Chakrabarti stated, “The Green New Deal? We didn’t start that out as a climate thing. We started this as a means of reversing and overthrowing the economy. It’s an economic idea.”

By Kelleigh Nelson

That power to influence policy has always been the ultimate purpose of the Communist Party’s infiltration.  It was much more dangerous, and, as events have proved, much more difficult to detect, than espionage, which beside it is trivial, though the two go hand in hand.  Whitacre Chambers

I am not a critic of the West; I am a critic of the weakness of the West. I am a critic of a fact we can’t comprehend: how one can lose one’s spiritual strength, one’s will power and possessing freedom, not value it, not be willing to make sacrifices for it. ? Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Warning to the West

The jihad squad consists of four congresswomen — Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.  All of them wish to generationally change our country.

These jihadi Janes are committed communists. They willingly have abrogated their oaths of office in an ideology rooted not in Philadelphia, but in Moscow.  Political jihad is their game, obvious in their hatred of our culture, our nation, our Constitution, and ultimately the white European founders of our magnificent country.  

They are motivated by their desire to advance a leftist, globalist system that would relegate our liberty to the trash bin.  These unaccountable jihadi Janes who share in their affinity for international communism have full contempt for the rule of law.  They do not believe in America-first, and their opponents are immediately charged with being racist bigots, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi Loses Control

Speaker Pelosi is being bullied by the new young jihadi Jane members, despite news of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Pelosi’s “gracious” meeting.  Social media was recently ablaze regarding Nancy’s open war with AOC and the “Justice Democrats,” (a political movement advocating a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means).  Pelosi is struggling to retain control of her party.

She realizes that moving too far to the left will drive democrat voters into the arms of Trump.  She has continually fought against bringing charges of impeachment against our President, knowing it could destroy the chances of retaining their House majority.

Pelosi exhibited considerable forbearance with AOC and the rest of the Squad for the first few months after they joined Congress. She had to put out a few fires for them, of course, including several conflagrations related to their propensity to trade in anti-Semitic slurs. But the attacks on the Democratic caucus, not to mention Pelosi personally, by a staffer exhausted the speaker’s patience. She singled out Chakrabarti in a closed-door meeting and told him, “Do not tweet about our members and expect us to think that that is just OK.”  Link

The mainstream media has shown their true democratic socialist colors by continually supporting and endorsing the jihadi Janes and those who agree with their radical stances.  Pelosi has allowed her party to launch wave after wave of protests against our President and the Republican Party shouting “racism” at every turn.  Now she is feeling the brunt of that attack from these four jihadi Janes as they charge her with discriminating against women of color when she defies their totalitarian stratagems. Their continual hackneyed charge of racism has become so cavalier that the very meaning has been diluted.

Let’s first take a look at “Alexandria O-C” including those who fund the her.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ocasio-Cortez may seem ignorant and uneducated, but this would belie the fact that she auditioned and was chosen for this position and is funded by a wealthy trust fund kid.  Don’t be fooled by her, she is being heavily promoted.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was raised in Yorktown Heights, an affluent, mostly-white town in Westchester County, New York. She went on to earn degrees in both economics and international relations at Boston University. During her time as a student there, she also worked for the late Senator Ted Kennedy on matters involving immigration and foreign affairs.

In 2012 she started a publishing company, Brook Avenue Press (BAP), which produced children’s books portraying the Bronx in a positive light. (The state of New York dissolved BAP in October 2016, which occurs when a business fails to file a tax return or pay its corporate taxes. On July 6, 2017, the state placed a warrant on the company for non-payment of corporate taxes. As of March 2019, BAP still owed $1,870.36.)

Chosen for Office

Like Obama, AOC was an effective community organizer.  They both were taught Saul Alinsky’s communist tactics.  AOC’s run for Congress came into being as a result of a recruiting campaign organized by a group called Justice Democrats (JD), which in 2017 began holding auditions for potential candidates to run for various U.S. Congressional seats on its leftist political platform.  (JD was founded in 2017 by Cenk Uygur of the “regressive” online news program The Young Turks, Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, and former Bernie Sanders presidential campaign staffers Zack Exley and Saikat Chakrabarti. Their goal is to replace mainstream Democrats with socialist challengers.) 

Recognizing her potential for eventually becoming an influential political figure, the newly formed leftist organization Brand New Congress (BNC), a PAC founded by Zach Exley and Saikat Chakrabarti, contacted her and encouraged her to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  That same year, Ocasio-Cortez served as an organizer for Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential bid, and in December of 2017, she spoke at a Black Lives Matter rally.

Supporters and endorsers of AOC’s 2018 congressional campaign were Bernie SandersZephyr TeachoutCynthia NixonBarack ObamaMoveOn.orgOur Revolution, the Democratic Socialists of America, and Black Lives Matter. U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee contributed money to the campaign. 

Chakrabarti and Trust Fund Money

AOC is the leader of a movement, not just a congresswoman. Saikat Chakrabarti, for his part, has been much more than Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff—he’s become the chief strategist of a generational insurgency.

Like her jihadi Jane sisters, AOC promotes the Green New Deal, (which is nothing more than U.N. Agenda 2030), Medicare for all, tuition-free colleges, limits to the Second Amendment, the dissolution of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) along with open borders, murder of unborn babies up to and after birth, and a 70% tax rate for those who earn $10 million or more.  Like her jihadi Jane sisters, she is anti-Israel/anti-Jew and has defended and praised the Islamist activist Linda Sarsour

AOC supports Antifa even after an Antifa activist attempted to carry out a terror attack against an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington on July 13, 2019 and injured journalist Andy Ngo at a Portland, Oregon rally.

