“If I were the devil” – America’s Culture War

By J. D. Pendry

Some of you from my generation, maybe earlier maybe later, remember Paul Harvey.  Even during my younger days, I enjoyed his commentaries and his “Rest of the Story” broadcasts.  In 1965, he broadcast a rather prophetic warning to Americans.  “If I Were the Devil” was apparently reworked by him over the years, but the message delivered as only Paul Harvey could is more appropriate today than any other time I can recall.  And as they say here in the hills, “I’ve been around here a day or two.”  Another great one is, “So God Made a Farmer.”  Take a couple of minutes and listen to both.  You may want to listen to them more than once.

As he did with most every topic, Paul Harvey grasped the heart of America.  He aptly zeroed in on what truly makes America great.  It is her boundless middle-class people like our farmers who still feed the world, but he just as aptly pointed out what may destroy us.  The loss of our God, Family, and Country culture.  Today he’d be reviled by large segments of our society.  He’d be branded with the whole list of phobic epithets we read or hear broadcast across today’s major media platforms and reserved for the voices declaring love of America.  Branded by the people determined to shred our binding fabric ripping us from our cultural foundation and replacing it with something wholly unrecognizable.  Not only unrecognizable to our founders, but also unrecognizable to the ignorant cheering for it.

God, Family, and Country buttress our free and civil society.  Remove them or damage them so severely they become meaningless, and you destroy America.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

The 2014 General Social Survey showed in 1990 7% of Americans declared no religious affiliation.  In 2014 it was 21%.  Inside those numbers are what’s most revealing.  In 1990, 9% of 18-24-years old declared no religious affiliation.  In 2014, it was 33%.  Similar change is shown for the age groups up to age 44.  The college educated showed comparable increases.  In 1990, 15% of political liberals declared no religious affiliation.  In 2014, it was 38%.  Political moderates increased from 6% to 19% and political conservatives from 5% to 9%.

The Pew Research Center’s, Religious Landscape Study, shows 38% of age group 18 to 29 years do not believe in God along with 34% of age group 30 to 49.  The Pew study also shows that 32% of age group 18-39 and 36% of age group 30-49 view religion as not at all important.  79% of people who believe in God with absolute certainty also believe that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.  The degree of certainty a person believes in God correlates with their views on not only abortions, but every social issue and political view.

Rejecting God means much more than declaring disbelief in God.  It also means rejection of a moral authority.  It is only through an accepted moral authority that we believe murder, stealing, lying, etc. are wrong.  The increasing rate younger generations are rejecting God, religious affiliation, and with that a moral authority does not bode well for a free and civil society.  If these generations hold firm to their beliefs, until they are of age and in majority to run the country, America is lost.

As the Psalm reminds, God is our fortress.  When we weaken the fortress, we endanger families and our country taking refuge behind.  We’ve seen families destroyed by welfare schemes, excessive poverty in single parent homes, high divorce rates, increasing abortion rates and states passing laws allowing abortion up to the time of birth, marriage encouraged that cannot naturally produce children, drug abuse destroying families, and the list goes on.  We witness daily attacks on our country.  Our founders, men of their times, are disparaged by the ignorant with standards of our time.  Objects of history are destroyed.  There are attacks on our Republic, attacks on the methods we use for election of our president to ensure the entire country is represented.  Attack after attack on our country’s foundation.

Attacks on God, Family, and Country are reaching a crescendo.  Our survival relies on restoring and strengthening our foundational pillars.

© 2019 J. D. Pendry, J. D. Pendry’s American Journal, All Rights Reserved

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The Rabid Main Stream Media Hatred of Trump Supporters

By Kelleigh Nelson

He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander is a fool.  Proverbs 10:18 KJV

Hatred, in the course of time, kills the unhappy wretch who delights in nursing it in his bosom. Giacomo Casanova

God’s truth judges created things out of love, and Satan’s truth judges them out of envy and hatred. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

When I look at the Democratic Party and main stream media (MSM), all I see is control by demonic powers and a satanic hatred of truth. The party was started in January 1828 by Andrew Jackson, our 7th President, and Martin Van Buren, our 8th President.  Less than 200 years later, the Democratic Party has become the party of Karl Marx.

