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Tunnel Vision

By Steve Briscoe

For those who may not know, tunnel vision describes an event when a person is so focused on a specific area they are oblivious to everything else around them.  This is very dangerous when you come face to face with a lethal encounter or if you inadvertently place yourself in an insecure or unsafe environment.  You are so focused on what you perceive to be the main threat that you are oblivious to the real threat, and in some cases multiple threats that are are solely focused on you.  An official definition uses the phrase, “…defective sight…” in the description.  Another definition, “…tendency to focus exclusively on a single or limited goal or point of view excluding any opposing vantage point…”  Other phrases associated with tunnel vision are, “narrow perspective, constricted vision, or tubular vision.”

In some cases there are medical conditions that case an actual restriction of vision; see your doctor for treatment.  In most cases tunnel vision, at least this particular aspect of tunnel vision, is self-inflected based on a strong, and often tainted, point of view formulated with the use of only some of the facts, half truths, and disinformation combined with a willingness to totally disregard facts that do not support your viewpoint.  With regard to self-infected tunnel vision there is no need to see your doctor; your doctor can’t help you, but there is a need to self-diagnose and act accordingly.  Most will not take the time to self-diagnose because, in their mind, they do not suffer from tunnel vision.  Therein resides the problem.  “I’m right, everyone else is obviously wrong.

If you are courageous enough to self-diagnose and are courageous enough to seek a remedy then keep reading.

Our Nation is being ripped apart by self-serving, self-appointed, and often destructive forces.  These forces are not limited to the left nor the right of center.  Regardless of where you reside, relative to center, there is a danger of being used by these forces.  If you agree with the far left (White supremacy runs rampant!!!) you are compelled to hate the right, if you agree with the far right (Trump can do no wrong!!!) you are compelled to hate the left.  This compulsion is fueled by an agenda driven media from both ends of the spectrum; this cannot be denied.

Based on current mindsets, who in their right mind would spend millions on a movie (The Hunt) depicting “liberal elites” hunting down and killing “deplorables” (a term used to describe conservatives) for sport?  The only reason a movie like this would be made is to fuel hate and distrust.  Why would either side, left or right, allow such a thing to be created under the guise of “entertainment.”

We are being played and if we continue to allow it there will be serious consequences for us all.  I have to believe if a movie were made where conservative “red-necks” hunted liberals the backlash and outcry would be deafening; as it should be.

We suffer from tunnel vision and until we are willing to discuss, calmly discuss, our differences, our beliefs, our concerns, our misconceptions, and our personal views we will continue to suffer.  Based on present day societal norms if we disagree on a single topic then those norms dictate we hate each other.   We are being played.

We are all intelligent enough to see the disparity, but are we intelligent enough to see our part in that disparity.  Are we willing to back off, open our eyes to see the full spectrum of players, and discern the intent of all the players?

We are being played… and we are better than that.

PS… If this narrative offends you then I would submit you suffer from tunnel vision.

© 2019 Steve Briscoe, All Rights Reserved

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By Steve Briscoe

I’ve been quiet for the past couple of months.  Not sure why but it may be because I’m overwhelmed with a desire to hide from the stupidity; it’s everywhere.  My wife prefers I do not use the word “stupid,” but sometimes it is the only word that accurately describes the circumstance.  Here are just a few inconsistencies that provide a foundation for my premise.

1 – A contingent of citizens rant over the use of mice to test drugs meant to enhance human life and consider the practice inhuman, but these same people applaud the right to end the life of an unborn child for the sake of convenience.  Which has more worth – an unborn child with untold potential or a mouse that many would prefer to see with its neck snapped in two via an old fashioned and very cruel and lethal mouse trap?

2 – Members of Congress tried every legal loophole imaginable to read the un-redacted “Mueller Report” claiming they had a right to know (even though federal law dictates otherwise), but these same politicians, prior to voting it into law, refused to read “Obama’s Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package,” (actually the package cost the taxpayer around $831 billion, but add interest to the loan and it exceeds 1 Trillion).  This would be the same stimulus package that required the multi-million dollar payments to a multitude of default company CEOs. This stimulus was meant to create jobs; it did in fact create 3 million jobs.  Do the math – each job cost the tax payer $266,000 (using $800M as an overall cost).  That was in 2009.  Fast forward to 2012 and the number of sustained jobs dropped to 600,000 which, recalculating the math, cost the taxpayer $1.3M each – in 2013 that number dropped again to 400,000 costing $2.0M per job.  The only thing this package provided, to no less than 3 generations, is the responsibility to pay the debt (and interest) on the money borrowed.  Utter failure.

