American Journal October 27 2013 The USA

It was once a magnificent nation. She was founded by free men in revolt against an aloof, tyrannical monarch who was little more than a common dictator by any reasonable definition of the term.

The founders were principled. They were scholars of world history and knowledgeable of failed societies and governments and the causes of their failures. With freedom secured, they were determined to build a more perfect union than those that went before them into history’s dust bin. Principled people with a Biblical Judeo-Christian foundation wrote a Constitution closely adhering to Biblical principles and nature’s laws. It was the world’s first free Constitutional Representative Republic. It was neither monarchy nor democracy. It was indeed exceptional. It was the only nation in recorded history that recognized and guaranteed God-given freedom that could never be taken by man. Guaranteed individual liberty – the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – was its foundation. It was a government meant for a moral people serviced by representatives of integrity selected from the people by the people. The founders sealed the country’s founding by proclaiming trust in God and a firm reliance on His divine protection.

It was a country with a free market economic system destined to build the world’s strongest economy and strongest manufacturing base. She would build a middle class that was the envy of the world. It was a free class of working men and women to which immigrants from around the un-free world wanted to become a part. Here, people were expected to and were able to work and advance their lot in life. Over the many years, there were medical advancements and scientific achievements unheard of in any other country. It built great amounts of wealth and shared more of it with other nations than any other country before it or since.

It built a military that was the most powerful and capable in the history of mankind. Foes were reluctant to act against this great nation realizing the futility of challenging it militarily.

Like any growing nation, this one had its warts and trips down paths better not traveled but was always able to overcome and make itself better. It was those Judeo-Christian values, the guarantee of freedom, and the reliance on God that allowed a more perfect union than any before it. It was the proverbial island of freedom and prosperity in a sea of nations of mediocrity.

Then came the communist utopians.

The mindset of a communist utopian is simple. There is no God no matter how often they proclaim there is one. To them, God is the function of government. What is moral is defined by the individual. The wealth of this nation was stolen from other nations. Individual wealth was stolen from the poor, stolen from the workers who produced the wealth. The government as designed is simply not fair. The utopians believe equal chance means equal outcome. To achieve this, wealth must be redistributed. It must be taken from those who earned it and equally distributed to those who did not. It is government that knows what is best for the people. The people serve the government.

To achieve utopia means deconstructing what made the great nation.

First they re-wrote history. The founders were no longer principled, Godly men. They were evil, rich white men. They were a self-serving lot and greed driven. The government they designed had only the purpose of securing more wealth for them. On top of that, they were nothing more than slave owners enjoying wealth built by slave labor. The utopians taught this revision of history to children throughout the educational system and reinforced it in supposed institutions of higher learning. Many citizens, taught to accept what alleged scholars spoke as truth, became devoid of curiosity and began to accept the myth in place of truth. Delegitimizing of the great nation began with defining its founders as evil men with evil intentions. One might call this utopian projection.

A country standing on God-given freedom and adherence to nature’s law has no foundation if there is no God and moral relativism redefines natural law. The utopians mustered and all out and continuing assault on the legitimacy of God. His influence must be removed from all forms of public life. School children must never be allowed to utter a prayer. There is no place in public for that or for Christian symbols of any kind, at any time. And, for nature’s law. Killing unborn children is good. Homosexuality is good. A child does not need a mother and a father. Two mothers are fine or a single parent. Where there is God and family, communist utopia cannot exist.

The utopian mind believes free market economies are only about greed where the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer. In reality, it is individuals seeking wealth that builds wealth for others. Utopians would rather take the money and use it as they see fit. They have practiced that so much in recent years that the 2011 census revealed more people on public assistance of some sort than people who have full time jobs. This is communist utopia achieved. The utopians that now control government can, with the flip of a switch, turn off the free lunch for the majority of working age Americans who receive them, effectively pitting them against those who work. Add to that, Obama care is about health care in the same way as homosexual marriage is about marriage and homosexual service is about service.

