Freedom or Communism

Have you watched what is happening in Ukraine? Do you reckon we can call it a Ukrainian spring? A people well acquainted with communist utopia and dictators are willing to the point of putting their lives on the line to recapture their new found freedom. They experienced enough quasi-American style freedom to most assuredly know that risking being shot by a government (homeland security) sniper is worth it to retain the most basic God given gift to humankind. Sadly, here in the land that once stood for the world as the shining example for freedom and individual liberty we are giving it away hand over fist and often with applause and enthusiasm directed toward the man who would rule us with his “pen and phone” by executive fiat.

Is there an American spring brewing? I hear tell, but will Americans actually occupy the streets of Washington and remain there in sufficient numbers until the criminal element destroying our country is gone? Are there people in Homeland Security (like the Patriot Act, Homeland is one of the biggest mistakes Americans ever allowed) or in our Armed Forces who will willingly turn their weapons against American citizens who only want to stand guardian over our God given freedom. Federal agencies have certainly purchased enough ammunition to fight a protracted war. What exactly do they intend to defend? With whom do they expect war? If Americans have to resort to massive civil disobedience to save freedom will the twits at the New York Times, over at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or NPR call us “Freedom Fighters” as they do the Middle Eastern terrorists?

And, what exactly are the people we elected to defend our hallowed “law of the land” that guarantees our freedom doing about the communist power grab orchestrated from the White House and United States Senate? Pardon the language, but from my perspective not a damn thing! They believe rather that the best approach is courting identity groups whether it is the homosexual agenda, the pro death agenda, or defending the “rights” of illegal immigrants. They have lost touch with the only identity group that matters. The American identity group. The group that embraces America and her guaranteed freedom and individual liberty and the idea that through desire and hard work the American Dream can be achieved. Although the smothering affect of communism is putting it further beyond reach of the average American while it destroys the middle class. The middle class is the American backbone without which we become Ukraine or some third world hell hole where only the super wealthy like a Soros or Buffet and the political elite that has built personal wealth at the expense of the citizenry (the real one per-centers) have all of the wealth. The rest of us then doomed to serfdom. Once the world’s most affluent and strong middle class is reduced to nothing more than a wretched collection of humanity wholly dependent on government to provide life’s most basic necessities of food, shelter and yes health care.

Where are you Congress? You who are sworn to defend the document that guarantees our freedom? Either you are so out of touch you are oblivious to what is happening or you are complicit. It can only be one or the other. If the first is true you are either stupid or incompetent or a deadly combination of both. Either way, it is a tossup over who is the greater threat to freedom – the communists or you. In my eyes, if you refuse to fight and if you are not openly and vigorously opposing the destruction of our country the default position is that you are for it. Waiting for Americans to bail you out in the next election is not a strategy to defeat communism. Americans are at a breaking point and will not sit idly while you perform as a privileged albeit impotent place holder focused on self-survival rather than national survival.

When I hear senior military leaders telling the troops they must adapt to the new values, new thinking and the new reality, I also question what new values? What new thinking? What new reality? Is it the values that classify Christianity as extreme? The new thinking that demands that one not speak their true beliefs. And what is the new reality? Is it the acceptance of communism?

America if not already dead is dying. America the idea. The exceptional nation. In the history of the world, the only one founded on the principle of God-given freedom and as a guarantor of individual liberty. Are we prepared to forfeit that for a communist utopia? Are you?

The light of freedom that has beamed across the world from the shores of this nation is growing dim. The flame is being snuffed out by communism and a collection of Washington incompetents unwilling to pick up the banner of freedom and charge headlong into battle against it. When the American idea and spirit of freedom are gone from this world, darkness will replace it.

Whatever the cost of preserving freedom, each American whether politician or common citizen must look in the mirror and decide if we are ready to pay that price.

