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If you “believe” you and/or your background, creed, culture, ethnicity, heritage, race, religion or anything else specific to or about you; is better than or superior to anyone else – You are the epitome of someone possessing “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

By Paul Schneidmill

Whomever you are/profess to be, wherever you come from/hail from/supposed to have originated from…even if you believe what you may have paid to learn from; you have several things in common with any and everyone else on this planet – alive or dead. 

I’ll just address three of them (three is kind of a good, well known and accepted number…not too challenging, mathematically speaking…):

One: The blood that circulates throughout, flows within and bleeds from your body, is Red.

Two: You will eventually die…if you haven’t already.

Three: You are at some point or point throughout your existence “supposed” to pay “taxes” in some form or other, to some form of institutionalized form of government/municipality or whatever.

I also add in there, were I to go to Four, that EVERYONE has an Opinion on something – some even have an opinion on every idea, interest, item, iota, matter, subject, thought topic, whatever ad nauseum as …

And, were I too even venture to Five, I would emphatically state with all certainty and no doubt whatsoever, that everyone…everyone has an Alpha Hotel.

An Alpha Hotel (for those of you who may not have already arrived at the final destination of where I’m currently going…) is a phonetic description I proudly learned during an even prouder opportunity and privilege I was fortunate to have as a United States of America Service Member with the United States of American Army for twenty one years!  Allow me to joyfully explain that particular description.           

Alpha is the phonetic designation for the letter “A” of the Alphabet and therefore any word beginning with the letter “A” can and could be abbreviated and described by the phonetic designation of Alpha.  I.E., if people still drove automobiles instead of cars, one could say, “I’m going to go gas up my Alpha…” or when expressing how tired you are after a hard days work and striving be tasteful around the kiddies, spouse and grandmother, you could say, “I’m tired…I worked my Alpha off today…” which brings me to the Hotel designation…   

Each letter of the alphabet owned (and yet owns) a phonetic designation that a word beginning with that same respective, was and is used to communicate a word, phrase or statement as needed to convey and/or ensure a form of secure communications (Charlie for “C,” Delta for “D” and so on) and Hotel was for the letter “H.”

Together, an “Alpha Hotel” is one who, pertaining to the “Alpha” designation, displays via their attitude, demeanor and conduct; attributes of a specific member of the donkey family.  And subsequently, the “Hotel” designation, specifically and pointedly refers to the orifice all mankind and most creatures of the animal kingdom have that is used primarily to release waste that is more substantive than liquid form.

Put them together and you will have the negative, yet well-known and unfortunately often prevalent among humanity and society, description of the “Alpha Hotel.”

Now, if you’ll recall the beginning of this writing how I addressed some of the several things in common we all share, were I to go to Six…if I were, I’d state that we all – ALL, have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…i.e., characteristics, issues, quirks, etc. (tendencies) of the “Alpha Hotel” variety.

I’ll share a few and the leave the rest to you to determine and consider, since I’ve held you enraptured and enthralled (hopefully) for quite some time…and because it is now 4:39 am and I should be in bed…

If someone courteously holds a door open for you, and even though you have a free hand or two to take the door for yourself, but just breeze through it like the courteous person was your servant; and on top of that, you don’t bother to express gratitude – You have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you are a person who gets on elevators while people are trying to disembark from the elevator, or disallow people who are trying to depart a room or building, etc., while you are trying to enter – You have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you need to be first at everything, win everything all the time and have the last and final word or say on any subject (to include the ones you “think” you are well informed on – You have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

The act of Listening is a choice.  Consequently, the act of Not Listening is a choice.  If you are someone who only wants to be heard but routinely chooses not to listen to others – You have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you’re an elected official/politician who, for example, spends more time drafting resolutions to denounce spoken words as opposed to helping the constituents who voted you into office with their national, state and local economic, health and security needs – You most assuredly have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you often complain about everything and are negative about anything, are unencouraging and unsupportive to family members, those you profess to love, humanity in general, or anybody who is not you – You definitely have “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…

If you “believe” you and/or your background, creed, culture, ethnicity, heritage, race, religion or anything else specific to or about you; is better than or superior to anyone else – You are the epitome of someone possessing “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…   

Finally, I encourage all of us (this writer included) to reflect first on ourselves regarding our individual “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies…we can’t change others, but we can change ourselves for the betterment of all.

Thus says this guy, who also has (but is striving to diminish his own) “Alpha Hotelistic” tendencies.

© 2019 Paul Schneidmill, All Rights Reserved

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ABNORMALITIES: I got some. How about you?

