Waiting for November?

Being an Army Drill Sergeant back in the 80’s forever ruined my pattern of sleep. It was not unusual that I was wide awake when the coal train rolled through at 3 AM (0300 for you old Soldiers). Hearing the train’s whistle was sort of calming although not a whistle at all but, a rather loud ear splitting horn. The sound of it however was faint from my perch up the hill. A short blast followed by a couple of long ones and another short one and repeated at several crossings was familiar. When the horn faded, only the rumbling remained until all of the sound faded into quiet darkness.

During the quiet, my mind dwelled on things raising a little anxiety here and there. Odd, but I was not feeling safe in my own country. The home of the free. The land that God blessed. Was I prepared for the impending disaster? I knew it was coming. Did I have enough food? Did I have what I needed to protect my home and family? Could I count on the government to meet any of my needs? I know. One of those is a silly question. By then, sleep had left me so I did what I was accustomed to doing. Switching on the coffee pot and trying to figure out how we got in such a predicament and more importantly who if anyone will lead us out of it.

Jimmy Carter had the answer. It was to remove from power the Shah of Iran. In Jimmy Carter’s world the secular Shah was a despot, a powerful and brutal leader. It would be better if the Shah was gone and replaced with that great and moderate religious man. The Ayatollah Khomeini. I can still recall a breathless Peter Jennings reporting from Iran what a glorious day it was for the Iranian people as the Ayatollah paraded through the streets. Well, we know how all of that turned out.

Liberals, progressives, communists whatever you choose to name them this week are slow learners. When they are in charge – now it seems of the whole world – people die and often by the millions.

If you travel a little farther back in history, you can find collaboration between Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Since their goals were the same, kill all of the Jews, the Mufti looked for Hitler’s support. And Hitler promised it. Well Adolf took up residence in hell, but the Islamic goal of killing all of the Jews remains. You can trace it to Biblical times if you are so inclined. What ISIS is doing now started many centuries ago. It can only be stopped the way it has been stopped throughout history.

A few years ago, a million Iranians were in the streets trying to overthrow those moderate religious leaders that liberal thinking helped in to power. They wanted our help to oust the oppressive theocracy. The response from our White House was that we should not meddle in the affairs of other countries. For anyone with just a smidgen (the president likes that word) of information about our dealings with that part of the world, that statement could make your 4AM (0400) morning coffee shoot out of your nose.

Keeping in mind that we do not meddle in the affairs of other countries, what have our liberal leaders accomplished? They pushed out Egypt’s secular Hosni Mubarak in favor of the Islamic Sharia law desirous Muslim Brotherhood. They called it the Arab Spring and the liberal media again gushed at the possibilities for the future. Promptly, we gave the Muslim Brotherhood billions of dollars worth of military equipment. Fortunately for us, the Egyptian people were not having it. Now Egypt, like others around the world sits wondering if America is a friend.

In Libya, they felt it was necessary to rid the people of their secular strong man leader Muammar Gaddafi. The man who had been fearfully silent for quite some time. Our, I don’t need no stinkin’ Congress, president decided he would bomb the “rebels” into power. They promptly captured Gaddafi and shot him in the head. We then began a gun-running operation out of Benghazi to what some have speculated were the Syrian “rebels.” Then just in the nick of time some guy no one ever heard of made a video that no one ever seen and the infuriated natives ended the gun running operation by killing our ambassador and others – all of them waiting for the help that was not coming. Hillary then questioned at this point, what difference does any of it make?

Over in Syria, the “rebels” we armed were trying to remove another secular strong man, Bashar al-Assad. Turns out the “rebels” were of the ISIS variety. Following liberals down the path to our own destruction is really working out well for us is it not? Ah, but not to worry. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will fix everything after November.

In all of these countries, the liberals have tried to remove anyone who stands in the way of implementing Islamic Sharia Law. They learned nothing from Hamas cheerleader Jimmy Carter.

