Sue the guy who fixed your face

The more I watch the presidential campaign, the more it resembles the WWF. A guy with ears bigger than a pick-up truck’s doors makes fun of the other guys face. Then the pundits tell me that the guy with the big ears is more presidential than the guy with the face. What I must surmise from that is that an adolescent insult about someone’s appearance is a presidential attribute. I am not so sure that I like watching presidential politics swirling around the toilet bowl realizing as it goes so goes our country.

We have the so-called outsiders versus “the” establishment. Problem is, some we thought were outsiders are now insiders who have sold their souls to the establishment. When I was a teenager in the 60’s, anti-establishment was the thing, now all of those old hippie protestors and draft dodgers from Bill Clinton, to John Kerry, to right on down through Congress are the establishment. Sad thing is they did not fix the establishment they so hated because they learned rather quickly where the wealth and power resides and one beget the other. Cruz aptly labeled it the Washington Cartel – today’s establishment that determines who gains membership into their club. Who wins who loses and it is never about the country.

I read that the establishment’s Roveshivicks are plotting how to take out front-runner Trump and force Cruz to quit propelling the big-eared kid Rubio into the nomination. If Rubio cannot pull it off, plan B is to introduce Mitt Romney back into the race. And if that fails, there will be a battle at the convention for who will be the Republican nominee. Whoever it was that said give the Republicans a chance and they will lose a sure thing is being proven right again.

Romney took pages from Harry Reid’s book and dropped an unsubstantiated income tax bomb on Trump. Next thing you know someone will want to know if he ever tied a pet dog to the top of the car or gave another kid a haircut while he was in prep school.

Trump’s taxes could be picture perfect and he still will not want to release them. They will show where his contributions went. Some of which may be hard to explain away. Then again, maybe not. But rest assured if there is some potentially embarrassing information in those returns someone will devise a way to have it leaked. That is how it works in politics these days. Just like Barack Obama’s opponent in his Senate campaign had his sealed divorce records released. Mr. Trump should be getting out in front on this one.

If nothing else, this campaign cycle has exposed how the establishment operates. What is more interesting is that they are not trying to hide it. It is kind of an in your face attitude toward Americans. The Democrats have their super delegates that will ensure Mrs. Clinton is their nominee. The Republicans have their establishment to ensure that neither Trump, Cruz nor Carson will be theirs. All of that making primary elections a bad joke on gullible Americans.

In the past, whenever I encountered someone who blamed his poor state on the wealthy I would give him the standard talk about how it is the wealthy that create jobs not the poor. The more I ponder that, the more I come to accept that in a pure capitalist system that is exactly right. Wealth creates wealth and builds a robust middle class – the backbone of any country. I do not see it working that way these days. The door is being slammed in the faces of the middle class and in some cases their work is being given to lower paid and imported immigrants ala Disney. Now this “cartel” is plotting to keep the people’s choice – whoever that may turn out to be – from getting the nomination. Instead, they want to give it to another big-eared adolescent that can make a good speech, but has no life or work experience. Since that approach worked out so well for the country. Or they want to interject a proven loser into the fight. The bottom line, they do not want anyone who might upset the Washington status quo and they are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that. They will even be happy with Mrs. Clinton. And they do not give a damn about what you think about it Mr. and Mrs. America.

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Granny gets a do-over

Friday is usually movie night for Suzie-Q and me. We sit in our chair built for 2 and look for a movie until we find one that appears promising. This week, we watched a Korean movie titled “Granny.” In the story, Granny was about to end up in a nursing home. On the day she was to go, she decided to go out alone. After dining, Granny came upon a portrait studio with a poster sized photo of Audrey Hepburn in the window. She went in and told the photographer she wanted her portrait done so the family would have a nice funeral picture of her. As she was sprucing up, the photographer told her not to worry he would make her look 50 years younger. In the next scene, a very attractive young lady walked out of the studio. She was wearing Granny’s clothes and carrying her bag.

Turns out that Granny had a difficult time when she was young. Her husband died working in a German coal mine leaving her alone to raise a newborn. It was difficult, but she worked and sacrificed everything and through her hard work her son ended up being a professor at a prestigious university. Because of the challenges life threw at her Granny never had a chance to follow her dream of becoming a singer. The magic portrait studio gave her a do-over. As the story progressed, Granny who changed her name to Ah Doo-ri (Audrey) became a singer with her grandson’s band which she transformed from a directionless, ear splitting, heavy metal nightmare failure into a musical success. Granny realized her dream singing her Grandson’s song in a final concert. But, as fate would have she willingly gave up her youth to save her Grandson’s life. Granny got a do-over on life and made the most of it.

Granny’s story is not unlike America’s. Events and politicians have prevented millions of Americans from achieving the dream, enjoying the freedom, and knowing success. Professional educators given the responsibility for educating our children have indoctrinated them with progressive, liberal blather and ensured they do not understand even the basics of our nation’s beginning or its history – or even how our government is supposed to function. We are led by a Congress filled with people beholden to everyone except the average American citizen. It is those very politicians, through identity politics, who have so divided our country that we may never recover. We may never have another generation that understands the actual meaning of American Exceptionalism.