Those presidents of the 19th Century would never believe media would promote a 29 year old socialist on the cover of Time Magazine as it has with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Neither would they believe that anti-Semite Islamist, Ilhan Omar was featured on the cover of Time as the first congresswoman from Somalia.  Our third President, Thomas Jefferson, fought the Muslim Barbary pirates and defeated them and then the United Kingdom again in the War of 1812.  But today the media is silenced.

In my previous article, I discussed the NYTs v. Sullivan Supreme Court decision of 1964 which allows media to lie about public figures.  As such, great advantage of this decision was used not only in trying to destroy our President with a false narrative of Russian collusion by the DNC, but also the destruction via Special Counsel Robert Mueller of the men who supported and worked for Donald Trump. 

Several of the nation’s largest and most influential news outlets had spread an explosive but completely false news story to millions of people about our President and his supporters.  The lies told by media have ruined a number of good men, and the majority of those lies were fundamentally false. Link  As Diane West says in her book, The Red Thread, look for the “Reds” responsible for this coup against our President and his supporters.

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth,” was the law of propaganda often attributed to the virulent anti-Semitic Nazi, Joseph Goebbels.  Media learned well.

Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn

The Flynn brothers in 2011 with their now late mother Helen.

General Flynn, a 33-year dedicated military veteran and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration was one of the first to endorse Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He was named during the transition to head up the national security apparatus in the White House.  The General was President Trump’s wisest choice.  He knows more about military intelligence, China, Iran, Islam, and the corrupt Department of Justice and the FBI than anyone in President Trump’s administration. In 2010 he co-authored Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan

In a recent PJ Media article, Michael Ledeen explains that General Flynn changed the way we did intelligence against the likes of Zarqawi, bin Laden, the Taliban, and their allies.  He saw that our battlefield intelligence was too slow and made it light years faster.  Ledeen said, “This earned him a following among some who worked for or with him, but it also gained him the enmity of those who had been cut out of ‘the chain of command.’”

A Marine buddy’s brother served under General Flynn and he said, “Mike Flynn walks on water, and he doesn’t even get his shoes wet.”  That’s how much they loved him.

The Obama/Clinton cabal knew they had to stop General Flynn.  They knew he was dangerous to their corrupt apparatus, so they set him up.  Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, organized the surveillance apparatus.  Dr. Evelyn Farkas, former Obama deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia and Ukraine, before she left in 2015, urged her former colleagues to, “get as much information as you can…get as much intelligence as you can before President Obama leaves the administration.”  Link

General Flynn long ago became the target and the truth is, he never lied to anyone.  Mike Pence, Reince Priebus, Sally Yates, the FBI and Obama were responsible for eliminating him from the Trump administration. The establishment and Deep State joined together to destroy the man who endangered their corrupt cabal. Unfortunately, our President did not have the foresight and political discernment to comprehend why they wanted Flynn gone.  He should never have allowed it.

The General was the only person in the administration who was capable of dismantling and destroying the corrupt and weaponized intelligence community, and they all knew it.

The standard modus operandi was used.  Exculpatory Russia evidence about the General was kept secret by the intel community.  Link  Both FBI agents, Strzok and Pientka who did the sneak attack interview on the General said he didn’t lie about anything.  Yet, Devin Nunes told Maria Bartiromo that they were never allowed to interview Joe Pientka.  Congressman Nunes believes the General plead guilty because he was out of money and Bartiromo mentioned that Mueller’s modus operandi was to threaten the General’s son. Link

And now, Russian historian Svetlana Lokhova is speaking out.  Watch the latest video at Fox News with Tucker Carlson.  Svetlana is exposing the Obama Deep State apparatus and the accompanying involvement of Stefan Halper, a well-known CIA operative and the FBI informant who monitored the Trump campaign.  The DOJ and FBI’s highly inflammatory and, at best, misleading claims that they made to try to prevent Halper’s identity from being reported are extremely troubling.

Bring Back Flynn!