3 – The left rants about the antics of conservatives, but ignore the same antics demonstrated proudly by the left.  i.e. Trump’s alleged antics vs Clinton’s antics proven to be true in a court of law.  Not saying President Trump is as clean as the wind driven snow; I am saying there is a seriously tilted double standard.  Investigations prove, through Hillary’s actions, thousands of classified emails were potentially accessed by enemies of this country, and she lied about it.  She was given the right to run for President.  Check google for the number of service members harshly disciplined, and even discharged, after the inadvertent mishandling of a single classified email.  Documented facts layout the plan used by the Democratic Party to oust Bernie Sanders from the presidential run in 2016, but these same democrats spent millions investigating a made-up plan of Russian interference during the same election, claiming the interference as the main reason President Trump won the election.

4 – A contingent rants endlessly about the alleged lies told by conservatives, but these same people ignore proven lies told by the left.  The disparity of required integrity rattles the brain.  Case in point; no real evidence was ever presented proving alleged actions by Judge Kavanaugh, but this “contingent” still considers him a liar.  Multiple statements made by Obama and Clinton, pertaining to the atrocity in Benghazi, have been undeniably proven as known lies, but they are still held up as bastions of hope for the left’s agenda.  Four good men died so you could support a liar.

5 – A contingent raises the legal age to purchase tobacco products (in Illinois) to 21, while at the same time want to lower the national voting age to 16.  I’m not saying raising the legal age to purchase tobacco is a bad thing, but lowering the voting age to 16 is borderline lunacy, and the hidden agenda that precipitates this desire is not so hidden.  In fact, were I king, I would raise the voting age back to 21, and even at that, many 21 year olds have no real concept, or understand the consequences, of their voting responsibility.

6 – The politicians of the left want to remove my right to defend myself, while at the same time demand my taxes pay for their armed guards.  This demonstrates to me a blinding truth; to them, I do not matter one ounce.  My only purpose, as far as they are concerned, is to act as a surrogate blood donor hooked up to a machine that sucks the life out of me, and tied to this machine I will remain until I die.  I think I could be easily persuaded to design and construct a couple of machines which I would inturn attach to them for the purposes of my amusement.  I live in Illinois, and 4 of the past 7 Illinois governors have gone to prison for actions while serving as governor.  The current governor is under investigation for tax fraud; this would be the same governor who just this past month doubled the gas tax, raised annual vehicle license plates fees by more than 50%, parked car tax of 6%, an annual registration fee of $250.00 for electric cars (it used to be $35.00), increase tobacco tax, sales tax, plastic bag tax… the list is seemingly endless.  The cost of living in Illinois has jumped so high due to taxes, I will consider it a joy to lose only $40,000 on the sale of my house so I can escape.  Actually, the loss will be more than that because my governor is trying to push through an “exit” tax.  Meaning, if I sell my house in Illinois and buy a house in another state, I pay Illinois a percentage estimated between 5-7% for the privilege of exercising my right to relocate; a house sold for $200,000 will gain Illinois no less than $10,000 and as much as $14,000.  You don’t wanna live in Illinois?  Fine, it’ll cost you to leave.

7 – The prestigious left believes a wall defending the southern border is immoral, while at the same time live behind gated communities and walled homes.  Again, they matter, I do not.  The only people who prosper from the absence of a wall on the southern border are drug cartels and human traffickers.  Makes me wonder who the cartels pay to keep the wall from being built.  They say a wall will not change anything.  But, they say if the confiscation of all the legal firearms from legal citizens saves just one life it will be worth it.  Fact is, gun confiscation will do nothing but raise the crime rate, and a southern wall will slow the tide of illegal drugs and human trafficking.

8 – Go to any store to purchase liquor or tobacco, or go to a bank to extract your own money, and you will be required to show an ID Card.  Get on a plane and you are required to show an ID multiple times.  Make a purchase with a credit card, and often that purchase will be halted if you cannot show a proper ID.  Enter a Federal Installation without an ID and you may end up in jail.  But requiring an ID to vote is considered racist.  How stupid is that?  The agenda is obvious; requiring an ID makes it very hard for dead people in Chicago to vote.  Why is it dead people only vote democrat?  I know they only vote democrat because if one of them voted anything other than democrat, the left would go ballistic.

