Remembering those who gave all for us

“It is foolish and Wrong to mourn the men who died.  Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.” General George S. Patton Jr.

Growing up in Southern West Virginia, we called it Decoration Day.  It was a time for remembering those lost to war and for large family reunions at Grandpa’s house.  These family gatherings were filled with World War II and Korean War Veterans, my Dad and Uncles among them.  For me, barely an advanced toddler, it was all about seeing my cousins and eating potato salad and banana pudding. 

The origins of the day remembering American casualties of war is debatable.   Several places claim the honor and President Johnson declared it began in Waterloo, New York.  Although not a declared holiday, the roots of the remembrance are traced to widows and families of Civil War dead, both Union and Confederate, who gathered in Spring to decorate the graves of those lost in the war.  Over the years, it became Memorial Day and an official government holiday to honor not only those lost in war, but all who gave their lives in military service to the country.  As General Patton said, “we should thank God” for each and every one of those who served and sacrificed and importantly passed to us the torch of freedom,

Then I heard the voice of the Lord Saying, “Whom shall I send?  And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here Am I.  Send me!”  Isaiah 6:8 (NIV)

I’m not a poet, unless you consider some of the Jody cadences I used as a Drill Sergeant.  During my last few years of service, I was at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia.  About a ten-minute walk from my house on Fort Myer was the Tomb of the Unkowns in Arlington National Cemetery.  It was early, the sun not up for long and flickering through the trees.  A slight breeze blowing.  A light dew covered the green fields.  It was the most serene, peaceful, and inspirational place I’ve ever been.  When I returned home, I tried to capture my feelings in a poem.  Indulge me my first and only attempt at poetry.

Fields of Heroes

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At my back is the colonnade of the Mansion Lee,
Sprawling before me, a free nation’s capital I see.
Just below this dwelling high
Beneath an eternal flame a president and his family lie.
It’s a fitting place for a president to be
Surrounded by the hero spirits of the free.

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Not so far from this majestic home,
In Napoleonic alignment stand many rows of stone
Bearing a simple inscription, Union Soldier – Unknown.
Heroes of the free who never made it home.
A fitting place for these souls to rest
Guardians still of this world’s best.

A horse drawn caisson passes by
The sounding of Taps tears the eye.
With the blast of guns twenty-one
To these fields of honor another hero comes.
It’s a fitting place for an eternal home
Surrounded by brothers and sisters of arms.

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Marble and granite stand in contrast to green sod
Honoring those known but to their God.
A guard of honor walks precise
Ever present sun or ice.
It’s fitting homage to the souls

Of these unknown heroes who gave all.

Twenty-one steps this guard of honor takes
In twenty-one seconds his journey he makes.
For twenty-one seconds he will pause,
Honoring those who had a cause.

Quiet and peaceful are these fields of green
A spiritual place, calm, serene.
And as I feel their cooling breeze the spirits know
Humbly I stand midst fields of heroes.

May God bless and embrace the men and women who sacrificed for us.  Let us take the torch of freedom they passed to us and keep it burning brightly.

© 2019 J. D. Pendry, All Rights Reserved

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By Kelleigh Nelson

There must be “consequences” for those claiming Russian collusion if Mueller report shows none.  Tucker Carlson

Democrats continue to show day in and day out, they’re nothing but sore losers. At some point, they have to realize that they have been beat by President Trump in the 2016 election. They’re getting beat … on issues that actually matter, and I think they’re a sad excuse for a political party right now. At some point, they have to decide if they want to govern.  Sarah Sanders

This is not a game! This is the president of the United States. This nation deserves full-time leadership and no further effort to subvert, to overthrow the presidency of Donald J. Trump.  Lou Dobbs

When during their exhaustive 22-month investigation did Mueller and his team of Hillary supporting Democratic prosecutors realize they had no case?  Probably no later than at the end of 2017, but I’d guess from the beginning.  By the time Mueller was appointed on May 17, 2017, the FBI had been trying unsuccessfully for nearly a year to corroborate the bogus Steele dossier’s allegations. 

Democrats and their complicit media are far worse than sore losers.  They have done everything in their power to destroy President Trump from the day he declared his candidacy.  They hate him, they hate his supporters and they hate anyone who righteously campaigned for him.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

It is clear that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI participated in a fraud on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) in order to surveil U.S. citizen Carter Page.  Signing on behalf of the DOJ were Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Sally Yates, then-Acting DAG Dana Boente, and then current DAG Rod Rosenstein who each signed one or more FISA applications. 


Rod Rosenstein approved the application to extend surveillance of former Trump campaign associate Carter Page. The NYTs claimed the FBI and DOJ’s application was based partially on research by investigator Christopher Steele, who compiled the spurious dossier.