The utopians loathe the military, as Bill Clinton reminded us. The military had real values. The utopians have worked tirelessly to define the military as capable of only air raiding villages and killing civilians, as President Obama told us. Money spent on defense, they conclude, could be better spent elsewhere. The military is not inclusive enough. It is an old boy’s club. To make it more utopian, women must have direct combat roles and homosexuals must serve openly. Oh, and God must be discharged from the service as undesirable. Leaders who do not support the communist utopian worldview must be forced out of the service and these warrior leaders must be replaced by ideologically and politically aligned followers. So, when the constitution is suspended there will be no military leader left to oppose the abuse of and disarming of American citizens.

Welcome to 2013. The Utopian States of America.

© 2013

American Journal October 20 2013 The Fundamental Transformation

It did not begin with hope and change. Hope and change is but the capstone sitting on top of a foundation long under construction. Americans were either too blinded or too apathetic to notice. And maybe we were just a bit too gullible for our own good and the good of freedom.

It started with a progressive income tax. Aptly named too. Steadily but gradually the percentage of income Americans had to pay or face harsh penalties, even imprisonment, increased. The more a person earned, the higher the percentage paid. Politicians used the money to expand government into areas the Constitution does not even deem the responsibility of government. The more tax revenue generated the more the reach of government expanded into the lives of the people. Over more time people came to depend on the federal government to provide that which should be provided by the individual states or the people themselves. Every government program or agency always sold to a gullible and unquestioning public as looking out for the welfare of the “folks.” Looking out for the folks is, after all, what is expected of any good public servant. The benevolent career politicians looked out for their cronies too and those generous to the campaign coffers. Keeping them wealthy and well-funded kept the politicians wealthy and well-funded.

A dependent people love to believe someone is looking out for them. It is what makes work the political arguments against cuts. Cut the budget and poor children will starve. There will not be enough teachers, or policemen or firemen. The roads and bridges will crumble. Government largess is always looking out for the welfare of the folks.

Gradually income levels rose for people required to pay taxes. Now nearly half the “folks” pay no taxes at all. As has been pointed out, they have no skin in the game. But, sadly they do. Kris Kristofferson wrote one of my all time favorite song lyrics, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing’ left to lose: Nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ but it’s free.” Starting with the progressive income tax, we did with freedom what Kris did with Bobby McGee, “let her slip away.” It is the greatest of Marxist wealth redistribution tools. Americans will never see it go away because politicians are too addicted to it. Addicted to the influence they can peddle with it and the power they can derive from spreading it around, but rarely to the folks as they lay claim.

We let more freedom slip away with Social Security. A misnomer that one is. It promises security to our nations elders. A large and predicable voting bloc too often swayed by the insecurity that comes with government guaranteed security. Despicable politicians always offering hope and change on a foundation of false promises are always threatening its loss if a vote is cast in the wrong direction. In the form of Medicare, it now comes with a promise of quality health care for our senior citizens. Which has become little more than another political bludgeon with which to frighten and keep voters in line. Americans are a compassionate people. Guilt will not allow them to stand by and watch harm done to their senior citizens, especially since they relegated their care to the government. They too will vote accordingly. Gullible Americans actually expected politicians to protect the taxes paid to support social security.

Social programs are well intended. Everything government offers is sold on good intentions. Good intentions, the axiom reminds us, are the paving stones on the road to hell.

Move forward to more recent times and see the expansion of social security disability payments and unprecedented growth of the food stamp program, more than doubling in numbers, with people who enroll recipients receiving commissions and banks that run the electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card business making lots of money. Programs meant to help the truly needy are being abused and used as redistribution schemes that are enslaving the public. With practically endless unemployment benefits and food stamps, the incentive for someone to seek work and become self-reliant is gone.

Then Obamacare came along. Thrust for once upon and unwilling public. But it is the capstone of the fundamental transformation that started with the progressive income tax.

Do you recall the recent looting of two Wall Mart stores in Louisiana when EBT cards showed no limit? Did you read about the problems when the system did not work for a day in 16 states? Well dressed people carrying expensive purses and with designer sunglasses sitting on their heads were claiming starvation was near because their EBT card did not work that day.

So what happens the day that all of the programs that enslave Americans do not work. The Social Security checks do not arrive, Medicare stops working, the EBT cards stop working and Obamacare does not care? People panic. Then they riot. People prepared for this possibility are forced into defending themselves, their families, and their property.