Wealthy trust fund kid Saikat Chakrabarti became AOC’s congressional campaign manager in 2018, and her chief of staff in Congress in 2019. He sets the policy for the jihadi Squad, and he wants to eliminate Nancy Pelosi.  Chakrabarti’s Brand New Congress (BNC) and Justice Democrats were major supporters of Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign.

BNC consists of Democrats who would bring “justice” to a deeply flawed nation that was “founded on slavery and genocide” and had “never been able to escape that legacy.” They claim the U.S. is replete with “establishment politicians who reject the racial justice demands of the Black Lives Matter movement and sit by as racial inequality persists and even worsens.”

Chakrabarti stated, “The Green New Deal? We didn’t start that out as a climate thing. We started this as a means of reversing and overthrowing the economy. It’s an economic idea.” Thereby admitting what all of climate change is! He writes their speeches. They are his minions. He controls the money. 

By the way, AOC is being challengedJamaican immigrant, Sherie Murray is running against AOC in 2020.  She was featured on Lou Dobb’s show on July 25th, 2019.  Murray was a supporter of AOC in 2016, and voted for Barack Obama both times.  She is not what Fox News is reporting her to be.

Chakrabarti helped establish two political action committees that paid a corporation he ran more than $1 million in 2016 and 2017, federal campaign finance records show.  And they were right in Knoxville, TN.  On March 6, 2019, the Daily Caller reported that according to corporate filings which it had obtained, AOC and her top aide had held “majority control over Justice Democrats,” who were crucial to her election victory. 

Chakrabarti resigned from JD’s board, and the PAC’s website no longer lists Ocasio-Cortez as a governor, but government documents show the two still hold majority control.  Here is the Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint.

Former FEC Commissioner Brad Smith said AOC never disclosed her control of the PAC to the FEC.  If she intentionally withheld that information from the FEC, both she and Chakrabarti “could be facing jail time.” Link


Jihadi Jane, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is the leader of the jihad squad.  Never believe she’s stupid…she’s being groomed and promoted; the rest of the squad will follow.  Next up, Somalian Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

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Death to America Squad and The New Face of Politics in America

By J. D. Pendry

Decision Time

J. D. Pendry

In November 2020, polls be damned we’ll learn what Americans think or if we care.  But it’s probably going to take much more than a simple vote to fix fundamentally transformed America.  No matter the outcome, my worldview will not shift.  God is first, Family is next, and Country brings up the rear.  If it’s God’s Plan for American renewal and survival it’ll happen.

Both political parties and upper echelons of federal civil service are damaged beyond repair their decisions influenced by wild ideologies and outside forces and not forgotten Americans – Washington’s perceived serfdom.  Human frailty and fallibility too often succumb to cultural pressure tilting dangerously away from what’s good and necessary. Unless there’s a deep cleansing of all branches of our government including senior career civil servants, the problem will not resolve.  The 2020 choice is between America as founded, freedom those who’ve never stood up for it take for granted, and the evolving socialist, progressive, communist push.

The Democrats

Surprisingly maybe, but I have some very good liberal friends and was raised in Yellow-dog Democrat country.  For my liberal friends and die-hard Democrats:  You are no longer the party of classic liberalism.  You know, liberty therefore liberal.  You’ve become instead the party of identity politics, social justice and racism, the party of big government freedom robbing socialism, progressivism, and communism and with your newly anointed death to America squad you can add Israel hating Islamism.  I’m not so sure this is such a new face for the Democrat party or one now exposed with the aid of the arrogance and ignorance of a few and a complicit media.  So, there’s your choice as plain as I can make it.  The American Ideal or that.  We’ll keep the light on for you.

The Republicans

Republicans?  You are the epitome of status-quo establishment Republicanism your ranks filled with see-no-do-no-hear-no neo cons.  And the con label is apropos.  Remember?  Give us the House and we’ll fix this.  Give us the Senate and we’ll fix it.  Give us the Presidency and we’ll damn sure fix it.  Americans did all of that including a President promising to fix it.  Wanting to fix it.  Turns out you either didn’t want to fix anything, you’re spineless, or so compromised that cover your behind and the status-quo is the best you can do.  You leave us with the same choice.  The American Ideal or your continued ineptitude.  We’ll keep the light on for you too, but the oil in your lamp is getting low.

Citizens of the World – It’s about our Culture

If you’ll pardon my tone, I don’t recall a time in my life where snobassity, pomposity, arrogance, pure judgmental hatred and other noteworthy qualities were so prevalent in such a tiny yet vocal minority.  The uber wealthy, professional athletes, Hollywood, career politicians, media types et al live in their own ecosphere.  A world 99 percent of Americans, or the world for that matter, will never experience.  Aboard their high horses and from inside their glass houses they cast judgmental stones at anyone and everyone outside their orbit who does not accept their worldview.  They push ideologies into our schools and onto our children who are not equipped to make life altering decisions about sexuality or anything.  They celebrate legislation allowing murder of babies up to the date of delivery and beyond for any surviving an abortion attempt.  Shielded by wealth and means from the ultimate downside, or so they believe, they demand open borders.  For any apposing their wild-eyed concepts, they have labels.  At their core, their labels are more projection than not.  Nazi, fascist, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, deplorable, irredeemable, garbage ….  They turn American patriotism into white nationalism.  For you self-loathing little “a” americans, American patriotism comes in all shades, all religions and all sexual persuasions.  It’s much larger than the constructed media and social media images of our country.  It’s why people want to come here.

America has always welcomed legal immigrants.  More so than most any country on the planet.  People who want to be here and part of the American ideal, contribute rather than take, learn our history and language, respect our laws, assimilate.  The great melting pot.  Remember?  People who embrace the distinct American culture of God, Family, and Country and individual liberty rejecting the failed cultures they escaped.

