The Great Hog Rebellion

Shorty lived across the ridge from me. We did a lot of things together. Played baseball. Rode his old horse like it was the Lone Ranger’s Silver. Climbed the mulberry tree and ate berries until we were mostly purple. Ate wild persimmons before they were ready and green apples. Painted our faces with poke berry juice and headed off into the woods with our homemade bows. Shorty taught me how to milk a cow. Pretty much the same way Tom Sawyer taught them boys how much fun it was to white wash a fence. I did manage to squirt him in the eye. And sometimes we would have us a smoke from the Salems Shorty pilfered from his Mom’s unguarded cigarette pack.

One day I was helping Shorty slop the hogs. About three quarters of the way out the path toward the hog pens, Shorty and me decided to stop for one of those smokes. We felt rather grown up in the moment. Menthol Salems. It was a brief moment of exotica within smelling range of hog pens. On that day, Shorty and me learned that hogs are not very tolerant of slow-poke waiters. We looked up just in time to see a herd of hogs, who had just busted themselves out of the pen, barreling down on us. We lit out like the proverbial bats out of Hades leaving our smoldering smokes somewhere along the way. Fortunately, those future smoked hams were interested in the slop buckets and not Shorty and me.

That was the great hog rebellion of 1964.

By now you have heard Senator Ted Cruz call out Mitch “Harry Reid” McConnell. There was no equivocation. He called the Senior Senator from Kentucky a liar – and more than once. Stating quite plainly the Mitch and Harry show continues. Reminds me of those great philosophers, “The Eagles”:

You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you’d realize
There ain’t no way to hide your lyin eyes

For consecutive election cycles, Americans overwhelmingly voted to take power from one party and give it to another. We did it by sending men like Ted Cruz to the Senate. For the ears of the world, Senator Cruz made a bold move. Calling out establishment Washington for what it is. When we look back on this time we are likely to see that he endeared himself to the Americans who are mostly sick to death of establishment Washington. Let us just hope that when Mr. Cruz looks back over his shoulder he will not be the Lone Ranger in the great pachyderm rebellion of 2015.

There is another rebellion of sorts brewing in Washington. The Rainbow House, it appears, is working hard to dethrone the Clintons. Quietly though. Word is that Valerie Jarret (Communist) and defacto dictator is leaking details about Mrs. Clinton’s emails and about the Inspectors General who referred their investigations into the email scandal to the Department of Justice. The Rainbow House Department of Justice, oh my. Reckon they will indict? That would be fun to watch. Especially to see what the Clinton personal destruction team has held back about the Obamas. Would love to be privy to the inside conversations on this one. Just be wary of whoever it is that is being primed to swoop down and save the Democrat party – and the United States of America. Probably not Bernie Sanders.

One more developing rebellion I think. This one is on the people level. And it is against Planned Parenthood’s little shop of horrors. Will politicians do anything about it? Last I heard, good old Mitch would not allow a vote on defunding them either. So you and I will continue to fund the baby parts business. I think Washington does nothing as it does on most things. That leaves me to wonder how much longer before our streets are filled with fed up Americans, this one maybe being the proverbial straw.

That probably will not happen either. But you know what? My gut tells me that these past years and whatever happens within the coming months will forever change the political landscape in the United States of America.

I think Ted Cruz fired the bold shot heard around the political world. Will he stand alone? This country was born out of rebellion. It will take rebellion in some form to save it. Prayerfully a peaceful one.

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The Lone Wolf Pack

Just this past week, five more members of the United States Armed Forces were murdered by an Islamist jihadi. Four Marines and a Sailor. All around the media, communist-progressive propagandists were wondering what possible motive Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez had. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell questioned whether he might be just another Southern gun nut. You know, like the psycho who murdered those people in the Church. Some other joker said we don’t know if this is a Muslim name or not, we do know it is an Arab name. Let me see, Mohammad. Has a familiar ring to it. The Rainbow House tweeted out “From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak! – @POTUS to Muslims celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr.”

I have never owned a Confederate battle flag. A buddy of mine had a Zippo lighter with one on it. But no one carries Zippos any longer. Miss that lighter fluid burn on my thigh. I think I might get one of those flags. Might as well right? A psycho lunatic murders people in a church. A photo of him is posted holding a Confederate battle flag. He immediately became the communist-progressive media’s poster boy for the south. Andrea Mitchell’s southern gun nut. Because of the little flag he held in a photo, if you are Southern and white you are now identified with a psycho lunatic murderer. So much so that the communist-progressives want to expunge your existence from the history of their nation.

