Are there any Americans left?

Sitting on the patio watching as the breeze scatters cherry blossoms across the lawn. Not a cloud in the sky. Serenaded by a lawnmower somewhere in the background and competing songbirds. Life is rather pleasant. Right here. Is this what I was supposed to want? Is this the dream? Is this the product of my pursuit of happiness found at the end of a long road of hard work? My pot of gold? I suppose it is if one is content. Or maybe I got this whole concept of pursuing happiness or living the dream somehow backwards.

The United States of America is unique, exceptional, in that it is the only country on the face of this planet founded on the concept of individual liberty bound by a Constitution that guarantees it. A country founded on the belief that all are free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. The pursuit of happiness? Yes. The only requirement is that the pursuit aligns with the laws of the land.

From the beginning of our country people have taken up arms, fought and died to guarantee the pursuit, not define it. No one has ever fought or died in war to defend what you believe. They fought to defend your right to believe it. As we continue our civil war with every identity group demanding that others kow-tow to their world view, it is important to make that distinction.

If your life centers on a sexual relationship with a member of the same sex, you can do that here in the land of the free. You have no right however, to expect me or anyone to embrace your lifestyle or make special concessions for it. The reasonable expectation that you do have is that because of your beliefs, no one is going to throw you from the top of a tall building.

It is quite obvious when many of these groups declare their desire for fair and equal treatment that what they clearly want is dominance. They want to oppress any opposing point of view and destroy anyone who does not accept their way. That is not pursuit of happiness. That is not freedom. That is totalitarianism. Absolutism. There is only one way and it is our way. That is not American. Or to quote our President, that is just not who we are. Perhaps if you believe that way, it is the end of America you seek. You seek to end the exceptional rule. You want a rule where I now must agree to fight for what you believe and not your right to believe it. You want a rule where I must forego my view of the pursuit of happiness and embrace yours.

I am an American. Freedom is my birthright. It is also yours. I will defend our birthright. I will never bend myself into a politically correct pretzel out of fear of being labeled a bigot for not accepting what you believe.

Considering the millions of immigrants who have entered this country illegally and the thousands more that continue to pour across our wide-open borders, one must wonder how many of them want to become Americans. How many of them got up that morning and said I am walking across this desert and that border because I want to be an American? How many of them have even the slightest idea of what being American means? Why did they come here? They know America is a wealthy nation, the land of plenty and they want some of it. Fair enough. But they are coming here to obtain some of that wealth with no understanding of what created it in the first place or what it takes to preserve it. But, in fairness, neither does many supposedly college educated Americans these days.

There is certainly a cultural civil war underway. Identity groups want everyone to listen to them and no one else. They appear not to care if America lives or dies preferring to stand on our flag rather than beneath it. Immigrants continue to pour in by the millions. There is no evidence they seek to be Americans, preferring instead to fly the flags of the failed nations and cultures they fled. At this rate, some future generation may look around and wonder if there are any Americans left.

America the place may end some day. America the idea never will.

© 2016 J. D. Pendry All Rights Reserved

Bleeding Hearts

I thought spring was here to stay. Afternoon temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Dogwood blooming, cherry tree blooming, forsythia has bloomed and left, everything else is on the verge around the hillside. Across the land, idiots are in full bloom too but you knew that just by watching whatever amount of news you can bear.

When I got up this past Saturday morning it was snowing. Snow on a blooming dogwood is something I have not seen. I quickly checked the headlines to see if almost President Al Gore was holding a global warming conference anywhere nearby in what was once coal country. Blizzards follow him around. Divine intervention I am thinking. He was not here, but he was somewhere and if it is snowing after I already mowed the lawn three times it is his fault.

Friends have hinted to me that my thinking has tilted too much to the conservative side. In an attempt to balance out my life, I buried some bleeding hearts up in the back yard. Maybe planted is a better choice of words.

The President added Hiroshima to his apology tour. America has really screwed up the world. It must be depressing leading a nation that you despise.

What do you make of the Panama papers? Shall we start a pool for which Republican presidential candidate is going to be discovered inside those papers right in the nick of October? In politics there are no coincidences. There is already Clinton connections mentioned, but nothing to see here according to a lack of media interest.

Guccifer the Romanian hacker is in America. Turns out he hacked Sidney Blumenthal’s emails including exchanges between Hill and Sid. And the FBI is interested. We hear a lot about the contested convention predicted for the Republicans. Do not be surprised when the Democratic convention is a nominating convention for Joe Biden or John Kerry or another woman.

The delegate business is looking a little shady these days – on both sides. It is looking more like the votes cast in the primary elections do not mean a hill of beans. Writing your own rules to keep the power within the club has always been the case. It has just taken Donald Trump to expose it to the average American voter who had not a clue. The party cartels are going to pick the candidates to shove down the throats of Americans and they do not care if we come out and vote or not. Just as they do not care about who becomes President. Because no matter whom it ends up being, as long as it is a card carrying member of the club the games continue as usual. It is looking more like racketeering than government. I believe the hatred for Trump comes from the knowledge that he knows who paid who to do what for whom over the years and they know he knows.

They seem to think that it will always be as it is. It will not. At some point majority America, those who actually believe in America, will stand up.

How about slick Willie. He spoke the truth to the Black Lives Matter group. It probably caused Hillary to have an extra shot or two of bourbon. Did you ever notice how happy and natural she appears in those pictures of her holding a shot of whiskey up and smiling at it like it is her best friend. I am guessing she does not drink Gentleman Jack single blend Tennessee sour mash. But you never can tell.

I love these groups of protestors showing up at Trump rallies. These people, some well-heeled and educated, some paid protestors and some union thugs, and some stupid Bernie’s kids are first to call Trump Hitler or a fascist. Just shows their level of ignorance. Fascists demand that there be no other opposing view and it was Hitler’s brown shirts that used the tactic of disrupting rallies of political opponents.

I saw where the President and Vice President were speaking about how ready this country is for a woman President. Maybe that is why the President pre-pardoned Mrs. Clinton by publicly declaring her innocence. But he and crazy Uncle Joe may have had in mind Mrs. Obama or Pocahontas Warren.

I think maybe I need to go plant some more bleeding hearts.

© 2016 J. D. Pendry All Rights Reserved

Push the start button or look under the lid

Suzie-Q and I had to buy a new clothes washer. We had the old one just over 10 years. When the repairman came to see if he could repair it or not, he talked about it like it was an antique. He said they do not make this kind anymore. Told him my mother had an antique. It sat on the back porch and had a wringer on top. These days everything is electronic and computerized he said. He finally called a seasoned repairman who worked back in parts shop. The old guy had to come back with him and show him the problem and conclude the cost of the repair was not worth it. So off we went to the appliance store.

They use words like all electronic, high efficiency, and energy saver to describe the new machines. Certainly somewhere along the line there is a government regulation or two involved. Whoever makes high efficiency washing machines must be in cahoots with whoever makes high efficiency toilets. Both insist they can get the job done with a cup of water. The toilet maker brags his can flush a bucket of golf balls, which would be just dandy if I needed to flush some golf balls.

So, they delivered the new machine and Suzie-Q took it for a test drive. On this new contraption, you cannot set the water level like small, medium or large. The computer does it for you. A concept neither of us fully comprehend. When you select the cycle of choice and press the start button water runs into the tub just like normal. A little light comes on that says “sensing.” The computer is “sensing” how much water it needs to wash the load. Adding insult to injury, when the water shuts off and it begins to wash the lid locks. Suzie-Q is not happy with that, because she is adamant that how much water is enough is up to her and not some unseen nerd who has never washed a load of laundry. And, if the lid locks she can’t raise it up and take the peek she is accustomed to taking. She finally surrendered to the tyranny of a computerized washing machine by pushing the start button and walking away – very un-Suzie-Q like. For the machine’s sake, she better like the smell of the laundry.

In Washington, we have the progressive party formerly known as the Democratic Party. On the other side we have the progressive party formerly known as the Republican Party. Both of them report to the donor class comprised of billionaires, corporations, big banks and their paid lobbyists who program them and then push their start buttons. Together, this makes up the Washington establishment. Looking under the lid stirs them up some, and these progressives not unlike communists will not easily relinquish their power and death grip on America.

Out here in working class America, the American class recently wished dead, people are waking up to the fact that this Washington establishment is a collection of people in it for themselves and their pay-masters. We have candidates who are despised by this cabal who have vowed to look under the lid exposing corruption and yanking out unnecessary parts. Whether or not that is just campaign rhetoric is always the gamble we take. But it seems to have raised the anxiety level of the establishment ruling class.

Sadly, the opposing candidates are being played by the establishment and do not seem able to get past their egos long enough to figure that out. The establishment plan is working just fine. It is keeping them at each other’s throats. It is pushing one to ensure that either does not arrive at the convention with a majority of delegates. If that happens, it will be Paul Ryan as the next progressive up. Another loser for America and he will probably run against Uncle Joe or Kerry the commie.

Unless the so-called outsiders (although establishment types are popping up on one team) can get over their case of cranial rectal inversion syndrome it is going to be just another push the start button election where Americans lose. The saddest part is that we will not be able to see if all the people who threatened to leave the country actually would.

© 2016 J. D. Pendry All Rights Reserved