America at stake

Rovian: Hydrocephalic ruling class political propagandists; some with pointy heads

Michelle Bachman won the Iowa straw poll. The Rovians tell us it does not mean anything. Their reasoning is that the solid candidates with any prayer of winning, meaning the ruling class establishment picks, did not play in Iowa. My take is that the establishment picks did not participate because they did not want to start their campaigns with a king sized butt whoopin’ right out of the gate. But, I could be wrong as my head is not quite as large as Karl’s. Actually no one’s is.

Leading up to the Florida straw poll, the Rovian consensus was that whoever wins it will be the Republican candidate. Always happens that way. Count on it they said. The establishment’s contenders were in it, but Herman Cain cleaned their collective ruling class clocks. So Florida is now meaningless. Or so it will be reinforced upon us that it is.

I am not a political prognosticator. I am an American, like most, who has lived life where the rubber meets the road, as opposed to where the talking head meets the television camera. Being an observer of and full participant in life beyond Washington, DC, I believe when the dust settles on this political horse race the Rovians will be left wondering what hit them. Dick Morrisdotcom may collapse all together. It could be ugly.

They are missing the point. It is a really big point too, sort of like the one atop some of their heads. They are absolutely enamored with their own brilliance. So much so that they are incapable of interpreting the message that Americans are communicating to them. Or, they simply are not listening and do not care, which makes them as dangerous to the republic as are the socialists. They are that way, because they have always been successful at steering public sentiment. No more. Polls, politics and punditry are going to change. The Rovians will either undergo some evolutionary change or become extinct. Some of them will morph into angry Jimmah Carters and never shut up until the last shingles are laid on the roofs of their collapsing habitats for inhumanity. Whether for the good of our country or for its destruction, change is coming. And out here in the hinterlands, Americans are going to have a say. Refreshing.

The point is not too complicated. Conservative minded Americans are simply tired of the establishment’s good ole boys. That is why, Karl, that they picked Bachman in Iowa and Cain in Florida. Now break out your little white board and magic marker and tell me what part of that it is that you cannot grasp. You Rovians have already shown us the propensity to toss overboard the people’s conservative choices because the establishment picks were shown the door. Apply a little introspect fellas and decide if you are going to board the freedom train or be run over by it.

Where does that leave us? Ann Coulter prostrates herself before the image of Chris Christie, but I am afraid that image needs a bucket of cold water tossed on it. There are a couple of reasons. Christie has read too many press clips and listened too much to the adoration of Miss Ann and others. He has become to full of himself. Self-absorbed politicians are what we are rejecting. Even if he is able to reign in the self-adoration, he is in the process of selling his soul to so-called Republican billionaire donors. The country-club Republicans who are capable of pushing another McCain like candidacy on us. We saw how that turned out.

Not to steer off the road here, but has anyone been paying attention to Hillary Clinton? I have been waiting for one of the big talkers to say something, but none have. The face is a little less worn out looking and no so puffy. It is probably a combination of Botox and booze avoidance. The hairdo is getting longer and blonder. Just an observation.

There is only one potential candidate who has shown the independence and spine to take on the establishment. A candidate that is boldly and unapologetically conservative. Sarah Palin. The name that conservative pundits avoid like the plaque and the name that drives liberal pundits to move to Alaska and write silly books filled with unsupported gossip.

Here is my conspiratorial thought for the season. Around the time for the national release of “The Undefeated”, Sarah Palin will announce that she is in. When she wins the nomination, Obama will decide that he has been all that he can be. Unable to stand the thought of another woman becoming the first female president and with her new hairdo, all sobered up and Botoxed, Hillary will run to the rescue of the Democrat party. With of course a sacrificial challenge from Joe Biden. The most brutal political campaign in the history of our country will ensue. When the political Armageddon on the Potomac ends, America will be standing tall and proud or it will be over.

Wishy washy, good ole boy establishment Republicanism is not going to save our country. Bold conservatism will. Go work on your bunker.


