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72 Hours in the Cotswolds Trump, Tea Rooms and Treason

By Shirley Edwards

(These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.)

Viewing my own country through the eyes of a visiting American, on their first ever trip to England, has been an interesting, exciting, and revealing experience.

We have witnessed the bright yellow stonework of Cotswold cottages which reflect a warm summer glow; the numerous country gardens stacked with roses, wisteria, poppies and buttercups, and we have stood alongside the soft gentle flow of the River Windrush flowing through the numerous villages which dot the Cotswold countryside.  Winding our way through the narrow country lanes towards the beautiful villages of Broadway, Chipping Camden, Bourton on the Water and Stow on the Wold, we have also stopped at numerous quaint gift shops and rested at countless chintzy tea rooms; a revelation in itself for the chance meetings that we have encountered and the various conversations that we have overheard during the very timely visit of another visiting American. President Donald J Trump.

Of course, putting our best image forward for visitors to this particular part of England, is something for which the counties of Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire are always extremely proud of.   The welcome extended to President Trump and his family, by the Royal Family with all its pomp and formality was also a spectacle which saw millions watching the state visit on their own TV’s.  

My own particular guest joined me in listening to the various commentaries on the TV, reading the media headlines of the tabloids, and also witnessing many of the gift shop cards and souvenirs which were at the best of times extremely mocking towards her country’s president, whilst often glorifying the British royal family and its household.

But, if British people were living under some sort of illusion of superiority, it was never made more clear to me how very wrong they were when my guest and I visited the famous university town of Oxford, and also how I later listened to Labour MP leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was planning to speak at an anti-Trump rally that day, apparently to hundreds of thousands of demonstrators!  

The City of ‘Dreaming’ Spires

Ironically, reaching Oxford, which is just 50 miles from London, had required us to drive past Blenheim Palace, the stately home and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.  It was earlier that day I had listened to an interview between journalist, Piers Morgan and President Trump broadcast from the actual war room bunker that Churchill had used located beneath London during World War II.

Difficult questions had been directly fired at President Trump, in relation to gun control in America, transgender personnel in the military, the NHS, and his use of the word ‘nasty’.   They were in my opinion handled honestly, but also very tactfully, directing the state of our own country in relation to knife crime back upon Piers Morgan.  

If President Trump was on his very best behaviour and in awe of the royal family, as reported by a very biased media, than Piers Morgan had been equally cordial, later publicly thanking him that he had agreed to the interview, and also pointing out the misdemeanour’s of a previous president, namely President William Jefferson Clinton, whilst actually still in office.   I had literally wanted to cheer when he bought up the obvious.

All in all, the interview won a lot of respect towards both men, who have both in their own way become the epitome of exercising their very own brand of ‘direct’ free speech, something which has become ‘criminalized’ in the UK and is sometimes supported by a very sensitive and politically correct public.   The discussion was like a breath of fresh air in relation to the hatred which was being demonstrated by anti-trump supporters who were being allowed to exercise their ‘right’ to free speech and once more fly their Baby Trump balloon.

That it is the University of Oxford which is meant to be one of the worlds leading universities in extolling civilized debate and conversation; it should also be a shame upon our nation that it has now become part of a construct which, it is reported, can no longer tolerate views which may fall outside its own indoctrinated views on diversity. 

Harold McMillan who had once described the debating society of the Oxford Union as ‘the last bastion of free speech in the western world’ might be surprised today at the intolerance that is regularly shown towards guests invited to the Oxford Union to speak. 

Below is the demonstration outside an organized debate directed towards outspoken columnist Katie Hopkins, followed by a debate within the Cambridge Union, another university idealized for its views on tolerance and free speech.     If you view the full debate you will witness the descent and also the apathy directed towards her which is a reflection on how our country has truly been polarized by an organized ‘elitist’ view directed towards common sensibility, which does represent a vast majority of the UK.    

After strolling around the colleges of Christ Church, All Souls, Magdelan and Queens College, which are just four of the 30 different colleges in Oxford, it was here whilst sitting quietly on a bench, that I watched the passers by.   My head had become slightly dizzy with the atmosphere and the number of people on the streets.

Amidst the sea of parked bicycles, were suited graduates sometimes donning black gowns and wearing white carnations purposefully striding towards various venues amidst a sea of tourists.    At times some of them looked aloof and oblivious to the many events taking place around them.  On one occasion we overheard one small group express how much money you would need to comfortably live in America. There was a female beggar sitting on the corner of a street exposing her diseased legs in an effort to obtain sympathy and money.   There were large groups of Japanese tourists taking photographs, and tour guides speaking loudly about the history of each particular building.   A bus pulled up opposite to where I was sitting painted in every colour of the rainbow advertising Oxford LGBTQ Pride, and lastly a young man, no more than 20 years old completely out of his mind on drink or drugs swaying uncontrollably and pitifully along the pavements, at one time standing in front of oncoming traffic unable to comprehend where he was or what he was doing.    It was probably the most realistic and honest image of what life has become today in the UK in the absence of God and in mans own interpretation of ‘understanding’ in this city of spires.

As a helicopter circled overhead, I thought about the emphasis on anti-trump demonstrations and how they had also become an embarrassing distraction, and how they were also an example of how people were unable to deal with the problems in our own country which were blatantly staring us in the face.

Taking advantage of the situation, MP Jeremy Corbyn, who had been unable to assimilate the similarities of over 17 million people in the UK who wanted to be independent from Global control, and why Donald J Trump was elected the President of the United States of America, announced he would be speaking at the demonstration against the President and standing in solidarity with the protestors.   It was reported he had “tweeted”

“Tomorrow’s protest against Donald Trump’s state visit is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those he’s attacked in America, around the world and in our own country, including, just this morning, Sadiq Khan.”

Somebody, somewhere, should have told them that regardless of their views, the whole purpose of the visit was about the commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the D Day landings, an event fought by both American, Canadian and British forces, shoulder to shoulder, who had actually stood in solidarity to attempt to push the Nazi’s out of Europe resulting in the loss of over 150,000 brave men.

Driving home, along the surrounding hills of the Cotswolds my American visitor and I stopped at a hilltop town where she took a photograph depicting a tribute to D Day in a shop window. There were two armchairs, one with an American Flag and one with a British Flag draped over them which somehow depicted conversation and unity which had once taken place.

I felt proud of my American friend who had taken the good, the bad, and the ‘nasty’ all in her stride.   It is my hope that she witnessed that the English population are not all antagonistic towards America, and that many of us value independence and freedom, and that we are frustrated with our lack of democracy, and are extremely disappointed and embarrassed by most our politicians.  

We remember all those who fought for freedom on the 6th June, 1944, their sacrifice enabled us to live a free life.  Today we are in a cultural and spiritual battle for our lives.   The politicians in the UK need to honour the fact that those of us who really appreciate diversity also know that we are being displaced by a dictatorship from within and controlled from the EU.  

Spiritually, we have forgotten God, the Creator who many soldiers would have cried out to.   It really is time to honour their sacrifice.

Remembering all those who fought for freedom

6th June 1944

Donald Trump arrives in UK

Trump visit ‘will detract from Portsmouth D-Day event’

D-Day commemorations: Queen pays tribute to ‘resilience of wartime generation – my generation’

© 2019 Shirley Edwards, All Rights Reserved

Shirley Edwards was born and lives in Great Britain. She has always worked in administration, but has also taught and studied complimentary health. In administrative roles, she has worked within The Church of England. She also worked for some years as a volunteer within the hospice movement. Shirley has an interest in all health issues, loves the British countryside, and enjoys writing. She is thankful for talk radio and loves listening. Shirley has always been concerned about the loss of freedoms in her country, and also the demise of America, a country she loves for the original reasons on which it was founded. She believes in the Pursuit of Genuine Happiness. EMail:

Is Islam a Religion?

By Amil Imani

Whereas a representative Republic is defined as the rule of the people, by the people, for the people, Islam is defined as the rule of Allah, by Allah and his emissaries, for the pleasure of Allah. And when people, out of concern for political correctness or ignorance, describe Islam as a religion, (forget the peace) they are, at the very least, guilty of misrepresenting it.

Islam is a comprehensive totalitarian form of slavery. It is the opposite of freedom. Islam means submission or surrender. True to its name, Islam strives for nothing short of enslavement of the body of humanity as well as the bondage of its mind. This non-negotiable surrender to Islam requires the individual, as well as the society, to disenfranchise themselves of many fundamental and deeply cherished human rights.  Islam seeks nothing less than total global domination.

Islam is an unabashed politico-expansionist movement wrapped in the trappings of religion and bent on universal conquest by any and all means or tricks available at its disposal. 

In the interest of impartiality, the authors of the Constitution did not define what constitutes a religion. Presently, a plethora of sects, cults and orders-all claiming to be religion-cover the length and the breadth of the land. So, as long as these “religions” minister to the legitimate spiritual needs of their congregations without threatening the rights of others, there is no reason for concern. However, when one or more of these claimants strive to undermine the very Constitution that protects them in order to impose their beliefs and way of life, serious problems arise.

The problem is, too few Americans are aware of it and organizations like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are taking full advantage of our naiveté. Moreover, Islam stands in stark contrast to the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and what the First Amendment was designed to protect—our God-given unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Islam considers itself the three branches of government. It enacts laws as it sees fit, adjudicates laws, and executes them as it deems. Islam is anathema to the provisions of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and much more.

Islam proclaims itself as the only legitimate religion for the entire world, grudgingly granting minor recognition to Judaism and Christianity from whom it has liberally plagiarized much of its dogma. Jews and Christians are allowed to live under the rule of Islam as “dhimmis” and must pay a special religious tax of jizyah. Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Baha’is, members of other religions, agnostics and atheists are not even allowed to practice their belief or disbelief. Islam actively suppresses and even prohibits the practice of other religions, including those of the “people of the book,” Jews and Christians.

There is not a single church or synagogue in the cradle of Islam, Saudi Arabia, while thousands of mosques are tolerated and welcomed in Western non-Muslim lands. Islamic countries that allow for Jewish and Christian places of worship subject these “people of the book” to numerous subtle and not-so-subtle forms of persecution. Muslims in non-Muslim lands proselytize relentlessly and convert others while any Muslim who leaves Islam is considered an apostate and is automatically condemned to death.

Freedom of speech is just about non-existent in Islam. The word is Allah’s, his chosen divines such as Ayatollahs and Imams are the only ones who have the power to make pronouncements squarely based on Allah’s word, the Quran. Any expression that deviates in the least from the Quran, the Hadith or the edicts of Islamic high divines is heresy and severely punishable. Hence, stifling of free expression is the major mechanism by which the Islamic clergy retain power and prevent constructive change in Islamic societies.

Freedom of the press is completely alien to Islam, since a free press tends to express matters as it sees it, rather than as it is stated in the Quran. To Islam, the Quran is the press and the only press. There is no need for critical reporting, no need to present ideas that may conflict with the Quran, and no place for criticism of anything Islamic.

Peaceful assembly of the people is not allowed.  Backward oppressive Islamic societies inflict great hardship on the citizenry and any assembly of the victims presents a threat to suffocating rule. Islamic governments routinely prevent peaceful assemblies from taking place. Failing to do so, they unleash their hired thugs, the police and even the military against any assemblage no matter how peaceful and how legitimate is its grievance. The Islamic Republic of Iran which is vying with Saudi Arabia as the leader of true Islamic rule, routinely attacks any and all gatherings of its people, arrests them, imprisons them without due process, tortures them, and even executes them in secret dungeons.

As harsh as it is, here is the reality…

Devout Muslims literally have turned into walking missiles. You can’t reason with Muslims blinded by hate. You can’t argue with Muslims blinded by Islamic faith. Islam hates the power of the individual. Islam hates the achievements of women. Islam hates progress. Islam hates the religious freedom of others. Islam hates the pre-Islamic heritage of other nations. Islam is against free-will and hates democracy, liberty and justice for all. Islam simply loves to devour you alive.

The greatest threat facing the United States today is its own ignorance about Islam. Until American citizens understand the threat of Islam on American soil — people will continue to die. Until there is a true understanding of this satanic faith and means to control it, people will continue to die.

No, Islam has never been hijacked by militant or radical Muslims. In fact, radical Muslims are true Muslims. Islam itself has hijacked humanity for almost 14 centuries. Unfortunately, American politicians ignore this, lie to their citizens and portray Islam as a religion of peace. What a shame!

Any dogma, doctrine, cult or a religion that seeks to create its own governance, its own legal system and seeks to mobilize its own militia is itself not interested in separation of Church and State, and has no right to use that separation to create hegemony. In fact, such a doctrine is not even a religion at all.  It is a totalitarian regime, and must be considered the enemy of the US Constitution and everything Americans believe in.


Islam is not a religion by any standards. It is a militant, political and violent cult created by one man: Muhammad. It is time that we treat Islam as the greatest threat to the human race. The Islamic treasury, flushed with oil extortion money together with the help of Marxist-Democrats and Hollywood celebrities (“Muslim Brotherhood front-groups have targeted Hollywood as one of many vehicles through which to conduct its civilization jihad.”) are having the upper hand in this battle of survival for freedom.

Time is of the essence. Americans must act now and stem the tide of this deadly threat. If we don’t defeat it politically and do it swiftly, our children and grandchildren could be engaged in a religious and ideological bloody war, the likes of which has never been seen on American soil.

© 2019 Amil Imani, All Rights Reserved Email Imani:

Amil Imani is an Iranian-American writer, satirist, novelist, essayist, public speaker and political analyst who has been writing and speaking out about the danger of radical Islam both in America and internationally. He has become a formidable voice in the United States against the danger of global jihad and Islamization of America. Amil maintains a website at Imani is the author of Obama meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf and is currently working on his third and fourth book. He is 2010 honoree of EMET: “The Speaker of the Truth Award” at the Capitol Hill.

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