Just Following Orders

One of the first lessons taught to Soldiers, at least it was in my experience as both a Private and later an Army Drill Sergeant, is that Soldier’s have a duty to refuse unlawful orders. Soldiers are also taught that this is a danger zone, because it is not the Soldier who ultimately determines whether an order is a lawful one. When Soldiers follow unlawful orders, or use that as an excuse for unlawful conduct, you end up with Vietnam’s Mi Lai massacre or Abu Ghraib prison’s acts of stupidity. Unfortunately for Soldiers, the legality of orders is not always that clear cut. Soldiers live under a sworn oath to obey the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over them.

Discipline is what holds our Armed Forces together. Soldiers are disciplined to carry out lawful orders without hesitation. They must also be disciplined enough and possess the personal courage to question orders when they do not appear lawful. This is especially true for leaders who are responsible not only for completion of the mission, but also the protection and welfare of the Soldiers.

Under what rules does federal, state and local law enforcement operate? Is not there a reasonable expectation that officers of the law would clearly understand the difference between lawful orders or directives and unlawful ones? When I see operations like fast and furious, I question whether all of them do.

People often publish nutty things on the Internet. I have been accused of it myself. By now, you have heard about Marine Corps Veteran Brandon Raub’s abduction (I do not know what else I should call it) from his home by the Secret Service, FBI and local police. There was no warrant and no criminal charges that I can find, unless you might consider the Homeland Security memorandum warning that outspoken Veterans (like me and many of you) are potential terrorists. Raub was then “committed” to the Salem VA Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation. Supposedly what he posted on his Facebook page was considered “terrorist in nature.” He is a 911 truther. So are Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell, both nuttier than squirrel turds, and the Gestapo did not swoop them up and head for the State Hospital.

It causes me to question the officers carrying out the order to take this man from his home, in hand irons, to a psychiatric hospital for “evaluation.” I am quite sure that Secret Service and FBI agents are well educated men and women. I believe they understand the law and generally have the trust of the public. So why would they willingly enter someone’s home, without a warrant, with no criminal charge, and only on some suspicion and take the person away. In the United States of America?

It is truly an interesting and dangerous time for freedom. Follow me for just a minute. Do you recall all of the teeth gnashing over the Patriot Act? Where are all of those people now? I remember writing at the time that Google made the Patriot Act look amateurish. We have Facebook accounts (maybe Mr. Raub decided by now that it is not a good idea to have one and at least post what one thinks on it), we have twitter accounts, we have email accounts, we have smart phones, we have cute little tags on our key chains from the plethora of stores at which we shop recording every item we purchase, every Internet site we have visited is known, every item we have searched for is known, as is whatever we have read or are reading, all of our friends and acquaintances, our family members… all of that is known. And somewhere deep in the bowels of some unnamed federal agency, which if you passed by it on a Northern Virginia street you would not know it was an agency of any sort, sits someone in front of a computer console who can pull your life together in seconds. All of that illegal of course unless he is a law enforcement officer with probable cause and a warrant. But, maybe that was in another America. One that is fading away into the night.

At the end of it all, the insistence that one was following orders is not going to work. Again.


Chains or Liberty

Old Ben Franklin could make it simple. So simple that a politician might understand. Unless he is a lawyer. He is purported to have said “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.” This is why our founders decided to give us a representative republic rather than a pure democracy. At the close of the Constitutional Convention, he was asked whether we had a Monarchy or a Republic and he responded, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” In doing our duty as citizens, we have not always picked the sharpest tacks from the carpenter’s pouch to represent us either in state houses or in Washington. We have reached the point of Old Ben’s cynicism. Can we keep it?”

I want every pundit that ever feigned horror over the thought of Sarah Palin being just a heartbeat away from the presidency to repeat after me. Joe Biden. I do not know of a more frightening example of buffoonery ever serving as the world’s second most powerful man. In full gasbaggery mode, the hair plug wearing product of the state of Delaware told an audience in Danville, Virginia, “They’re [Romney Ryan] are going to put ya’ll back in chains.” Being a Southern boy myself, his ya’ll was condescendingly pathetic. Yet, it got applause. Rotten produce would have been more fitting. But what else is one to expect from an audience that would actually listen to Joe Biden.