Looking over to Europe the liberals saw what a great success open borders were for multiculturalism. So much so that that England’s own Imam can now appear on an American television program and declare that Sharia is coming to America and there is nothing we can do about it. So our leadership still embracing the Muslim Brotherhood decided to open our borders. We now see that ISIS is operating just across our southern border in Juarez, Mexico. They are not there for the hookers and tequila.

Mr. President, I know you believe history began with you. Might I suggest that you read another piece of current history? Read about the Islamist attack on a middle school in Beslan, Russia. Maybe Sharia is coming to a town near us. You and the circle of idiots surrounding you, supporting you from Congress, inside our Department of Defense, and in the media will own it. I am thinking the American people will not be very appreciative.

Republicans, you just keep sitting there and saying we are not them and everything will be good after November. We do not have until November and you too will own whatever happens.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry American Journal

Saving Michael Brown

In 1964, a half-century ago, President Lyndon Banes Johnson (LBJ) declared war on poverty. In his Great Society Speech, LBJ laid out the utopian big government progressive road map for America. Today, we are still living with his utopian ideology. Still following his Great Society road map leading us to our own destruction. He spoke about the importance of leisure time, saving the environment, and changing our education system. For progressives, not much has changed in their quest for a more perfect union. As Nancy Pelosi told us, one does not have to worry about working now. With Obamacare, one can now take the time to write poetry or paint a portrait.

After 50 years, the war on poverty has failed the people it was supposedly meant to help.

The collapse of marriage in low-income communities has played a substantial role in the declining capacity for self-support. In 1963, 6% of American children were born out of wedlock. Today the number stands at 41%. As benefits swelled, welfare increasingly served as a substitute for a bread-winning husband in the home.

According to the Heritage Foundation’s analysis, children raised in the growing number of single-parent homes are four times more likely to be living in poverty than children reared by married parents of the same education level. Children who grow up without a father in the home are also more likely to suffer from a broad array of social and behavioral problems. The consequences continue into adulthood: Children raised by single parents are three times more likely to end up in jail and 50% more likely to be poor as adults. The Heritage Foundation

“The War on Poverty has arguably destroyed the black nuclear family,” said Project 21’s Christopher Arps. “Roughly 75 percent of black children were born to a married two-parent family when the ‘war’ began in 1964. By 2008, the percentage of black babies born out of wedlock numbered over 72 percent. Today, the rate of unwed motherhood in the black community is more than twice as high as among whites — and almost three times higher than before big government’s grand intervention. And all this comes at a steep financial cost. The federal government has spent an estimated $15 trillion dollars to end poverty. Government reportedly spent $20,610 on every poor individual and $61,830 per poor family in 2012.” – Christopher ArpsProject 21 Press Release, War on Poverty

We have communities of people, generations of children, trapped in low-income housing neighborhoods. Progressivism effectively placed them on an inner-city reservation and kept them dependent on government handouts giving them no incentive to leave. As statistics document, too many children are growing up in single-mother homes. I grew up watching my Father go to work every day. That is how a child learns a work ethic and responsibility. Without a father figure, whose example does a young man follow? From whom does he learn responsibility, work ethic, how to be a man? Big Mike’s ambition was to be a rapper.

Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are prominent examples of the people made wealthy by LBJ’s progressive Great Society. These two men hold themselves up to be ministers of the gospel. Reverent men. Men of the cloth. The prey on those who are enslaved to government dependence and reside in those inner city reservations. They are always on the scene whipping up fervor and chanting no justice no peace. Added by outsiders, like Malik Shabazz and his new black panthers, they incite riots and looting. People loot and burn the businesses in their own communities. Al and Jesse ride off into the sunset to their palatial digs, leaving destruction and hatred in the wake of their limos. These men are no more than race charlatans preying on their own people.

If Al and Jesse were true to their titles, Christian ministers, the first time they showed up in Ferguson would not have been after a young man died. If they were true to their titles; if they cared a whit about anyone except Al and Jesse, they would live in those neighborhoods. They would be trying to put families back together, showing young people the pathway out. They would be trying to replace gang banging, looting, dope smoking… with Christian ministry and God. But that is not Al and Jesse. Al and Jesse need victims with straw men enemies. If they really cared and had any courage, they would be in Chicago trying to stop the senseless killings taking place there. Following people such as these is a sure way to remain trapped in the hood. Because this is where they need and want black Americans.