Life takes us in different directions.  Humbleness is one pathway.  It’s rare these days.  We, even the Godless, are children of God and one day every knee will bow.  We are were we are because God allowed us to get there.  If I may be so forward as to leave you citizens of the world with the best guide for life I know: “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8 (NIV) Oh, and love your neighbor as yourself.  Even if your neighbor is a conservative, Christian, American patriot.

Death to America Squad

It bothers me to dignify a cluster of short on substance malcontents by labeling them a squad without a pertinent precursor.  A life driven by hatred must be a miserable existence.  The words coming out of their mouths are not words of endearment toward America.  They wish for the death of America, with a seemingly special hatred for white skin tones, and apparently Israel too.  What is more concerning to me than their ignorance braced rhetoric is the lack of pushback from Washington’s cowardly politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, and the support they get from an equally ignorant and wholly supportive progressive media cabal.  A cabal linked hand-in-hand with America’s great addiction to social media that’s become the most destructive force on this planet.  Go to most search engines and type in a negative, anti-Semitic, or racist comment made by a member of the death to America squad and it’s likely the first twenty responses are fact checkers from who the hell knows where claiming the statements false or taken out of context.  Out of context?  Most of us accept what all knowing Google and Bing puts up there.  Go to entry 3000 and you may find a scintilla of facts.  But just a scrap or two.  This is what disinformation looks like.

Our, and theirs as well, President has been called everything but a child of God and worse than that by a woman who bragged of telling her 15-year-old son that she was going to Washington to impeach the Mother…….  I’m unsure if she said it before or after she wrapped herself in the Palestinian flag.  “A lot of my strength comes from being Palestinian.”  Not American, not one declaring allegiance to our country, Constitution, or people, but to Palestine.  Tlaib explicitly supports the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel and its replacement of a unitary Palestinian state.”  An anti-Semite, racist, and anti-American foul-mouthed bigot.  Maybe she’d do well to go fix what was once the richest city in America, Detroit, where her Congressional district rests.  Where she was a state legislator until term limited.  A once great American city destroyed by progressivism.  Or just go to where her declared allegiance lies.  Palestine.  Maybe she can convince Palestinian mothers that having their children blow themselves up is not a good idea.  Unless she believes it is a good idea.

Ocasio-Cortez is a media made oxymoron, Democratic Socialist.  She and the others are the new face of the Democrat party.  When right out of the box they label you with initials, (FDR, JFK, UBL, AOC) I suppose your destined for fame. At least in some circles.  Infamous in others.  Or maybe you’ll just be exposed for who you are and what you represent.  From the insanity of the fascist, communist Green New Deal, to concentration camps on our borders Cortez demonstrates ignorance and the likelihood that she’s  little more than a script reading empty vessel.  Apparently, this poor girl from the Bronx, is a ghost in her district.  Her Chief of Staff handler, as she does, says of moderate leaning Democrats, “Instead of ‘fiscally conservative but social liberal, let’s call the New Democrats and Blue Dog Caucus the ‘New Southern Democrats.’ They certainly seem hell bent to do to black and brown people today what the old Southern Democrats did in the 40s.” Doesn’t seem to matter your political party, if you don’t embrace their racist supremist views then that makes you a racist.  A Communist method.  Project your despicable personality onto others. Cortez, or maybe her script writer, believes America is garbage“”One perfect example, I think a perfect example of how special interests and the powerful have pitted white working-class Americans against brown and black working-class Americans in order to just screw over all working-class Americans, is Reaganism in the ’80s when he started talking about welfare queens,” Ocaiso-Cortez said. “So you think about this image of welfare queens and what he was really trying to talk about was … this like really resentful vision of essentially black women who were doing nothing that were ‘sucks’ on our country.”  Regan hated communism and fought it from Hollywood to the Whitehouse.  Lovely people Communists.  Legacy of gulags, poverty, homelessness, concentration camps, and mass murder.  Typically, that’s the end state of failed socialist/Marxist states. You know, Venezuela, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

Ilhan Omar is singularly focused.  She’s an Israel hating anti-Semite.  She makes no bones about it, and has yet to be rebuked by cowardly Democratic leadership.  “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.”  She is a strong advocate of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement.  In her resolution to Congress she compared it to boycotting Nazi Germany, and the actions of the Boston Tea PartyIn an interview with Al-Jazeera, she declared, “I would say our country should be more fearful of white men [than radical Islamic terrorism] across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country.”  She’s a real gem.  There’s not much more to say about Omar, except she has some personal issues.  An ethics complaint filed by Judicial Watch, “Substantial, compelling and, to date, unrefuted evidence has been uncovered that Rep. Ilhan Omar may have committed the following crimes in violation of both federal law and Minnesota state law: perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, and federal student loan fraud.”   But we all know what becomes of Congressional ethics complaints.  Nothing.  Hopefully, the same will come of her political career.

Aryanna Pressley.  A racist calling the kettle black. “We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice,” Pressley said, seemingly taking a stab at the Congressional Black Caucus, which is allied with Pelosi. “We don’t need any more black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.”  Spare me the spin of what she really meant was, or it’s taken out of context.  Nope, it’s none of that. What it is, is one of the most racist expressions I’ve heard south of Louis Farrakhan.  What else is there to add to this woman’s profile?  Nothing.  With one statement she defined herself.  Boldly racist.