©2013 J. D. Pendry

Eve of Destruction

Even in an old hippie protest song it is possible to stumble upon words that are apropos to the day. These words are from one such song, written in 1965 by P.F. Sloan called Eve of Destruction. I remember Barry McGuire’s recording of it. I will not have you endure all of the words. Look it up if you like and are not familiar with it. I read some noting that McGuire was a born again Christian disowning the original version of the song and changing the lyrics for the times, but this piece of it seems timeless.

When human respect is disintegratin’
This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’
And you tell me over and over and over again my friend
Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

Is our country on the eve of destruction? If you wanted to destroy something as big, important and powerful as the United States of America, how would you do it?

If you are talking in terms of war there are a couple of principles to consider. One tactic in a broader strategy might be to exploit the weak points. Another might be to mass power against the nation’s strong points and unrelentingly over time weaken the will to continue resistance. But likely, you would use parts of both of these.

To take down anything and ensure it remains down, you must destroy its foundation. You must destroy what has built and strengthened the things that bind and hold together the parts of this nation.

The foundation of the United States of America rests in a single set of values and but a relatively few documents. The values are Judeo-Christian. The documents are The Holy Bible, The Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution with the Bill of Rights. The other part of the foundation is a free market economy that is the wealth builder for individuals in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness and for the nation. The final piece of the foundation that must be toppled or marginalized is a loyal and professional military dedicated to protecting and preserving the other pieces of the foundation.

The weak point I would exploit? The children. First, I would wage all out war on Christianity with a goal to keep God’s influence away from the children. I would battle first to have prayer removed from schools realizing that over many generations millions of children would not be otherwise exposed to Christianity. I would teach them that the idea of creation and creator is myth based not science based. They would learn that science only supports evolution. Once I make inroads there, I will dumb down the American history they are taught. I will stop emphasizing the significance of our “law of the land” Constitution and suggest that it might need to be changed because like the stories in the Bible, it just reflects old thinking only relevant to the time it was written. I will repeatedly teach them that America is a democracy without ever making sure they fully understand what a true democracy is. I would never mention the words representative republic. I will follow that by pushing liberal arts over science, math and vocational technical studies. At the end of my long slog of producing poorly educated children unprepared for the demands of life, I would insist that they must now be taught a common core so they all receive an equal indoctrination. Then my job exploiting that weak point will be complete and utterly irreversible. A most important piece of the foundation thoroughly weakened.

Then I would constantly work at discrediting those important documents. I would set out to convince Americans that The Holy Bible is little more than mythology. I would cherry-pick pieces of the scripture and use them to support the idea that the Bible is just a collection of old stories applicable only to the ancient times in which they were written. Or, I would cherry-pick to prove that Jesus was a Socialist. I would even suggest that it may be due a rewrite to adapt it to the culture. I would show disdain for anyone or group that suggests that the culture must instead adapt to the teachings of the Bible. I would even declare that thought as offensive, hateful and bigoted. I would apply the same thought process to discussion of the Constitution, that the children have been taught was written by a collection of wealthy white male slave owners anyway, declaring it must be a “living” document constantly changing to suit the times and the culture. I would openly challenge rights that could enable citizens to rebel against the utopia I have in mind, like the right to keep and bear arms.

I would spend many years convincing the poor, who in reality are in the world’s top 1 percent of the wealthiest humans that they are in their predicament because of the greed of capitalism. Since I will be talking to people whose education system I destroyed, they will readily accept the idea that what the wealthy have they stole from the poor. I will promise to take wealth back from them and give it to the poor who deserve it. I will increase entitlements to the breaking point and then convince a dependent population that only government can save them. Then I will convince them they need free health care and I am going to give it to them and they will believe me. Then, I will audaciously suggest to them that the real pursuit of happiness is when one is not tied down by a job.

Over decades I will degrade the military. When it is engaged in conflict, I will use whatever political means I have to ensure they never have a decisive victory. I will ensure it drags out over many years. I know how great it was for the country that we had a decisive victory in World War II which led to a better educated, hard working and prosperous population. I could not allow that to happen again. If the military ever showed signs of recovery, I would introduce social engineering, fire their warrior leaders and put bobbing heads in their places.

It may take me a half-century or more, but by this time I will have you on the eve of destruction.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

A Pivotal Experiment

Nostalgic. Seeing the world’s most recognizable symbols of communism, the hammer and sickle, displayed at the opening of the winter Olympics. Pitiful. Not a mention of the scourge of humanity that was the communist Soviet Union and has been communism across the globe. No mention of the millions killed by Uncle Joe Stalin. Surprising? Not at all considering the prominent media, NBC, covering the Olympics is ideologically aligned with hammer and sickle communist governance. These communist symbols, according to NBC, represented “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments.” There was nary a word about the evils of this “pivotal experiment” where the leaders of it eliminated political opposition by murdering them. There can be no opposition in communism. Either you belong to the party or you are an enemy of it. Sadly, those communist symbols represent more death and inhumanity than does the Nazi Swastika. NBC and other fans of communism would like you to believe that a former KGB Colonel is now a lover of freedom.

Communism takes hold when half-literate people give away their freedoms and it stays and destroys when the people no longer have the means to resist it.

Communists attack those who openly oppose them. They use government to suppress their voices. Our Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice are behaving like the Gestapo or the Stasi. Prosecuting, auditing, and suppressing the voices of any prominent opposition. But, we have assurance from dear leader that there is not a smidgen of corruption there. It is just another FOX news story. As opposed to the 24/7 propaganda aired on practically every other major American media outlet.

Communism has no God, except for dictatorial dear leader who views him or herself as the national deity – the great giver or taker of freedom and all other things. Dear leader provides, or not. Without God then those entrenched social and moral roadblocks can be easily overcome. Vlad Putin’s Russia has frowned a bit upon the homosexual agenda, but the neo American brand of communism fully embraces it.

I do not believe we have political opposition in Washington significant to turn back the communism that is about swallow up the nation that represents freedom’s last stand. What serves as our opposition to creeping communism is flaccid, pastel colored timidity. What is their political strategy for saving freedom? You just wait until next time when we will be in charge. Then we will fix it.

Communism does not work that way boys and girls of the opposition. There will be no next time. Fight it now or it will grind you into a pulp and American freedom right along with it. As you are now, you Republicans, you are not political opposition and you are not even a viable alternative. You are just more of the same. You are so contorted and twisted to the whims of identity group political correctness, you lack the intestinal fortitude to say wait a damn minute. The only identity group we care about is the American identity group. The group that sings America the Beautiful in English, supports and defends our constitution and liberty, and pledges allegiance to our one nation under God. But you will not do that. You fear being beat to death with a bigot bat by a media you so want to adore you.

Nope. Your plan is amnesty for illegal immigrants. The groups of voters you court keep beating you up with little slogans like “this country was built by immigrants.” No, this country was built by Americans. It was built by people who came here seeking freedom from oppressive societies and embraced America as the world’s one truly “pivotal experiment.” It is the experiment borne of God-given freedom, individual liberty and self-reliance that vaulted her to the top of the prosperity heap in the history of nations. No matter from where one hails, when he or she embraces that spirit he or she becomes an American first.

People sneak into our country for one of two reasons. They are escaping from a failed socialist state or they aim to do us harm. Politicians want to call them dreamers. There is no dream here except for the one that destroys America and replaces it with a dictatorship. Apparently, that is the dream we are embracing these days. It is the dream of an anti-American minority supported by a minority of the super wealthy. This is bolstered by an ideologically aligned, but politically and historically ignorant media and Hollywood propaganda machine. They lead the sheep that make up half of our population that is illiterate of our history, and political, and economic systems except for the historical warts that are continuously sold to them as the status quo. They have no earthly idea of how the economy works and how the people who they are being driven to hate by the communists create wealth for many others by seeking wealth for themselves. These are people primed to embrace the pivotal, albeit failed, experiment of communism.