Lost Decade

September 11, 2011 has passed. I have not checked the headlines this morning. It could be the world ended. It is a peaceful morning waiting the sunrise here in Wild and Wonderful.

I did not make my typical Sunday afternoon post. I felt no need to share my where I was when story. It is the significance of what happened to us on that day that keeps it clear in my mind. Not what I was doing. I remember where I was when President Kennedy was shot too, but it has no bearing on the historical event. Just as it will remember the events of September 11, 2001, history will always remember the Kennedy assassination. That I was working in an office or playing basketball on a dirt court in rural West Virginia will not even record a so what in the annals. There are other events in my life, and I am sure yours too, that were personally as tragic although not widely shared with world. The emotion dredged up from within us causes us to remember them.

My emotions ran the gamut on September 11, 2001. First I was angry. I worked to control anger in my life knowing from experience that uncontrolled anger drives you to do and say stupid and often unforgivable things. Like flying airplanes into buildings and murdering thousands of innocent people. Later in the day, the anger turned to sadness with learning about the loss of friends. Then the sadness returned to anger. Innocent lives were lost – taken by soulless followers of a death cult. Thousands of lives were lost, but the dreams of many thousands more were stolen by this utterly despicable act. I take solace knowing that the paradise sought by the murderers remains as fiery as the burning airplanes and buildings that removed their miserable personages from this planet. Satan owned their wretched souls in this world and he owns them through eternity – and he has no virgins to offer them. Only the eternal torment they earned.

But, sadly or not, anger is the emotion that remains. It is the one the day dredges up for me. Justifiable anger appropriately directed? Lord only knows. There are other sources that perpetuate the anger a decade later.

In Church Sunday morning, and with my apologies to the pastor and acknowledging the personally tragic message he shared, my mind was mostly elsewhere. I was thinking back to the Churches that reportedly filled up right after and American flags displayed everywhere one looked. People are preoccupied somewhere else these days because there is much vacant space in the pews and the flag displays are just as sparse. It reminded of the poem:

Our God and soldiers we alike adore,
Ev’n at the brink of danger; not before;
After deliverance, both alike requited,
Our God’s forgotten, and our soldiers slighted. – Frances Quarles, 1632

In Church, my head was on a swivel looking toward every sound, every opening door, scanning the congregation for any strange faces and wondering if it would have been a good idea to bring a weapon to Church, just because. Then in this place of serenity and inner peace, the anger returned with a vengeance raising the question; is this the place where we allowed these soulless bastards to bring us? Allowing them to take peace from us? If this is where we are, they have won or at least they are winning. We are hostages in our own country looking for unattended packages that might be bombs rather than enjoying the view of God’s creation. We are hostages who are losing our freedom by dribs and drabs – in our own best interest of course. We sit in the House of Peace and dredge up anger, which is against all that He teaches us. If nothing else, it does remind us that there is a powerful spiritual battle taking place and that we better know the right direction to turn. The sparsely populated pews do not reassure me that we do.

Here we sit a decade later.

Our country filled with apologists for the “religion of peace.” In New York, the center of the attack, the mayor put up vigorous arguments in support of the Islamist’s building of a victory mosque at ground zero. His prime argument? Freedom of religion. From the other side of his face he banned the clergy from the memorial held in New York. Victory mosques are what the Islamists have built throughout history beginning with the Temple Mount. In the eyes of the Islamist’s, the Trade Center Towers was a temple of sorts. The greatest symbol on earth to the free market capitalism and democratic government they so despise. Now that they have destroyed that symbol it only follows that they want a victory mosque there from which to spread their hatred of our Judeo-Christian derived culture. It is beyond me how any person living in New York City can support the mayor.

We are still attached at the hip with the people who spawned this atrocity because of the insane energy policy firmly held to by our inept political ruling class. The problem they promised to fix since the Arab oil embargo more than 40 years ago.