The New Face of Politics

I predicted some time ago that the election of Donald Trump to the presidency would change the face of politics in America.  What I envisioned was establishment Republicrats running for the hills.  Following Paul Ryan out the door that’s exactly what some did.  With their abandonment, they forfeited the House to Pelosi and her out of control, Nadler/Schiff Trump’s a Russian clown show and everyone’s a white nationalist racist who don’t like us because we are women of color Death to America Squad.  There was a time when such a racist implication would shut down disagreement.  For the weak-kneed, it still does but there is a new player in town.  He’s angered everyone at least once.  He’s hated by establishment Washington and their media puppies.  He’s especially hated by the far left, the face of which we see in the four horsewomen of the coming apocalypse (Communism, Progressivism, Socialism, Racism).  The left is accustomed to labeling, name-calling, and disparaging America with little or no pushback and knowing the media runs with their false narratives.

Trump’s America first and now love it or leave it has had an affect I did not see coming.  Historically, Democrats trend toward the center and sometimes even a little right of center in their campaign approach because if they try to sell the true extent of their radicalism, they’d never get a vote.  Even the illegal immigrants may give their illegal votes to someone else.  What’s happening now is the four horsewomen of the coming apocalypse has the party following them so far leftward that, according to Hank Johnson, they may flip the planet over.

I’m no political prophet or prognosticator, but it may turn out this way.  With establishment Republicrats drop-kicked through the goal post of life and many members of the Democratic party following the progressive, socialist, communist wing we may see the shattering of both parties and something good for the country come of it.  That’s when Suzie-Q slapped me and I woke up mumbling I know, lipstick on a pig.

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All up in the Business: Federal Role in State Public Schools

By Dr. Alicia Sigee

Dr. Alicia Sigee

At first thought and for several reasons, I was not on board with the Federal Government taking their hands off of public schools: First, funding of course and secondly monitoring the equality of education for all students.  After reading some comments from my first post on JD Pendry’s American Journal, I decided I needed to investigate other standpoints instead of disregarding them as the enemy or too far to the left or right.  So, equipped with a laptop, google, and a desire to find the answer to; What function does the federal government have in state public schools? I embarked on a new journey.

So, let’s examine the facts:  

The federal government has the responsibility to ensure the right to a free and high quality education for all K-12 students by protecting their rights and providing resources for the most in need, using public data and high quality research, and providing support and infrastructure for schools, districts, and states to help them continuously improve their work (U. S. Department of Education).  

The different roles the Department Education plays in public education (Carnegie Foundation):

  • 1785-1958 Congress donated federal lands to create public schools when US territories petitioned to become a state.
  • Post Civil War – Southern states refused to educate former slaves, Congress provided federal schools to do so.
  • Early 20th century – Congress funded vocational training for an increasing immigrant population.
  • 1950s-1960s – After the Soviet Union launched a satellite into space, Congress funded major efforts to teach math and science to develop advanced technology.
  • The 1960s and 1970s – Congress created programs to target the underserved students with disabilities, low income, and African-Americans when they found that these populations were receiving inadequate education.
  • Currently – US Department of education mandates statewide accountability and reporting, provides funding for underserviced students, and dictates how schools should be managed. (Brown Center on Education Policy)
    • States required to adopt challenging academic standards
    • Test standards annually
    • Report the test results by subgroups
    • Set state targets for improving achievement
    • Hold schools and teachers accountable for test results

As a result, schools are so bogged down with assessments and accountability there’s no education occurring in the classrooms.  States have a shortage of teachers due to the pressures of students performing on a single assessment.  The federal government has not adjusted its policies to address that over 50% of students in America are on free and reduced lunch (Phi Delta Kappan), more than 1.3 million drop out from high school each year (Doing What Matters), and the achievement gap has not narrowed as Congress planned it would. 

With the facts stated, I have to agree with my fellow Americans that the Federal Government should remove itself from the classroom while continuing to provide the necessary funding to support our neediest students and give the power to educate back to the states. 

Note: Yes, to federal funding – States will go bankrupt to provide the specialized education. 

Note 2: The whole shift in federal government mandating the state school system started with states accepting Title 1 funding coupled with its strict requirements.

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Old Age

By Charles Stokes

Charles Stokes

What is old?

The beautiful Oak that was an acorn 400 years ago;

The great Red Wood that has stood for 1,000 years;

The tiny gnat that has flown for 2 weeks;

The graying of the mahogany black;

The touch of the once soft creamy yellow, and brown;

The eyes of clear blue, brown, and green -that haze over, but see more clearly;

That strength that was once defiant- out ran.

Fatigue, sadness and longing…

What is old age?


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Maximum Security to defend us from Tommy Robinson!

Feature photo Getty Images

By Shirley Edwards

Shirley Edwards

(These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech).

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King.

A Whistling Kettle

With the sentencing of freelance reporter and activist Tommy Robinson, on the 11th July, now reported to be serving 9 months imprisonment, and who is currently being detained in high security Belmarsh Prison, on a possible civil matter; one can only wonder if it was the harsh and extreme hatred which had been continuously directed towards him prior to his sentencing which may have in some way possibly influenced the harsh and extreme outcome of his case?

Aside from openly reporting every alias he has ever used, and also gleefully reporting every single crime or slight mis-demeanour that he has ever been accused or charged for, our judicial system appears to have come down excessively heavy upon a man whose crime was to report and live stream a sex grooming gang who were attending court for sentencing.  

The mainstream media and also the social media have been awash with some of the most hateful and ugly statements you will ever see against a man who was waiting to go to court.   Do the perpetrators of such venomous attacks see their very own hypocrisy when they exercise their own right to free-speech to attack this man and wish him the very worst of ills before he has even been sentenced?

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

One of the main gripes directed at Tommy Robinson is that he is not a ‘trained’ journalist, and cannot contest that he is being imprisoned for journalism.  Indeed, they are correct, he is not trained so to speak; but whilst many journalists almost always portray an identical and very one sided account on how they perceive Tommy Robinson or his supporters to be, they seem to be inept in not seeing just how far the British public as a whole no longer respect or trust the profession of journalism, and why the rise in alternative news media has now become a more reliable source of information for some people in contrast to some of the news the public is professionally fed.