9 – The left went nuts over alleged Russian collusion. An allegation that, after 2+ years of investigations costing millions upon millions of dollars, and the disruption of countless lives and livelihoods, they failed to prove.  They claim this foreign interference was unacceptable in the extreme, but these same people want to give non-citizens the right to cast a vote to determine the outcome of my country.  If this is legal, then it should be legal for me to go to another state and cast my vote; since each state is separate, I should be able to go to any (and every) state and cast my vote.  The premise is the same.  Go to Mexico, Honduras, Panama, England, or France and try to vote.  Let me know how that works out for ya.

10 – The extreme left are pushing for a socialist government.  Why?  Only answer I can think of, having any semblance of accuracy, is they want to end the US as a formal country.  Name me one country that prospered from a socialist government.  I’ll wait while you do a google search…  any country that survived a socialist government, did so by turning from socialism before the total collapse of the government.  Venezuela, at a time not so long ago, was considered one of the richest countries on the planet. Not so anymore.  Why?  Because of a socialist government.  Prove me wrong.

These are only 10 points.  There are many, many others I could list, and each point listed here could be expanded to multiple pages containing multiple facts and statistics that cannot be disputed.  But I suspect if you are still reading, you are aware of this already.  Those that stopped reading after a paragraph or two, I consider the lamest of all.  They do not want the truth.  They want to be spoon fed by “talking heads” who are experts at disseminating misinformation.  These same people will rant and rave, call me names, question my family heritage, and do it all without providing any valid point to counter my comments.  They have no credibility with me.

I cannot help but believe, when the real truth is revealed, many will be ashamed of their actions and deeds.  The sad reality is only a few will believe the truth and how it relates to how the lie has dictated their actions and deeds.  To accept the truth as truth means to admit being wrong when the truth was right in front of them.  They blindly and willingly followed the lie, and sadly they will continue to do so once the lie has been proven as such.

Conclusion… I am overwhelmed with a desire to hide from this stupidity.  But I will not.  I will however, stay out of sight… and maintain situational awareness and periodically voice my concerns from an obscure vantage point.

It is unfortunate that those who need to hear refuse to listen.  In the not so distant future, baring divine intervention which we all hope for, it is all going to unravel and I (actually “we” for those still reading) need to be ready to act.  Hope is not a good strategy, and hiding is not a good tactic.

Copyright 2019 Steve Briscoe All Rights Reserved

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By Steve Briscoe

Lessons from an ant.
(A modified excerpt from, Solitary – Without the Confinement)

A few years ago I was outside enjoying the spring air and the sunshine. I wasn’t thinking about anything specific; my mind was just wandering from one topic to another. You know what I’m talking about; where will I go for lunch today; do I have enough money in my pocket to stop and fill the bike with gas when I leave work; will we go to war with North Korea or Iran? During that flow of topics I happened to glance down and my attention was drawn to an ant walking across the concrete. In fact there were hundreds of ants all going about their business.

Nothing spectacular about that, except one particular ant was carrying a piece of debris that had to weigh ten times his total weight and was at least four times his total size. OK, before I go any further with this story, I want to publicly admit I do not know the difference between a “he” ant or a “she” ant; I’m using the pronoun “he” rather than the pronoun “she” because “he” takes only 2/3 the time to type.  So, rather than get your knickers in a bunch, just focus on the story and try to not dissect it and make it a gender bias narrative becasue it’s not; so there! OK, let’s move on.

He (he being the ant) was struggling with the task at hand, but moving along at a steady pace. Sometimes he would drag it; sometimes he would flip it onto his back and carry it; sometimes he would just tilt his head up and carry it in front of him. The longer I watched, the more intrigued I was with his action. My non-scientific mind estimated a comparison and figured if I were to carry a piece of debris of proportionate size, I would be casually walking down the street with a 2000 pound computer desk dangling from my teeth.

As he walked along, he happened to come across a storm drain and luckily walked onto the solid portion of the grated cover; open pits on either side of him. I think I recall – from one of those Discovery Channel ant documentaries – that ants are blind; so, based on what I believed to be true, his precarious position was unknown to him.

As I watched, his luck ran out and he walked too close to the edge and the weight of his treasure pulled him over the side, and he disappeared from sight. In a fraction of a second, I concluded the ant had given up the treasure and turned his attention to self- preservation some ten feet down in the dark water below; so my attention was turned back to lunch activities or how best to fight a war with Korea. I began to formulate a plan on how to get Korea to attack Iran.

The storm drain was at my feet, and whereas I was not focused on the drain, but that was the direction I was looking… ya gotta look somewhere when ya think, right? About the time I had determined getting Korea to attack Iran was above my pay-grade, my attention was diverted. A few inches from where the ant had fallen, I noticed movement and was oddly surprised when I saw the ant pull himself out of harm’s way with the treasure still clenched in his teeth. Not sure what goes through an ant’s mind during a crisis, but I know what goes through mine. Were I to be carrying a 2000 pound computer desk in my teeth and fell into a hole, the first thing I would do is drop my load… in more ways than one. But the ant did not; he continued to hold tight to his load. You could also say he held tight to his convictions, his duty, his obligations; everything was secondary to his task, even his own safety.

What could we accomplish if we possessed the same level of dedication and persistence? An ant has more dedication than we do, what does that say about us? How many times have we started a project or been assigned a task and quit because we came up against an obstacle? How many times have we cut corners and used the excuse that it was necessary because of an obstacle or, more to the point, we were too lazy to do it right?

The ant continued his trek and there is no doubt in my mind he either completed his task and delivered his treasure to the colony, or he died in the process; those are the only two outcomes possible when it comes to an ant. What about you? Are there only two possible outcomes to what you do; does your personal list of possible outcomes increase or diminish by your attitude or obstacles in your path?

Don’t let yourself be outdone by an ant. Don’t quit because you can . Quitting is easy, people do it all the time; be the exception, focus on your goal.

© 2019 Steve Briscoe, All rights Reserved

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Good Times & Bad Times

By Steve Briscoe

In Genesis chapter 41 a story is told of when Pharaoh had a dream about the seven pretty cows and the seven ugly cows. Rather than recount the story I’ll suggest you go read it for yourself; Moses is a way better story teller than I.

I’ll not tell you I had a dream about cows; not at all. In fact, my dreams are beyond weird and often violent. But I do believe everyone lives through good times and bad times and often these peaks and valleys exchange places multiple times throughout our lives. Sometimes this is due to circumstances beyond our control and other times we fall prey to our own stupidity.

I know what some of you are saying, “What good times?” If that is your thought then I will assume you have never set foot outside the U.S. or ventured across the county line into Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota. Regardless of what you think you know, consider yourself fortunate you live during a time of peace and plenty. Even if you exist at the lowest rung of the economic ladder there are social and welfare programs to house you and feed you. And most who would argue that point will do so on their $700.00 iPhone. Fact is, I’m not here to argue. I’m here to proclaim a warning.

Most of us live in a peaceful environment. The exceptions would be those who select to live a life in the military and are deployed or members of the police force, or you live in the socialist controlled segments of the U.S, like Chicago, Detroit, LA, etc.

I have seen both peace and war; I prefer peace but I am a realist. I am reasonably certain the socialist within our government will eventually get their way and our Republic will crumble. Our education system has done an exceptional job of conditioning the youth into believing Socialism will rise and crush the evil capitalist and put them in their rightful place; under foot. But history paints a different story that our schools have intentionally hidden. Every Socialist Economy has collapsed into anarchy or, if fortunate enough, the country in question sees the error and starts to backpedal. If you want to know the results of a socialist government, look no further than Venezuela, Greece, or the aforementioned Oglala Lakota County (Pine Ridge Indian Reservation) in South Dakota.

Oglala Lakota, the poorest county in the U.S.

We have a contingent within our government who have been working diligently for several decades to bring about a socialist government. They demand open borders knowing that those crossing will collect the free trinkets and vote to get more trinkets. How can any intelligent person argue a point in favor of allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections? There is the same legislative contingent seeking to lower the voting age to 16 as well as disolve the Electoral College. When I was young, around 16, I thought the Electoral College was wrong. But then I grew up and started to think for myself. The higher the population count, the higher the welfare count and the welfare crowd will always vote for more free stuff. It’s just human nature. If given the option of working for a living or lounging around all day long, sadly, many will opt to be lazy. We live in a society that proudly parades third and fourth generation welfare, meaning the parent, the grandparent, and the great grandparent were all on welfare; it has become a way of life that is taught and expected.

Don’t go ballistic on me and call me a racist bigot. I’ve known some fine people of all makes and models who, through hard times and unfortunate circumstances, found themselves on government handouts. However, they worked hard and through perseverance got off the soup line and started to fend for themselves; they did not make it a way of life. I might be getting off course here, let me reel this in a bit.