There are many Mueller and Obama agents still in the FBI and FBI Director Christopher Wray is promoting the cabal again.  David P. Goldman says, “To Stop the Deep State, Bring Back Mike Flynn.” 

General Flynn was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012 when the DIA blew the whistle on CIA backing for Sunni Islamists fighting the Assad regime during the then-raging Syrian civil war.  Trump was right when he said the Obama administration created ISIS. 

Goldman wrote, “President Trump should pardon Gen. Flynn right now and summon him back to Washington. Mueller forced Flynn to plead guilty to an invented charge of lying to FBI agents, even though the FBI agents who interviewed him about Russian contacts said that they thought he was telling the truth. Now that the Mueller investigation has come up with nothing, the frame-up of Gen. Flynn appears all the more heinous. The Deep State feared Mike Flynn, with good reason. Trump should reappoint him to a top job, and really terrify his opponents.”

Please help the General defray millions in legal costs by donating to his legal defense fund, and ask President Trump to immediately dismiss these false charges against Mike Flynn.

Paul Manafort

Mr. Manafort worked only a short time for candidate Trump as his campaign chairman.  He has paid a high price for the few months he advised Donald Trump, including nearly nine months in solitary confinement, a draconian punishment which did not fit the crime.  He has plead guilty to charges.

Ten years ago, Manafort was allegedly investigated for the same crimes and there was a decision not to move forward.  Allegedly, according to Judge Napolitano, the man who exonerated and dropped the charges was Rod Rosenstein. 

Former U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy writes in National Review that there are no guarantees it won’t or can’t be revisited:

“…the closing of an investigation does not come with a guarantee that the investigation will never be reopened. Nothing prevented the Justice Department itself from reviving the Ukrainian case against Manafort.

If Manafort’s tie to the Trump campaign convinced Rosenstein that the Trump Justice Department would have a conflict of interest in any criminal investigation involving Manafort, Rosenstein could properly have assigned the reopened Ukrainian case to a special counsel in the first instance — i.e., as part of Mueller’s original jurisdiction.

The unredacted part of Rosenstein’s August 2nd, 2017 memo authorizes Mueller to investigate allegations that Paul Manafort, as Trump’s Campaign Manager, “committed a crime or crimes by colluding with Russian government officials” and “committed a crime or crimes arising out of payments he received from the Ukrainian government before and during the tenure of President Viktor Yanukovych.”

Much of the August 2nd memo is redacted, until the end, where Rosenstein tells Mueller, “You therefore have authority to continue and complete the investigation of those matters…”

As Fox News noted, Rosenstein’s August 2nd memorandum specifically authorizing Mueller to investigate Paul Manafort’s financial dealings came one week after the FBI’s July 26, 2019 predawn raid on Manafort’s home, where the FBI reportedly seized Manafort’s bank records and tax documents. 

Paul Manafort will probably die in prison for having worked for Donald Trump, whether or not he’s guilty of charges that would not have been revisited had he not been a Trump employee.  In January of 2018, Mueller said that Manafort should not get credit for cooperating.

The MSM has condemned this man as a white-collar criminal and has lied about him while extoling the virtues of Rick Gates who has fully “cooperated with Mueller” and is also charged with financial fraud and lying to the FBI.  Manafort did do things improperly and illegally, but had he never worked for Donald Trump, it is highly unlikely he would be paying this exorbitant price. 

Of course, the Podesta brothers have done much the same, but have never been charged.  Manafort worked for John and Tony Podesta, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and assisted in gaining Russian benefits via influence over State Department policy.  But Bob Mueller is also connected to Manafort’s business partners in the Ukraine – the Podesta Brothers – who are connected to Hillary Clinton – and a Russian “foundation” in the Ukraine labeled the Party of Regions.

Why isn’t Robert Mueller investigated?

Roger Stone is a 40-year friend of Donald Trump and one who early on in the campaign advised him.  Now he’s being charged with obstruction, lying to Congress and witness tampering.  Instead of the Mueller investigation requesting Stone’s lawyer to have Stone turn himself in, they made a public display with a group of heavily armed FBI agents storming Roger Stone’s Florida home on a January morning in 2019, as seen in a dramatic CNN video

Twenty-nine FBI agents in bullet proof protective gear and armed with submachine guns showed up pre-dawn at Roger Stone’s home.  There were seventeen vehicles, two of which were armored, two boats behind Roger’s home and one helicopter was circling overhead. Link  Only twelve Navy Seals were dispatched to eliminate Osama bin Laden.