Here in the Twilight zone, we are still searching for motives. We still cannot associate murderers with their cause.

The following is a repost of The Lone Wolf Pack, previously posted March 6, 2011. We have more lone wolves to add to the list.

I spent nearly a decade of my life in cold war “West Germany.” I have been to Ramstein Air Base and Rhein Main Air Base and also to the Frankfurt Airport more times than I can recall. Also, I have been a passenger on countless military shuttle bus rides in and around Germany’s US military communities. These busses carry everything from school children, to military personnel going to and from work and families headed for the shopping centers. For would be attackers, they are soft targets. They are not defended, they are low risk, and they produce maximum damage, and provide maximum impact.

The attack on Air Force personnel at the Frankfurt Airport, we are told, is another lone wolf attack. Just another guy who woke up in the morning and decided, not influenced by anyone or any group, to go out and shoot up a bus load of Americans while praising his Muslim god. He was an employed German born citizen obviously suffering from American oppression.

The lone wolf attacks are adding up, but our government will not properly label them as terrorism. In mental health circles, I believe this is called suicidal ideation. We had the mass murdering Army major at Fort Hood. We had a would be bloomers bomber and the Times Square bomber. We had the shooting at the Arkansas military recruiting station. We also had the recent Texas Jihadi. There are probably more that I don’t even recall. Most thinking people can see a developing pattern here and an obvious common denominator. We are left to wonder how many of these so-called lone wolf killers are roaming the streets in American communities.

I imagine out in the wild there is a lone wolf or two running outside the pack, but I am fairly certain they are of a single motivation and influence. They are influenced by their need to survive, which motivates them to kill something and eat it. Our lone wolves are too of a single motivation and influence.

The United States Attorney General, when asked about it, was unable to bring himself to say that radical Islam influenced any of our so-called lone wolf killers or want to be killers. The chief law enforcement officer of the land cannot concede that these hopeful killers have a common motivation, which is to kill infidels preferably of the American and Jewish variety that originates from a common influence. Islam. Holder is not an imbecile, so I do not know what conclusions to draw from his inability to concede the obvious and then work hard to protect Americans from it. Unless these are also the Attorney General’s people.

When asked if the attack in Germany was considered a terrorist attack, State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley asked, “Was the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords a terrorist attack? I mean, you have to look at the evidence and look at the motivation and then you make a judgment.” Wow! P. J., there was come commonality, both were lunatics. One however, was influenced by his psychosis and the other by his religion, which tells him to kill infidels. Even the stupid infidels who work for the State Department.

These people are killing or trying to kill Americans while proclaiming the greatness of their Muslim god. Hey Eric, in police work I am told they call that a clue and modus operandi. If you believe that any of these murderers decided of their own volition and without any outside influence to murder or attempt to murder Americans, there is probably room for you in our current State Department or US Attorney General’s Office or at a minimum a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Commission now that Libya lost their spot.

In Iran, when the people wanted to rid themselves of the Islamic theocracy, our national position was to “not meddle.” In Egypt where the secular regime was friendly toward America we cheered for a new government. As daffy Khadafy bombs, shoots and strafes his own we offer little beyond stern finger wagging.

We have yoked ourselves to this region and to the Islamic culture that is irreconcilably incompatible with our freedom and representative form of government. We are engaged in a war that is as old as Isaac and Ishmael and it will continue until the last confrontation between good and evil. We cannot stop it, but we do need to have leaders with common sense enough to protect us as they are sworn to.

The angel of the LORD also said to her [Hagar]: “You are now pregnant and you will give birth to a son. You shall name him Ishmael, for the LORD has heard of your misery. He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” Genesis 16:11-12

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What do you suppose will be next?

I have no affection for the Confederate battle flag and I understand that it means different things to different people. I also do not think it is a good idea for it fly over the grounds of a state government, but I also firmly believe if it does, it is the state’s business. Not mine and most certainly not the business of the federal government. Like it or not, that emblem is part of the history of this nation. Do we want to wipe away our history, most especially the ugly parts of it? Wipe away a time that split not only our country, but families too? Bury the history of the time that divided us to the point that we took up arms and started killing one another? Should not an informed citizenry want to understand all of the events that led up to that conflict so as to not repeat it? All of the reasons and events that led up to that deadly split? Certainly we would not want to bury or mischaracterize any history surrounding an important event in the life of our nation. Would we?

So let us not stop with a flag. Let us dig up long buried remains and move them somewhere – anywhere. A landfill maybe? We must tear down statues, rename schools, rename roads, rename all of those U.S. Army Bases now named for Confederate Generals…. And, if we pursue this logic to the very end, what else can we expunge from our history?

“History can be well written only in a free country.” Voltaire, May 27, 1773

From the blizzard of 1977 until July 1980, I was assigned to the ROTC Instructor Group, Gannon University, Erie, Pennsylvania. The local expression is that there are only two seasons in Erie. Winter and the 4th of July. That is fairly accurate. Considering on the July day my family and I got in the car and headed south, the temperature barely broke 50 degrees. Not to worry, it was 104 the day we arrived at Fort McClellan, Alabama. It was my first encounter with a heat mirage rising from the asphalt. But, back to Gannon. At one time in its history, ROTC was compulsory for all freshmen attending Gannon. A story was related to me by some of the long time staff concerning the Vietnam years when there was a push to ban the ROTC from Gannon the same was there was at other schools. Its proper name was the Department of Military Science. As the story was told to me, it actually came to a heated meeting of faculty and was prepared for a vote. The Monsignor, I was told, made his speech and ended it with a question. After we remove the Department of Military Science, which department do we remove next?

After we have wiped any reminders of the Confederacy from our history, what do you suppose will be next? What other disagreeable and offensive symbols must be removed from our sight along with their history.

I do not know if we are already traveling down the road of forgotten history or worse yet we are remembering a history that is racked with inaccuracies and exclusions. We must return to our beginning and revisit the missteps, otherwise we will repeat them. That is what we do.

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Is it worth it?

I served 3 tours in Germany, a total just barely short of 9 years. During those years, duty and time permitting my wife, son and I were able to see some of Europe. In 1988 or thereabouts, we booked a tour to Holland’s Tulip festival. A tour of Amsterdam preceded the Tulip Festival. Aside from Anne Franke’s house and a boat ride through the canals, the remainder of the Amsterdam tour was quite enlightening as to what post-Christian means. I see that clearer now than I did during a trip nearly thirty years past.

I remember being in Amsterdam’s Dam Square beside their National War Memorial. The stench was quite bad. It smelled like a giant urinal. Graffiti covered buildings were visible in every direction. Not the reverence I would expect a country to pay a war memorial. It was not the place to take your family.

No Amsterdam tour is complete without a walking tour of the Red Light district. Picture windows line the streets and in those red lit windows sit prostitutes advertising their wares leaving little to the imagination. Also along those streets are the drug bars. Legal of course. Then there are the bars with explicit signage advertising their live shows and before a youngster can ask his dad what that means, a sleazy looking street hawker clears up all doubt. Probably a great location for a rainbow colored Whitehouse. The Red Light district was packed with tourists. There was no line at Anne Franke’s house.

I cannot imagine that Biblical Sodom was much different from this place. With our country’s accelerated drive toward moral relativism, legalization of drugs, and a push toward a Post-Christian America one can but wonder how long before Hometown America begins to mimic Amsterdam.

I was reading some C. S. Lewis thoughts on what he termed Post-Christian Europe and Post-Christian man. To summarize it into my own words, he surmised rather clearly that Christian man had much more in common with the Pre-Christian pagan than he does with the Post-Christian man. At least the pagan and the Christian alike adhered to natural law.

Riding the tour bus out of Amsterdam, if I saw a structure that was not covered with graffiti I do not remember it. It is one of the images that remain in my mind. Leaving the city and entering a rather pristine countryside covered with tulip fields drew a stark contrast. It was like two separate worlds, connected by language but little else.

Here in America, we are even losing the language connection and like every other assault on anything distinctly American that too is purposeful.

I received an email following last week’s post and someone ask me what are we supposed to do about all this change. “How do we fight it?” The undertone of sheer frustration was obvious in the email.

There is only one thing each person can do. It starts by knowing what you believe. Knowing the source of the truth that is the foundation of what you believe. And having the fortitude and willingness to stand firm regardless of the consequences.

Understand and hold firm that man did not give us freedom; therefore man cannot alter our path or take away our freedom. Freedom cannot be taken it can only be forfeited.

In the service, each person knew of the obligation to refuse to carry out an illegal order. In our 50 states, we must have leaders who know when a Supreme Court decision has no basis in law or in the Constitution and who have the fortitude to challenge it – disobey it. We have too few willing to stand up.

At some point, each of us will have to decide if it is worth it. Worth it to go into the streets in mass and stand up for what is right and to keep our country free. Red, White and Blue are the only colors that should ever light “our” Whitehouse.

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