When Rosenstein testified in a House hearing about FBI and DOJ abuses, he was asked by former judge Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) about the FISA warrant he signed and Rosenstein looked to FBI Director Wray for the answer – a move that disturbed Gohmert.  Rosenstein said he signed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) documents to spy on Carter Page and told Congressman Gohmert that he didn’t need to read every document he signed, that he merely needed to understand what’s in it.

Now that Rosenstein has stepped down, he is doing everything he can to cover his backside. But he was the one who gave an open letter of appointment to Robert Mueller to conduct an investigation confirmed by then FBI Director James Comey before the House Permanent Select Committee on March 20, 2017.  And it was Rosenstein who wrote the letter to President Trump stating Comey needed to be fired

That started this entire nightmare-from-hell for not only the President, but his administration, supporters and the entire country.  The people who ran the DOJ were vicious dogs, and yes, our bloated government uses “national security” to cover up their crimes.

There is far too much on Rod Rosenstein that doesn’t make sense.  He is far too chummy with Mueller, Comey and Wray to really want true justice.  And few believe he didn’t want to wear a wire and record our President.

The Sordid Mueller Investigation

The Mueller investigation is finally over and $35 million American tax dollars have been spent on researching and investigating the cooked up lies of Hillary Clinton and the DNC “paid for” Steele dossier which led to this fictitious probe.  And all those tax dollars were paid to attorneys who hate Donald Trump.  Andrew Weissmann was the man given authority to hire the rest of the investigators for Robert Mueller, and Weissmann should have been disbarred long ago after the Enron case where he bent or broke rules to get false guilty pleas.

The resulting investigation prosecuted Americans for everything except the “collusion” it was supposed to uncover, many of whom will suffer lasting affects.

Weissmann was Mueller’s legal Pit Bull and the two of them worked hand in glove using the same rotten modus operandi they’ve effectively employed for over thirty years.  Those in their crosshairs even plead guilty to charges that weren’t crimes.  They also plead guilty to save family members, and they pleaded guilty when they’d previously been investigated by the government and found innocent. They pleaded guilty when those on the left did far worse and were never charged…i.e., Podesta’s and Biden’s.  Financial destruction was imminent for all targeted by Mueller.


Sidney Powell wrote the tell-all book, Licensed to Lie, and it exposed the corruption of justice especially in the Enron case.  Powell served in the Department of Justice for ten years in Texas and Virginia and has devoted her private practice to federal appeals for the past twenty years.  “All of the cases Weissmann pushed to trial were reversed in whole or in part due to some form of his overreaching and abuses,” Sidney Powell told The Washington Times. “The most polite thing the Houston bar said about Weissmann was that he was a madman.”  In early 2018, Sara Carter reported that Weissmann and Mueller were connected to two of the largest scandals in FBI history, and they got away with it.

Bill Barr’s Investigators

What are the odds that the Durham investigation will bring the corrupt players to justice?  Certainly, there is hope with the new Attorney General William Barr.  However, knowing government machinations, I am not holding my breath.  Yet…justice is so longed for, and John Durham looks to be the man who could give it to us!


John Durham, the prosecutor appointed by AG Barr to investigate how Trump-Russia allegations emerged and spread within federal law enforcement, has already been looking into whether the FBI’s former top lawyer, James Baker, illegally leaked to reporters. 

The U.S. attorney from Connecticut appears to have begun that work more than seven months ago, to judge from an underreported transcript of an October congressional interview with Baker.  Could it be that Acting U.S. AG, Matthew Whitaker, who succeeded Jeff Sessions and held the post from early November 2018 to February 14, 2019, tapped John Durham?

Mr. Durham has a long history of serving as a special prosecutor investigating potential wrongdoing among law enforcement and national security officials. He was appointed to the federal bench in 2017 by President Trump. Attorney Durham has even investigated the use or misuse of FBI informants.

In fact, one of his best-known investigations was of the FBI’s handling of the mass murderer and Boston mobster Whitey Bulger.   It was Robert Mueller, Mr. Integrity, who kept four innocent people in prison for decades in order to keep Whitey Bulger from being exposed as an FBI informant. Four people who were innocent were kept in jail for years in order to protect the status of murdering Whitey Bulger as an FBI informant. 