Another gripe which has been used about the interference of Tommy Robinson’s reporting, but this time in relation to the law, is that every person should be due to a ‘fair’ trial, and that everyone is perceived innocent unless proven to be guilty.  It has been stated that his live streaming outside the court could have influenced the sentencing, but in this case it is reported that he only gave out information that he believed was already in the public domain. 

In relation to reporting however, our newspapers often get it wrong in accusing, naming and blaming beforehand innocent suspects in order to sell a story.    Consider:

In December 2018, a Sussex couple were wrongly accused and questioned for 36 hours by Sussex police for flying a drone over Gatwick Airport and halting flights for thousands of passengers.   Within hours of being taken for questioning, many newspapers were printing their pictures and one newspaper labelled them the ‘morons who ruined Christmas’.

This is not professional journalism. 

In the summer of 2016, pop artist Cliff Richard was cleared of historical sex assault allegations after an investigation by South Yorkshire police.   The police later apologised to him for the “initial handling of the media interest” after the BBC were tipped off about a raid upon his home, and it was broadcast ‘live’ from a helicopter by the BBC.

Cliff Richard later successfully fined the BBC for their coverage based on mere ‘accusations’ and believes some ‘privacy’ should be awarded to those who are accused of such crimes until someone is charged, found guilty and sentenced.  He is currently backing a campaign group called FAIR (Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform) which calls for anonymity for those suspected of sexual offences until they are actually charged. 

You can listen to his statement about the false allegations made against him, and how the media coverage affected his life here:

In his article in the Guardian, Professor of Journalism, Roy Greenslade writes on how the BBC should appeal against the ruling made in favour of the privacy of Cliff Richard, made by Mr Justice Mann, indicating that this case now states a precedent with worrying implications for press freedom.  He states in his article:  

“It suggests that reporting the identity of anyone whose home is raided, or who is known to be under police investigation prior to being arrested or charged, amounts to an intrusion into their privacy. It means that Mann has broken new legal ground by rebalancing the two articles in the European convention on human rights that deal with respect for private life and freedom of expression. He has decided that article 8, the right to privacy, now trumps article 10, the public’s right to know”.

You can read the full article here.   In my opinion, the article offers an interesting and thoughtful insight on how freedom of press operates and how social media now contributes in making our society one of the least secretive places in history.  However, false accusation is a worrying trend, and the resulting consequences can have devastating effects.

Contempt of court cases resulting in imprisonment have in British history been very few in number, but we do hear of many fines being imposed upon newspapers who have been accused of influencing or interrupting court cases.

In 2012, a journalist for the Spectator magazine was accused of being let off for almost causing the Stephen Lawrence case to collapse when an article was published which could have jeopardized the trial of the two men accused of murder.  In this instance the magazine was fined and not the journalist.

In 2012, the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror were fined for contempt of court and fined £10,000 each with costs of £25,000 each for their coverage of Levi Bellfield’s (now known as Yusuf Rahim) conviction for the murder of Milly Dowler. 

In 2011, it is reported the Daily Mirror was fined £50,000 and the Sun newspaper £18,000 for articles on the arrest of Christopher Jefferies who was released without charge for the Joanna Yates murder case when another man was found guilty of her murder.

The harsh treatment being directed towards Tommy Robinson evidently appears to be out of context in relation to the equally serious offences above.  Why is he hated so much?

Blowing off some Steam

The very vocal supporters of Tommy Robinson understandably feel frustrated and demonstrative towards the outcome of his sentencing, and like many other people across the country can only surmise and wonder why the British press are rarely supportive towards him in light of their own continuous misdemeanours, and why he has received in his words, a death sentence in relation to being put in a prison which has a high proportion of Islamic prisoners. 

Unfortunately, it could be concluded that it is the failure of our country, the police force, our judicial system and our government which has made Tommy Robinson into the hero and martyr which people who dislike him complain about.    No amount of rationale by professional experts, who in some cases are exhibiting a class snobbery, is now able to justify the treatment against him.   

He has stepped outside the box and spoken up for the silenced in the same way that the Brexit party spoke up for the majority of knowledgeable and insightful people in the UK who felt betrayed by our government.

There is an awakening in the UK through social media that is uniting the voices which are not being listened to.  They are hungry for the likes of Tommy Robinson, regardless of his background, who in some way is demonstrating a certain fearlessness in opposition to a silent fear which is bubbling below the surface of the UK.  

The battle everywhere appears to be between an uncomfortable truth, and a force of dictatorship, which is taking an immoral high ground and coming down excessively heavy on those who dare to expose some reasonable although uncomfortable truth for consideration, by labelling them, discrediting them and isolating them.   It is the reason we must ultimately find our silenced voices and always speak up and be fully aware of what is happening in the UK and across the world today.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”   Martin Luther King

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By Kelleigh Nelson

Kelleigh Nelson

Some conservatives assume that a constitutional convention would propose only conservative ideas like a balanced budget. It never occurs to them that Bernie Sanders supporters would show up to demand constitutional amendments requiring the taxpayers to pay for free college and other free stuff for everyone. Phyllis Schlafly, Founder of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles

Article V of the Constitution has only 22 words about a convention for proposing amendments, but the most important is the word “call.”  Since only Congress can “call” the convention, it means that states have no control over who can be a delegate, who makes the rules, who sets the agenda or who wields the gavel.  Phyllis Schlafly

As early as 1970, Council on Foreign Relations member and outspoken globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski said that the U.S. Constitution should be altered via a constitution convention to bring about globalization, and today CFR members such as former governor and secretary of health and human services Tommy Thompson are still providing the impetus for such a convention.  Mitchell Shaw for the John Birch Society

To many conservatives who are tired of seeing the federal government overstep its constitutional boundaries and expand its reach into areas it has no business being in, nothing seems more “grassroots” than the idea of asking Congress to call a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution and rein in federal government.  The erroneous argument from the self-appointed leaders of a new con-con is that this is the only way to rein in out-of-control government.  However, the devil is in the details and Representative Andy Biggs knows the dangers and a con-con is not the answer. 