By Paul Schneidmill

I have Abnormalities – characteristics and qualities that are and can be considered abnormal or not normal in certain/specific instances.  I’m happily and unashamedly willing to share. 

Physical Abnormalities (having to do with my physical qualities):

My cervical spine vertebrae are inverted – the column section of bones in my neck curves toward the front of my body and not toward the back as is normal.  This could be an abnormality I had from birth or possibly the result of the impact my body sustained over years of exiting aircraft prior to them performing the act of landing on runways (I was a paratrooper at one illustrious time in my life).

I have what is known as a degenerative disk disease and something called sciatica – these I may also have acquired from the previously mentioned reason in the paragraph above this one…and/or from life, period.

I also have a new and recently determined physical abnormality known as an arthritic knee (my left one).  Who knows why?  I certainly don’t.  I currently receive no monetary disability for any of my physical abnormalities or deficiencies – that may be an abnormality in itself.  

Mental Abnormalities (having to do with my mental and thought processes):

I think people should accept responsibility for whatever they do or are responsible for causing/initiating, whether they believe it right or wrong.

I don’t think motorists should make a right turn from the left-hand lane (or vice versa) or throw trash or un-eaten food, unfinished beverages, etc. – especially while waiting at stoplights) as that first instance of idiotic and inconsiderate vehicular behavior can cause accidents, and as the second promotes the vermin population in communities; which in turn promotes sickness and diseases.  While I’m on this particular vein, I also don’t believe smokers (participants of one the vilest personal habits there is) should throw half-smoked cigarettes or cigarette butts from their cars; regardless of if their specific automakers were negligent in installing ash trays in their vehicle models…duhhh…all automakers install ash trays in their cars – use them.     

I don’t believe that people who possess the ability to talk very fast while rhyming to an incessant and pulsating beat while using vulgar and/or racially denigrating language and language that denigrates women, should be categorized as musicians or as artists in the art form known as music.

I talk to myself a lot about a myriad of subjects, topics and personal things because I’ve learned that I’m one of the few people I can truly trust.

I could expand on this area easily, but I thought I’d just provide a sampling…

Social Abnormalities (having to do with my social/societal beliefs and standings):

I believe in a GOD whose reputed book teaches and impresses upon me to love all people, including my enemies, and I don’t believe that makes me radical.  I also believe that people who believe in a GOD whose reputed book and associated/related writings that teaches and impresses upon them to hate everyone that doesn’t believe what and like they do, and to kill their enemies, should not be determined as being radical or radicalized; because in my belief and understanding in the area of adherence to faith, when you’re following your book, that’s essentially what you’re doing.  Therefore, I believe these people are endeavoring to adhere to the book they view as vital to their faith, just as I’m endeavoring to adhere to the book I view as vital to my faith…not an excuse or an endorsement – just calling (within my “abnormality”) what I believe is real, as real…for real consideration…     

I’m an unhyphenated American.  In actuality, I’m not hyphenated about anything and in light of that, I don’t believe I’m undecided, diluted or divided about who I am or whom I can be or what I can or can’t accomplish.

I’m what I would designate as an avid non-social media participant.  I.E., apart from reading and/or sending emails and texts to family members and close/real friends, plus checking the online ESPN football section and a few other beneficial URLs, I do no “social meddling” whatsoever.  I.E. (again), I don’t have a FACEMASK account and therefore cannot “like” anyone there, I don’t “follow” anyone or anything on TWISTER, I don’t TWEETIE BIRD or SNAP CRACKLE (or maybe it should be CACKLE…just saying) and my life is not tied to nor dependent upon my phone or any other type of electronic contrivance.           

I’m unconcerned about celebrity goings-on and therefore do not “subscribe” in any way to TNZ, Wendy Wee, Page 7 TV, Access Holley…, Entertainment Tonie…which very likely means I’m not down with O.P.P….   

Lastly (though I could most certainly share more), as a retired member of the United States Armed Forces, who had the express honor and distinct privilege of serving in the United States Army for twenty-one years; I emphatically believe without guilt, reservation or shame, that not everyone should be allowed the express honor and distinct privilege of serving in the United States Armed Forces.

As I stated in the beginning of this confession/profession: I have Abnormalities – characteristics and qualities that are and can be considered abnormal or not normal in certain/specific instances.

I have them…and they are most assuredly mine.

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By Paul Schneidmill

I have no idea how long ago it began, but the famous mantra for people wanting to start a business, “Find a Need and Meet it,” was taken to a whole new level. 