In 1999, AG Janet Reno appointed Durham to investigate if FBI informants Bulger and his buddy, Stephen Flemmi had corrupted their FBI handlers.  In December 2000, Durham revealed secret FBI documents that convinced a judge to vacate the 1968 murder convictions of the four other FBI informants because they’d been framed by Robert Mueller’s FBI.  Two of those four men died in prison.  Mueller kept four innocent people in jail for years to protect the informant status of Whitey Bulger, a mass-murdering Boston mobster who ended up dying in California, and it ended up costing American taxpayers $100 million plus in civil judgments.  For the full story, purchase John Milkovich’s book, Robert Mueller: Errand Boy for the New World Order.


Former federal prosecutor, Nora Dannehy agreed to join Durham two months ago.  Dannehy prosecuted complex political corruption, including cases resulting in the convictions of former Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland and former state Treasurer Paul Silvester. In 2008, she was assigned to Washington to investigate whether prosecutors in the President George W. Bush justice department had been fired for political reasons.

William Barr has enlisted the help of the CIA to investigate whether the FBI’s surveillance of the Trump campaign was motivated by partisan bias.


CIA director Gina Haspel, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and FBI director Chris Wray are all participating in the investigation, which Barr first announced publicly during a congressional hearing last month.

Is this a danger sign or an indication that someone highly knowledgeable is on the case?  Christopher Wray is part of the Deep State; he’s covered for many of the corrupt in the FBI and made derogatory remarks regarding our President.  He should never be involved.  As for Gina Haspel, we don’t know where she stands.

John Huber


For eighteen months we’ve not heard a peep out of John Huber, he’s MIA and as a U.S. attorney who oversees federal prosecutions in the District of Utah, we should have heard something.  Even Jim Jordan has commented that Huber is like “Where’s Waldo?”  Where’s Huber?

There has been nary a public peep from U.S. Attorney John Huber, the man Jeff Sessions assigned to get to the bottom of things.  Likely witnesses say Mr. Huber has never contacted them, and members of Congress say they are still in the dark despite regular pleas to see progress.

Victoria Toensing, a former Justice Department prosecutor and now a private lawyer, with her husband, Joe diGenova, said of the Huber investigation, “It is a head fake, a farce.  It was an attempt by Sessions to get Republicans off his back. I’m embarrassed for them because they fell for it, and I hope something happens now.”  Link

Allegedly Huber is working collaboratively in the internal investigation with Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, but we have no idea when that report will be made public.


Barr told a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing, “I am going to be reviewing both the genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during 2016. I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal, I think spying did occur, yes.”  The mainstream media hates that he used the word “spying,” but Barr has openly said it’s a perfect word to use.

And now, Barack Obama’s corrupt officials, including former Attorney General Eric Holder are all lashing out at AG Bill Barr because he has launched a massive investigation into the origins of Spygate. 

They’re even harping at each other because of their fear of what John Durham’s investigation might lead to… perhaps grand jury indictments for many of them. 

We can only hope!

© 2019 Kelleigh Nelson, All Rights Reserved, Email Kelleigh:  

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What did you do today?

By Lieutenant Dean Shatlin

What did you do today, my friend,
from morning until night?
How many times did you complain
the rationing was too tight?
When are you going to do
all those things you say?
A soldier would like to know, my friend
What did you do today?

We met the enemy today
and took a town by storm.
Happy reading it will make,
but tomorrow you’ll mourn.
You’ll read, with satisfaction
a brief communiqué.
We fought, are you fighting?
What did you do today?

My gunner died in my arms today
I feel his warm blood yet
Your neighbors dying boy gave out
a scream I can’t forget.
On my right a tank was hit,
a flash and then a fire
The smell of burning flesh
still rises from the pyre

What did you do today, my friend
to help us with this task?
Did you work harder, and longer, for less?
Or is that too much to ask?
What right have I to ask you this
You will probably say
But maybe now you’ll understand
You see, I died today.

Lt. Dean Shatlin.
U.S. Army, Tank Commander
WWII, Africa

Lt. Shatlin’s tank was destroyed, he crawled to a nearby fox hole and had to amputate his own foot with a knife. He was found bleeding and unconscious by American soldiers. Although his injuries were severe, Lt. Shatlin did survive.

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Sometimes life here in the bunker is not intriguing

By J. D. Pendry

Mostly it rolls along fine until Household 6 pops in for a snap inspection.  Suzie-Q insisted I straighten up some, rather sternly.  Followed by the look.  You know the look.  Right after she nearly tripped over a pile of something or other in the middle of the floor just behind my outrageously expensive ergonomic chair that’s never performed as advertised.

Now the bunker is neat and orderly.  Too neat and orderly.  It’s making me ill.  For me, clutter is a thinking tool.  Don’t you agree?  I’ve always believed the proverb.  A cluttered desk or office is sign of a cluttered mind.  The opposite is the sign of a head that’s remarkably empty.  Clean, but empty.  Clutter is also my chosen filing system.  Or more fittingly piling system.