I do not know how to break it to the Vice President other than as my typical blunt self. Mr. Vice President, Americans are already in chains. Hopelessly chained to the government. Many generations of Americans are chained to Social Security. Yes, chained. For all of their working lives, they have dumped money into Washington’s coffers destined for the mythical Social Security locked box with which the likes of you built bridges to nowhere. Americans are conditioned to plan for a Social Security check to supplement their retirement. And why not, they paid for it. The representatives of our republic chained us to it. The same as they have chained us to Medicare. We are chained to practically endless unemployment benefits. Chained to government supported unions. Chained to welfare. Chained to a promise of no taxes. And possibly chained for life to government provided healthcare. Chained. Hopelessly chained. Bound so tightly that only a tiny bit of liberty can trickle out.

Rather than offering ways to un-chain Americans, you use these chains to beat them into submission. Who among them is willing to risk what little security they have left in their lives. You know that. You play on those fears. It demonstrates how little compassion you have for people. It is how clowns like you get elected. It is despicable. It is how free republics end. Mr. Franklin had another apropos quote attributed to him, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” To rephrase that just a little, when people find themselves hopelessly chained to government dependence, the republic is over. Liberty is gone. America is done. Kaput.

Dependency is not the only chain that bounds Americans. A few days ago, I had a brief conversation with a gentleman. A mature man. One who might be perceived as sensible. In the midst of our talk, he proclaimed, “I’m not voting for Romney. He’s for the one percent.” Sadly, many are bound by chains of breathtaking ignorance too. I told him there were two choices on the ballot. One was communism one was not. He never said another word, nor did I. I could have told him that the choices are chains or liberty.

There are people today who are rather concrete in their thinking. Chained to an uncompromising ideological mind set. I have been accused of that and in some cases it has probably been true for me too. They insist that they will not vote for the sitting administration even if they admit to voting that direction in 2008. They also insist that they are not going to vote for Romney. He is not politically pure, so they will cast their vote for some obscure person who they believe passes their test for political purity. My thought for them is quite simple. Elections in the United States of America are no longer about the men or women on the ballot. It is about ideals. It is about freedom crushing communism or God-given freedom. It is about free markets and free enterprise. It is about a born-again America or the death of her. It is about Chains or Liberty.


Communist Red or American Red, White and Blue

In case you missed it, or have been getting your information from MSNBC, the communists have taken complete charge of the Democratic political party in the United States of America. Lock, stock and Pelosi.

They do prefer a different label. It was progressive, then it was liberal, then it was progressive again. But it has always been communist in ideology. They were always there. It has only been in recent years that they have boldly taken complete control of the party of my Father. The old Democratic Party hacks that are more loyal to the party and their special interest groups than they ever were to America and her Constitution are simply in denial. In case you are feeling strong, the Republican Party is not so free of the progressive-communist ideology either. Just listen for the code speak about the problems caused by the “radical” Tea Party movement.

Sadly, not a politician (except for Allen West) and doggoned few in the media (even the claimed conservative side of it) will utter the word communist. They will not do it because they fear being beaten with the McCarthy bat. The liberal-progressive-communist politicians and their media cohorts wrote that narrative too and have layered it onto the American psyche ever since. McCarthy was evil incarnate. No, must never mention the “C” word. This is the same media that brands the Republicans as racist while never recalling that it was a Democrat filibuster that held up Civil Rights legislation and it was Republican votes that finally passed it. That is what the communists do with the help of a like-minded media. They take the stand that is popular with the citizenry, then after the fact claim it as their own and drive home the narrative that it was the other side that put up the road blocks putting the other side forever on the defensive.

Just listen and think. It is not that hard. Harry Reid, tired old party hack, makes an outlandish and totally fabricated claim and within minutes every liberal-progressive-communist in the media is running with it. Demanding answers. It is the same media that has never questioned, not even once, the background of the man in the Whitehouse.