Then there are the Democrats, for who most black Americans vote. It was Democrats who opposed school desegregation, who set dogs and fire hoses on peacefully protesting people. It was Democrats who founded the Klu Klux Klan. It was a Democrat Senator and Klu Klux Klan member Robert C Byrd who filibustered the Civil Rights Act – one of LBJ’s Great Society Democrats. It was the Republicans voting that passed it. Black people vote for Democrats each and every election, and as the statistics clearly show they are no better off for it than they were 50 years ago. With the Great Society’s decimation of the black family, they are arguably worse off.

The white liberal media loves to fan the flames and report misinformation even to the point of editing a recorded 911 call to make George Zimmerman sound racist, and in the Michael Brown case as is typical going to press with the first unverified accounts they heard because they fit with their preconceived story line.

The President and his Attorney General add fuel to these fires and it is most certain that the police officer will be indicted, have his life destroyed in the process and when all the facts are out it will be the same story. Lives destroyed, communities torn apart and nothing will be accomplished that will save the next Michael Brown or the next scourge of looting and rioting. The only thing that will save the future for this lost generation of youth is a U-turn from the past 50 years of progressivism. Progressivism kills in every place and in every situation it is tried.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

Demand Justice?

I just spent precious time with two raving beauties. My granddaughters Because their Dad’s work is far away, Grandma and I only get to visit with them once a year. We cherish every moment. In everything they do, we see their innocence. Carefree, happy, and safe. Life teaches that time lost with a child or grandchild is simply time lost. You cannot get it back and what they learn from from you while they are children will be with them forever. Please take your job seriously.

Then the reality of the day hits me in the face. I wonder then, will my generation or the one just behind pass on to them life in a wonderful, prosperous, and free nation? Will they ever know the American spirit of freedom? Or, will they inherit the chaotic and extremely dangerous world currently being built? What will I leave them? What will be the generational legacy? What credit or blame will we get for the state of the world that in adulthood they must face? It is enough to make a Grandpa concerned.

In another part of the world, children their ages are being murdered. Beheaded. Cut in half. Buried alive. Only because they are Christian children. The very thought of this atrocity should be enough to enrage every American, actually every civilized man or woman on the planet. No government on the planet should willingly stand by while this happens. Oh, nations are expressing anger. We get that a lot these days. Politicians before television cameras expressing outrage. Outrage noted, children are still dying. The free and partially free nations of the world have always looked in one direction with their ire and in search of leadership. They look toward America. They look to lay the world’s problems at our doorstep. As the world’s most prosperous and powerful nation, leading the charge toward solving global crises comes with the territory. Typically, American political leadership has been up for the challenge. Willing and able to take the lead, organize nations, and confront and destroy evil such as we are now witness to. Our leadership? It is on vacation. Teeing up. On their summer break from Washington. Campaigning. Washington’s collection of career politicians led by a nitwit is willing to let a problem build up to a world war. What will I allow them to leave for my grandchildren?

In our own streets, we find Ferguson, Missouri. It is sad and tragic whenever any young person loses their life especially when it could have been prevented. The time for preventing such incidents though is not the day they happen. It is much earlier. Then it is stoked out of control by a media that should be charged – every flipping member that I can think of – with criminal negligence. Then, episode following episode the same people who historically decry lynch mobs show up demanding justice. They want it now. Right now. Bring out the la cross team, bring out neighborhood watch guy, demand the police officer, demand justice. Demand it now. That is a lynch mob. And they always turn out to be wrong – sometimes dead wrong. Not to worry. The Justice Department has got this.

Where were these demanders of justice when these youngsters were growing up? Many young men without a father figure in the home to guide them. Where were these “Reverends?” Did they not see the need for Christian ministry in places like Chicago where young black men killing one another seems to be the local sport? Where does a young person learn that it is acceptable to loot a business and steal? What sort of culture is that? Is it a Christian culture? Reverend?