I have discovered desktop surfaces I haven’t seen for a while.  Also, some unfinished manuscripts.  They’re uncovered now.  I’ll give them a look, maybe I can recall what I was thinking when I left them mid paragraph or chapter, but likely not.  I’m in my wonder years.  I wonder why I started.   Wonder why I stopped.  If any particular pile re-piques my curiosity, I’ll doodle some with it until something else distracts me.  Then I’ll listen to some music and wonder how many starts and stops Twain or Dickens had.   Probably not many since in their day there was no social media.  Explains how one opens the Christmas tale of all times with “Old Marley was as dead as a door-nail.”  And then goes on to explain his lack of knowledge of what is particularly dead about a door-nail.  Who reads these masterful works nowadays?  Just old fogies like me, who’ve never appreciated streaming the latest video.  Besides, some of our classic American literature is shunned nowadays because by today’s parameters it might contain offensive or insensitive words.  Guess the judges of the worth of this literature don’t listen to the music being pumped into their children’s brain via ear buds.  Between you and I, it’s the haughty who are the problem. Not classic American literature.  Pardon me, but have you read some of the profanity laced work of today’s most successful and prolific writers.  I haven’t seen anyone take on Stephen King who lately has trouble completing a sentence minus an F-bomb or two.  That is what’s saturating young brains.  At least for those still reading books.

Speaking of distractions may I offer some sage advice?  Not to imply that I nor my advice is exceptionally wise, but if you need to focus on anything, close Facebook.  Don’t open it until everything you set out to do for the day is done.  I come in the bunker most mornings, check the email and read the news headlines.  If I open Facebook, I’m doomed to crowding my brain with the same 25 posts, cat videos, and Lord help me laughing uncontrollably at people taking horrendous falls.  I don’t know what causes us to laugh so hard when a woman, nose in her phone, walks into a utility pole and knock herself out.  I’m giggling just thinking about it and that can’t be right.  Can it?  And then there are always people laying out their personal lives and too often in intimate detail or declaring if I don’t share their post, I have no guts or am doomed to hell.  By the time I realize what I’m doing and the time I’ve wasted, my brain is so saturated with garbage thinking is no longer possible.  I’m convinced they’re trying to reprogram my cranial hard drive and social media is an evil government mind control experiment.  And it’s working!

I read in a self-help book (now that’s a profitable racket) people who are perpetually in debt do not feel comfortable once they’re out of debt.  So, when all the car loans and credit card bills are paid, they promptly work on getting back into debt.  Likewise, people accustomed to being broke and somehow come into a little money generally spend it right away to get back into their comfort zone.

I am busily making the bunker comfortable again.  Maybe I’ll craft a beware of tripping hazards sign.  I’ll make it out of paper so it cannot be turned into a life threating missile.

© 2019 J. D. Pendry, J. D. Pendry’s American Journal, All Rights Reserved Email JD:

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Lest We Forget

By Charles Stokes

We need to stay young,
And to stay young we need to stay around younger people.
We need to stay young,
We need to be around children, teenagers, grandchildren, –
We need to stay young,
Around someone who is now where we once were –
and had almost forgotten.
We need to stay young,
Take us back to those days when we could unabashedly do things –
just for the fun of doing it.
We need to stay young
Take us back to the days when we could run without tiring
– but didn’t know
We need to stay young,
For all the aggravation and heartbreak, and trying times that youth gives us

The wise can see that God has given us the greatest gift
– our children so that –
We can stay forever young.

© Charles Stokes, All Rights Reserved, Email Charles:

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Audie Leon Murphy Warrior Poet


Oh, gather ’round me, comrades; and listen while I speak
Of a war, a war, a war where hell is six feet deep.
Along the shore, the cannons roar. Oh how can a soldier sleep?
The going’s slow on Anzio. And hell is six feet deep.

Praise be to God for this captured sod that rich with blood does seep.
With yours and mine, like butchered swine’s; and hell is six feet deep.
That death awaits there’s no debate; no triumph will we reap.
The crosses grow on Anzio, where hell is six feet deep.


Alone and far removed from earthly care
The noble ruins of men lie buried here.
You were strong men, good men
Endowed with youth and much the will to live
I hear no protest from the mute lips of the dead.
They rest; there is no more to give.

So long my comrades,
Sleep ye where you fell upon the field.
But tread softly please
March o’er my heart with ease
March on and on,
But to God alone we kneel.


Dusty old helmet, rusty old gun,
They sit in the corner and wait –
Two souvenirs of the Second World War That have withstood the time, and the hate.

