big green digit in the direction of Washington DC and proclaim to that bungling beltway triad, as any good Herd fan would, you have just been Thunderstruck baby!

I know why the California Mountaineer is voting. Why are you voting?

I am tired of seeing Robert C. Byrd’s name on every building, road and bridge in my state. Unlike other wealthy contributors who have buildings and football stadiums named for them, “Big Daddy” (which is how Senator Byrd referred to himself) brought home the pork. He used my money rather than his own to build monuments to himself. I am voting because I am sick and tired of political pork. I have better uses for my money.

Senator Byrd spent more years in the United States Senate than many voting aged Americans have been alive. I am voting because I believe it is time for term limits. Two terms for Senate, 6 terms for the House of Representatives.

I am voting because I do not like communists, Marxists, socialists and probably a few other ists that do not come to mind straight away. It is time to send them packing. Check that, it is way past time.

I am tired of an Attorney General who will not enforce the voting laws to ensure that our men and women serving in the Military have the opportunity to vote. I am also tired of an Attorney General that does not want to turn a New Black Panther’s voter intimidating night stick into a New Black Panther’s suppository.

I am voting because I think that the only Department of Education should be a local one. Because I do not believe that states need a Department of Energy or an Environmental Protection Agency telling them how to manage their resources or environment. I do not want or need government involved in my health care, deciding what I should eat or how I choose to spend my money. I am voting because the progressive income tax is only progressive for about half of us. The other half pays nothing. I am voting because I believe the purpose of our military is to defend our nation, not to be a test tube for liberal social engineering.

I am voting because I want every politician, new and old, to know that I will be back in 2 years and if they cannot find the cure for these ails, I will hire someone who can.

© 2010

Is it about service?

I do not know how focused the typical American is on the subject of homosexuals openly serving in the military. Or, for that matter, how focused they are on anything to do with homosexuals. Those who are engaged in arguing the open service issue one way or the other mostly miss the target. Arguments are more emotional than critical as is too often the case nowadays. Each side antagonizes the other and both miss the critical issues that are at stake. We do seem to spend a lot of our time arguing points of view that can never be reconciled

Proponents of the civil rights argument insist that homosexual service is equivalent to the integration of blacks and women in the services. You can hang your hat on that side of the argument or you can insist that homosexuality is a preference, a lifestyle choice, unlike being born black or being born a woman. Either way, the two sides can never come together. There are not enough planks in the bridge to connect the opposite sides of that argument.

Then there is the argument contending that those who oppose open homosexual service are merely bigoted homophobes – typically described as fundamental religious zealots. As such, they are accused of hiding behind self-righteous religious or moral beliefs. This is another discussion headed down the road to nowhere. The reason is that someone who does oppose homosexual behavior based on deeply held religious or moral beliefs will not change their worldview – if indeed those beliefs are deeply held. Someone with the opposing view cannot venture across that abyss either because to do so would require that they accept the premise that a person might actually be guided by his religious or moral beliefs rather than simply hiding behind a façade to camouflage his homophobia. They will never concede that. Some beliefs, whatever they might be, guide us all. Do they not?

In the military the arguments heard are about good order and discipline, unit cohesion, co-habitation issues, dependency issues for partners, etc. and added to that the individual held beliefs either for or against. Even where the impact will be felt across all aspects of the organization no one appears critically focused on the salient issues. They should be because repealing the law will have a much greater reach than only permitting open homosexual service.

Open homosexual service is not about service just as homosexual marriage is not about marriage. It is about whether or not American society is ready to accept homosexuality as normal and therefore make homosexuals a protected minority class. The military and marriage are institutions that stand between acceptance and rejection of homosexual behavior as normal. For homosexuality to be generally accepted, these two institutions must be dismantled. They must accept homosexuality as normal.

Most people, I will wager, have not read and contemplated the law, Pub. L. No. 103-160, § 546, 107 Stat. 1670 (1993) (codified at 10 U.S.C. A. § 654 (West Supp. 1995)). It will only take you minutes to read through it. Maybe it will add some perspective to your view, maybe it will not.

Before you engage someone about how well or how poorly openly serving homosexuals will do in the military or whether the impact might be positive or adverse, consider some other things.

The law points out that the “Constitution of the United States commits exclusively to the Congress the powers to raise and support armies, provide and maintain a Navy, and make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces.” Do we want to forfeit that power to unelected judges? Do we want to give away this or any other legislative power to a judge? More importantly, does Congress hope to become even more irrelevant than it has been for the past several years?

The law also points at that “there is no constitutional right to serve in the armed forces.” Will repealing this law establish a constitutional right for anyone to serve? Obviously it will. It will because repealing the law is to conclude that it is also not constitutionally within “the discretion of the Congress to establish qualifications for and conditions of service in the armed forces.”

Decide for yourself what is truly at stake.

© 2010

Maybe Joe Knows

Are you intrigued that the President (whose life we know less about than we do Joe the Plumber’s) and his door guards, the architects of the most transparent administration in history, are accusing anyone of doing anything secretly?

The Obama administration accused the Chamber of Commerce and other political opponents of receiving campaign cash from secret foreign donors who are trying to influence the outcome of the midterm election. Of course they have zero proof of that. If they did have proof, it would be all over the news and it would be the end of hope for any challenger in this election cycle. Anyone with objective brain power knows that the charge is a load of hooey. This of course excludes the gals on The View, everyone on MSNBC, and most other news media.

David Axlerod, the designated Presidential manure spreader, was challenged to produce his evidence of foreign money influence. His response to the challenge was to ask his interviewer if he had evidence that there was not. Disprove the unproved. Now that sounds about par for the collection of nitwits that are running our country. The only explanation is that they sincerely believe that you and I are stupid. They also think that we still live in times when there is no one to openly challenge what they put forth as truth. This, in case you are curious, is why they hate Fox News. They expect us instead to gasp in horror whenever they make unsupported charges and then demand that their political opponents be perp- walked off to the penitentiary. Hey David! We are numb buddy and we are on to you. It just ain’t gonna work anymore.

I have no evidence showing that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro was not born in the United States. Mr. Axlerod where is the evidence proving that he was? I have no evidence that the President is a Muslim. Where is the evidence that he is not? The President talks in his books about using “a little blow” when he could get it? Where is the evidence proving that he quit using nose candy, especially now that he can afford the good stuff? I have no evidence that Michelle Obama secretly sneaks down to the White House kitchen and slams cheeseburgers and chili fries at night. I demand, Mr. Axlerod, evidence that she does not – especially since she wants to replace my jalapeno cheese fries with asparagus spears. By the way, I consider eating an asparagus spear only when it is stuffed into a Twinkie – surrounded by extra Twinkie stuff.

I do have proof, I am afraid, that they believe we are hopelessly stupid. Joe Biden. Is it not funny how that name stands alone as proof of what they believe. The master of gasbagiosity is a heartbeat away from being our president. Scared yet? The wing nuts were afraid instead that stupid Americans might put Sarah Palin in that position. We can only wish. On the campaign trail the other day, Vice President Joe said that Democrats were not running on their platform or agenda this election because it is too complicated to explain to us dullards. We are either too stupid to comprehend or they chose to not share the plan with Joe. I am prone to believe the latter. At least, I have no proof to the contrary. If Joe Biden was wearing one of those electric shock collars and was jolted each time he made a dim-witted comment his hair plugs would fall out mid speech.

For some reason, whenever I see the President reading to us from the Presidential Teleprompters I get an image of George Soros sitting in a dark room in his Stars Wars Emperor suit typing away at the keyboard. I do not know for sure if that is true, but I have no evidence that it is not. Maybe Joe knows.

© 2010

Better Dead than Red

My wife, son and I left Germany in the summer of 91. It was less than 2 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I have a case with a few chunks of that graffiti painted concrete cold war memory in it. I could have had some larger pieces, but the ones I have are special. My son chipped them off of the wall in January 1990 and gave them to me. Someday, I hope to tell my Granddaughters what those little pieces of concrete their Dad brought home stand for.

Following 6 months in West Texas and a 1 year sentence in the Washington DC Metro, my wife and I headed back on an Army assignment to Germany in the spring of 93. Our son went off to college. With the newly opened borders, we decided along with our good friends Kent and Irmgard to take a road trip into the Czech Republic. Unfortunately for Kent his passport was expired. Even with the border guard bribes we had been forewarned to bring with us, Kent understandably so, did not want to chance being on the wrong side of the border with an expired passport. Su, Irmgard and I left him in a German border town and headed out. The women were shopping for crystal and I was just along for the trip. It was an interesting day and Kent enjoyed the local food, folks and German beer waiting our return.

The memory of the day that most sticks in my mind was the stark contrast between modern West Germany and the former Communist and Soviet controlled Czech Republic. Just a few kilometers beyond the German-Czech border, I began asking myself why everything appeared so far behind the times. The answer was simple and obvious. Communism. Freedom, personal liberty and free markets bring prosperity. Communism with its restrictions on personal liberty and with its socialist, Marxist economics does the opposite. Just imagine taking a drive into 1950. Or, for you youngsters imagine no cell phones or Internet – ever. Or, take a look at the remaining 1950’s era automobiles in the liberal communist utopia of Cuba. Look at the starvation in communist North Korea.

During communism’s most notable failure, many voting aged Americans were not yet born. They cannot tell you about the Berlin wall. They never saw the stories of Germans who were gunned down by East German guards as they tried to make it to the West and freedom. Instead, they are taught to compare a Mexican border fence with the Berlin wall. A wall that was meant to keep people in not out. They do not know too much about the United Soviet Socialist Republic and their hammer and sickle. They do not even know what communism with its Marxist economic system is. Their public educations have not taught them about communism and even less about their own representative republic. In California, they are trying to bribe these ill informed youngsters to come out and vote with the promise of legalizing marijuana. It might work. As you youngsters contemplate tossing away your freedom for a free toke of pot smoke, think about some things.

When you hear our president talk about spreading the wealth and his close advisor union boss Andy Stearn talking about workers of the world unite, you are hearing communist ideology. Right in your face. The way it always works however, is that the presidents and the Andy Stearns get to keep their wealth while they spread yours around. They spread it until the only class line that remains is drawn between the super wealthy and the rest of us. The poor do not get wealthy and the solid middle class ends up on par with our nation’s poorest. Third world countries are identified as such because their communist socialist approach eliminates the middle class. That is worth restating. It does not help the middle class, it destroys it. They will forcefully take what you have. You will not have the cash to buy those mind expanding drugs. And in a nation where prosperity is stifled by the policies of the state, Nancy Pelosi will be unable to find a way to subsidize your habit. Did you ever wonder why alcoholism, generally involving kerosene grade vodka, was rampant in Moscow? The food stamps she is so fond of will also be useless. In this utopia, you will probably get a ration card. If you are a party member.

You hardcore atheists may be pleased to know that there is no God in communism. There is no room for religion because it is subversive. Whatever you have, including your freedom comes to you from the state and its single ruling party. Period. End of discussion. Even the thought of God given freedom cannot be tolerated.

Communism, Marxism, Socialism all turn out bad. Millions have died to prove that. Communism was once the great external threat to the United States of America. It is no longer an external threat.

You may want to give away your freedom to become slaves to and wards of the state, but do not be too offended when I decide to not participate with you. Check that. Be offended.

© 2010