The world is growing more dangerous each day. The Islamic murderers are promising to visit their evil on Americans. We are twiddling thumbs. Our city streets are as dangerous as those of any country I can think of. If Americans do not make a stand now. If Americans do not demand the destruction of this greatest national threat. If American citizens do not take back their communities from the demand justice gang. If the American media continues to be criminally dishonest with Americans. There will not be an America for my granddaughters.

© 2104 J. D. Pendry

Bad moon risin’

Mr. President. You have lied to, betrayed and humiliated Americans. You have put us in mortal danger opening the door to dangerous players like the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and the soulless Islamist murderers killing their way across Iraq. It is either time for to do a package check or it is time for you to resign and go on back to Chicago, which appears to be on the Detroit path to ruin. Maybe the slum lord that runs your White House can find you a decent flat on the South Side.

Your statement on the Muslim day called Eid said the following:

[America] “celebrates the common values that unite us in our humanity” and “welcomed their commitment to giving back to their communities.”
“wishes Muslims in the United States and around the world a blessed and joyous celebration.”
“achievements and contributions… to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”

Your statements, as ridiculous as some of them are, are taken around the world as the voice of Americans. You need to add a disclaimer to any future statements like this. This is the solely the opinion of Barrack and Michelle Obama- given to us by Valerie Jarret – and is not representative of the voice of the American people.

You delayed your busy schedule of “Stop the hatin’” fund raiser speeches, lavish vacations, and golf to share that important time with the mortal enemy of freedom and the United States of America. Who in the heck says “stop the hatin’?” This is graffiti. Not words for a president wanting anyone in the world to take him seriously. And apparently you are not taken seriously in many parts of the world. Otherwise Americans would not have had to endure the humiliation of the laser light show display on the American embassy in Russia. You know, the one of your image – the image of America – sucking on a banana. That was America’s humiliation. Not yours.

ISIS, the junior varsity as you called them, also celebrated Eid with mass executions and beheadings. Displaying heads on poles and electric wires. Celebration did not end with Eid though. They have continued their blood lust lining up bound people and executing them. Burying people alive. Are they running out of creative ways to murder? What is next? Sadaam Hussein’s wood chippers and acid baths? They have crucified and beheaded Christians even children, and raped their mothers. But it is not only Christians; it is any who do not accept their death cult. They are soulless murderers. In the name of Islam they are evil personified. They promised to hang their flag over the White House. The people with which you “celebrate(s) the common values that unite us in our humanity.”

While ISIS continues its murderous spree across Iraq, you decided it was time for a few bombing runs for the liberal media to play up, then it was off to another vacation at Martha’s Vineyard and more golf. Are you going there to fast and meditate? To seek guidance on how to handle this horror of your invention? Like, how many B-52 strikes will it take to annihilate ISIS – and a few others?

You lied to many gullible Americans when you publicly professed to be a Christian. I am waiting for the speech where you tell us what the common values between Christians and the Islamic murderers we see and read about every day are. If Christians were like the murdering Islamists with which you claim we have so much in common, much of our country would be in ruins. The very fabric of our country. Are you serious? Do a little blow when you can get it?

You have betrayed Americans, most especially our fighting men and women. They won the war in Iraq. Then you did to their victory the same thing Teddy Kennedy and his friends did to them and the South Vietnamese. Just like your ideology owns the killing fields of Cambodia, you own the killing fields of Iraq. It does not matter what you do now. The dead children will still be dead.

You have invited these murderers to cross our unprotected southern border. It would take a complete idiot not to believe that numbers of them are here now. Thanks to you. How long will it be Mr. President? How long will it be before these murderers turn up in an elementary school, or a Church, or a mall or at a major public event? You will own that too.

A super moon was out last night. Supposed to be even more super tonight. Like the Credence Clearwater Revival tune, I am afraid I see a bad moon risin’.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry