God, Family, Country – Under Assault the Pillars of our Nation and Culture

Recent events show those who want to destroy our culture and country are entering their endgame.

By J. D. Pendry

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone Psalm 118 (NIV)

There is a distinct “God, Family, Country,” American culture.  Along with the foundation of God-given freedom, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and small non-intrusive government.  Our culture is what made America a great nation. As one people one culture, we stand strong and offer the best hope for our country and the world.  If we are at odds as many, self-interested entities we fail.  We lose what our ancestors sacrificed to provide for us.  We smother out the torch of freedom kept ablaze by those who came before us and struggled mightily for freedom and civil rights.  When freedom’s light goes out in America, the rest of the world will too be in dangerous darkness.  God Blessed America. American Journal

If you want to bring down a structure, you must weaken what makes it strong – the critical parts that keep it standing steady.  It’s an enduring principle and applies to everything.  Whether a building, a person, a society, or a nation.  Weaken what makes and keeps it strong and eventually, and catastrophically, it falls.

Here in the land of the free, the pillars of our nation are under attack and have been so, mostly unchallenged, for decades.  Too many of us, and especially those ignorant of history and the world, take for granted that the free America we know will always be here.  And even improved once we rid ourselves of the people with which we disagree and fundamentally transform ourselves into a communal Socialist utopia.  Sigh.  Any in public life who might stand in the gap are frightened into fetal positions by the politically correct.  Political correctness is the modern-day moniker and hiding place for Communism.  An atheist philosophy that cannot compete with a higher moral authority or anyone who rejects groupthink.

Recent events show those who want to destroy our culture and country are entering their endgame.  For decades, we’ve allowed weakening of what buttresses our civil society.  Could it be they believe now is their only real chance?  They own the top tiers of the State Department, Department of Justice, establishment Washington, Academia, and the major media propaganda machine.  Over the past two years, we’ve seen evidence of it from the top of our government right down to street level thugs.  Their coup attempt failed now they grow bolder with public statements and acts of street violence unchecked by sympathizing local governments.  They’ve demonized and neutered local police forces.  We are in a fight for the soul of our nation.  They will not give up unless completely and thoroughly destroyed.

War on God and Christianity

I remember beginning each school day with the Lord’s prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, but I expect fewer Americans do.  Prayer in school ended with the 1962 Supreme Court decision in Engel v. Vitale.  It’s a faulty decision and one that tipped the First Amendment establishment clause upside down.  To see this, one need not have a Constitutional law degree, but only a basic understanding of the history of our beginning.  The first people to arrive in the new world were escaping religious persecution of England’s one religion, the Church of England.  In historical context, the purpose of this amendment was to protect religion from government interference of establishing and imposing the government’s form of religion on the people.  Engel v. Vitale reversed history by restricting the people’s freedom of religious expression and changed the intent of the clause to protect the government from religion rather than protecting individual freedom of religion and religious expression from the government.

Using this faulty court decision, we’ve removed God from the public.  First from public schools, then from the public square.  Young people were no longer introduced to the concept of a creator or higher moral authority.  No one was forced to pray. No one was singled out or shamed for not praying.  What was accomplished was removing the critical strand of moral fiber from society and removing it at a most critical time of cultural development.  Childhood.

At the behest of radical atheists, public schools do not allow prayer.  Now, our children, shielded from prayer or any form of Christianity, are taught about homosexuality, while Drag Queens teach toddlers there’s no such thing as boys and girls.  Public schools are starting our children off with moral indoctrination.  Beyond that, children are no longer taught history of the Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution instead they’re taught about early settlers and colonizers.  They are growing up ignorant of the role Christianity played at the start of our country.  Hey, but now they have an appreciation for homosexual culture.

War on the Family

Let’s start with President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society war on poverty.  Here’s a brief assessment of its impact on families:

The War on Poverty created negative incentives. Instead of promoting the growth of healthy families, the welfare system discouraged them. A single mother could receive larger payments from Uncle Sam by remaining single than by marrying the father of her child.

Over time, many fatherless children entered the world. The welfare checks showed up month after month, regardless of how their parents spent their days. As these boys and girls grew up without fathers around, they came to regard such households as natural. The social safety net, designed to be a temporary help to the people in need, instead kept them trapped in government dependency.

They stayed trapped in poverty as well.  Here’s a full explanation of President Johnson’s so-called War on Poverty: How Johnson Fought the War on Poverty: The Economics and Politics of Funding at the Office of Economic Opportunity  It’s long, filled with statistics, politics and insanity and your eyes may begin to bleed before you finish, but if you muddle through you’ll discover the birth of many well-intentioned failures still affecting our country and families today.

Here’s another long report from the Pew Research Center.  Johnson’s war is but one aspect of changing American culture contributing to the rise of single parent households.  When the report was published, 31% of the children in single parent households were living below the poverty line and 21% of those with unmarried cohabiting parents were as well.  In 1960, 73% of children were living with two parents in their first marriage.  By 1980, it dropped to 61% and by 2014 it was only 46%.  Less than half of American children are living with parents in their first marriage.  Less than half of America’s children grow up in a traditional family.

Nowadays we embrace unnatural non-reproductive family relationships like homosexual marriage with adopted children.  Some women are choosing artificial insemination as a method of becoming a single mother without a relationship or no children at all.  Birth rates are too low to replace the population.  Through abortion, more than 60 million American families ended before they began thanks to another tragic Supreme Court decision.

Over decades, seriously flawed Supreme Court decisions and social justice policies caused a cultural shift away from God and toward destruction of the center pillar of our nation, the nuclear American family.  Our future is dying one family at a time.

Deconstruction of America

History can be well written only in a free country. Voltaire

History is being rewritten.  A critical element of our history is our Judeo-Christian values system.  It’s the foundation of our government, our laws, and our Constitution.

The Schools could not describe the religious origins of American freedoms without violating Engel v. Vitale.  For this reason, the Pilgrims had to be deleted from our children’s textbooks.  Thus, in 2002, the new Jersey Department of Education removed references to the Pilgrims and the Mayflower from its history standards for school textbooks…. The problem?  “The word Pilgrim implies religion,” said Brian Jones of the Education Leader’s Council, adding, “It’s more difficult to talk about the Bible and the Puritans.”  Some school systems blur historical truth by referring to the Pilgrims as “early settlers,” “newcomers,” or “European colonizers.”  David Horowitz DARK AGENDA: The War to Destroy Christian America

In 1986… Professor Paul Vitz completed a study of sixty social studies textbooks used by 87 percent of public-school students.  Among his conclusions:

There is not one story or article in all these books, in approximately nine to ten thousand pages, in which the central motivation or major content derives from Christianity or Judaism. Horowitz

When young people do not know their history or the origins of their country they are easily influenced.  They learn from biased texts and too often from biased ideologues impersonating teachers.  On the back of not knowing our true history in the context of it’s time, they are susceptible to ideas of Socialism, Communism, Atheism, and eliminating the Electoral College.

When I was in elementary school, I was encouraged to read the biographies of our founders and many of them I did.  I read other as well.  I always thought it important to learn about important people.  People who made a difference.  One of my favorite biographies as a youngster was George Washington Carver’s.  An incredible story.  Pick it up and read it sometime.

Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.  H. G. Wells

We cannot live in the past.  No one alive today is accountable for the actions of people of their time.  Nor is anyone alive today qualified to make judgment.  Neither can we predict the future, but we can send children uneducated in history toward catastrophe.

© 2019 J. D. Pendry, J. D. Pendry’s American Journal, All Rights Reserved


By Kelleigh Nelson

Look, we want freedom and we want liberty in this country. But we’ve also got to have the guts to stand up and run a tight ship in America. Morality is now a word that many people consider very square and outdated. But if we don’t stand up for it, we deserve what we will get in the end – unprincipled anarchy.  Actor Cliff Robertson

Politics is not an end, but a means. It is not a product, but a process. It is the art of government. Like other values it has its counterfeits. So much emphasis has been placed upon the false that the significance of the true has been obscured and politics has come to convey the meaning of crafty and cunning selfishness, instead of candid and sincere service. President Calvin Coolidge, Have Faith in Massachusetts

Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable, than loyalty. —Cicero

President Trump’s personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, resigned Thursday, August 29th, amid tensions.  Trump reportedly discovered that Westerhout shared private details about his family and White House operations. The exchange took place at a recent off-the-record dinner with reporters, per Axios’ Jonathan Swan, and the information got back to the White House. “The breach of trust meant immediate action,” per the NYT, adding Westerhout, who has been with Trump since the first day of his presidency, was immediately deemed a “separated worker.”

Westerhout has sat outside the Oval Office since day one of the administration. She had become a trusted aide to the President.  Unscrupulous behavior and a lack of principles is only too common in the Washington D.C. swamp.  The Deep State is everywhere and yes, moles are still working against the people’s President.

Some questioned her loyalty to the president after a recent book about the White House reported that she cried in anguish in 2016 when the election results rolled in. 

Of course, we know Democrats are going to target her next to try and dig up dirt on Trump. I’m sure they are hoping she turns on Trump just as did Anthony Scaramucci, Omarosa Manigault-Newman and Michael Cohen.

Westerhout Career

In the 2012 presidential election, Westerhout worked for the campaign of Mitt Romney. In the summer of 2013, Westerhout began working for the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party Organizing Committee. From January 2015, she worked as an assistant to RNC chief of staff Katie Walsh.  In 2016, she worked as a “greeter girl” for visitors to the Trump Tower during the transition period after the election.

On January 19, 2017, Donald Trump’s transition team, headed by VP Michael Pence, announced that Westerhout would serve as special assistant and executive assistant to the President.  Her salary was $130,000 for the position. The sole way of reaching President Trump, other than calling his cell phone, was through gatekeeper, Madeleine Westerhout.  It has been alleged that this was arranged by former Chief of Staff General John Kelly.  She was promoted to Director of Oval Office Operations on February 2, 2019.

VP Mike Pence

Governor Michael Pence was chosen as Trump’s Vice President because he needed a man who knew the people in Congress and could help him pass legislation.  Allegedly, he was Ivanka Trump’s choice.  Pence had served 12 years in Congress and was longtime friends with Paul Ryan, and John McCain who he endorsed for election prior to Trump’s support.  His other close friend who retired was Jeff Flake.  After his stint in Congress, Pence ran for Governor of the State of Indiana.

Had he not been chosen by Trump, Pence quite likely would have lost his second gubernatorial bid for many reasons, but one of them was because he was taking “victory laps” for eliminating common core, when in

reality, all he had done was rebrand it.  It’s now the Indiana Core, but their standards are almost mirroring exactly what’s commonly referred to as the Common Core standards.  Link

Pence gives an Oscar winning performance masquerading as a devout Christian, yet he launched a political action committee[KN1]  allegedly to help Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections…a lot of good that did when 40 of them retired, no thanks to Paul Ryan.  No vice president in modern history had their own PAC less than 6 month into the president’s first term, until Mike Pence.

In a previous article, Our Pro-Amnesty Vice President and His Establishment Friends, I discussed VP Pence’s globalist pro-amnesty, pro-trade, and pro-alien workers goals.  His guest worker program would have required participants to apply from their home country to government-approved job placement agencies that match workers with employers who cannot find Americans for the job. Link The plan received support from neo-cons such as pro-amnesty former Congressman and Freedom Works founder Dick ArmeyLink However, it attracted criticism from conservatives such as Phyllis Schlafly and Pat Buchanan, who viewed Pence as lending “his conservative prestige to a form of liberal amnesty.”

Pence is also closely aligned with the pro-Constitutional Convention and Trump hating Koch brothers who are pro-abortion, pro-trade, pro-open borders and cloak themselves as conservatives.  The Koch brothers heavily fund the GOP and countless conservative organizations urging them to promote a Constitutional Convention.

They have financed Pence’s political career since its inception along with Dick and Betsy DeVos.  Pence stated in 2014, that he was “grateful,” for David Koch, who recently passed at the age of 79.

Pence Transition Team

President Trump’s transition team was originally led by former Governor Chris Christie until he and a number of his supporters were replaced or demoted on November 11th because of the Bridgegate affair.  VP-elect Michael Pence then took over. 

One of the key responsibilities of a presidential transition includes the identification and vetting of candidates for approximately 4,000 non-civil service positions in the U.S. government whose service is at the pleasure of the president.  Their vetting procedure has seemed less than stellar, perhaps because of who was chosen to replace Christie.

I would surmise that Pence and his transition team staff chose the majority of folks who were on board with the Trump administration, the day he took office, but many people brought in by VP Pence were folks he worked with in his home state of Indiana.

Seema Verma is the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Two other former Indiana staff members joined Verma at the CMS office, Brady Brooks and Matt Lloyd, the latter a former close aide to Pence.  Lloyd had returned to the government after a stint working as director of communications at Koch Industries.

Dr. Jerome Adams, Pence’s former Indiana state health commissioner became the U.S. general surgeon.  He defended Pence against complaints of his slow response to the HIV outbreak among drug users in Indiana.

Tom Price, who ultimately was forced to resign, was Pence’s friend when they served in Congress and he was the first secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Alex Azar, the President of Eli Lilly based in Indianapolis, was named to replace Price and he was one of Pence’s major corporate campaign contributors, despite the fact that Eli Lilly threatened to leave Indiana if Governor Pence had not watered down Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Sonny Perdue, the former governor of Georgia, became Trump’s secretary of agriculture and he was related to the wife of Pence’s Chief of Staff, Nick Ayers who has strong ties to the Koch brothers along with Mike Pompeo and many others.

Globalist Dan Coats, Pence’s friend and a former U.S. Senator from Indiana was named director of national intelligence succeeding James Clapper, but has since resigned.  He did not support Trump and believed in Russian interference.

Betsy DeVos of Michigan, the Amway billionaire and Pence’s long-time political benefactor became Secretary of Education.


President Trump and his family live in the DC swamp and have endured and suffered so many vitriolic and uncivil attacks by people who should have been charged with sedition.  Yet he fights on for us, for our country, and for every American citizen.  Pray for him and his family, and pray that his future choices are men and women who love and appreciate what he’s doing to save our country and will work hard for him.

© 2019 Kelleigh Nelson, All Rights Reserved

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“The only effective cure for our health-care woes is to establish a single, publicly financed system, one that removes the inefficient, wasteful, for-profit private health insurance industry from the picture.” Quentin Young

By Kelleigh Nelson

If the government controls your health care, the government controls you. Obamacare was never about health care. It was about government power, dependency, and control.  Monica Crowley, Asst. Sec. for Public Affairs for U.S. Treasury Dept.

Obamacare, without a single Republican vote, cut $700 billion out of Medicare. Congressman Louie Gohmert

Unfortunately, the health care bill commonly referred to as Obamacare is making it more difficult for employers to provide insurance to their employees. It limits individuals’ ability to pick their own doctors and, over time, decreases the quality of care we provide in this country.  Congressman Jeff Duncan

Thirty years ago, employer-supplied healthcare deductibles were $250.00 per person before going to an 80/20 payout and then shortly to 100% coverage by insurance.  This was pretty standard across the country.

Today, because of Obamacare, my family, like so many others are hit with thousands in deductibles before insurance covers 80 percent.  This is what Obamacare has done to middle-class Americans who receive their insurance from their employers.  Kaiser Family Foundation claims that over 156 million Americans are insured via employers.  It is breaking middle-class families which is exactly what it was designed to do. 

When Obamacare came on the scene in 2010, things radically changed for patients as well as physicians.  The government required paperwork for each patient is astronomical and must be done only by the physician.  Many physicians have taken early retirement.  The changes in our healthcare have been destructive and often deadly.  One of the meat cutters at our local upscale market could no longer afford his blood pressure medication on their new employee healthcare.  Three months later he died of a stroke.

That’s not all, the yearly physicals which used to give women both pap smears and breast checks, along with EKGs and full physicals have disappeared and now the latest is the elimination of labs in the physicians’ offices.  Outside labs are hired for blood and urinalysis and there is no opportunity to sit down with the doctor 20 minutes later to review the results.  Results come via snail mail.

Worse yet, hospitals can no longer carry all the drugs patients use when in hospital.  I would urge everyone to carry their regular drugs with them.  Twice in the last five years the nursing staff has failed to give me the proper medications and told me I could not take my own.  Bring your own anyway and keep them close to your bedside as many of the “substitutes” are not equal to what you normally take.

Getting rid of folks who know what this country was built on, who know the Constitution, who received excellent educations, and who are patriotic Americans is exactly what Obamacare is designed to do.  Basically, the transnationalists (globalists on steroids) want us eliminated.  Remember when Obama said, “Just take a pill.”

The Opioid “Crisis”

The government tells us that 1.7 million Americans are addicted to opioids, but what they don’t tell you is that marijuana, heroin, cocaine and meth amphetamines are included in the overall list and those drugs are illegal in most states.  That is .0485 percent of the American public.  So, what is the real number of opioid addictions from prescribed drugs?  We don’t know, but what we do know is people who have gone through surgeries like knee, hip, or shoulder replacements need these drugs and because of the “crisis,” people who will never become addicted are being deprived of temporary use of drugs that will help them through the first few days or weeks of pain. Here is the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration’s 2018 national drug threat assessment.

Mexican Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) remain the greatest criminal drug threat to the United States; no other group is currently positioned to challenge them. The Sinaloa Cartel maintains the most expansive footprint in the United States, while Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion’s (CJNG) domestic presence has significantly expanded in the past few years via illegal aliens. Although 2017 drug-related murders in Mexico surpassed previous levels of violence, U.S.-based Mexican TCO members generally refrain from extending inter-cartel conflicts domestically.

The real cause of drug use?  Our elites were incentivized to deindustrialize the upper Midwest.  It’s the reason Donald Trump is President.  J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis says the opioid crisis is directly correlated to the Midwest and upper Midwest loss of factories and jobs that went to China.  Human dignity and self-worth were lost when the ability to support your family was removed.  Wall Street and the Corporations benefited from it via lower costs, but America’s people suffered.  Prior to China joining the World Trade Organization and receiving “most favored nation,” our growth every year was 3.5 percent.  Once China came on the scene our growth dropped to 1.9 percent.  Trump is changing this…and we must stand with him

Chicago Communist Quentin Young

I’d bet few have heard of Dr. Quentin Young… a longtime friend and neighbor of Obama in Chicago and the primary figure who delivered Obama to the single-payer camp.  Young joined the Young Communist League as a teenager in the late 1930s.

Quentin Young with President Obama

From the mid-1940s through the mid-1970s, he was closely associated with the Communist Party. In October 1968 he was called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, which was probing the extent of his knowledge about the riots that had erupted at the Democratic National Convention. 

Fires raged throughout the city during the Democratic National Convention which spawned an historic collision of politicians, protestors and police in the streets of Chicago. 

The Committee accused Young of belonging to the Bethune Club, an organization for communist doctors; the group was named after Norman Bethune, a communist physician who devoted his services to the totalitarian regime of Mao Zedong.

Young founded the Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR), which initially aimed to secure medical care for civil-rights workers in the South, and later promoted “single-payer,” government-run healthcare. Through MCHR, Young in the ’60s helped establish neighborhood health clinics for the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords, a socialist organization of Puerto Rican nationalists. His MCHR provided emergency medical care to injured protesters and rioters at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago (including the infamous Chicago Seven, who were charged by the government with inciting to riot).

Dr. Young also was Martin Luther King Jr.’s personal physician.  King was assassinated in April of 1968.

In 1982 Young helped establish the Democratic Socialists of America, (DSA) now the largest socialist group in America, which, as the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International, asserts that “many structures of our government and economy must be radically transformed.”  The DSA scored a huge number of wins in the 2018 mid-term election, including the jihadi squad.

From 1970 until at least 1992, Young was affiliated with the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights (CCDBR), which was founded in 1960 as a Communist Party USA (CPUSA) front group that sought to outlaw government surveillance of radical organizations. CCDBR later became heavily influenced by the Democratic Socialists of America and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

In the early 1980s Young was a leading ally of Chicago Democratic Mayor Harold Washington, who appointed him as president of the Chicago Board of Health. Also during this period, Young served on the board of directors of the ACLU‘s Illinois branch.  In 1983 he sat on the national advisory board of the All-People’s Congress, a group heavily influenced by the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party.

In 1995 Young attended the now-famous meeting at the Chicago home of former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn where Barack Obama was first introduced to influential locals as the preferred successor to Illinois state senator Alice Palmer, a pro-Soviet radical who was planning to vacate her state senate seat. Young quickly became a friend and political ally of Obama, teaching the latter about the merits of single-payer healthcare. He also served as Obama’s personal physician for more than two decades.

Shortly after what he called Barack Obama’s “remarkable and historic victory” in the presidential election of 2008, Young wrote in the CPUSA magazine Political Affairs: “The only effective cure for our health-care woes is to establish a single, publicly financed system, one that removes the inefficient, wasteful, for-profit private health insurance industry from the picture.”

In 1970, Chicago radical activist Mike Soto gave testimony before the “Subcommittee to investigate the administration of the internal security Act…” in the aftermath of Students for a Democratic Society/Weathermen inspired student rioting in Chicago.  When questioned about fellow activist Bernardine Dohrn, Soto said “I have talked to her and she is a violent maniac, because when I talked to her, she said ‘let’s pick up arms, let’s blow up this country apart until we take over.’” 


In 1938, Dr. Quentin Young was elected to the national executive committee of the American Student Union (ASU), an organization established by a merger between the Communist Party-sponsored National Student League and its Socialist Party counterpart, the Student League for Industrial Democracy.  After attending Northwestern University Medical School from 1944-47, Young fulfilled his internship and residency requirements at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.   

Young was Obama’s longtime friend/doctor/mentor and political supporter. As stated above, he was present at the launching of Obama’s political career in the Hyde Park Chicago home of former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, also patients of Young’s.

Quentin Young has explicitly stated that he influenced Obama towards “single payer,” socialized healthcare.  Obama did not conceive of socialized medicine on his own. His acceptance of such a system was cultivated and nurtured by the same types of Marxist revolutionaries with whom he has surrounded himself throughout his entire adult life – and who shaped the major policy agendas of his administration. 

Those who wish to permanently change America into a third world socialist country are now working to destroy the very President who stands against it.  We must support him, even when we disagree with something he does.  Our lives literally depend upon doing just that.

© 2019 Kelleigh Nelson, All Rights Reserved

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OPINION: We must preserve the Electoral College

By Dee Armstrong

I’ve gotten old and lazy, so I’ve decided to challenge myself and write about a complex but critical subject, one near and dear to me—the Electoral College. A recent court ruling has brought the subject to the top of my blogging subjects. Here’s a link to that recent news.

Federal court undercuts progressive efforts to nullify Electoral College, rules electors can vote freely

As many know, the Electoral College isn’t a building or institution. It’s a process. The steps in the process differ state to state. If I’d known just how complex it really is, I might have left this subject to someone much better educated than I am. Yet, I like the idea that maybe I can reach out to those like me—who want to know but find it difficult to grasp due to its complexity. The challenge isn’t my understanding the value of the Electoral College. The challenge is clearly and simply (?) communicating its value to others.

I’m going to give it a shot, my BEST shot. Hey, nothing’s perfect, so something researched is better than something just thrown to the public in the darkness of ignorance. And there’s a lot of that out there these days.

This is a useful link to the basics of the election process: https://www.usa.gov/election

In order to understand the election process, it’s best to start with the primary elections. Here’s the link I used for my research: https://votesmart.org/education/presidential-primary#.XSpIvuhKg2w

Check out the difference between plurality and majority: https://www.britannica.com/topic/plurality-system

My initial thought: It’s scary that some relatively small group of people can elect the President in contradiction of the national popular vote (they even have an initialism for that—NPV). With the 2020 election around the corner, knowing about the Electoral College is critical to me and should be critical to every voter.

I read and researched much on the subject. I hope you do too. I’ve provided links to several reliable sources and hope you care enough about our country and about your vote to do your own research. It’s obvious that some politicians who haven’t done their research are proposing the elimination of the Electoral College, either in ignorance or with a personal and dangerous agenda–they want to win at any cost, even if they must ignore the Constitution.

It’s even scarier, at least to me, if the election of a U.S. president—the most powerful person on earth—is totally left in the hands of our metropolis populations. Why should I, in Bigfork, Montana, even bother to vote if Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle and the other major cities dominate the elective power? If you don’t live in one of those heavily populated states, does your vote count? Without the Electoral College, the answer to that critical question is, “NO”—your vote wouldn’t count. You’d better become a big city dweller!

The demands of city population are different from the demands of rural America. Many city dwellers scream for “free stuff.” Many rural Americans are working hard to pay their taxes to provide that free stuff. When it comes down to “free stuff,” someone has to pay. It’s not free for everyone.

Once again, we should turn to the wisdom of our founding fathers, authors of the greatest Constitution in the world. They saw visions of future demographics in the United States, and they listened to the smaller and/or less populated states’ concerns. Lots of yelling and arguing went on at the Constitutional Convention. The Electoral College was the compromise. It’s not a perfect system—nothing is perfect in this world—but it has supported the NPV 51 out of 56 times. (Exceptions: 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, and 2016 elections).

How is the number of Electoral College votes determined for each state? “The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President.” Your state’s entitled allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for your Senators.” (Source: https://www.archives.gov/federal-register/electoral-college/about.html)

Let’s keep in mind that the total of the number of representatives and senators from each state determines the total number of electoral votes. The states elect the president–not the population. The voters in each state determine their electors, who, in turn determine the winner of the election.

So why does California want illegals to have the right to vote? Why does it want 16-year-olds to vote? Why does it want illegals to be included in the upcoming census? Because it believes that population dictates the number of representatives from each state. Constitutionally, it’s not the number of residents or people—it’s the number of U.S. citizens that determine the number of representatives. The Democrats want to add more representatives so they can increase the number of electoral votes. Put another way, California wants to flood the state with more bodies on the census so they can increase the number of representatives. That’s why California along with the Democratic Party wants to prohibit the “Are you a citizen?” question on the census paperwork. Think of the fact that the number of citizens should determine the number of representatives and NOT the number of residents or people.

Under NPV, the necessary plurality could be confined to a few states, or a single region of the country. Multiple regional or even favorite-son candidacies would be encouraged, and each new candidacy would increase the likelihood of one of them receiving a majority of the electoral votes (courtesy of the NPV compact) while capturing a very low percentage of the overall vote. 

Think about this: If there were four major candidates, victory could be achieved with just over 25% of the popular vote. That popular vote would NOT represent the majority of voters.

Let’s face it—democracy is simply mob rule. Some citizens just don’t vote, even though many Americans have served and died for that right. Some citizens vote for the candidate that promises them the moon, or the candidate with the best looks, or the candidate that offers them a free barbecue. Maybe their choice is based on what the candidate wears or what car they drive. Who knows why people vote these days?

Our government, our country is NOT a democracy. We are a Republic, and our Constitution protects our individual rights given by an authority other than mob rule. It all boils down to the fact that our founding fathers, while drawing up the Constitution, wanted to be sure each state was fairly represented in the election of a president and that the voting population was loyal to the Constitution. We don’t want our president elected by just the most populous states. Heavily populated states should not solely determine who gets elected any more than the majority population (mob) should determine if I can own a gun or worship in a synagogue or start a business.

Each state governs how its electors vote, but each state must remain within the constitutional authority. Just this week, a ruling supported the Electoral College process.

In a major blow to state-by-state progressive efforts to effectively replace the Electoral College with a nationwide popular vote, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that presidential electors in the Electoral College have the absolute right to vote for presidential candidates of their choice. Colorado removed an elector for doing just that.

Democrats have increasingly sought to erase the Electoral College’s influence by promoting state laws that would force electors to vote for the national popular vote winner — and those laws were now in jeopardy as a result of the court’s ruling, legal experts said.

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/federal-appeals-court-undercuts-progressive-efforts-to-nullify-electoral-college-rules-electors-can-vote-freely

Our Constitution leaves much authority to the states and restricts authority of the federal government. If I don’t like the rules and regulations in one state, I have the option to move to another state. We are not only a country “united,” but also a collection of states. The Constitution protects the states from an overpowering federal government. The authority of the federal government is clearly outlined in and limited by the Constitution. All other powers and authorities default to each state’s government.

The following link not only explains why we should preserve the Electoral College, but also provides much background and explanation of the reasoning of our founding fathers.

Our founding fathers were embattled between having Congress vote and determine the president, and having the popular vote determine the winner. The Electoral College was the compromise. The Constitution was designed to protect states’ rights, and, if we don’t like how things are run in our state of residency, we can choose another state or work to change the state we’re living in.

I will close with one last thought—my humble opinion to be sure. I see the dumbing down of America spreading like the plague. If the future “masses,” legal or illegal, regardless of age or understanding, are deemed eligible voters, we’re in for big changes, and not the good kind. Our founding fathers were visionaries. They took into consideration that the population of citizens could undergo a metamorphosis and could attempt to elect a president for the wrong reasons, compromising our exceptional Republic. They wanted a safeguard against a president who supports the destruction of the Republic and bring in socialism, or worse. I fear we’re heading down that path. I hate to use the word “stupid,” but can’t find a way around it. When stupid voters who believe the empty promises of socialistic candidates become the majority, we as a Republic are doomed. They are becoming the generation of “I don’t need to work because I get free stuff.”  And many will vote for the first time because of those ridiculous promises. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone always pays.

The Electoral College was designed to preserve the Republic and prevent the election of the president by a stupid majority of voters—legal and illegal. Our founding fathers wanted voters to be American citizens, informed and loyal to the Republic and its Constitution. Without requiring legal identification to vote, the majority of voters may not have to be citizens, may not have to be here legally, may not be of legal age to vote, may not have to be informed, and may not have to be real people or even be alive! An awful lot of cartoon characters and dead people voted in the last election. And I believe that’s why we have the Electoral College. The mob must not rule in a Republic.

There’s so much more to this issue. In my 70-year-old mind, sometimes it sounds black and white and sometimes it’s very convoluted and confusing. I hope I’ve shed a bit of light on the importance of the Electoral College, or at least gotten everyone thinking and talking about it.

Please, don’t forget to vote. It will be more crucial in 2020 than ever before. Socialism is lurking around the corner.

Be safe, stay informed, and thanks for reading!

© 2019 Dee Armstrong All Rights Reserved

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If you “believe” you and/or your background, creed, culture, ethnicity, heritage, race, religion or anything else specific to or about you; is better than or superior to anyone else – You are the epitome of someone possessing “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

By Paul Schneidmill

Whomever you are/profess to be, wherever you come from/hail from/supposed to have originated from…even if you believe what you may have paid to learn from Ancestry.com; you have several things in common with any and everyone else on this planet – alive or dead. 

I’ll just address three of them (three is kind of a good, well known and accepted number…not too challenging, mathematically speaking…):

One: The blood that circulates throughout, flows within and bleeds from your body, is Red.

Two: You will eventually die…if you haven’t already.

Three: You are at some point or point throughout your existence “supposed” to pay “taxes” in some form or other, to some form of institutionalized form of government/municipality or whatever.

I also add in there, were I to go to Four, that EVERYONE has an Opinion on something – some even have an opinion on every idea, interest, item, iota, matter, subject, thought topic, whatever ad nauseum as …

And, were I too even venture to Five, I would emphatically state with all certainty and no doubt whatsoever, that everyone…everyone has an Alpha Hotel.

An Alpha Hotel (for those of you who may not have already arrived at the final destination of where I’m currently going…) is a phonetic description I proudly learned during an even prouder opportunity and privilege I was fortunate to have as a United States of America Service Member with the United States of American Army for twenty one years!  Allow me to joyfully explain that particular description.           

Alpha is the phonetic designation for the letter “A” of the Alphabet and therefore any word beginning with the letter “A” can and could be abbreviated and described by the phonetic designation of Alpha.  I.E., if people still drove automobiles instead of cars, one could say, “I’m going to go gas up my Alpha…” or when expressing how tired you are after a hard days work and striving be tasteful around the kiddies, spouse and grandmother, you could say, “I’m tired…I worked my Alpha off today…” which brings me to the Hotel designation…   

Each letter of the alphabet owned (and yet owns) a phonetic designation that a word beginning with that same respective, was and is used to communicate a word, phrase or statement as needed to convey and/or ensure a form of secure communications (Charlie for “C,” Delta for “D” and so on) and Hotel was for the letter “H.”

Together, an “Alpha Hotel” is one who, pertaining to the “Alpha” designation, displays via their attitude, demeanor and conduct; attributes of a specific member of the donkey family.  And subsequently, the “Hotel” designation, specifically and pointedly refers to the orifice all mankind and most creatures of the animal kingdom have that is used primarily to release waste that is more substantive than liquid form.

Put them together and you will have the negative, yet well-known and unfortunately often prevalent among humanity and society, description of the “Alpha Hotel.”

Now, if you’ll recall the beginning of this writing how I addressed some of the several things in common we all share, were I to go to Six…if I were, I’d state that we all – ALL, have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…i.e., characteristics, issues, quirks, etc. (tendencies) of the “Alpha Hotel” variety.

I’ll share a few and the leave the rest to you to determine and consider, since I’ve held you enraptured and enthralled (hopefully) for quite some time…and because it is now 4:39 am and I should be in bed…

If someone courteously holds a door open for you, and even though you have a free hand or two to take the door for yourself, but just breeze through it like the courteous person was your servant; and on top of that, you don’t bother to express gratitude – You have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you are a person who gets on elevators while people are trying to disembark from the elevator, or disallow people who are trying to depart a room or building, etc., while you are trying to enter – You have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you need to be first at everything, win everything all the time and have the last and final word or say on any subject (to include the ones you “think” you are well informed on – You have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

The act of Listening is a choice.  Consequently, the act of Not Listening is a choice.  If you are someone who only wants to be heard but routinely chooses not to listen to others – You have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you’re an elected official/politician who, for example, spends more time drafting resolutions to denounce spoken words as opposed to helping the constituents who voted you into office with their national, state and local economic, health and security needs – You most assuredly have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you often complain about everything and are negative about anything, are unencouraging and unsupportive to family members, those you profess to love, humanity in general, or anybody who is not you – You definitely have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you “believe” you and/or your background, creed, culture, ethnicity, heritage, race, religion or anything else specific to or about you; is better than or superior to anyone else – You are the epitome of someone possessing “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…   

Finally, I encourage all of us (this writer included) to reflect first on ourselves regarding our individual “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…we can’t change others, but we can change ourselves for the betterment of all.

Thus says this guy, who also has (but is striving to diminish his own) “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies.

© 2019 Paul Schneidmill, All Rights Reserved Email:jehoiada@comcast.net

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Disrespect, Degradation, Dehumanization, Destruction – When will we see the light?

From ancient times to present day, every atrocity, every genocide, every ethnic cleansing, religious persecution and other evil visited upon humans are owed to some degree to disrespect, degradation, dehumanization, and destruction.

By J. D. Pendry

A cheerful headline isn’t it.  Looking at history, all of it for as far back as you care to look, there’s a distinct pattern of human destruction.  From ancient times to present day, every atrocity, every genocide, every ethnic cleansing, religious persecution and other evil visited upon humans are owed to some degree to disrespect, degradation, dehumanization, and destruction.  These are the undeclared tenets of many deadly philosophies.  It’s a constant theme nowadays and with multiple targets.  So many marks the damn is bound to burst.  Producing a new flood of destruction.  It’s men versus God.  For America and the world, it’s about which path to take.

I am neither theologian nor Biblical scholar.  I routinely read the Holy Bible.  Not near as often as I should, but I read.  It is fascinating to me when an ancient message resonates with me and applies to today’s much broader, much more divided, much more dangerous world.  There are also times I feel the pain of being poked in the chest behind the unspoken question:  Are you listening?

Take the story of the Apostle Paul.  Saul, before he became Paul, was a zealot for the law.  The laws of ancient Judaism many of which, like any civil society, were not from God but were man constructed.  Paul was a determined enforcer of the law hunting, arresting, and even watching executions by stoning of early Christians.  That was until he saw the light.  In modern day lingo, we might say Saul had his come to Jesus meeting.  Paul then became an evangelist for what God had to say rather than what men had to say.  Before that, what did he do?  Disrespected, degraded, dehumanized, and tried to destroy the people of The Way – early Christians.

Christian persecution is as old as the faith itself and continues today. “Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. Christians throughout the world continue to risk imprisonment, loss of home and assets, torture, beheadings, rape and even death as a result of their faith.” Open Doors, 2017 World Watch provides a list of the top 50 countries for Christian persecution.  The United States is not on the list because the persecution here is more subtle.  Although, in recent years it’s been a bit more brazen.  No one has reached the point of outright murder, but we see the other things.  Businesses sued for refusing to violate the tenets of their Christian faith and everyone is aware of the assaults on businesses like Chic-Fil-A, assaults on Christian holidays, assaults on Christian symbolism.  There’s no uproar from the great megaphone holding media.  No defense of Christians.  Even many Christians remain silent rather than openly standing firm for their faith and religious freedom.  Can you imagine living in a country where Christian hatred is in the majority?  Don’t imagine, click on the links above.

When you degrade and dehumanize any segment of humanity whether it’s for the color of their skin or religious beliefs, it ends up in atrocity like slavery or genocide.  In America, we fought a war to end slavery.  Other countries banned slavery as well, but modern-day slavery still exists in countries across the globe with estimates as high as 40 million. Right here in the land of the free there is the booming business of sex slave trafficking.  There are illegal immigrants everyone seems so concerned with living on under-the-table slave wages trapped and, in a position to do nothing about it.  Here, we seem only able to focus on the past and the atrocity we corrected.  We cannot accept our history and move on, instead we are told we need to change it.

By doing that we refuse to live in the present.  Hitler’s Germany dehumanized a segment of people including Jews, the disabled, Gypsies, and anyone else that did not fit the master-race mold.  He killed millions.  We killed Hitler and ended his final solution.  Here in America, we dehumanized unborn children and set about murdering more than 60 million of them. That’s our American Genocide.  We own it.  Our most egregious atrocity.  The greatest ever committed.  We wrote it into law.  And it continues.  Will we ever see the light?

Across America, we’ve spread the cancer of human destruction.  Political opponents are demonized.  Movies are made about hunting people degraded and dehumanized as deplorable for sport.  We disrespect Police Officers beginning from the very top of our national leadership characterizing them as acting stupidly.

Our Police Officers are disrespected, degraded, dehumanized and routinely shot.  Many do not have the support of their state and local governments.  What will these states and cities with the major problems do when they begin to walk away?   Anarchy?  Vigilantism? Gang wars?  Is that a goal?

Labeling and dehumanizing people to perpetuate destructive ideology is no accident.  It’s a method.  A strategy to eventually transform America into something unrecognizable.  A one-party dictatorial hell hole.

Traditional liberalism or conservatism no longer compete.  They formed the establishment country club and focused on their wealth.  Leaving us with a mess.  Instead we face the likes of Neo-Nazis and assorted wing nuts, a label with which the media paints Americans with broad strokes.  We have extreme progressivism, socialism, and communism and even the rise of Islamism in our Congress which the media either heartily promotes or pretends does not exist.  All these ideologies have much in common: Godlessness, hate driven, anti-family, pro total government control in whatever form it takes and dehumanizing any opposing voice and great swaths of humanity they’d prefer to render into serfdom or eliminate altogether.

Americans.  If we seek it out, the light is there for us.

…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)

© 2019 J. D. Pendry, J. D. Pendry’s American Journal, All Rights Reserved Email: Jd@jdpendry.com

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The Decline of the Church of England. The Rise of the Human Circus

Outside of the buildings, which are sometimes very beautiful, there are now many believers who, if they have not lost their faith completely, find themselves alone in preference to compromising for the sake of belonging.

By Shirley Edwards

 (These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.)

Every month without fail, I now receive some very welcome handouts sent to me from a small church in America, who besides their usual weekly handout on the scripture from the bible that they will be reading that Sunday, take time to also highlight important controversial events which are currently taking place across the country and around the world.  They are events which are politically, morally, and hence spiritually, destroying people.

With the exception of a few fellow countrymen in my own native land of England, who are acting as watchmen and warning the people of our cultural demise, I find the handouts I receive although alarming, are also really encouraging.   You see, from my own experiences, it is extremely rare to come across a church in the United Kingdom who is brave enough to go against the politically correct narrative of the day to thoughtfully point out in a kind and ‘scripturally’ sound way the lies which are leading people astray on a downward spiral.

Speaking of which, this very week I have wondered if the 55 foot high spiralling helter skelter which has recently been installed in the nave of Norwich Cathedral, as part of the “seeing it differently” project, will make the transition downwards more smooth and enjoyable or if, as it has been reported, get people into a church to think about the meaning of life from a much higher level.

Whilst controversial, The Very Rev Jane Hedges, Dean of Norwich Cathedral has stated in a recent BBC interview,  

There are a lot of people who won’t come in to a cathedral because they think it is too posh, it’s not for me. We hope that people will see that actually the cathedral is here for everyone.”

And the Rev. Canon Andy Bryant, who came up with the idea is quoted as saying,

“The helter-skelter is an opportunity for some holiday fun but we also hope it will help our visitors get closer to our wonderful medieval rood bosses, which are one of the true gems of the Cathedral and our fine city.

My own impressions were that the helter-skelter reminded me of the image of the Tower of Babel, and the foolishness of a materialistic attempt to reach God.   I wondered why the people who had thought up the idea could not see the circus elephant in the room so to speak, and was I really a killjoy and taking the whole thing far too seriously?  

Maybe a cup of tea or a round of crazy golf might make me lighten up and silently think on the deeper questions of life, I wonder?  

The temporary mini golf course laid out in the nave of Rochester Cathedral has been explained by the Canon for Mission and Growth, the Revd Rachel Phillips as being in line with the cathedral’s mission to educate for its summer theme of “bridge building”, with each hole on the golf course featuring a miniature bridge which represents an actual bridge across Britain.  It implied that not only could we learn about engineering, but also reconciliations.

She states:

“We hope that, while playing adventure golf, visitors will reflect on the bridges that need to be built in their own lives and in our world today.”

I wondered who the ringmaster was in all these shenanigans, and how the sending in of clowns in a circus is used to distract the audience from an impending disaster or mistakes that are happening.

The theme of fun and adventure has obviously been taken very seriously by both Norwich and Rochester, but then it was the Archbishop of Canterbury who at the National Cathedrals Conference held last year in Manchester who had encouraged the theme of fun in their historical buildings, informing all the delegates “If you can’t have fun in a cathedral do you really know what fun is?  

One month previously The Very Reverend Stephen Hance from Derby Cathedral had also just defended his decision to allow the screening of sexually explicit films at a film festival being held in the cathedral that year to include The Wicker Man and also the thriller ‘Don’t Look Now” claiming that the cathedral belonged to ‘everyone’ to hire, and that the films won’t be showing God anything that he hasn’t seen before. 

Many people do of course know that God has seen everything before, inside and outside of a church building, but many people just did not understand why a man who is meant to represent God would think God would be ‘happy’ or accepting of the showing of sexually explicit films in a cathedral where blood sweat and tears have been spilt to build it, and where holiness (not piety) should really be the priority conveyed from within its walls.   

In an attempt to embrace all things worldly and draw more people into the church, people have unfortunately lost respect for those who have adopted the anything goes approach and are not impressed by an almost desperate plea for appearing to be ‘fun’ in an attempt to church people.  Attendance for the Church of England has rapidly declined over the years with many divisions taking place by both clergy and parishioners based mainly on the ordination of women and also the acceptance and promotion of homosexuality in some of its churches.

Outside of the buildings, which are sometimes very beautiful, there are now many believers who, if they have not lost their faith completely, find themselves alone in preference to compromising for the sake of belonging.   Outside of the buildings are people who are savvy enough to know that God does not tempt someone to come to Him through appearing fun through gimmicks or worldliness.

The broken hearted who search for Truth often find him through the rejection of all of those things knowing that the path to freedom is also the rejection of sin, which is not being spoken about.   It is often an inward and silent path, and whilst helter-skelters and crazy golf are not sinful and will probably get you in a church for some brief pleasure, they cannot keep you or lead you to God, most especially if it is in a church which is embracing sin under the disguise of ‘seeing things differently’ or ‘building bridges’ which can also be a form of humanism.   Who and what you join with can save you or trick you.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Revd Justin Welby who allegedly has stated that anyone who misquotes the bible on The Church of England’s social media page Face book, will have their comments deleted, also states that people should speak the ‘truth’.   In a recent article in the Telegraph he is quoted as saying.

“Frankly there is no such thing as an alternative fact. There is truth. There is absolute truth. There is opinion and there is truth.

Whilst it is a very honest statement, this is confusing to many people who are frustrated with the Church of England.   The focus on the contributions to the churches social media page distracts from the lies, the mis-quotes from the bible, and the confusion which is being perpetrated from within its very walls. 

The decline in church attendance is down to this definite fact.

© 2019 Shirley Edwards, All Rights Reserved Email:eshirley02@gmail.com

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