Just another Vietnam?

In 1961, President Kennedy committed U.S. Advisors to train South Vietnamese forces how to fight their war against the Communists led by Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Cong insurgency. For Americans and our abandoned South Vietnamese allies, the war ended in 1975 as the last U.S. helicopter, with people literally clawing to get aboard, lifted off the roof of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, and now known as Communist Ho Chi Minh City.

It was 14 years of war for American Armed Forces. Fourteen years of rotational combat tours as the force grew from a few hundred Special Forces advisors in 1961 to 389,000 members of the U.S. Armed forces by the end of 1966. By the end of 1967, troop strength had grown to 463,000. By the end of 1968, it was 495, 000. In 2003, when we opened the second front in our war against an ideology supported by religious radicals, corrupt governments and a practically illiterate populace, our total Active Army Strength was 494,000.

In 1969 we started Vietnamization of the war. We were to equip, build up, and train the South Vietnamese Armed forces so they could defend themselves from the Communist north and the Viet Cong insurgency. By the end of 1969, our troop strength in Vietnam reduced by 115,000. Pol Pot and friends reared their murderous heads around this time.

In 1970, Lieutenant Calley went on trial for the massacre of Vietnamese civilians at Mi Lai. Henry Kissinger started secret peace talks with the North Vietnamese. At the end of the year our troop strength was down to 280,000. The force was riddled with indiscipline that showed itself not only in the form of Mi Lai, but also with drug abuse, fraggings and racial unrest. All, signs of a tired force ready for stand down and regeneration.

In 1971, Calley was found guilty of killing 22 civilians at Mi Lai. John Kerry and his Vietnam Veterans against the War led protests. Kerry tossed some medals, not his, over the Whitehouse fence. Daniel Ellsburg leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times – probably because there was no Internet or Wiki-leaks. Indiscipline continued to show as some troops refused combat missions. By the end of the year, troop strength was down to 156,800.

Beginning 1972, President Nixon announced a peace plan based on Kissinger’s secret talks, to which the North Vietnamese thumbed their nose and promptly mounted a massive offensive that was ultimately halted by U.S. airpower. Hanoi Jane Fonda made her anti-war broadcast over Radio Hanoi. Hollywood communist, what else was one to expect. Kissinger kept talking and by November American forces were gone except for some remaining advisors. North Vietnam quit the peace talks after which we nearly bombed Hanoi into oblivion. Then they returned to the talks. The Watergate burglars were busted.

Beginning 1973, Nixon announced the “end of the war and peace with honor.” Hard to tell who surrendered, but we know who the ultimate loser was. Also in 1973, the last U.S. combat casualty came. The last of the American advisors left and our POWs were returned. Also, in 1973, the U.S. Congress passed the Case-Church Amendment that forbade any further U.S. military involvement in Southeast Asia. Vice President Agnew resigned. Congress cut military aid to the South to such an extent that it left them vulnerable to attack. That is the polite way of saying that many Americans died in Vietnam at the whims of inept politicians sitting in air conditioned digs in Washington and who held no qualms about walking away from their sacrifice and heading out for cocktails.

In 1974, Nixon resigned behind Watergate. Gerald Ford, who replaced resigning Agnew, became the President and announced clemency for draft dodgers and deserters if they would take an oath of allegiance and perform 2 years of community service. Some did, but not many. Jimmy Carter would take care of the remainder later. The North Vietnamese hatched their plan for conquest.

In April 1975, following the desertion by the U.S. Congress, the South Vietnamese Army collapsed and the place where too many Americans died now belonged to the communists, and Jane Fonda, John Kerry….

U.S. casualties from the Vietnam were 58,193 killed and 304,000 wounded. The numbers of them dealing with ailments nor physically visible, such as posttraumatic stress disorder cannot be counted except for those who have sought treatment for a disability that was not even recognized until much later. Many are ravaged by the diseases related to their exposure to Agent Orange herbicides. They are still fighting their war.