Somebody realized that there was a market for people who wanted to wear clothes that had holes and/or tears in them.  People now own and proudly wear pairs of jeans and other garments that are frayed, torn and in my mind – missing material…just like the jeans and pants torn up by youth playing sandlot baseball or football in the world that preceded the Xbox and the PlayStation (which destroyed outdoor playing for youth throughout much of the current world).  This to me, is utterly amazing.  That’s because it is utterly amazing to me that people will spend significant amounts of money to purchase clothes that look like the tailor may have fallen asleep at the sewing machine wheel, or accidentally (in a slightly strategic manner) hacked the clothes with scissors and then sent the damaged apparel on to the distribution phase of the business.  Utterly amazing.

To say the least in my opinion, the clothes of this new style, simply look damaged.  My beautiful wife of 27 years now owns a pair of these missing material jeans, which she states are called “Distressed Jeans.”  Why would jeans be distressed?  When I think of the word “distressed,” I think of someone or something being in trouble.  When I imagine “jeans” and “distressed” together, I see an image of a pair of jeans tied to a railroad track, waiting for Dudley Do Right to come and rescue them from being run over by a train as he so faithfully did for Nell (depending on who you are, you may have to Google Dudley to understand the imagery).  Furthermore, if the jeans are “distressed,” is it also possible they can be depressed?  Need healthcare?  Medications maybe? 

I recently enjoyed a hilarious moment while attending one of the “Happy Hour” activities at my Mom’s Nursing Facility.  A comedian wearing “distressed” jeans was doing his abysmal best to try to make the residents laugh via his comedy routine.  The funniest part the routine (unplanned or expected by him I’m sure) was when an elderly woman resident rolled her wheelchair close to where he was performing, appraised his attire and loudly proclaimed, “You are raggedy!”  It wasn’t just his comedic monologue that was missing material!

I’m now considering starting my own clothing and apparel company, which I will call it a variation of this writing’s title: “Missing Key Material.”   I plan to be little revolutionary in my approach to the business – like make suit and sports jackets with one sleeve only, or designer shoes without the tongues, and significantly ventilated underwear.  I’ll also have a great sales slogan – “Our unique brand of clothing is fashioned and inspired by the stories reported by most contemporary News Outlets today – “Missing Key Material”…a social phenomenon today that I also find utterly amazing.

© 2019 Paul Schneidmill, All Rights Reserved

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By Paul Schneidmill

During the 1990’s an entertainer had an initial iteration as a late-night television show host.  The show would periodically display a comedy sketch that focused on certain current controversial topics or social issues that could be deemed somewhat unusual, which in turn would ultimately lead to the pondering of these areas to the point of eliciting the introspective verbal phrase known as: “Hmmmhhh.” 

I would like to convey a semblance of that thought process here within this great platform, the American Journal, with some “Hmmmhhh” thought reflections of my own:

Now that I’m retired for the second and final time (HALLEJAH You and Me), I actually “listen” to the mid-day local news within my undisclosed zip codish location.  I say “listen” because I’m usually doing some of my “creative cooking” and need to concentrate my visual capabilities on what I’m doing, lest I set the house on fire and incur the wrath of my still-yet after 27 years of marriage; beautiful and beauteous Bride.

I’m sure you’ll now want to know what I mean by “creative cooking,” so I’ll share a couple of my “recipes” before we get to “Hmmmhhh.”

Today, while “listening” to the news, I took a frozen turkey burger, cooked it in a skillet; then chopped it into crumbles and spread it on a frozen veggie pizza and then baked that – thus “creating a “Turkey Veggie Pizza” or TVP!  Another time, I baked a frozen eggplant cutlet, placed them atop a cooked turkey burger on a brioche bun, then topped the cutlet with a slice of cheese and some spaghetti sauce – thus creating an “Eggplant Parmesan Turkey Burger!”  Admittedly, the cheese was cheddar and not parmesan, but I was being creative; and yes, you guessed it – I like turkey burgers…and eggplant too!!! 

Okay, now to my rendition of the “Hmmmhhh” segment. 

The news today reported that statistics concerning the use of marijuana have determined that medical concerns not beneficial to the user, have increased.  Medical information has determined that people who ingest marijuana (via brownies, candy, cookies, etc) as opposed to smoking it, don’t achieve the “high” as quickly as would be obtained if it was smoked.  That’s because it takes about three hours for marijuana to take effect when ingested as opposed to instantaneously when smoked.  Due to the lack of this knowledge by the user, the “ingesters” tend to “overeat” the baked/cooked/mixed food items and end up in Hospital Emergency Rooms with symptoms ranging from hallucinations to racing heartbeats to cardiac arrests.   Sooooooo, does this “overeating” of marijuana mean that soon there will an obesity epidemic on the rise simply from cannabis-eating within caloric content?  “Hmmmhhh.”