Congressman Biggs has made a compelling case in his book, The Con of the Con-Con, that the procedure for changing the Constitution is fraught with hazards that will likely leave Americans far worse off than they are now.  When Mr. Biggs was a member of the Arizona Senate, he was castigated every time he tried to stop the legislature from passing an application for a con-con.

Andy Biggs at PS Eagle Council

Congressman Biggs with three of the Schlafly brothers, John, Bruce and Andy.

Andy Biggs was a guest speaker at last year’s Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Council.  Both he and Andy Schlafly spoke against the various applications for a Constitutional Convention (con-con) under the guise of proposing amendments for a Balanced Budget Amendment, Term Limits, etc. via the fraudulent Convention of States Project (COSP). 

Rep. Biggs is a distinguished conservative legislator and he and his wife Cindy are such a joy to see every year at the council meetings.  It was my pleasure to chat with the Congressman on the massive push by the many fraudulent organizations for an Article V Convention.

Congressman Biggs and his wife, Cindy

I asked Rep. Biggs how he became aware of the dangers of a constitutional convention (con-con).  He said he started seeing a movement to amend the U.S. Constitution initiating the second part of Article V and petitioning Congress while he was in the Arizona State House, and decided he had to stop it.

“Having served in a legislative body and having understood what a self-governing legislative body can and can’t do, either they didn’t understand it, or they were being disingenuous and would have the doors blown off our Constitution.  There were people coming up with these crazy ideas about what they thought they could do to control a new convention.  So, as a lawyer, I went back and read the minutes of the 1787 Constitutional Convention and everything about the founders that I could find and I realized what their intention was.” 

The Congressman actually attended the 2012 con-con conference at Harvard with Lawrence Lessig and Mark Meckler, then co-leader of Tea Party Patriots. Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and the John Birch Society were not invited.  At the time, I wrote extensively on what happened with the coordinated effort between Mark Meckler and Harvard’s Professor Lawrence Lessig.  Link and Link

Right and Left Work Together

Rep. Biggs commented that people believe the new push for a con-con is a rightwing promotion.  “It is not just the right; the socialist group Code Pink which has ties to Castro’s Communist regime, Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s Maduro are behind a new Article V Convention.” They were founding members of the “Move to Amend” coalition which includes Alliance for Democracy, Center for Media and Democracy, Independent Progressive Politics Network, Progressive Democrats of America, Sierra Club, Vermont for Single Payer and hundreds more.  They want to put “their man” in as a delegate to urge their amendments and constitutional changes upon the deliberations of the convention. 

George Soros funds nearly every major left-wing media source in the US. Forty-five of those are financed through his support of the Media Consortium. Yes, the financier of global fascism is pumping millions of dollars into the same Article V convention campaign that is being promoted by Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Farris, Meckler, Barton, Coburn, Palin and dozens more.

The deceptive Left-Right coalition to rewrite the Constitution by means of an Article V convention threatens our personal rights and freedoms. 

Convention of States Project (COSP)

The COSP was co-founded by Mark Meckler, formerly of Tea Party Patriots, and Michael Farris who in 2017 left the leadership to Meckler. The misinformed and manipulative leaders of a COS refuse to call this an Article V convention and they claim the states can control it.

They are misleading the gullible and uneducated public.  State legislatures apply for a convention, but it is Congress who calls, convenes or opens a convention.  In Mitchell Shaw’s New American article, Who’s Behind a Constitutional Convention, he said, “Of course that means that Congress, a branch of the same federal government the advocates of a convention claim the convention would rein in, has the power (according to Article 1, Section 8, last clause) to ‘make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution’ the convention.”

The Money Behind the Con

Too few Americans are even aware that a constitutional convention can be called, let alone that there would be no checks on its scope and further that the process to call one is well underway and being underwritten by some of the nation’s richest individuals. 

Applications for a convention are coming from the “right” and the left, but with more money, a stronger campaign structure, and national coordination on the “right.” A number of major so-called “conservative” organizations and donors, including the Mercer family and Koch-funded groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), have renewed and intensified efforts to thrust this issue into the spotlight after years of inactivity.  The Koch brothers are funding many organizations as well as politicians who will promote a new con-con.  Socialists and George Soros are fighting for an Article V convention, and Soros heavily funds the “Move to Amend Coalition” mentioned above along with hundreds of others

Billionaires Charles Koch and George Soros have formed an alliance to advocate for pacifist foreign policy, teaming up to create an anti-war think tank known as The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.  But their big joint issue is a new Constitution Convention.

Nothing Defines the Call

When the Framers got together in 1787, there were only 50 of them at one time in the room and it was closed to the public and media. They believed in and trusted each other not to speak out of turn to anyone as to what was going on inside, (unlike today’s leaks to the media about everything).

Congressman Biggs said, “A new convention is going to be absolutely out of control with the people involved from both sides.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it was held in Las Vegas as they have convention halls that are big enough and it could easily be televised.

This will not be the case in a new convention.  The world will be there…every special interest, every monied interest, every social media…all trying to get some kind of benefit into the constitution.  Virtually, every state constitution is larger than the federal constitution and the reason is that our federal constitution created a federal government to which we delegated only a handful of enumerated powers; whereas the state constitutions create governments of almost unlimited powers, and that’s what will happen at a new convention.”  (Some folks believe a new convention would be closed to the public – for the likely purpose of having the Delegates propose a new constitution which moves the U.S. into the North American Union.)