The American news media, most of it sadly, is totally without honor or personal integrity. If there are any among you who are honorable men and women, now might be a good time for you to step forward. Most of you will not. You are no longer able to think for yourselves. You wait for the script and you unquestioningly repeat it to the hard working Americans who have come to depend on you for truthful information rather than searching for themselves. Americans have other jobs to do and they have naively believed for too many years that you were doing yours correctly and honestly. You have come to believe the historical lies that you have perpetrated on America. You have no mind of your own. You do not understand freedom. You do not understand what it takes to hold on to it. You have forfeited one of our most important freedoms, that of the press. With that, you also forfeited your honor. Unless you drastically alter course, history may remember you as freedom’s most destructive force.

A Communist America will impoverish the world not make it better. Building dependent welfare nations by redistributing American wealth will only equally impoverish all. A Red, White and Blue America that leverages her resources to become the totally energy independent country that it can be, an America that has a tax system that makes her the most attractive choice for corporations, an America that supercharges her small businesses, and an America that meets the needs of her citizens within her means to do so is the America that is the economic super power that prospers the world.

The choice for Americans is quite clear. Either we will become the home of the un-free Communist Red or we will remain the home of the free American Red, White and Blue.


Never Will I Forsake You

Did you take any lessons from the Chic-Fil-A controversy? There were some important ones.

If you are a liberal-progressive-communist (they are all the same, so pick your preferred label), please refrain from calling anyone a fascist. When you ideological groups line up, the first thing you want to do is suppress any view that happens to oppose yours. That is the core of fascism. You attack sponsors of media personalities that do not agree with you while attempting to silence those voices. The cowardly run over to your side. You attack companies like Chic-Fil-A only because it is a Christian owned business. If Biblical teaching and values disagrees with yours, you label it hate speech and organizations like the ACLU try to help you remove from our country all things Christian. You clamor for equality, but what you really want is total dominance. You want stifled any view that does not agree with yours. There is barely a scintilla of difference between your conduct and that of the radical Islamists. When you remove Christianity from America, which group will you want removed next? Someone will need to be in charge of the Utopian State of Anarchy.

What you should have learned from your attempt to put Chic-Fil-A out of business is that most Americans do not support your attempts to squelch free speech and freedom of religion. Most of us still understand the meaning of freedom. You are emboldened because the Whitehouse, much of Hollywood, most of the media and some wealthy liberal-progressive-communists do support you. This is the “one percent” of Americans that are trying to actually destroy the freedom that allows you to live as you want and to speak your mind.

The other lesson that you need to take away is that it is because of America’s Judeo-Christian underpinning that you are free to make your sexual orientation the center of your life. You are free to choose a religion or to choose no religion. You are free to choose or reject any belief. You are free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. You are not free to impose your will on others which by the way is what you have spent much of your existence insisting that others are trying to do to you. “Why do you wear your Christianity on your sleeve?” Does that expression sound familiar to you? Why do you want to destroy those who do not believe as you do?

There were also powerful lessons for Christians there last week. I expected, well sort of hoped, that my Pastor would zero in on that this week. I believe that if our country is to be saved, it will start in the same place as did the American Revolution – the pulpit. But, since he did not, I will just offer up my thoughts on it.

Scripture in multiple places promises us that we will be persecuted for what we believe. We have seen it happen in Islamic countries where people are murdered and Churches burned. The response of our national leadership is to cozy up with the Muslim Brotherhood while they call for our destruction and build gargantuan mosques all over the country – because they are free to do that in America.

Is not what happened to Chic-Fil-A indeed persecution? It was an attempt by one group of people to destroy another group because of their beliefs – beliefs that harm no one. That, however, is not the most important lesson. The most important lesson was the miracle – the massive showing of support for Chic-Fil-A. The huge turnout of people wherever there was a Chic-Fil-A restaurant proved another Biblical teaching. A most powerful and important one, “Never will I forsake you.”

There are two forces at work in the world. Good and evil. They have battled since man first ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is not a culture war that is taking place in America. It is the ultimate spiritual battle between good and evil for the soul of a people. What Chic-Fil-A taught us is that we will be persecuted, but if we stand strong in our faith, He will not forsake us.

If America stands strong with God, He will not forsake America.