We are led by a President who does not even pretend anymore that he likes anything about this country. By his actions, he conversely detests us. A pathetic little man who sends a Whitehouse contingent to the funeral of a thug who robbed a store right before he attacked a police officer, but cannot find time on his schedule to attend the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice. One wonders if he would attend the funeral if it was for one of the liberal judges – one of his appointees. He does have time to visit the Communist Castro brothers, brutal dictators themselves, but no time to visit the Military personnel at GITMO. Bets are he wants to finagle a way to return GITMO to Cuba ala Jimmy Carter and the Panama Canal.

As it comes down to it, it is beginning to look like we may get to choose between a corrupt, lying, thieving Communist and a billionaire who talks a grand program but too often puts his mouth into operation before engaging his brain. I know I could never trust one of them to lead our country and the second needs to do something to gain my trust and he has yet to do that. On one side, we have a product of a failed political system. One that is so far off the tracks that it is no longer salvageable. On the other side we have someone who has spread his wealth around inside that system doing what he terms as making deals. If elected, I am not so certain he can deliver on the big promises he has made. He will find his way blocked in every direction by the same politicians who have brought us to the doorstep of failure. He has yet to tell me how he intends to overcome that – or if he does. In my view, he is doing one thing right. He is going after the “American” vote. But, on the other hand it will be bad for him if he fails to deliver and worse for us.

With this election, we are being given a do-over – an opportunity to fix what we allowed unscrupulous people to break. And this is our only shot at it. We better get it right.

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Just one vote away

I came up out of the bunker with my coffee cup in hand. Now it is not just any cup. This one has on it remnants of a camouflage pattern and rank insignia. An old friend.

Household 6 intercepted me at the entranceway to the kitchen. She was blocking my access to the coffee pot. Technically I do not believe you can call it a coffee pot any longer. Coffee maker perhaps? It grunts, groans and hisses out a cup from a pre-measured little container of coffee grounds. If I hear it first thing in the morning, I am running to the latrine. Works good as those prostate pills the doc prescribed. I presume what comes out of it is coffee because I have never opened up one of those little container cups to see what exactly is inside. HH6, like most days, was of the mind that I had reached my day’s ration of caffeine. Begrudgingly I agreed, sat my good friend on the counter by the sink and quicker than you can say yahoo, I grabbed a Mountain Dew from the fridge and made a run for the bunker all along thinking I really need a coffee maker down there.

I think I would like to ask Bernie Sanders how that socialism stuff is working out for him. After stomping Mrs. Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, she left there with the most delegates. They shared the wealth Bernie. Those democrat super delegates are equivalent to how they would choose the leader in a communist country – if the vote did not turn out the right way. Sorry Bernie, that is how it works in the land you envision. The difference between you and the other communist that is running is you are not afraid to claim it.

I am seeing the instant replay of prior losing republican campaigns for the presidency. Endless debates where eventually they must pound the snot out of one another alienating anyone in that important group who may want to help the general election effort. The celebrities, I consider Sarah Palin as one these days and not so much of a political force, including talk radio types are going all in for one candidate or another. The problem if their candidate loses they will spend the remainder of the election cycle badmouthing the winner. Declaring that in the interest of maintaining their own political purity they simply cannot vote for that person. Instead, they will vote for some unknown libertarian. And by their efforts of talking down a candidate to their very large audiences, they will do more to suppress the republican vote than Hillary’s crew and unethical pollsters could ever hope to do.

When I was in the Army, CAB meant Combat Aviation Brigade. I see the Commander-in-Chief’s Pentagon is directing commanders to engage the climate change battle. So CAB may now become Climate Assault Brigade. We are holding out hope that somewhere hidden away and waiting for leadership to arrive are some war fighting oriented Generals. Generals who believe that force capability far outweighs the benefits of social engineering and dealing with the wealth redistribution scam that is global warming. Rebuilding our military is going to be a challenge bigger than rebuilding the post Vietnam force and a bigger mess than Regan inherited from Carter. I served in the post Vietnam Carter Army. It was not good.

Justice Scalia, our true Constitutional originalist on the Supreme Court, died. I do not want to get off in to never never land with my thinking, but it just seems to me there are a lot of convenient tragedies these days. This looming battle, assuming the establishment republicans can muster enough backbone to put up a fight, will suck all of the attention away from whether Mrs. Clinton should be an inmate or a candidate. But the politics of it are the least concern. I have only heard one candidate speaking of how crucial the Supreme Court is, knowing that the next president will likely make several appointments. Ted Cruz, like him or not, clearly pointed out how we are a single vote away from losing rights such as religious liberty and the right to keep and bear arms by Supreme Court decisions.

Well, here we are. Supposedly sitting at a 4-4 split, but I do not even buy that it is that good considering that a majority of us rightfully thought Obamacare was going to be gone as unconstitutional. We are one vote or decision away from something. But what? Civil War? Yes, I believe it is that serious. And dear leader? He is 10 months and one Supreme Court judge away from completing the promised fundamental transformation and for what it is worth preserving a legacy.

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