“The promoters say, ‘Well it will be limited to a Balanced Budget Amendment,’ but it’s not going to be limited.  Let me tell you I can get around every one of them, and second of all there won’t even be a nod to the enumerated powers in the Constitution.”

The Congressmen said that people have told him that Congress doesn’t have a say in the con-con, but we know they do. 

Mark Levin is an aggressive promoter of an Article V convention and actually called Congressman Biggs swear words on the air because as Arizona Senate President, he had held up the vote on an application for an Article V convention in his state.  Many other legislators actually thanked Senator Biggs for holding it up.  They told him they’d have to vote for it if it had come to the floor.  Rep. Biggs told me they had no courage and they were grateful he held it up.

Everyone wants to do something to fix the out of control federal government, but as Rep. Biggs stated, “We must elect people who love our 1787 Constitution.” 

A Dangerous Outcome

In light of the lists of leftist groups provided above, the results of the convention could be an outright scrapping of the constitution written by the founders in favor of one more in line with the progressive ideologies of Cenk Uygur’s Wolf-Pac, the Sierra Club, Code Pink, and others.

Remember, according to our history of the “amendments” convention of 1787,  regardless of any state or congressional legislation requiring Delegates to consider only one amendment (a balanced budget amendment, for example), the delegates would possess unlimited, though not unprecedented, power to propose revisions to the existing Constitution, based on the inherent right of the People in convention to alter, abolish, or revise their government.  This is exactly what they did in 1787 with the Articles of Confederation.

It boggles the mind to think of the potential proposals that could come out of a convention composed of such radical representatives.  George Soros’s billions are funding these fringe groups and politicians aren’t known for their ability to resist hefty campaign contributions.

The only prior constitutional convention we have had, in 1787, almost immediately disregarded their instructions to merely propose amendments to the Articles of Confederation and scrapped the Articles’ ratification requirement as well. It turned out OK; the Articles were replaced with the vastly superior U.S. Constitution. But here’s the point, no one, not Congress, not the Supreme Court and certainly not the president, has any authority to rein in a runaway constitutional convention. And all the promises made by those promoting this destruction of our Framers’ document cannot guarantee it will be controlled.  Link

Given today’s socialist and yes communist politics, who could be sure that nothing crazy would be successfully proposed, and ratified – since a new Constitution will have its own new mode of ratification?

James Madison, Father of our Constitution and fourth President of the United States said, “Having witnessed the difficulties and dangers experienced by the first Convention, I would tremble for the result of the second.” 


Andy Biggs was elected as Representative of Arizona’s 5th District and took office in January of 2017.  In March of that same year, Arizona passed an application for a con-con because Andy wasn’t there to stop it.  At PS Eagle Council last year, he spoke for over two hours to a huge room full of people about this threat. 

I would urge readers to register for this amazing three-day conference held yearly in St. Louis.  Conservative leaders and speakers are there to educate us, to answer our questions and to help us fight to Make America Great Again.

© 2019 Kelleigh Nelson, All Rights Reserved

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By Steve Briscoe

I’ve been quiet for the past couple of months.  Not sure why but it may be because I’m overwhelmed with a desire to hide from the stupidity; it’s everywhere.  My wife prefers I do not use the word “stupid,” but sometimes it is the only word that accurately describes the circumstance.  Here are just a few inconsistencies that provide a foundation for my premise.

1 – A contingent of citizens rant over the use of mice to test drugs meant to enhance human life and consider the practice inhuman, but these same people applaud the right to end the life of an unborn child for the sake of convenience.  Which has more worth – an unborn child with untold potential or a mouse that many would prefer to see with its neck snapped in two via an old fashioned and very cruel and lethal mouse trap?

2 – Members of Congress tried every legal loophole imaginable to read the un-redacted “Mueller Report” claiming they had a right to know (even though federal law dictates otherwise), but these same politicians, prior to voting it into law, refused to read “Obama’s Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package,” (actually the package cost the taxpayer around $831 billion, but add interest to the loan and it exceeds 1 Trillion).  This would be the same stimulus package that required the multi-million dollar payments to a multitude of default company CEOs. This stimulus was meant to create jobs; it did in fact create 3 million jobs.  Do the math – each job cost the tax payer $266,000 (using $800M as an overall cost).  That was in 2009.  Fast forward to 2012 and the number of sustained jobs dropped to 600,000 which, recalculating the math, cost the taxpayer $1.3M each – in 2013 that number dropped again to 400,000 costing $2.0M per job.  The only thing this package provided, to no less than 3 generations, is the responsibility to pay the debt (and interest) on the money borrowed.  Utter failure.

3 – The left rants about the antics of conservatives, but ignore the same antics demonstrated proudly by the left.  i.e. Trump’s alleged antics vs Clinton’s antics proven to be true in a court of law.  Not saying President Trump is as clean as the wind driven snow; I am saying there is a seriously tilted double standard.  Investigations prove, through Hillary’s actions, thousands of classified emails were potentially accessed by enemies of this country, and she lied about it.  She was given the right to run for President.  Check google for the number of service members harshly disciplined, and even discharged, after the inadvertent mishandling of a single classified email.  Documented facts layout the plan used by the Democratic Party to oust Bernie Sanders from the presidential run in 2016, but these same democrats spent millions investigating a made-up plan of Russian interference during the same election, claiming the interference as the main reason President Trump won the election.

4 – A contingent rants endlessly about the alleged lies told by conservatives, but these same people ignore proven lies told by the left.  The disparity of required integrity rattles the brain.  Case in point; no real evidence was ever presented proving alleged actions by Judge Kavanaugh, but this “contingent” still considers him a liar.  Multiple statements made by Obama and Clinton, pertaining to the atrocity in Benghazi, have been undeniably proven as known lies, but they are still held up as bastions of hope for the left’s agenda.  Four good men died so you could support a liar.

5 – A contingent raises the legal age to purchase tobacco products (in Illinois) to 21, while at the same time want to lower the national voting age to 16.  I’m not saying raising the legal age to purchase tobacco is a bad thing, but lowering the voting age to 16 is borderline lunacy, and the hidden agenda that precipitates this desire is not so hidden.  In fact, were I king, I would raise the voting age back to 21, and even at that, many 21 year olds have no real concept, or understand the consequences, of their voting responsibility.

6 – The politicians of the left want to remove my right to defend myself, while at the same time demand my taxes pay for their armed guards.  This demonstrates to me a blinding truth; to them, I do not matter one ounce.  My only purpose, as far as they are concerned, is to act as a surrogate blood donor hooked up to a machine that sucks the life out of me, and tied to this machine I will remain until I die.  I think I could be easily persuaded to design and construct a couple of machines which I would inturn attach to them for the purposes of my amusement.  I live in Illinois, and 4 of the past 7 Illinois governors have gone to prison for actions while serving as governor.  The current governor is under investigation for tax fraud; this would be the same governor who just this past month doubled the gas tax, raised annual vehicle license plates fees by more than 50%, parked car tax of 6%, an annual registration fee of $250.00 for electric cars (it used to be $35.00), increase tobacco tax, sales tax, plastic bag tax… the list is seemingly endless.  The cost of living in Illinois has jumped so high due to taxes, I will consider it a joy to lose only $40,000 on the sale of my house so I can escape.  Actually, the loss will be more than that because my governor is trying to push through an “exit” tax.  Meaning, if I sell my house in Illinois and buy a house in another state, I pay Illinois a percentage estimated between 5-7% for the privilege of exercising my right to relocate; a house sold for $200,000 will gain Illinois no less than $10,000 and as much as $14,000.  You don’t wanna live in Illinois?  Fine, it’ll cost you to leave.

7 – The prestigious left believes a wall defending the southern border is immoral, while at the same time live behind gated communities and walled homes.  Again, they matter, I do not.  The only people who prosper from the absence of a wall on the southern border are drug cartels and human traffickers.  Makes me wonder who the cartels pay to keep the wall from being built.  They say a wall will not change anything.  But, they say if the confiscation of all the legal firearms from legal citizens saves just one life it will be worth it.  Fact is, gun confiscation will do nothing but raise the crime rate, and a southern wall will slow the tide of illegal drugs and human trafficking.

8 – Go to any store to purchase liquor or tobacco, or go to a bank to extract your own money, and you will be required to show an ID Card.  Get on a plane and you are required to show an ID multiple times.  Make a purchase with a credit card, and often that purchase will be halted if you cannot show a proper ID.  Enter a Federal Installation without an ID and you may end up in jail.  But requiring an ID to vote is considered racist.  How stupid is that?  The agenda is obvious; requiring an ID makes it very hard for dead people in Chicago to vote.  Why is it dead people only vote democrat?  I know they only vote democrat because if one of them voted anything other than democrat, the left would go ballistic.

9 – The left went nuts over alleged Russian collusion. An allegation that, after 2+ years of investigations costing millions upon millions of dollars, and the disruption of countless lives and livelihoods, they failed to prove.  They claim this foreign interference was unacceptable in the extreme, but these same people want to give non-citizens the right to cast a vote to determine the outcome of my country.  If this is legal, then it should be legal for me to go to another state and cast my vote; since each state is separate, I should be able to go to any (and every) state and cast my vote.  The premise is the same.  Go to Mexico, Honduras, Panama, England, or France and try to vote.  Let me know how that works out for ya.

10 – The extreme left are pushing for a socialist government.  Why?  Only answer I can think of, having any semblance of accuracy, is they want to end the US as a formal country.  Name me one country that prospered from a socialist government.  I’ll wait while you do a google search…  any country that survived a socialist government, did so by turning from socialism before the total collapse of the government.  Venezuela, at a time not so long ago, was considered one of the richest countries on the planet. Not so anymore.  Why?  Because of a socialist government.  Prove me wrong.

These are only 10 points.  There are many, many others I could list, and each point listed here could be expanded to multiple pages containing multiple facts and statistics that cannot be disputed.  But I suspect if you are still reading, you are aware of this already.  Those that stopped reading after a paragraph or two, I consider the lamest of all.  They do not want the truth.  They want to be spoon fed by “talking heads” who are experts at disseminating misinformation.  These same people will rant and rave, call me names, question my family heritage, and do it all without providing any valid point to counter my comments.  They have no credibility with me.

I cannot help but believe, when the real truth is revealed, many will be ashamed of their actions and deeds.  The sad reality is only a few will believe the truth and how it relates to how the lie has dictated their actions and deeds.  To accept the truth as truth means to admit being wrong when the truth was right in front of them.  They blindly and willingly followed the lie, and sadly they will continue to do so once the lie has been proven as such.

Conclusion… I am overwhelmed with a desire to hide from this stupidity.  But I will not.  I will however, stay out of sight… and maintain situational awareness and periodically voice my concerns from an obscure vantage point.

It is unfortunate that those who need to hear refuse to listen.  In the not so distant future, baring divine intervention which we all hope for, it is all going to unravel and I (actually “we” for those still reading) need to be ready to act.  Hope is not a good strategy, and hiding is not a good tactic.

Copyright 2019 Steve Briscoe All Rights Reserved

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