After Vietnam, our military was worn out from years of repeated combat tours, inept politicians and what appeared to them then as a wholly ungrateful public. And all of it brought to them and the rest of Americans by a lying and antagonistic news media.

What is left of that generation of Warriors is leaving us. As we look at Iraq and Afghanistan, the toll that those wars have taken on our military, the corrupt governments it is asked to defend and support, the civil and political discourse that we see each day in America, we can only conclude that the liberals have fulfilled yet another of their self-fulfilling prophesies. Making this just another Vietnam.

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Who do we thank?

When freedom is extinct In the United States of America, who will we have to thank for it?

I made my call in Revolting Revolution. I have been given no reason to change it. Romney wins, Romney loses, freedom loses, and America loses.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. – Ronald Reagan

We thank Establishment Republicanism:

A few days ago, I read where Sarah Palin would not discount a run for the Presidency in 2016 or reject having her name placed in nomination at a brokered convention. Well Sarah, establishment republicanism will never support either option. You are not a member of the club, never were, likely never will be. You were the token conservative on the maverick’s ticket. In a conservative nation, you were the only hope a faux conservative had to defeat a radical communist liberal. It is a sad state for what was once the world’s greatest nation. No Sarah, when following our torrid courtship you left us at freedom’s altar, it was assured that your brief dip into the political cesspool was over. The Roveshivicks and their bevy of “conservative” thinkers and their allies in the establishment media will ensure that you do not get as much as a mention at the convention lest it be with a wink and a snicker. And, if we are still looking for a new administration in 2016 it will not matter. Because there will be no America.

We thank the real 1 percent. Liberal/Communist Media, Liberal/Communist Hollywood, Liberal/Communist Billionaires:

In the late 80’s, Rush Limbaugh happened to dying AM radio. I remember listening to his program, or at least one hour of it on American Forces radio at 10:00 PM Central European Time and wondering who he was. We know the answer to that question these days. Now, he is the Commander in Chief of an army of conservative talkers. All trying to be like him, but few can. They cannot be like him because he is a natural; nothing concocted or invented just a supreme conversationalist who dearly loves poking his finger into the eye of liberalism. Mr. Limbaugh has turned himself into a powerful force in American culture and politics. It is a voice so powerful that it must be silenced if the true 1 percent is to ever succeed. It will likely take an executive order to have him removed from the airwaves and forced into exile.

Rush Limbaugh is America’s most interesting phenomena. If the liberal media wants shed of him, all they have to do is an honest day’s work. As for Hollywood, Warren Buffett and George Soros. Try using your wealth for something good. Try being Americans at heart or least understand that Fidel, Hugo, Vladimir, et al, will happily spread your wealth around to their cronies who own windmill and solar power companies and our American wealth to the other nations from whom we stole it. And there will be no big Rush Limbaugh voice advocating for America or your freedom. You will only have state run public broadcasting; state owned and operated banks and propagandist movie makers – well no real changes there I suppose except the lack of an opposing voice.

Most importantly, sadly, we must thank the man in the mirror:

I have forgotten who I am. I have forgotten my history. I have turned away from our nation’s founding principles. I am giving away my freedom, because freedom cannot be taken – only given away. I have turned away from God and the protection of his divine providence that we sought at our founding. My Christian leaders are pacifists who will not take the battle to the enemy. I am led to tolerate the intolerable while complicity hiding God in the closet recently emptied of all things liberal.

If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.

Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged. – Ronald Reagan

America surrenders and there is no one else left to thank.


Paradoxically Dichotomic

Or, absurdly contradictory. Just picture yourself inside your favorite liberal’s head. It should be safe in there, and roomy. Not much brain matter. Not many firing brain cells.

Islam embraces the West.

We went to Iraq supposedly to shock and awe. In round two of our battle with Babylon, our magnificent armed forces chewed up the “elite” (Why do the liberal media always call the other guys elite something or other?) Iraqi Republican Guard – again – like it was a third rate terrorist militia led by Baathist buddies of Saddam and filled with unmotivated conscripts. Then, after we shocked and awed them, we decided that we needed to rebuild their country, teach them about freedom and democratic government, and bring their society up out of the dark ages. It took us long enough, but finally we declared success one day and we left. We did such of fine job with our cultural enlightenment program that we now learn that the morality cops are stoning to death teenage boys who commit the crime of looking western.

In Afghanistan, one of our training objectives is to raise the literacy level of Afghan soldiers. All the way up to first grade level. So, in a nation where most of its people including its soldiers cannot even read their Koran, a murderous riot can be churned up at the drop of an Imam’s little black hat. We wanted to bring the Afghans up out of the dark ages too. Another cultural experiment failed. [ Ishmael ] “will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.”Genesis 16 (NIV) (Listen) We have done so well that the soldiers we are training routinely attack and kill their unsuspecting American trainers. And we promptly apologize for our Soldiers getting in the way of their bullets.

We went to war with “radical Islam.” While Americans are told of the evil we oppose, our country is filled with liberal Islamic apologists, some of them in rather high places, declaring that this is “the” religion of peace. How does a nation dredge up the will to fight a war against the religion of peace?

Freedom to choose.

Liberals demand the freedom to choose. Understand that when a liberal speaks about freedom to choose he or she is talking about killing an unborn baby. That aside, why do such people so vehemently embrace an ideology that robs them of their individualism? Everyone who does not agree with them is called a fascist. Fascism, in case you may have forgotten, favors dictators, centralized control of private enterprise, and repression of opposition. It is rather left wing in its thinking. If they ever achieve their goal, there will not be a free man or woman among them.

Moral Values.

The liberal voice insists that I am trying to impose my moral values on everyone. They say this with spit flying out of Chris Matthews face while insisting that I embrace homosexuality and abortion among other things. Absurdly contradictory?

1 percent versus 99 percent.

The 1 percent has all of the money stolen from the United Auto Workers union. They want to ride around in their gas guzzling vehicles wasting energy and burning up the planet. The lowly 99 percent wants what the 1 percent owes them. They also long to breathe clean air, crap on police cars, and ride around in a Government Motors Volt while typing out messages on their I-phones.

So, let me see if I have this one sorted out.

First, I (allegedly being part of the 99 percent) must purchase myself, in order to save my country, a forty thousand dollar Volt. I must then plug it into the electric power grid to charge up the batteries so that I can drive it to the grocery store because that is about as far as it will take me on a charge. When all of us have Volts to recharge every single day it will be quite a drain on the power grid. Those windmills will have to be spinning at a high rate because, well, the administration has already stated that it has an objective of bankrupting coal fired electric power plants. And, they are shutting down at a regular rate. While we fundamentally transform our culture into a commie energy plan, what source is going to replace the energy produced by coal? In case you did not know, coal produces more than half the electricity in our country. Not to worry, we have been assured that under current plans electric rates will necessarily skyrocket.

So here I am with a fire hazard parked in the garage (if I still have a garage by then) and plugged into the house juice. I have been laid off from work by some evil 1 percenter and cannot afford the payments on my electric machine much less my skyrocketing electric bill. Every penny I spend to keep my Volt on the road is going to support the Government Motors union pension and health plan (exempt from Obamacare by the way) that builds electric fire hazards on the side. With all of these grand schemes to fundamentally transform my country into a liberal utopia, the middle part of that 99 percent to which I belong progressively shrinks until it no longer exists. When the middle class is gone, what will we have? Kenya? Where the brothers of Presidents reside in 6 by 9 foot huts subsisting on less than a dollar a month?

Can you wait for the good life in utopia?

Me too. Go work on your bunker.

© 2012

The War for America’s Soul

What constitutes the true soul of America? What is our authentic nature? What gives our country its distinctive character?

Answer each for yourself, but know that these are the questions the answers to which will decide our national fate. In a few months, we will have to answer them with our votes.

In one of his political ads, Mitt Romney declared that the general election is not about winning the presidency; rather it is a battle for the soul of America. It is a very noble sounding proclamation for a political ad and neither the liberals nor its establishment republican allies uttered a word about it. When it was recounted that in a 2008 speech Rick Santorum told a Catholic University audience that Satan had his sights set on the United States of America, the liberals and their allies collectively guffawed and labeled him nutty. They always challenge the message and messenger that most frightens them.

I believe both are right. Mr. Romney clearly prefers political nuance over the directness of Mr. Santorum. Sadly, whether addressed with a political tap dance or a direct affirmation, we may have already lost the battle for our country’s soul.

One of my favorite quotes was written by Publilius Syrus, a first century BC writer:

“Trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone.”

Is our national soul gone, never to return? Maybe it is, but if not the death knell is certainly sounding.

The newest manufactured controversy is about contraception. The Catholic Church does not support unnatural contraception and therefore its institutions do not provide for it in their employee healthcare plans. The administration’s healthcare mandate requires them to provide it. It is clearly an infringement on religious freedom, but who cares about that anymore? Most recently, the administration trotted out a “student” to lament the difficulties endured by female students at Georgetown University because they have to buy their own contraception, whatever form that might take. Oh the woe. The bottom line is that this 30 year old, third year law student who attends a school that costs about fifty grand annually believes that someone else should pay for her recreational sex.

When she was called on her asininity by the nation’s biggest conservative voice, Rush Limbaugh, she was made into a victim. The poor thing was given martyr status by the liberal media – the same people who called Sarah Palin and her daughter ever foul profane name under the sun. Bless her heart she even got a consoling call from the President. The outcry became so big that some of Mr. Limbaugh’s sponsors left him. He then apologized for calling the woman a slut. My view, if it walks like a duck… Anyway, the big voice out there who always insists that conservatives can never compromise with these people has now apologized to them. A big defender of our national soul capitulated. Our major warrior subdued.

Maybe I just come from a different place. Hell, maybe the place I believe in exists only in my mind. Maybe there never was such a place. I thought I remembered a time when an unmarried woman’s virtue was important to her. Now, I am to believe that it is the contraception that frees her to pursue unlimited recreational sex that is virtuous – because, you see, it is not about her promiscuity it is about preventative health care. If I follow that logic, then I must conclude that pregnancy is the disease that we are preventing with our “preventative health care” and if it cannot be prevented then Planned Parenthood can just cut out the disease and toss it into a nearby land fill. All of that preventative care must be subsidized one way or another with money taken from people who condone no part of it. The remnant of our soul is left sitting atop a mound of fifty million un-born babies who were killed by liberal preventative health care.

It is just the latest battle in the war that we have been losing for many years because in every skirmish, like Mr. Limbaugh did, we just throw up our hands and surrender. Do what you want, just leave me be.

We let them take God from schools and replace him with Darwin. We let them take away virtue from school kids and replace it with free condoms. We are sneered at for wanting to teach abstinence while at the same time allowing them to insist that our children are taught about the virtues of homosexuality. We allowed them to force Christian displays including the Ten Commandments from public, while watching them celebrate gay pride in OUR Whitehouse. With complicit government, they are now trying to force Churches to abide by their out of whack concepts of virtue. The most visible photographs making the rounds these days is a Marine kissing his boyfriend that follows of course the lesbian Sailor doing the same to her girlfriend. A few good men – and women.

If you want to destroy a nation’s essence, you must destroy the important institutions that support it. Schools, families, the military, and the churches. They have made it to the Churches. Those who will steal our soul are winning the war and they are in power. Power they will not give up easily.

We no longer have those gun-toting, God fearing, Bible clinging, freedom loving, small government minded men who founded this country. And sadly, our most prominent warrior voices are dropping like flies. Mr. Limbaugh always reminds his listeners that he will tell them when it is time to worry. I think he just did.

Once lost, it will never return.

© 2012