Regardless of your status you need to prepare for hard times. If the elite get their way, hard times will come for us all and oddly, there is a growing number of willfully ignorant people who welcome it.

The story in Genesis was not a self-imposed hardship. In fact, God gave them clear warning and they were smart enough to heed that warning.  Our coming hardship will be self-imposed and there are clear warning signs; are we smart enough to heed them?

I will fight the coming hardship; I will fight it with word and deed. That’s all I’m sayin’.

© 2019 Steve Briscoe, All Rights Reserved

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See Us…

By Steve Briscoe

Most of us have been driving since we were sixteen years old. After years of driving we have conditioned our brains to look for obstacles and obstructions as we drive. We pride ourselves in an ability to maintain situational awareness at a glance.  With this quick glance we can see cars and big trucks all around us; which ones are close and which ones might pose a threat.  We collect data on the status of the traffic lights, street signs, pedestrians, the location of local law enforcement… the list is endless. This is a good thing, it keeps us, those with us, and those around us from harm as we drive.

However, with this conditioning comes complacency.  Most drivers have conditioned their brains to collect risk data on all the cars in the vicinity; however, more often than not, a motorcycle in front of the car focused on by the driver will go unnoticed. Why? Because the brain is conditioned to focused on the car; the car is the threat, not the motorcycle. There have been a number of studies conducted on this phenomenon (here’s one).  I could get into all the facts about what the eye actually sees, what is sent to the brain, that everyone has a blind spot right in the center of their eye that the brain filters out and, regardless of what you think, that the brain can focus on, albeit short, only one thing at a time… but I’ll not get into all that. Mainly because the words have way too many syllables and I’d have to look up all those definitions. Suffice it to say, to see something, you have to want to, and unless you ride, most people just do not consider the motorcycle. Have you ever tried to find something on your desk only to find it ten minutes later right in the middle of your desk; you looked at it 50 times and didn’t see it. You were looking for it, but your brain was doing something else.

In like fashion, most of us will position the mirrors on our cars to reduce the blind-spot as much as possible; most mirrors are large enough and have a slight curve that will completely eliminate the possibility of a car hiding in the blind spot. But a blind spot can still hide a motorcycle. Most riders are all too familiar with the danger associated with a blind spot—known as the kill zone—and will maneuver to steer clear of them because we know most drivers will not check the blind spot before changing lanes, but sometimes traffic makes this safety measure difficult.

“…but Officer, I didn’t see him!”

There have been several occasions while out riding, I’ve seen drivers in oncoming traffic look right at me then promptly turn left in front of me, then act surprised when I slam on the brakes.  They looked right at me, appeared to make eye contact, but did not see me because I was not in a car; I was not a threat, at least not then. They’re really surprised when I follow them to their house.

When a car hits a motorcycle the first thing said is, “But Officer, I didn’t see them!” Chances are they looked directly at the motorcycle but their brain was on autopilot and they were oblivious to the carnage they were about to inflict.

We’ll not discuss the cell phone texting thing. That is just a flagrant lapse in responsibility and should be treated as such. Imagine their irritation when I ride right next to their window as they chat and I down shift to get a bit more rumble from the pipes.  As you drive your car there are hundreds of things going on around you that you do not notice because you don’t need to notice. As a rider we focus on everything.  Any car within 100 feet of us, at a moment’s notice, can inflict great pain and death because we know the likelihood of a distracted driver is significant; it’s hard not to keep that in mind.

Do yourself a favor; do me a favor. When you drive, or when you are a passenger, make a mental effort to count the number of motorcycles you encounter from any direction. After a while your brain will start to pick up on them and you will no longer have to make the concerted effort to see them, you will see them instinctively.  In the meantime, take an extra half second to really look. Take that instant just before changing lanes to lean forward in your seat or turn your head to the right and check the blind-spots. I really don’t have the time to follow you home and educate you on the responsibilities of driving a car.

The rider you won’t hit could be me; it could be a family member, a friend, a co-worker, an associate or a stranger.  If, due to a lapse in judgement, you kill a rider, it will change your life forever; trust me on this.

© 2019 Steve Briscoe, All Rights Reserved

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Has the Evil that was the Holocaust Died?