They are certainly history’s most pivotal experiments. Soviet style hammer and sickle communism and America’s God-given freedom and individual liberty. One brings national prosperity. One brings national death.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

It is settled.

Global warming is settled the President tells us. The debate is over. With pen and Blackberry he is going to deal with it. Climate change deniers get out of his way.

It has been quite a winter here. For a week or so the low temperatures in my piece of Wild and Wonderful were dipping below zero. Not usual for this part of the state. Thankfully, global warming swooped in and gave us a reprieve, although it appears a temporary one, from what was setting out to be a rather miserable winter.

I was raised in a coal mining community in southern West Virginia. The hills are steep there. In the winter, it gets cold and snows. Who’d a thunk it? I grew up near the banks of the Guyandot (also spelled Guyandotte) river. It froze over every winter I could recall. We would get out on it. I never knew anyone to fall through the ice. We would get sticks of all sorts and someone would throw a flat rock on to the ice and off we would go. Hacking, slashing, and knocking the rock and one another around. We never had skates and hockey was something we thought came from the south end of a cow. We never knew there was a formal game and with rules to boot. Had we only known? We did attempt baseball on the ice. It gave a whole new meaning to sliding in. Rounding the bases was fun too. I remember sitting in a classroom in Wyoming grade school, now long gone. Through the window, we would watch the ice jams form on the river as the ice thawed and broke up. We would also hear the muffled thuds down river whenever the jams were blasted with dynamite.

In the summer, it would get blazing hot some days. We would start out many days with our fishing poles and a fresh can of night crawlers or red worms catching catfish, throwing back carps and suckers and occasionally catching a smallmouth bass. When that became too hot and boring, we hung our clothes on a tree limb and turned the fishing hole into the swimming hole. We tried to build rafts a few times, but they generally fell apart. Although we may have looked the part, Huck Finns we were not.

So there is definitely climate change here in Wild and Wonderful. In the winter it is cold. In the spring, it is a little warmer. In the summer it is hot. In the fall, it cools a bit. Then the frost comes. Then you can eat the wild persimmons without having them turn your mouth inside out.

No matter what we did, with most homes heated by wood and coal burning stoves and coal mines operating full speed, it still got cold in the winter, warm in the spring, hot in the summer, and cool in the fall. Sometimes, like now, it was a little colder or a little hotter. We never questioned who was responsible for the weather. We knew who and it was and it was not us.

I do not want to break the hearts of any of the global warming crowd. Well, yes I guess I do. We did not make the earth, which includes all of nature and, yep, the weather. We were not able in the beginning make it, break it or control it, and we are not now able now. We did not make it, we do not control it, and we cannot break it. Period.

That Mr. President is all that is settled. Just to be clear.

Just as so many social programs are systems for wealth redistribution within our own borders and Obamacare the granddaddy of them all, the climate change hoax is wealth redistribution on a global scale.

To understand this, you have to understand progressives (we used to call them communists). If you are wealthy, unless your name is Gates, Soros, or Buffet, you came by your wealth not by hard work but by lying, cheating and swindling it away from the poor. The communists call this income inequality and it must be fixed through “social” justice. Social justice means the government confiscates wealth from those who took it and redistributes it to those they took it from. This is the view from our Whitehouse. There is no real effort to help those who are poor to better themselves and become more self-reliant, the effort is to bring everyone down not raise anyone up. It is a middle class destroying ideology because in this scheme the super wealthy have theirs and they will keep it.

This logic then extends to the global wealth redistribution scam called global warming or this week global climate change. America is the rich guy who stole everything from the poor undeveloped third world countries to become a wealthy, bully nation. To make it right, “level the playing field”, what rightfully belongs to those undeveloped, largely socialist countries must be returned to them through global climate treaties. Subsequently bringing America down to their level where it belongs.

There you have it, simple as a fishin’ hole. America is being taken down beginning with the man who leads it. The people who could stop it? They spend their time trying to figure out how to give amnesty to millions of new Democrats.

Deep in the hills of Southern West Virginia is looking pretty good about now.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry