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Truth in Sarcasm

Stop piddling around the edges with these statues and get some real attention.  It’s time to demand the Dallas Cowboys remove from their hats the star whose origin is quite possibly The Bonnie Blue, the original Confederate States flag.   I wager the average Dallas football player or fan does not know nor has ever thought about the possible origin of the symbol  on the Cowboy’s helmet.   While we are at it we must also demand that Texans change their Confederate linked state flag which remarkably resembles the Confederate bars and stars, which for the ignorant is not as easily identifiable as is the detested Confederate battle flag.  But let’s not stop there.  Besides Texas, former Confederate states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas also need to discard flags with symbolism linked to their Confederate heritage.  The Confederate states of Virginia and South Carolina also need to discard theirs.  Along with them, the slave holding Border States of Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri can trash their flags too.  In place of them all I suggest a white banner declaring White Supremacist State of ____.   After all, are we not demanding that the scourge of the Confederacy be removed from American history and forever hidden from those offended by our past rather than encouraged by the potential of our future?  Are we not also ready to label any disagreeable person or group as white supremacists?  Of course as history would have it the willfully ignorant often mislabel people from the past and present.  Although whether it is ignorance or stupidity is debatable.  It is not debatable however that ignorant people do and say stupid things. I do know that the 1836 Republic of Texas Flag preceded the Confederacy but keeping with current trends let’s ignore facts that do not fit the story line.

We can’t stop there though, can we?  There must also be a societal cleansing.  Every American must submit to DNA testing to determine any ancestral link, no matter how miniscule, to the Confederacy or a slave holding family.  We must also ferret out anyone sharing a surname with a Confederate General.  Then we can begin the purge starting of course with ESPN sportscasters.  Is that not the ultimate goal?  Eradication of any person, symbol or thought that does not jive with yours?  Is not your utopia supremacy of worldview without divergence of thought where history begins with you?  Before you begin, however, contemplate this from Pulitzer Prize Winner James McPherson’s Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era, (I am returning my copy to the fire proof vault because book burning can’t be too far off.) considered the most comprehensive one-volume account of the Civil War Era.  It may help you better select your targets as nothing, except the voting bloc, has changed over the years:

“Despite their marginality, the tiny number of black men who lived in the half-dozen northern states that allowed them to vote formed a solid Whig [Republican} bloc.  The Democratic Party’s professed egalitarianism was for whites only.  It’s commitment to slavery and racism was blatant in the North as well as the South, while Whigery grew in part from the same evangelical reformism that had generated the abolitionist movement.”

Well howdy, as we are prone to say over here in the hills.

There is another stop you need to make on your way to destruction of Confederate monuments, those honoring our founders and razing of the National Archives.  Stop fooling around the edges and just go for the big one.  Visit the former estate of Robert E. Lee.  Before the Civil War, it is the place he lived for 30 years.  Now we know it as Arlington National Cemetery.  There is a prominent structure sitting on the hill just above the Kennedy grave site.  It is visible from a distance.  For certain, you need to bulldoze it to the ground. It would make a spectacular fire for viewing from below.   It is Arlington House also known as the Custis-Lee mansion and the last time I visited it was full of Lee family artifacts.  It is also the Robert E. Lee Memorial (horrors) overlooking the national capital.  In case you are not up on your history, Robert E. Lee’s bride, Mary Lee was a step-granddaughter of George Washington.  Her father built the mansion intended as a monument honoring our first President.

There is much standing in the way of your quest for destruction including the American spirit of freedom so you better get after it.  Just keep in mind that there are many millions who are not going to stand by while you eradicate our nation’s history and attempt to destroy the foundation of our country.  Many of us gave solemn oaths swearing to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” And most of us sealed that with “So Help Me God.”  The oath does not have an expiration date.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

Stand up or take a knee

Last year, the National Football League threatened to fine players for wearing cleats honoring 9/11 victims.  Before that came the Tim Tebow Rule banning players from putting Bible scripture on their eye black.  Now we have players who show disrespect to our national anthem, our flag and our country.  Spineless owners and a feckless NFL commissioner insist that these America protesting players have the right to freedom of speech.  Not so, I guess for the players who wanted to honor 9/11 victims and their Christian faith.  There is just something upside down about that.  Before owners and the commissioner stop the political protests at sporting events, they will stop playing the anthem because ahead of anything else, they fear being labeled.  They are cowards.

For the protesting players, you privileged and wealthy men living in the only country in the world where you could enjoy such wealth and prestige for playing a game, I have a request.  When the honor guard brings the colors on to the field and the anthem is played, turn away from the cameras and toward the fans who paid exorbitant prices to watch your football game.  For some of them, it may be a once in a lifetime event.  Take your knee or raise your fist to them.  If you can well up some courage, look them in the eye and let them know that you detest them, their country, their flag and their national anthem.  Get right up next to the stands when you do it, you big strong courageous men who have never served anything but your ego.  What have you done for our country?  For the communities that you feel are so oppressed?  How have you used your millions and fame to make a difference?  Maybe you have the solution for the south side of Chicago.  Or maybe you are just attention whores.  Here is an idea for you.  Why don’t you just walk out and stay out until all of the problems you perceive are solved.  Then we can see if anyone misses you.  See if football can survive without you.

You disrespect every man and woman that has served or is serving in our United States Armed Forces.  You disrespect every man or woman who has sacrificed life or limb defending you and the way of life that you find so deplorable.  These gallant people drawn mostly from the middle class of our country possess more courage and character in a pinkie than you can well up from your full sized self.  Most of them will never have the money to attend an NFL game.  The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Police Officers and First Responders meet the challenge every single day behind the lone ideal of preserving liberty.  Preserving the ideal that allowed you, like any other American from any walk, to be what you wanted to be – the ideal that has allowed us to overcome our problems while standing on our feet not taking a knee.  You do not measure up to their standards, not by a long shot, but they will continue to defend you while you show contempt for our country.  Find me one other country on this planet where that happens.

Have you watched how poorly Hollywood is doing?  They are calling this year a box office bust.  Ratings are down.  People aren’t buying tickets.  Americans are tiring of Hollywood hero Captain Americas showing their ignorance.  We watch movies for entertainment.  We are not interested in a red, white and blue movie hero character on one side that on the other side shows his utter contempt for half of America.  When you add that to the point that 90 percent of Hollywood production is pure garbage, you can understand the decline.  So, when a failing NFL quarterback takes a knee because his own pride is hurt and you other social justice warriors follow along in blind solidarity you should not be shocked when the NFL ratings tank.  When ratings tank, revenue drops, and people stop buying tickets, stop wearing your team jersey… they just stop.  They stop paying your salary.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

I need my stuff

Suzie-Q does not often venture into the Bunker.  For when she does, I have a little stool with a cushion sitting over near the door.  When I worked from home, at a real job as opposed to what I do now, she would pop in for a visit.  We’d talk a little and share a snack while she looked around.   She always concluded that I have too much junk.  She’d take a look at any of the number of plastic milk crates I have filled with coax, Ethernet cables, stray USB cables, wire of unknown sources, and orphaned remote control units and that is just the stuff you can see at the top level and ask why I didn’t get rid of that junk.  I told her someday I may need that stuff.  And that goes for all of my crates full of stuff, which I need because all of the file cabinets are also full of stuff I might need – someday.

Then she’d look at my work area and ask how I was able to get anything done as my desktop was completely covered.  I need all of this stuff to do my work I’d proclaim.  Besides, the important stuff is sitting on servers miles from here and only a mouse click or two dozen away.  This is also why I have my feet resting on a back up uninterrupted power supply for when the juice flickers off as it is known to do here in the hills.  I convinced her that what I really needed was more desktop space and she needed to allow me to add a new section to the built in desk.

With visions of saw dust and power tools littering the visible portion of floor there was a palm to the forehead, rolling eyes and an aye-goo. You men blessed with a Korean bride will understand that expression.  For others, think of Hooah! It can mean just about anything from total agreement to eye rolling exasperation.  Suffice it to say she was not expressing agreement.  We finally compromised on one of those Chinese manufactured glass computer tables.  I got it assembled, finally, and placed it.  It is now completely covered with stuff I may need someday  including an  EMP proof Royal manual typewriter and my 1970’s vintage solid state radio (not EMP proof) and there are at least two milk crates sitting beneath it along with a couple of plastic containers of stuff that won’t fit into the file cabinets.

When Suzie-Q came back she was not pleased.  She told me she was under the impression that I was going to clean the dumpster.  I reminded her that it was the bunker not the dumpster and I thought it was looking rather spiffy.  She concluded that all I did was relocate my junk.  With my arms crossed and smiling, I told her it was an old Army trick.  This time it was aye-goo you’re crazy.  She told me that soon there would be no room to sit.  I agreed and moved her stool out into the hallway. Yes, that was a bad idea.  On the return, it bounced off my leg and that shiny glass table.  I was apologizing profusely when the cushion hit me in the head.  Good thing she threw the stool first.

To calm the waters, I decided I needed to take her to lunch.  When we went into the garage, she looked around and told me I needed to get rid of some junk saying there was barely room for the car.  Before I suggested that we could buy one of those teeny tiny smart cars, I agreed with her assessment that some of the junk needed to go.  But first, I told her, I need to put in some more shelves.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

Swamp Rats

Grand Old Party?  I find nothing grand about you.  Out here in the hinterlands most of you are called Republicans in Name Only (RINOs).  I have a different take.  I don’t believe you are RINOs.  I believe you are the Republican Party and probably always have been.   Current events have merely exposed you for who you are.  A large overbearing pachyderm in bed with lobbyists, corporations, billionaires and pretty much anyone else who will continually feed your bottomless wallets.  In turn, you legislate for them and crap on Middle America, which in case you haven’t noticed is not doing so well in recent years.  You are allied with career “civil servants” anchored at the top and throughout our federal agencies and to your kindred spirits in the braying jackass Democratic Party.  There are no viable political parties left in America.  There are only “interests” none of which address my concerns or what is in the best interests of my country.  Collectively you are the swamp rats – lifelong politicians and wannabes. You have lost any sense of America and Americans.  You are the Washington establishment.

Americans are tired and disillusioned.  That is why we elected a non-politician and the America first message.  It is the message that touched the hearts of the forgotten people of this country.  The middle class is the strength of a nation.  Without a strong middle class we are just another third world has been.  You have blocked the America first agenda.  It is the American people’s agenda that you despise.  The people you are charged to represent.  It was we the people who rejected a pile of establishment Republicans and said no more to the Clintons.  I believe you forget that it is the people who either accept or reject you as their representatives not the other way around.  You do not get to have an agenda other than ours.

So now you block and delay and you want us to believe that you were surprised that McCain was a no vote – on anything.  Following years of promises of all that you could accomplish if we voted you in charge, you now tell us that it is just the “democratic process” when you are unable to come up with any sort of plan for anything.  The democratic process is not intentional and abject failure.  Do you think we don’t see – think we are blinded by your brilliance?  Do you think that we do not know that your delays and failures are just time killers until your special prosecutor can create a storyline that helps you finish the coup?  And you believe somehow that this will turn out well for you.  In my lifetime, I have never witnessed a more entrenched group of failures that is supposed to represent the people who elected them.

We know how you think.  We have learned how you play the game.  We know that you try to sway how we think with polls.  That did not work too well for you and it will not again.  We understand that half of our voting age population never votes and that half of the half that does vote is ignorant.  You and your media cronies play on that.  What did the Obamacare architect declare?  We had to count on the stupidity of the American people!  Together you promise the immeasurable like hope and change or moving us forward.  Forward?  Toward what?  When we were promised things that are measurable and things that hit us right where we live, we chose.  Do you think we will forget?  Do you think we will accept that the democratic process is why we do not have viable healthcare, tax reform, secure borders…?  The forgotten people and history will be unkind to you.

There is a seething anger out here.  And it is not from the little brown shirt fascists in black hoodies that you send out to attack other protestors or shut down speakers with which you don’t agree.  The anger is from the people for which you are showing total contempt.  It is the super majority of Americans who want you to do your jobs and who don’t want our country to become Venezuela.  Now is your time to deliver or begin working on your memoirs.  Americans have had it with you swamp rats.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

Who’ll Stop The Rain?

I hope you enjoyed the solar eclipse.  It is a sad time for our beloved country.  But it just as well could be our long past due and needed healing time.  I do not like to write with emotion.  It is rarely a good idea to share thoughts when angered.  But when the anger is accompanied by the gnawing sadness that comes with seeing the destruction of the greatest land God ever blessed in order to appease the sort of radicalism one would never expect to observe in the United States of America, then a mental offload is therapeutic.

This is where I stand.  If from any point on the human color spectrum, the religious spectrum, or ideological spectrum you are of a supremacist mindset brother, I would not venture across the road to throw water on your carcass if you were on fire.  You are so far away from the founding principles of our country, I don’t even know you.  You preach equality, justice, and freedom of expression but in action demand submission to your philosophy.  It is domination you seek not equality.  Your actions and words are the antithesis of American ideals bound in equality and individual liberty.  If you march beneath an emblem of hatred (just pick one) or desecrate the one emblem under which many people have fought and died so that you may have a freedom of expression, you are not an American.  You are a brainwashed bastardization of an American.  You are a product of decades of social engineering and an education system that failed you.   If you are uncertain about what American ideals are, put down your twitter feed and the propaganda handed to you by your sponsors who have only ill will for our country and read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  They are a bit longer than a tweet and to my knowledge, OMG, there is no cyber lingo translation.  If you are a governmental figure (civil servant or politician) or a police officer whether local, state or federal, or a member of the media and you can justify taking sides in a riot having a surplus of knuckle heads on all sides you should lay down your credentials and walk away because you are a disgrace to the offices and positions of trust you hold and to our democratic republic.  You are worse than the rioters in the streets.  You are the cowards who circle the brawling ignorant egging them on to more violence and destruction while hoping that somehow you may profit from it.

I do not apologize if I offended your sensibilities.  To hell with your sensibilities.  Although that is the method these days isn’t it?  Say something and then backtrack and declare you were taken out of context.  There is only one context here.  Our country is being methodically and systematically destroyed and every action you see in our cities is planned subversion.  It is important that you in politics and media who continue to throw gasoline onto a sparking little fire and you mayors and governors who direct police forces to stand down while people are injured and property is destroyed know how I and the other 99.99999 percent of Americans feel about what is happening and what you are causing to happen in our country.

Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear? And do you not remember? – Mark 8:18

For those of you who speak well and put on airs of intellect, do you not see what is happening to our country?    Did you not hear the voice of our people election day past?  We the people are tired, very tired.  Do you not remember where and how we began and our sometimes rugged journey to a pinnacle never reached on this earth by any other nation?

Let me see if I can put it into a nutshell for the tweet minded.  First there was a war on God.  He was kicked out of our schools.  Then the demand grew throughout the land for removal of Christian symbols from public places.  No pushback, just another thing.  Then wearing a Christian symbol in the workplace became offensive to non Christians because it scared the hell out of them.  Literally.  This is anti-Christian bigotry.  It is the bigotry accepted in America.  Now we’ve moved from families in Church on Sundays to Churches closing and sitting empty.  Abnormal behavior became normal and normal became abnormal.  We discovered triggers and micro aggression and the need for safe spaces in other words shut up and make no sudden movements lest a pampered child begins to hyperventilate.

“Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” – Michelle Obama

Well Michelle, we stopped teaching our history to school children.  Instead of teaching them about our founding principles and how they make us the exceptional nation, we taught them that the founders were all evil rich white slave owners therefore the founding documents themselves must not be good and logically America is not and never has been good and will only become good after we “change our traditions, our history.”  The men who devised the most brilliant from of self-governance in recorded history, which laid the foundation that enabled us to overcome the bad things in our history, are to be hated not revered.  Best we forget history and the failures of other types of government and immerse ourselves in worship of a tin-pot dictator human godhead.  Over in North Korea, people are executed for failing to do just that.

Learning from the past is productive for any society.  That is the purpose of accurate history.  Wallowing in the past is destructive for any society.  We have removed the learning and replaced it with wallowing.  Now these same undereducated and brainwashed spoiled children are offended by statues – symbols of our history good, bad or ugly.  Statues are just beginning.  This was the Soviet Union approach, the Taliban approach, the ISIS approach, the NAZI approach – no history existed before us.  We are the present and the future.  As Mrs. Obama stated we have to change our history.  So Americans, if you own any accurate history books or founding documents, you may want to put them into a vault.  Book burnings including the little pamphlet containing our Constitution cannot be too far away.  Once we have purged ourselves of the ugly periods of our history and our evil governing documents devised by evil men then logical progression is the human purge of those who caused our problems and those who refuse to sing our mantra.  This is necessary to begin anew.  Look up NAZIs on Google maybe you will become familiar with what a NAZI truly was and how that minority of hate-filled master race driven lunatics killed millions.  Actually, maybe you should do your research using real books while we still have those.  You still read books don’t you?  Then you can compare it to the journey that your puppet masters have placed you on.  With luck you may not start to hyperventilate.

I am fan of 1960’s music.  That was my impressionable period.  Thank God though that I never became a terminal hippie.  Still a favorite band of mine is Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR).  One of my favorite CCR tunes (after Suzie-Q) is Who’ll Stop the Rain.  With his music, John Fogarty was often a good story teller.  He said this song was about Washington.

Long as I remember
The rain been comin’ down.
Clouds of myst’ry pourin’
Confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages,
Tryin’ to find the sun;

I think he accurately described the state of politics and radicals with “Clouds of myst’ry pourin’  Confusion on the ground.”  There is much confusion poured out on the ground these days from the mouths of politicians and media.  Good men through the ages, Tryin’ to find the sun.”  I believe we’ve had them in our history, but we’ve managed in their prime to kill them off.  How does the song go, Abraham, Martin and John?  I believe there are good men and women out there today trying to find the sun.  The problem is there is no one willing to help lift their voices up through the storm.  The people cannot hear their message because it is drowned out by the people with the big megaphones pushing  division and stirring confusion on the ground.

I went down Virginia,
Seekin’ shelter from the storm.
Caught up in the fable,
I watched the tower grow.
Five year plans and new deals,
Wrapped in golden chains.

I went to the government seeking shelter from the storm.  I believed what they told me while I watched the Washigton Tower of Babel grow until no one understood what the other was saying.  Or they simply stopped listening to one another.  Big plans, big promises, new deals all presented on gilded parchment but never delivered to the people.

Heard the singers playin’,
How we cheered for more.
The crowd had rushed together,
Tryin’ to keep warm.
Still the rain kept pourin’,
Fallin’ on my ears.
And I wonder,
Still I wonder
Who’ll stop the rain.

They continued to promise and the people continued to cheer them on.  The crowds rushed together yet the clouds of mystery continued to pour their confusion on the ground.  The same big plans and promises kept falling on my ears.  And I wonder, still I wonder.  Who’ll stop the rain?

There is only One who will stop the rain.

© 2017 J. D. Pendry