Law enforcement vehicles with flashing lights, but without sirens, are seen parked nearby Stone’s Fort Lauderdale home shortly after 6 a.m. ET, CNN reports. The network has aired the footage multiple times. Stone was accused by a federal grand jury of lying about the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, according to Robert Mueller.

FBI raids are not broadcast to the media, but this one was by one of Mueller’s boys. Beirut-born Assyrian-American George Piro, Special Agent in Charge Miami, most likely authorized the raid and leaked the information to CNN.

Roger Stone also has a legal defense fund for donations.  Please help.

Papadopoulos and Cohen

Ex-Donald Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos was released from prison after serving 12 days for lying. As part of his sentence, Papadopoulos will serve 12 months of probation. 

Former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen even plead to charges that are not crimes and will serve three years in jail for charges of financial fraud and campaign finance violations.  Department of Housing and Urban Development official, Lynne Patton, a long time Trump family associate and Cohen friend, appeared when Cohen gave his rehearsed testimony to Congress.  She claimed there was another reason for Cohen’s betrayal—that his wife was being threatened with jail time unless he “turned on” Trump. Do I believe this?  Absolutely, it’s the Mueller gang modus operandi.


The Rule of Law is the principle that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced. It has become only too obvious those connected to the Democrat Party never suffer for their crimes.  Enemies of the establishment will suffer for any perceived crime or for no crime at all, but their friends like Jussie Smollet go free, despite being charged with 16 felony counts.

It’s time for truth to be restored to the public discourse, the 1964 NYTs v. Sullivan Supreme Court decision needs to be overturned. Actual truth regarding the whole fraudulent Russia collusion has never been seen on MSM.  They continue to spew their poisonous lies.

© 2019 Kelleigh Nelson, All Rights Reserved

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See Us…

By Steve Briscoe

Most of us have been driving since we were sixteen years old. After years of driving we have conditioned our brains to look for obstacles and obstructions as we drive. We pride ourselves in an ability to maintain situational awareness at a glance.  With this quick glance we can see cars and big trucks all around us; which ones are close and which ones might pose a threat.  We collect data on the status of the traffic lights, street signs, pedestrians, the location of local law enforcement… the list is endless. This is a good thing, it keeps us, those with us, and those around us from harm as we drive.

However, with this conditioning comes complacency.  Most drivers have conditioned their brains to collect risk data on all the cars in the vicinity; however, more often than not, a motorcycle in front of the car focused on by the driver will go unnoticed. Why? Because the brain is conditioned to focused on the car; the car is the threat, not the motorcycle. There have been a number of studies conducted on this phenomenon (here’s one).  I could get into all the facts about what the eye actually sees, what is sent to the brain, that everyone has a blind spot right in the center of their eye that the brain filters out and, regardless of what you think, that the brain can focus on, albeit short, only one thing at a time… but I’ll not get into all that. Mainly because the words have way too many syllables and I’d have to look up all those definitions. Suffice it to say, to see something, you have to want to, and unless you ride, most people just do not consider the motorcycle. Have you ever tried to find something on your desk only to find it ten minutes later right in the middle of your desk; you looked at it 50 times and didn’t see it. You were looking for it, but your brain was doing something else.

In like fashion, most of us will position the mirrors on our cars to reduce the blind-spot as much as possible; most mirrors are large enough and have a slight curve that will completely eliminate the possibility of a car hiding in the blind spot. But a blind spot can still hide a motorcycle. Most riders are all too familiar with the danger associated with a blind spot—known as the kill zone—and will maneuver to steer clear of them because we know most drivers will not check the blind spot before changing lanes, but sometimes traffic makes this safety measure difficult.

“…but Officer, I didn’t see him!”

There have been several occasions while out riding, I’ve seen drivers in oncoming traffic look right at me then promptly turn left in front of me, then act surprised when I slam on the brakes.  They looked right at me, appeared to make eye contact, but did not see me because I was not in a car; I was not a threat, at least not then. They’re really surprised when I follow them to their house.

When a car hits a motorcycle the first thing said is, “But Officer, I didn’t see them!” Chances are they looked directly at the motorcycle but their brain was on autopilot and they were oblivious to the carnage they were about to inflict.

We’ll not discuss the cell phone texting thing. That is just a flagrant lapse in responsibility and should be treated as such. Imagine their irritation when I ride right next to their window as they chat and I down shift to get a bit more rumble from the pipes.  As you drive your car there are hundreds of things going on around you that you do not notice because you don’t need to notice. As a rider we focus on everything.  Any car within 100 feet of us, at a moment’s notice, can inflict great pain and death because we know the likelihood of a distracted driver is significant; it’s hard not to keep that in mind.

Do yourself a favor; do me a favor. When you drive, or when you are a passenger, make a mental effort to count the number of motorcycles you encounter from any direction. After a while your brain will start to pick up on them and you will no longer have to make the concerted effort to see them, you will see them instinctively.  In the meantime, take an extra half second to really look. Take that instant just before changing lanes to lean forward in your seat or turn your head to the right and check the blind-spots. I really don’t have the time to follow you home and educate you on the responsibilities of driving a car.

The rider you won’t hit could be me; it could be a family member, a friend, a co-worker, an associate or a stranger.  If, due to a lapse in judgement, you kill a rider, it will change your life forever; trust me on this.

© 2019 Steve Briscoe, All Rights Reserved

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Has anyone seen my car keys?

By J. D. Pendry

Sometimes it’s just good to sit and contemplate.  Like this morning.  I looked out upon my 1.5 acres of hillside and said to myself, ‘Dang, I’m going to have to cut that.”  So, I went back in the house, filled my Sergeant Major cup with black coffee, tried hard to avoid the attention of Household 6, and ended up down in the Bunker – contemplating.  I am a pretty doggoned good contemplator if I must say so myself.  It’s like my Dad used to say, “Now that boy there ain’t afraid of work.  He can lay down and go to sleep right beside of it.”  Dad had a way with words.  His meaning usually quite clear.  He didn’t accept that my contemplating (day dreaming) was thinking about the best way to approach the problem before me.  “Davidson,” Dad would say and I don’t know why he called me that, “it just ain’t that complicated.”  With that observation, he was typically right and that’s the point where the chore at hand replaced the contemplation.

My contemplating mechanism has been working overtime lately.  I’m just curious if it might be those new made from jellyfish memory pills I’ve been taking that’re causing me to overthink things.  Probably not, but as expensive as they are, I figured I at least should be able to remember what I had for breakfast or find my car keys, or see into the future.

What do you think about this Mueller probe?  Now why does that sound like a proctologist’s tool?  There I go again, wandering off.  What was it?  Two years almost with hundreds of pages, millions of documents and who knows how many interviews.  The summary said nothing to see here, yet everyone says lay it all out there.  I agree, lay it all out there.

For all of this time, I’ve been hearing what a square shooter Mueller is from the Democrat side and what a crooked outfit he was running from the Republican side.  Now I’m hearing what a great investigator he is from the Republicans and how terrible he is from the Democrats.  It makes my contemplator ache a little.

If Mr. Mueller did a thorough job as it’s suggested he did, maybe the Democrats really do not want to see the whole report.  Wouldn’t it be a knee slapper if there were criminal referrals in there for the people who actually got this mess started.  Old Clapper is already laying it at Obama’s feet.  Sometimes I just get those feelings.  Maybe Mueller was thorough and truthful and really did examine all sides.  Another expression of Dad’s was, “It’s the kicked dog that barks the loudest.”  Can you say Clapper, Brennan, Comey… . Maybe my contemplator is just pulling up some wishful thinking.  Or maybe it just took the Mueller gang 2 years to destroy evidence and clean up for their deep state compadres.

And what about these caravans of immigrants overwhelming our borders?  You’d think among the plethora of intelligence agencies we have in this country, we should know beyond any reasonable doubt who is organizing them.  That many people cannot move at the pace they’ve been moving without eating, sleeping, medical care… someone has to be paying for that.  Can’t our spooks just find that person or people and drone them or something?  Maybe it’s time to federalize the National Guard and defend our borders until such time as order is restored and our borders secured.

And the worst thing going on right now has me so befuddled I don’t know which hat I should wear.  I have one that’s camo, one that’s white, and a blue one.  Athletes in general and baseball players in particular are superstitious. Don’t get ahead of yourself here, because I’m neither.  Although I did participate in some athletic endeavors when younger, less arthritic, and much more limber.  Baseball and the old man’s version of softball came with it an unusual level of superstition.  During the first game of one softball season, I picked up a couple of pebbles, fooled around with them while contemplating life, then dropped them into the back pocket of my baseball britches.  We won that first game by the 10-run rule, which means the people we played were really bad.  Every game after, I kept those little pebbles in my back pocket.  We won the league championship.  Now I have this other problem.  My Cubs are stinking up the ballpark.  The first game of the season, I put on my camo Cubs cap and they beat the Rangers like they stole something.  I put it on for the next game and the Cubs’ pitchers forgot how to pitch.  So much for that run.  Next game, it was the white hat and they lost.  Next game it was the blue hat and they forgot that a team must also play defense.  So, there’s my dilemma.  I’m out of hats.  Think maybe voodoo will work?  Adam Schiff seems to be doing okay with it.  Has anyone seen my car keys?

© 2019 J. D. Pendry J. D. Pendry’s American Journal, All Rights reserved.

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The Future of America Thrown away Like Trash: The Fall of Public Education

By Dr. Alicia Sigee

If we are going to discuss the US Education System, we must know the history to understand with the current trajectory why we are missing the mark.  The first American public school was founded in Boston, MA in 1635 and made education compulsory in 1642.  While the schools were publicly supplied the families were charged tuition for the majority of white males to attend school.

During the Reconstruction era, the south created the first public school system supported by general taxes.

By 1870, all state’s elementary schools were state funded.  As time progressed the US established schools for the blacks, religions, and Native Americans all with thoughts of keeping whites separate.  The rural areas where still the most undereducated populations.  In 1880, high schools were established for college-bound students.

The American Public-School System was plagued with inequalities for people of color, the poor and special needs.  The system created public laws, policies and funding to provide education for all, with programs such as special education, early childhood education, child nutrition, English as a Second Language, summer schools, and target literacy programs to name a few. 

Now, let’s talk about the current situation with public education.

The current administration’s Sec. of Education DeVos (parents paid for her education), who heads an intuition that she nor anyone in her family has ever participated in, pushes the Republican agenda to dissolve public education labeling the massacre “School of Freedom.”  Although the agenda has been in play for several Republican terms with the title School of Choice or voucher system,” DeVos stays on the path to wreck one of the great intuitions created by America – Public Education. 

Last week the hot topic was defunding Special Olympics, which was a smoke screen while the administration passed other cuts to 29 other public education programs: 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Alaska Native Education, American History and Civics Education, Arts in Education, Comprehensive Centers, Innovative Approaches to Literacy, Ready to Learn Programs, Supporting Effective Education Development and Promise Neighborhoods (to name a few) totaling $6,688 million. In addition, the de-regulation of disproportionality safeguards, which data from the Department of Education supports that minorities are suspended five times more than others and minorities are placed in special education with an emotional disability three times more than whites.  Oh my, that’s the same information DeVos is citing but with a different twist.  Her lens is shaded with the Republican agenda. 

One more nugget, the agenda to create schools of choice has cost the government over $1 Billion in funds for failed unregulated charter schools, while they fight to cut funding for public schools.  Yet the current proposed budget asks for more funding for charter and private schools to provide freedom of schools which lack regulation.

As a nation we have made a 360-degree circle in our quest for being an educated people, the rich get educated and the rest get thrown out like trash. 

The question that is posed:  How are we going to prosper as a country when we do not value God and free public education?

© 2019 Alicia Sigee, All Rights Reserved

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