Authored by:  S Briscoe

With the recent public disclosure of the “left’s” true nature that is obviously based on antisemitism I felt it necessary to post a warning.  Of course I’m referring to Congresswoman Omar’s comments about the ills of Jewish influence.  I’m not surprised she said it, it is common knowledge Muslims have a special hatred reserved for the Jewish people.  What does surprise me is the wagon load of Congressional and Senatorial members who are defending her and her comments.  Perhaps “surprised” is not the right word, to be honest, their support for her comments does not actually surprise me. Regardless. this is a very dangerous line that has just been stepped over; I might also add it was stepped over with a bit of fanfare and prideful glee.

Do you think the evil that was the Holocaust of 1932 to 1945 has died away and cannot happen again?  Do you not believe this was how it started; a single antisemitic comment that was allowed to pass as innocent. Let’s discuss…

At the height of the Third Reich’s glory days there were more than 20,000 concentration camps. There are names of sites that anyone with just a bit of education recognize instantly—Auschwitz, Dachau, Sobibor and Treblinka to name a few. In actuality many of these camps were not just a single facility but a series of camps. Auschwitz had a number of satellite facilities like Birkenau, Blechhammer, Gleiwitzi, Janinagrube, Jaworzno, Monowitz, Kattowitz and a number of others. Dachau had Kaufering and Landberg as well as a few other satellite facilities. Suffice it to say if you see the name of one camp there are no less than two or three sites associated with it that you were not aware of. The killing machine had been honed to efficiency and perfection by the German War Machine.

Hey, I just heard you scream at the monitor, shouting from the left, “There are no concentration camps in the U.S. and we are not in an active conflict with the Jews so you’re just fear-mongering!” Yes, you’re right, there are no camps in the United States. But, did you know…

Many believe the camps of Nazi Germany were constructed and initiated operations as WWII kicked off in 1939. But this is not true. Dachau, the 1st concentration camp, opened March 22nd, 1933; that’s six years before the 1st hostile bullet fired that started WWII. Will also add Dachau opened it’s doors 5 years BEFORE Time Magazine named Hitler “Man of the Year.” As time progressed, and as people accepted the lunacy that was the Third Reich, these camps appeared exponentially all across Germany and then in occupied countries and eventually turned into the horror camps that was the Holocaust. I should mention here it was in 1933 that the German people elected to give total control to the madman who was Hitler. Many of these camps were liberated toward the end of WWII by the Allied Forces in the early months of 1945, but many were, prior to being overrun by Allied Forces, liquidated. Meaning every person held there were exterminated and the camp burned to the ground in an effort to remove any semblance of existence or evidence. History has documented that so twisted and perverse was this desire to kill, even after all knew the war was lost, the Germany killing machine continued expending what little resources remained to facilitate the mass murder of millions.

These camps were categorized by the Nazi henchmen for specific purposes. Some were forced labor camps, some were nothing more than holding centers and others had the distinct purpose of annihilation. If, while serving at the labor camps a prisoner could no longer work or were deemed unnecessary, they were sent to one of the special camps that specialized in death—like Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sobibor, Treblinka, Chelmno or Belzec (all in Poland). Prisoners of war, political prisoners or anyone who did not think along the lines of a good Nazi were sent to labor camps and had only a slight hope of survival. Others, like the Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, Serbs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, mentally infirm, the elderly and select others (considered “anti-social” i.e. beggars, “deplorables” and vagrants) were sent to an extermination camp as they had no place in the Third Reich. Starting prior to 1932, Jews (and others) were discriminated against and eventually measures were initiated that pushed discrimination to a new level—the systematic extermination of the Jews.  Endlosung – The Final Solution, started in the Soviet Union in 1941. There was even a very specific formula to determine if you were to be considered a Jew—and of course, if you were considered a Jew you were destined for one of the extermination camps. Even if you did not meet the definition of a Jew, as outlined by the Nazi formula, but had a trace of Jewish blood you were categorized as Mischlinge (a hybrid) and met with State-sanctioned discrimination commensurate to your level of Jewish blood. Eventually, those considered to be First Degree Mischlinge (two Jewish Grandparents) were deported to the death camps. An estimated total of 11 million people were murdered in the German death camps.

It is believed by some the Nazi Party did not initially have an overt plan to exterminate Jews or “undesirables” from the beginning of the Reich’s conception, but this is not true.  It can be inferred from his writings and speeches that Hitler wanted this from the beginning, but as a Government, the Nazi Party did not act on Hitler’s desires until they were sure there would be no major revolt from the German population.