Mute witness to a time of much trouble.
Where kill or be killed was the law –
Were these implements used with high honor?
What was the glory they saw?

Many times I’ve wanted to ask them
And now that we’re here all alone,
Relics all three of a long ago war –
Where has freedom gone?

Freedom flies in your heart like an eagle.
Let it soar with the winds high above
Among the spirits of soldiers now sleeping,
Guard it with care and with love.

I salute my old friends in the corner,
I agree with all they have said
And if the moment of truth comes tomorrow,
I’ll be free, or By God, I’ll be dead!

Audie Murphy Medal of Honor Citation

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So Help Me God – The Battle for the Heart and Soul of America

Life presents in black and white.  Doesn’t it?  Right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark.  I know metaphorical expressions wear us out, but these well-known comparations suggest for us what is and is not acceptable behavior.  They’re a product of natural law.  Unchanging principles and morality many believe endowed by God.

“A fundamental presupposition of Natural Law is that man’s reasoning power is a special dispensation of the Creator and is closely akin to the rational or reasoning power of the Creator himself.  In other words, man shares with his creator this quality of utilizing a rational approach to solving problems, and the reasoning of the mind will generally lead to common-sense conclusions based on what Jefferson calledthe laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.’“  The 5000 Year Leap : A Miracle That Changed the World(Paperback) – 2011 Edition

Natural law is a precept embraced by our founders based on the thinking and writings of ancient Roman lawyer Cicero.  Cicero defined natural law as true law.

“True law is right reason in agreement with nature; it is of universal application, unchanging and ever-lasting; it summons to duty by its commands, and averts from wrongdoing by its prohibitions…. It is a sin to try to alter this law, nor is it allowable to repeal any part of it, and it is impossible to abolish it entirely.  We cannot be freed from its obligations by senate or people, and we need not look outside ourselves for an expounder or interpreter of it.  And there will not be different laws at Rome and at Athens, or different laws now and in the future, but one eternal and unchangeable law will be valid for all nations and all times, and there will be one master and ruler, that is God, over us all, for he is the author of this law, its promulgator, and its enforcing judge.  Whoever is disobedient is fleeing from himself and denying his human nature, and by reason of this very fact he will suffer the worst punishment.” Cicero, taken from Great Political Thinkers: From Plato to the Present Sixth Edition and quoted in The 5000 Year Leap.

In a civil society, absent written laws, natural law is observed by humankind.  At least by those who choose not to live in breach of humankind’s enduring principles and “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

“(Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.)”  Romans 2:14-15

I stand in good company proclaiming that we arrived in this world knowing right from wrong.  Like freedom, it was written on our hearts.  People argue against that.  Especially if they do not accept the natural order or a Supreme moral authority.  The moral authority that defines right and wrong.  It’s the reason we do not need written laws to know that lying, stealing, and murdering are wrong.  Going against what we inherently know, puts us in a place where people and nations lose their way.  Life without contentment is frustrating.  During our brief time in this world, contentment is impossible if there exists a nagging feeling that what we’re doing is wrong.  Unnaturally wrong.  When our man written laws make the unacceptable acceptable or turn evil to good then, as we say over here in the hills, we are on the rocky road to perdition.

It’s an age-old internal struggle. Spiritual warfare some call it.  We choose to follow a Supreme moral authority or we cast it off and decide for ourselves what’s right and wrong.  We become our moral authority with ever expanding boundaries. When boundaries expand to encompass others, others who may not hold to what we embrace as moral and natural, we see fits of rage and demands that they not be allowed to have a business or even exist in the public square.  Observe today’s America.  People cast off the concept of a Supreme moral authority, what is or is not natural, and then insist that others not only accept their behavior, but also endorse it.  That is where the battle for the heart and soul of not just people, but for a nation ensues.

In the latest effort to rid ourselves of divine influence, Democrat led committees no longer require witnesses to end their sworn oaths with “So Help Me God.” They’ve removed the Supreme authority from the oath.  So, who is it that’s holding them ultimately responsible for truthfulness?  Go read Kelleigh Nelson’s excellent article on the subject.

If you’ve read this far without moving on, maybe your asking what exactly is it I’m babbling on about.  It’s not hard, you know.  I need not provide a list, but I will.  Go read Romans 1.  The letter from the Apostle Paul to the Romans may as well have been addressed to America and for that matter the entirety of Western Civilization.  America cannot exist as America living in the gloomy gray between black and white, light and dark, good and evil.

© 2019 J. D. Pendry, J. D. Pendry’s American Journal, All Rights Reserved

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