I think that is when the dictator calls out that civilian national defense force he has been building with armored vehicles, weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition without worry from the military he has purged of warrior leaders. And then people will have hard choices to make.

© 2013

American Journal October 14 2013 Dependency Nation

I had a ham sandwich in my left hand and the steering wheel in my right. It was breakfast about 6 AM driving north on Interstate 81 through a rainy Shenandoah Valley. Headed for Northern Virginia just outside Babylon on the Potomac, I felt a bit of dread about the time I would need to spend on Interstate 495 A.K.A. the Capitol Beltway. Truckers had promised a rolling blockade for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was glad for that. Glad that Americans are beginning to stand up against what is quickly becoming a tin-pot dictatorship. Still, being an impatient human with places I needed to be and knowing how even a single fender bender there can tie up traffic for miles caused some trepidation. But I was stoic. I would endure and support my freedom loving brethren who drive big trucks to keep our country supplied with the necessities of life. Even if it meant sitting for awhile in Beltway traffic. I did it during my compulsory sentence there and I could do it now for a purpose.

When I finally had to hit 495 around noon, I was surprised by the lightest traffic I can recall from all of my years driving that stretch of roadway at the same time of day. I saw no trucks. I left 495 and cruised through malfunction junction (where 95, 395 and 495 collide and exits actually cross on ramps) with no delays or bother except for the usual very courteous Beltway drivers. Maybe the planned Babylon Blockade did not work out for the truckers, but their point was made and the evidence of light traffic suggests they were supported or at least taken seriously.

Early Sunday morning, my wife and I were having the hotel provided breakfast. Instant eggs, stale bagels, weak coffee. Of all the times we have had this complimentary breakfast, the television set has never been tuned to the Fox News Channel. It was always some liberal drone on the Today Show. The television selection was a pleasant surprise. The room was filled with seasoned citizens mostly. Maybe one of them got to the television first.

At a table next to ours sat a rather obese gentleman. Probably in his late forties. He had a shaved head. I only mention that because his head was huge. Dang near as big as Karl Rove’s. He is the guy you can always hear talking from anywhere else in the room. With him, sat an obese young woman. Daughter I presumed. A teenager. With a studded pierced upper lip. There was a fortyish looking woman there too. A well tattooed lady.

On television, there was much talk about the continued government shutdown and the Veteran’s assault on the Barrycades scheduled to kick off in a couple of hours. The daughter asked the Dad about the television discussion. In an angered tone loud enough to hear for all who cared to listen he blurted, “The Republicans shut down the government and Fox News is just a bunch of propaganda!” I looked at him as did others. He followed up his profundity by shoving some pastry into his face. And licking his fingers. Just as I was about to ask him if he knew what a communist was, my wife placed her hand on mine and gave me the look. You know the look. The never engage an idiot look.

Circumstances required us to hit the road toward Wild and Wonderful well before the riot police greeted the Veterans. It was another drizzly ride down 81. The weather cleared some as we turned west into the hills. The autumn colors are subtle. Peak color is still about a week away. The view of the rolling hills transitioning seasons is still breath taking. Just like the freedom that is my birth right, the communist cannot take away the beauty of the hills.

The protesting truckers only want their freedom. They want to pursue happiness as is also the American birth right. They do not want their livelihood strangled by oppressive regulation brought to them by an ever more invasive and oppressive government. A President who would barricade War memorials to prevent Veterans from what might be their only chance to visit one is a despicable man. One not worthy of the blessing of living in this great country nor the company of the Veterans whom he clearly detests. He is only where he is because those World War II Veterans turned back the Third Reich and Japanese Imperialism. It is an even more despicable man that would withhold death gratuity payments from the families of Soldiers who died in his war. The one he called the right war. The Veterans who appeared at the protests on Sunday and across the nation still hold true to their oaths to defend freedom and the Constitution of the United States.

