You gotta let’em go

Labor Day weekend. Summer is ending. Football season is starting. The slobber knocking will not be confined to the field turf. It is also the political season. On a good note, gasoline is not four bucks a gallon here in Wild and Wonderful. Nope. It is only $3.99.9. Ever wonder how much gasoline you could purchase for the other fraction of a cent. I expect it is not enough to allow you to stand near the pump and smell the fumes. I am a tad cynical in my old age, but if not for stupid politicians and the people who own them, gasoline would be a buck fifty. And the United States of America would not be sending billions of dollars each year to the house of Saud.

Saw the results of an interesting poll this morning. Nah, not a political poll. The purpose of 99.9 percent of those is to sway not inform the voting population. You know how that works. If most of the women are voting for one candidate the implication for the rest is that they are somehow below average or out of the mainstream in their thinking. The same with ethnic groups, religious affiliations, youths, senior citizens, blah, blah, ad infinitum. The bought and paid for pollsters, like the bought and paid for media, do not wish to inform us anyway. Only sway. If you are either, hang your head in shame knowing that people died to preserve freedom only to have their patriotic spirits watch you destroy it in the name of a failed ideology. May your countrymen survive to forgive your willing ignorance.

There is a core of people with whom I spent most of my life that Americans can count on. We can count on them to tell the truth because their lives and the lives of their brothers and sisters depend on what is real. They depend on truth. They cannot survive by following utopian ideals or adhering to political correctness so as to not hurt someone’s feelings. Neither can they falsely support social engineering fiascoes that only serve to weaken them. They must deal with hard truth every single day that they pull on their boots and go to work. Their lives and the survival of a free nation depend on it.

It was an internal Army poll. I have taken them myself. In this poll, only 26 percent of the active duty Army Officers who completed it thought the Army was headed in the right direction. People who lay it all on the line each day for you and me believe our Army is in trouble. It is in trouble, they believe, because of political correctness. In the Army, that means a leadership environment where senior leaders support political correctness and subordinate leaders cannot openly call BS on it without losing their careers. When a subordinate leader cannot, with some candor and personal courage, look his direct leader in the eye and tell him the truth, we are in trouble. Real, serious trouble.

In the Army, there have always been great troop leaders willing to tell the truth. There will always be. When you place them in an environment that discourages them from speaking out then put an anonymous poll in their hands, the will tell you the cold truth. They have told senior Army leaders that they are more focused on the political side than on the warrior side. When leaders lose the trust of the warriors they lead, it will never turn out well. In this case, for the led and for the nation.

The Soldiers completing this poll are pleading. They are pleading for you and me, the people who sit in comfort in our homes while they deal with deadly rules of engagement that are getting them killed, to do something. They are pleading for our help. Help to do something they cannot do. Replace their politically bent and politically correct leaders with honest, courageous leadership. Warriors.

Our Soldiers take care of us. They sacrifice life and family to keep us free. We owe them. On Election Day, we can do our part to pay them back by cleaning our house of inept leaders. Beginning with the Commander in Chief.

As Clint Eastwood said the other day, while appropriately addressing and empty chair, when they are not doing the job you hired them to do, you gotta let’em go.