The news also reported that an actor known primarily from a popular television series that was facing 16 charges of criminal conduct from what law enforcement determined stemmed from insurmountable evidence; had all the charges dropped by way of an “agreement” with the office of the prosecution directly involved with this prominent news story.  Sooooooo, can anyone now have their pending due to evidence criminal charges dropped with their prosecuting office concerning the crime/crimes if there is simply an agreement reached to what – not do it/get caught doing it again?  “Hmmmhhh.” 

Here’s one that’s not necessarily “news” associated.”  People who are esteemed famous in the entertainment industry such as actors, comedians, musicians and singers, etc., often get memorialized on a famous sidewalk on the west coast known as the “Walk of Fame.”  Historically, this honor was bestowed upon the honorees after they’d established themselves as prolifically talented in their particular vein of entertainment.  Now, there are people who have become “famous” for having the “talented ability” of keeping up with and knowing all the business of the “actual” people who have demonstrated that they’re talented enough to be in the entertainment industry.  Sooooooo, can one now become memorialized on the “Walk of Fame” because they climbed into the dumpster behind legitimate entertainers’ homes and thus are able to tell the world via various forms of media, what type of disposable diapers these celebrities used on their babies?  “Hmmmhhh.”   

Lastly, on a personal note, according to WebMD (which I find very informative) certain physical changes take place within all of us as we get older.  For example, hair grows within the human ear at an increased rate.  Sooooooo, does this mean that I am eventually going to need an “Ear Brush”  “Hmmmhhh.”  

It’s possible I may revisit these “Hmmmhhh” ponderings from time-to-time, and I invite you share some of your own. 

Oh yeah…one more creative cooking thingie…sort of…if you mix “Cherry Soda” with “Root Beer,” you can make a drink that you can use as a toast at celebrations and such that you can literally call as you make the toast… (once again, wait for it…) “Cheers…”

© Paul Schneidmill 2019, All Rights Reserved

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What else can’t you do?

By Paul Schneidmill

Whenever I ask someone “How are you doing?” I always find it completely weird when their response is “I can’t complain.”  Some folk even get emphatic and expressive with that statement by prefacing their weird-to-me response with an “Oh,” as in “Oh, I can’t complain.”  Why is that response weird to me you may query…well, I have three reasons.  I’ll share them with you now in an unprioritized order:

Number 1. The response to my question is not true, i.e., it’s an L.I.E., because anyone can complain – no one with breath and the ability/capability of speech is incapable of complaining – complaining is one of the easiest things anyone can do; one does not need to be trained in the “art” of complaining (though I’ve actually met people who could definitely qualify as having mastered that art) and to do so requires no amount whatsoever of skill. 

Number 2. The response to my question does not remotely answer the question.  An “I can’t complain” response to a question asked regarding the well-being of the person asked, is like asking a politician if it’s raining (or any question for that matter) – the response you’d get would likely be a fully verbose dissertation designed to deflect or some type of thesis-defending statement (which I think might be the same thing…sometimes).   

Number 3. The response to my question means…well…I really don’t know what it means…I mean, in relation to what I asked: “How are you doing?” – what does or is “I can’t complain” supposed to mean?  What in the in the H  E  double L’s is that response supposed to convey?  It most assuredly doesn’t answer my question…it doesn’t inform me as to how one is doing – it gives me no barometer of frame of reference in the tee-ninchiest bit as to how one is doing figuratively, literally or otherwise.  It’s simply an evasive and misleading response (see Point 2 with emphasis on the politician segment).

Sooooooo, in my complete and undeniably self-evaluated quantification of wisdom, I have a developed a response to that particular response – “Oh yeah…what else can’t you do?

Imagine be asked a question in the vein of “What can’t you do?” in a myriad of communicative situations…like a job interview, or a juror qualification screening, or maybe a conversation concerning commitment in a relationship.

The thing about the word “can’t” in literally any setting, is that it’s almost always indicative of limitations.  There’s nothing wrong with people knowing their limits or limitations – I’m certainly not against that – I’m just not a promoter of accepting or readily addressing, i.e., publicly claiming and proclaiming them; because in many cases our limitations can be overcome, pushed out further…stretched out farther…

For example – if unable to do so now, we could totally learn how and achieve the ability to properly answer a simple question…….but if we can’t….we need to introspectively ask ourselves (wait for it…)

“What else can’t you do?”

© 2019 Paul Schneidmill All Rights Reserved

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