There was another uprising of sorts. In Louisiana, two Wal Mart stores were cleaned out when the computers showed no limits on EBT (food stamp) card purchases. Amazing how fast the word can get around is it not. In some other states, the system went down and no purchases could be made with the EBT cards. Panic ensued. Many of the card holders, it turns out, went to their Twitter accounts to tweet about the dire circumstance. Do you suppose they tweeted from their Obama phones? Not likely. They need food stamps, yet they are able to get to the Internet for a tweet.

This weekend showed us the fundamental transformation of which the President and his Congressional and media enablers are so proud. A transformation from a nation of hard working people represented by those truck drivers and a nation of proud service represented by the Veterans to the Dependency Nation represented by the EBT card holders and brought to us by this regime. As soon as Obama care takes hold, the foundation for a Communist state is set. Fundamental transformation completed as promised.

Funny thing history. It is quite telling. Communism and Socialism always fail. Usually leaving millions in the grave yards and a once strong middle class in abject poverty. This try will fail too. Prayerfully before it takes hold. If not, history also shows that when dictatorships fail it rarely goes well for the dictator and his enablers.


American Journal October 5 2013 Hold the Line

In American government, we have opposing ideologies. Opposing world views with opposing goals. Forget about Republicans and Democrats. Those are but names. In recent years, used only to dupe Americans into believing that one party or the other actually cares about them. Their members? Merely players in the American millionaire sport of politics. Too many of them care first about themselves, second about the party, last about you and me except as a target for their well-rehearsed bovine scatology. Power is their trophy. Control is their intoxicant.

In both parties are communists and constitutionalists. Do not become lost trying to understand the other labels – liberal, progressive, conservative, and Lord help us, the independent because they are meaningless. They are a blurred conglomeration. It is hard to distinguish one from the other. Classical liberalism for example is about limited government and individual liberty, freedom of religion, the press, speech, free markets, etc. Behind the liberal label was a good hiding place for communists trying to abandon the sullied progressive label.

What sits behind a veil of political party is good and evil. The constitutionalists want to preserve the country and return it to the roots of our founding – God, individual liberty, small government, private property, free enterprise…adherence to the constitution – they are classic liberals. The communists want to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a wholly owned and operated government utopia.

Even the staunchest of the self-labeled conservatives will never say it so I will. I will because, as they say here in the hills, I got a dog in this fight. It is my freedom. It is the free country passed to me that I owe to my Granddaughters. What they will not say is that communists control the executive branch of our government and the United States Senate. These self-defined conservatives will never use the C word in public. They will not because they fear backlash from a largely ignorant and ideologically communist news media more than they fear losing our country to communism. The typical politician would rather walk through the gates of hell with a can of gasoline in each hand as to be labeled a McCarthyite, or a bigot, or an identity phobic of any sort by the wholly government owned and operated dishonest American media.

Fortunately the best system of government ever devised by men (divinely inspired in my humble opinion) will not allow communism to take hold unless communism totally controls all branches of our government. I am not so certain that it does not control all of it now except for the United States House of Representatives. Yes, whether by hook or crook, they control the vote of the United States Supreme Court. How else can one explain the decision of the Chief Justice who rewrote legislation so that he could then declare it constitutional – helping to force upon Americans a law that the majority did not want then and does not want now.

The House of Representatives is now our Little Round Top, our Battle of the Bulge, our Pusan Perimeter, our Khe San. If they fail to hold the line as American Soldiers did in all of those decisive battles, Communism wins Freedom dies. It reminds me of the story about the 82nd Airborne trooper at the Battle of the Bulge. An armored division was retreating from the advancing Germans. An 82nd Paratrooper, a Private First Class, asked a retreating tanker if he was looking for a safe place. When the tanker responded yes, the paratrooper responded, “Well, buddy, just pull your vehicle behind me…I’m the 82nd Airborne, and this is as far as the bastards are going.”

It is unknown whether Americans have found a safe place behind our elected members in the House of Representatives. Our Representatives have but two options. Hold the line and declare that “this is as far as the [communist] bastards are going” or surrender our freedom to them. Remember the code that inspired our Soldiers to hold the line:

I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.

My commitment to the courageous men and women in the House of Representatives fighting this decisive battle for freedom – for me? Hold the line and this American will stand with you. And I will not stand alone.

© 2013