Finally, I am tiring of restrictions placed on Americans at every turn that seem unable to pick up a single terrorist. I am tiring of American flags flown at half-mast. I am tiring of memorials. I am tiring of the victim mentality that is perpetuated by all of these things. I am tired of the people who danced with joy in their streets on September 11, 2001 being honored with no cameras allowed religious dinners in our Nation’s house.

Because I dare to think the way that I do it is me, a more typical American you will not find who is called a terrorist, suicide bombing, hostage taking, barbarian, SOB and invited to go straight to hell all by the ruling political class who has led us to the edge of destruction. I am angered by that and tiring of it too.

If we have any hope of turning victim into victory, we must rid ourselves of inept leaders and as did our Nation’s founders, seek “a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” Changing victim to victory, may God bless our country.

© 2011

Dear Maxine:

I have been waiting for someone prominent in politics to chat with you. People whose actions are driven by pollsters and political strategists rather than conviction are not likely to do that on my behalf. Like you, they only operate on their own behalf. Disheartening is it not?

Thank you for the invitation to accompany you on your journey. As heartfelt as I know your offer is, I regret that I am unable to accept the invitation to come into your house or accompany you on your life’s journey.

Maxine, I am a red, white and blue-American. That is probably a hard concept for you to grasp. I suspect that the thought might even offend you as you have clearly labored so hard to construct hyphenated walls between Americans. I spent much of my existence on this planet in a culture that survives on candor. A culture that views the ability to call it as one sees it as an indispensable attribute.

I believe in concepts that are obviously foreign to you. If my assessment errs, please feel free to place me back on track. I believe in individual liberty, free-market enterprise, limited government intervention in my life, limited central government intervention in the affairs of states, low taxes, less government waste, self-reliance rather than government dependence, a strong military, borders, culture and language, but to list a few. I also believe that what is good comes to us from God, especially our freedom, and not from corrupt career politicians.

I am not a loner. Millions of Americans feel as I do Ms. Waters. We are of varied ethnic heritage, all ages, races, social statures, education levels, and ranges of personal wealth. We are labeled, derisively so by people such as you, as the Tea Party. You should understand that the people you see at publicized Tea Party events are only a tiny representation of those with similar beliefs. When you invited the Tea Party to go straight to hell you do realize that the invitation extended to most of America? In my circles we call that an alligator mouth bolstered by a hummingbird backside. It is just what we have come to expect from someone who has nothing else to offer us.

What you clearly do not understand is that I and millions more like me want to escape from hell rather than head straight for it. We want to escape from the hell created by your communist ideology. It is an ideology that can only survive and thrive after it has enslaved a population and turned it into a permanent victim class made solely dependent on government.

I know this might hurt your feelings somewhat, but you and others who think as you do, have enslaved generations. You have gifted them with an owed mentality that once accepted locks them permanently in a hell of which you control yet do not have to endure. Dang near Satanic sounding, is it not? Once they depend on you, they are enslaved. A slave is wholly dependent on his master Maxine. Thankfully, most of us are clear about the Master we serve. I does not appear that He has visited Sodom on the Potomac for quite some time.

You want your victims to hate rich people, while you busily game the system for personal wealth. Victims need a bad guy. Yours just do not realize that it is you. Following your logic of demonizing the wealthy, at some point there will be no rich villains left to produce victims for you. There will only be your enslaved victims and you – the overseer whose has the remaining wealth. Generally, that does not end well for you.

What concerns me most is not your communism. It is a constituency that votes for you. These are people who are trapped in your hell. They will never know real freedom, real independence or the idea of earned wealth.

Maxine, rather than wishing you in hell, I offer a prayer for you. I pray that God might soften your heart and open your eyes so that you may know the real truth. His truth. I also pray that He opens the hearts and minds of the millions you have helped to enslave so that future generations might know and understand as did our forefathers that what comes to us from God is much greater than anything you or any other politician has to offer.

Maxine, I invite you to another place. It is due north of the destination you have in mind for me. There are no victims there and likely few communists. It might help you to know that you might not find many of these there either.