“In the course of my life I have very often been a prophet, and have usually been ridiculed for it. During the time of my struggle for power it was in the first instance only the Jewish race that received my prophecies with laughter when I said that I would one day take over the leadership of the State, and with it that of the whole nation, and that I would then among other things settle the Jewish problem. Their laughter was uproarious, but I think that for some time now they have been laughing on the other side of their face. Today I will once more be a prophet: if the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevizing of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!” Adolf Hitler – January 30, 1939

Millions were exterminated because one group of people were convinced by the elite that another group of people did not matter.

By 1941, after two years of a war they were winning, and with the implementation of a massive propaganda effort, the German people were complacent and content to let the Nazi Party do as they saw fit—regardless of what that might be. A letter from the Bishop of Limburg (Dr. Hilfrich) to the Reich Ministry of Justice in August 1941, (among others things) pleaded to, “…prevent further transgressions of the Fifth Commandment of God.” Therefore, there were pockets of German and other European citizens (small groups and individuals) who worked against the Nazi Party and their Final Solution, however, there is no evidence of a national movement to stop the killing. In fact, the majority, either directly or indirectly, whether wittingly or unwittingly, worked to further the Nazi agenda.  At the very least they did nothing to stop it.

The Hadamar Epthanasis Centre was one of six facilities that performed mass sterilization and mass murder of “undesirable” members of German society, specifically those with physical or mental disabilities – today we call them deplorables.

Local school children knew what was going on and tease each other by saying, “…you’re crazy; you’ll be sent to the baking oven in Hadamar…” as stated in the aforementioned letter from Bishop Hilfrich. What was going on was a known fact throughout occupied Europe and it was accepted as the norm by most.

You can dissect the events from 1932 thru 1934 that gave Hitler total control and allowed him to pursue his perverse plan, and the subsequent events up through May of 1945, but it all comes down to the fact that the Nation of Germany allowed this to happen. So, can we lay complete blame on Hitler and his henchmen? No. Soon after becoming Chancellor in 1932, Hitler called for a new election and used a massive propaganda machine to demonstrate to the German people that he was their only hope for a new and prosperous Germany—he promised “change” after the economic crash of the late 1920’s and early 30’s. This election was won because a percentage of the votes offered, a vote that opened the door to the Holocaust and hurled the world into war, was provided by Germans who considered themselves conservative. In fact, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, “…as the result of a constitutionally questionable deal among a small group of conservative German politicians who had given up on parliamentary rule.” Their plan was to use and then outmaneuver Hitler to regain power, but their plan failed. This led to Hitler’s full use of the Sturmabteilung (S.A., Storm Troopers), the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo), the Schutzstaffel (SS, Protection Squad), the Sicherheitsdienst des ReichsfuhrersSS (S.D., Security Service of the SS) and ultimately the Einsatzgruppen (mobile killing groups each containing several commando units) whose sole purpose was to travel the country side and exterminate Jews wherever they might be. These organizations, and others like them, ran the camps and collected the occupants to fill the camps, the gas chambers, and the crematoriums. The sickness and perverse nature of the men (and women) who filled the ranks of these organizations could move about and initiate any atrocity without fear of retribution from the nation’s citizens or retribution or sanctions from a government that claimed to serve the people—that is people who met a specific identity and mindset. What is said to be unique about Hitler’s “Final Solution” was the determination to murder, without exception, every Jew who were unfortunate enough to be within their grasp, with a fervent fanaticism, ingenuity, efficiency and cruelty. Sonderbehandlung (special treatment) was reserved for the Jewish population and from captivity to the application of “special treatment” the life of a Jew was intolerably brutal—and very short; often only as long as it would take to transport them to the extermination site.  Most who arrived at the camp were ashes before the end of the day.

So, back to the original question, “Do you think the evil that was the Holocaust of 1932 to 1945 has died away?”

The answer, “no, it has not, it is still here.” I’ve heard people say something along the lines of, the Holocaust was a very unique thing and could never happen again, because we are much more civilized now—but that is such a lie. (I should also mention here there are those who are pushing an agenda to have the Holocaust of the Third Reich removed from history since they claim it never happened.) Let’s look at some not so distant historical facts. The annihilation of the Native American in the 1800s and 1900s – in fact, although subtle, this practice continues today. The prisoner of War camps of the Civil War—Andersonville in the South and Rock Island in the North. The extermination of millions by Pol Pot’s Red Khmer in Cambodia (1975-1979), the Stolen Generations in Australia (1910-1970’s), the Sudan (1955-1972 and again 1983-2005), the Brazilian Indian Genocide (1957-1968), Rwanda (1962-1963 and again in 1983), Uganda (1971-1979), Sri Lanka (1983-2009), North Korea (1950’s to Present), Darfur (2003-Present) and Syria (2011-Present). All of these events took place with the approval (or the lack of disapproval) of a government and people of influence of that nation. Sadly these listed are just a few recent “events” of civilized societies acting on a thought that one group of people are better than another and therefore have the right to exterminate those they deem unfit or not in line with accepted philosophies.

The original caption on for this picture made reference to “Nazi Germany” but the current caption could identify a scene from anywhere.

The evil that was the Holocaust is ever present and all it takes is for good people to allow it. All it takes is a twisted leader, with the support of a few henchmen and the blind eye of a nation and the Holocaust will play itself out at anytime, anywhere. And yes, even in the United States. History will repeat itself over and over again. The first step that opens the door to a Holocaust is the thought that it could never happen here.  Do you think this nation exempt? The second step is to allow public statements of antisemitism (anti-anyone) by elected figures go unchecked and unquestioned; making excuses in defense of their comments is revolting and should NEVER be tolerated by the people of this great Nation.

This is how it starts. You can be the part of this nation who implements it, you can the part that ignores it and does nothing either way, or you can be the part the stands up to it and pushes back.

There are no other alternatives.

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How Will You Be Remembered

Authored by Steve Briscoe

I heard a line in a movie once that I thought was very profound, “What you do in life, echoes in eternity.” The movie was a fictional account of how an individual persevered while facing insurmountable odds. Some reading this may know what movie I’m talking about, but the movie is not the premise of this narrative.

Everything we say, everything we do, our every action is remembered by someone. The compilation of these “remembrances” is our legacy. Our legacy is how we will be remembered. How will we be remembered? How will you be remembered? Did you make every attempt to go to work every day and support your family? Did you go the extra step and extend your hand to others you knew needed assistance? Do you do for others as often as you can or do you wait impatiently for others to do for you? Do you cling to integrity or do you bend left or right of center based on the opinion of others.

Everything we say, do, think, and see has molded us into who we are today. Our experiences, both good and bad, have added fabric to the material that makes us who we are. Who we are will dictate our actions and our actions expose our worth. Doing the right thing is usually harder than doing the popular thing, but both carry direct and/or indirect consequences to ourselves and to those around us. Your actions will inscribe a memory in the minds of your family, friends, associates, and strangers. These actions, when witnessed by others, can change the course of a life; this change can be for the betterment of the witness or it can direct them down a slop of which they may not return.

Will the memory of you bring a smile or will it bring a dismal response? Will you be remembered fondly or will that memory bring a chill of contempt? Will you be remembered at all? There are several names from history and will never be forgotten, some good and some bad. Names like Hitler, Gandhi, Mandela, Gangis Khan, Sgt York, the Wright Brothers, Lincoln, Stalin… all are names that resound in history. Had Sgt York not acted selflessly that one time it is possible you would not know his name and it is very possible that day during WWI would have ended very differently. Had Nelson Mandela let depression and hate take over his persona what would have been the outcome? What if Hitler had not had an overly stern father who abused him but rather a father that cultivated in young Adolf that desire to paint pictures?  Most of us will not go down in the history books. We will live our lives and then fade closer and closer to total obscurity with each passing generation. The best we can hope for is to affect those around us in the present and hope, once we are gone, we will be remembered by family, friends and associates as a person of worth. If we are lucky our worth will be passed on to someone who will carry on, someone we have affected in a positive way.

By our actions we display a right way or a wrong way to our children and those with whom we have influence. I suspect, if the truth be told, we will pass on both right and wrong; both ends of the spectrum. Hopefully the positive side of the spectrum will carry more weight – hopefully. It is a good bet that three generations from now no one will know your name or know what or who you were, but you can have a positive effect on that generation if you have a positive effect on this generation because that piece of you passed to those around you may be passed on to subsequent generations.

Whether you want to or not you will affect those around you. By your actions, either good or bad, you will bestow upon someone a piece of fabric that will intertwine itself into who and what they will become and they, in turn, will pass it on to those around them. That is a great responsibility, one you may not acknowledge, but it is there nonetheless. What you do today will echo into the next generation and perhaps beyond. Please take that into account when you are faced with an option that requires a hard decision; others are watching and others will be affected. Think of who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to be remembered.

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