Diverse America

I am called intolerable. I am told that I can neither comprehend nor accept diverse beliefs or backgrounds. I am an American. Worse yet, I am an American male who also happens to be Christian. I know that the United States of America was founded and the constitution that guides her representative republic was built on Judeo-Christian values. We are a Christian Nation. I support traditional families anchored by the marriage of one man to one woman. I believe that freedom is God-given. I also believe, “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.” Luke 11:17 (NIV)

Let us deal with the red herring that is diversity. I spent my life with people of varying levels of education, diverse lifestyles, diverse religious beliefs, diverse upbringings, people who hailed from wealthy families, those from poor backgrounds, differing races and ethnic groups… I wager that my immediate family is more diverse than the typical liberal progressive communist who interjects diversity into every conversation, just before calling me a racist, Islamophobe, or homophobe. I apply that declaration doubly to Washington’s career politicians and Hollywood’s largely ignorant population. The people with whom I served were able to pull those diverse backgrounds together toward a common focus – defending freedom.

What made our country great and is the cornerstone of her Exceptionalism is that such a diverse population was able to come together and build one America with a common focus of protecting and defending our God-given freedoms. We did not become great because we were a collection of identity groups, a house divided, and each of us demanding special dispensation.

Here is a very concise video that you should view. General W.G. Boykin discusses how our current government’s actions parallel Marxist tactics he studied as a Special Forces officer. Also, I suggest that you review some books that I have found quite interesting and educational in view of today’s political environment. Read Blacklisted by History and learn that Senator Joe McCarthy was right. Not a politically correct man, but sadly proven right about the level of infiltration of communists into the highest levels of our government. Nowadays, whenever a politician like Michelle Bachman raises the concern of infiltration of our government by the Muslim Brotherhood (or any entity) the diversity cretins (even members of her own party McCain and Boehner) beat her with a McCarthy (diversity) bat and infer that she is Islamophobic.

Then read these two close together: The Roots of Obama’s Rage and The Communist. In Roots, you will get insight into the anti-colonial (read anti-American) mindset of our President. After that, read The Communist where you will learn about our President’s direct ties to communism from his youth right up to the closest must trusted advisors in his administration. None of this you hear about in the media for whoever mentions it is either evil Joe McCarthy or a racist.

We are victims of political correctness of which diversity hacks are an offshoot.

Sadly, a vast number of voting aged and dumbed-down Americans do not understand communism. They do not understand that such things as race, sexual orientation, and religion are tools used by the communists to divide, conquer and control a people. They do not understand that in communism, there is no middle class. There exist only ruling elites and peasants. Those who would be middle class end up in political prisons or worse. The peasants then have what the government provides, which in every case is an iron fist and famine – as with Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot and the North Korean Kim clan. There is no diversity in communism. There is no God in communism. There is no freedom in communism. There are only rulers and peasants.


The Communist

American Eulogy

I was told once during a seminar that if you want a roadmap for your life you should write the honest eulogy that you would want to hear at your funeral. Then, set out to make it the truth.

A seminar is a short time of enlightenment where one is told how he can do it better, whatever it might be – even living life. What one actually receives from these wisdom sharing enterprises is how to slickly package and sell blinding flashes of the obvious or promises sprinkled with fairy dust of great things to come – if he accepts the shared truth – or the alternative of deep regret if he makes the bad choice. Sort of like a political campaign.

Our founders wrote the American eulogy. Then set the foundation to make it come true. It is in our founding documents and Constitution. All we have to do is follow the guiding principles set out in those documents.

The American eulogy our founders wrote is that of a great land where men of diverse heritages came together as one and stood against an oppressive government as the guardians of God given freedom including the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The nation became the freest, most prosperous, and most powerful in world history. Through its power and influence, it kept a potentially warring world at relative peace. It provided more in aid, freedom, security, technology, scientific advancement, and medical advancement shared with other nations of the world than any before it – or since.

Or since? Unfortunately, eulogies are not written for the living.

No, the new American eulogy has some added lines. This once great nation was overcome by multiculturalism and moral relativism. People did not identify themselves as simply Americans striving to be one and make true the eulogy written by our founders. Their groups became the most important. Allegiance was no longer to an American ideal, but to some manufactured ideal catering to a hyphenated identity. Multiple- Americas were vying for attention and special consideration for one group over another. With a national motto of In God We Trust, America became largely Godless.

Then came the one who offered Americans some profound wisdom. He insisted that there is no hyphenated America. No political divides. Just one America. A red, white and blue America. All Americans needed to do was place hope in him and change would come. He would provide. He could re-unite the nation and restore the lost American dream. Only he could do that. The alternative was despair, emptiness, darkness…. The nation’s major media sold his message to the masses as he sent tingles up their legs rather that shivers down their spines.

Americans voted and for whatever their reasons they made him leader of the free world. He embarked on a world tour offering apologies for the history of the oppressive country for which he now led. Our nation’s enemies drew strength from his position of weakness. The world became more dangerous for all nations. He weakened the country’s military and hamstrung those engaged in combat with rules of engagement that saw more Soldiers killed during his short reign than during the years of his predecessor.

Through his actions and policies, it became clear that he was a communist utopian. He initiated class warfare – the communist tactic of having the working classes believe that they are owed by the wealthy and that he intended to redistribute the wealth to those who created it – the working classes. In his utopia, everyone would be cared for. There would be equality for all.

Just as the Americans allied themselves with the Communist Soviets to destroy their common enemies, the Fascists and Nazis, the new American Communists allied themselves with the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood against the common enemy – American freedom and free enterprise. Before a communist utopia can come about, the country must be fundamentally transformed – its basic form of government and its free enterprise market system completely destroyed. That was phase one of establishment of the communist utopia.

In phase 2 of establishing utopia many people died or were imprisoned, the Americans had one chance to re-write the American Eulogy on Election Day….



We are never quite prepared for disasters here in history’s most prosperous nation – whether natural ones or manmade.

A strange storm literally blew through a significant section of our country last week. These straight line severe thunder and windstorms are called derechos. Sounds like a snack food that should be covered with cheese. Since we have attached a Spanish moniker to these storms, maybe fast and furious is just as appropriate.

What I do know for certain is that the Lord occasionally reminds us of how insignificant we are.

At one time, we heard that more than 600 thousand people here in Wild and Wonderful were completely without electric power. As I write this, many of them are still without and the outside temperature is a humid 98 degrees. We typically have brief power outages here during or following storms. We pay them little mind for such temporary outages are normal for a place where the power lines practically touch giant oak trees. This one was and is not brief. By late on Saturday, concern was setting in. Reports were that we should not expect the power to be restored for a week and in some places even longer than that. Those who had generators started hauling them out. Those who did not have them but could afford to buy one went in search although many of them unsuccessfully. Portable generators are dandy. They will save your refrigerated and frozen food and if there is enough wattage they will power up small air conditioners and offer some cooling. The problem is that most require gasoline. When gas stations with electric pumps are unable to pump gas, the lines grow long and tempers get short at the few stations that are able to operate. Without fuel, a generator is not much use.

Add no electric power, to no open stores, to no gasoline, to non-working electric water system pumps, to a general population that is simply not prepared to survive more than a day or two and the sum is a very ugly and dangerous situation. One from which the refugees cannot run because they cannot fuel their vehicles. If they could leave, most would not because of a very strong desire to remain and protect their property. Generator thieves were about by the end of day two. Desperate situations render good people desperate. Desperation coupled with natural survival instinct often trumps good sense and neighborly values. It is a time when people tend to show their true colors whether good or bad.

Too many people it seems, are left to rely on government help to pull them out and after a day or two are more than willing to blame government or most anyone else for their predicament. We simply cannot place our fate and that of our families on what the government might or might not provide or how fast the power company can work. It is not the fault of the government if we failed to have the foresight to purchase a small generator when we did not see a need for it at the time or the foresight to have a first aid bag and sufficient non-perishable food and water on hand to last for a few days.

At some point, the liberals will start insisting that we could have avoided this if we had only allowed Solyndra to equip every house with solar panels so we would not have to rely on the electricity provided to us from transmission lines originating at coal fired power plants. I am curious about what damage shards of solar panels could do in hurricane force winds.

It is not just natural disasters where we place our fate in the hands of government. We seem more than willing to place it in the hands of a body of 9 fallible humans. The body that told us it is just fine for women to choose to kill unborn babies. The body that banned prayer from our schools. It is the same body that said it was acceptable for a local government to take our private property and give it to a commercial interest. It is the same body that just told us that the government can tell us what to buy and if we do not, tax us for our exercising our God given freedom. So someday when you purchase the car the government does not think you should have, prepare to pay the tax for it. Or, when you put shingles on your roof rather than solar panels, be prepared to pay the tax.

Reliance on government appears only to compound the misery whether reacting to disasters of nature or those of men. Our freedom is lost only when we give it away. In America these days, through reliance on government and others, we seem to want to give it away as fast as possible. And the communists are happy to oblige.