A Classic Battle

Good versus evil is humankind’s classic battle. It was our first defining fight. It will be our last. One propels mankind forward as we might see in a review of the History of the United States of America. I am not sure if anyone attempts to learn that history anymore and I am quite sure that it is not properly taught in the American public school system. Apparently it is not in our institutions of higher learning either. If it was, when an accurate statement is made about one of our nation’s historical events the person offering it would not be labeled as ignorant of it. The other is destructive. It keeps societies illiterate and locked in worlds that most abandoned centuries ago. It destroys or tries to destroy whatever it touches. It has no other purpose. It is insidious by its nature and often not apparent until the price to confront it is high.

Local writer Don Surber posts a daily scoreboard of good versus evil. Maybe that is Don’s way of pointing out the subtleness of it. Glenn Beck, on his daily programs, is a rare national voice that also tries to draw a clear line between good and evil. For his efforts his is ridiculed. But, one must consider the aims of those who ridicule. Mr. Beck is not subtle. Maybe being hit between its collective eyes with a piece of dimension lumber is what America needs to shock it out of its stupor.

There must be clarity of thought on the topic and maybe it is high time that Americans actually began to examine things in terms of the classic battle. Achieving clarity is not so tough. Just understand that evil never produces good. Just as there are no little lies neither can we quantify evil. Where do little lies lead?

There is an institution in this land that is capable of great good and of great evil. There are good elements in it, but over time good has not won the day. It is the media. In all of its forms.

In our country, the media has and still portrays itself as the great arbiter of free speech. Actually, it is and has been the great destroyer of free speech. They destroy it by trying to actively control what speech Americans hear. As I was reminded last week, it is just like when Uncle Walter Cronkite announced to America that we had lost the Vietnam War and Americans trusted his word. Bluntly, Walter lied. Many more people died. Evil cannot produce good, but I am certain that in Cronkite’s mind he thought what he did was good. It fit his ideological worldview. The problem is that when ideology trumps facts, it does not lead to good. Good ol’ Uncle Walter did not tell Americans the facts. The facts were that the United States Military handed the North Vietnamese a devastating defeat in Tet of 1968, but the major media voice controlled what Americans heard and ultimately believed.

Fast forward to today. There has been a concerted media effort to destroy Sarah Palin. Anyone who doubts or denies that surely lacks any mental clarity. The media is all a thrill that they finally have access to 24,000 email messages from her time as the Governor of Alaska. Apparently there is nothing there or it would have been the highlight of all of the Sunday morning television talk shows. How many of Barack Obama’s emails do they have. What of anything pertaining to him do they have? What have they ever sought with the same vigor as they seek anything Palin? It is a rather pathetic display. No, it is actually a national disgrace.

I do not know your political views nor do I know your worldview. It does not matter to me how you think, but for our country to survive each of us must understand evil when it is staring us in the face. Each of us must also understand that evil cannot be defeated by evil, because at the end the winner will still be evil. Only good can defeat evil. Pray that our countrymen can make the right choices.

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Snob class versus America

Can you even watch the news without pounding your head against the kitchen countertop? If so, you are a better man than me. It is difficult to maintain the mellowed-out docile personality that I have worked hard to develop 12 years post-Army. I want to yell not so nice words in the direction of the television and kick some furniture. Fortunately, my wife’s frowning on such behavior keeps me in check.

Even Fox News, that self-proclaimed bastion of fair and balanced views with an occasional snippet of conservatism added, is revealing itself as the Karl Rove, Chuck Krauthammer, DickMorrisdotcom center for establishment elitism. Common people lacking Ivy League pedigrees shall not be allowed to break into America’s ruling class. Karl, Chuck and dotcomDick, with help from the Bill O’Reillys, stand as firm guardians. They have placed a near impregnable barrier at the club’s front door. The 82nd Airborne Division would be challenged to breach it. Do you not find it amazing? The people who were likely smoking pot and despising the establishment in the 60s are its most staunch protectors today.

Thanks to such people, the American caste system is alive and well. Sorry Sarah, but they have concluded that you simply do not possess the intellectual credentials and requisite class snobbery for admission into the Beltway Country Club. You probably did not stick the pinkie out far enough while sipping your drink at the hockey game. Maybe they saw you shooting a caribou or gutting a fish. Bully fine conduct for a Teddy Roosevelt, but not for you, you commoner – and woman to boot. Who on earth do you think you are? O’Reilly assures us, however, that he is looking out for us – the folks. The folks Bill? Maybe you can convince Mitt to make like John Kerry and “get me a huntin’ license.” Take off your tie and roll up your sleeves Mitt, you’ll connect buddy – with someone. The establishment loves you, but they are scared to death of a lone woman with an independent mind who does not kowtow to them. A woman who has a love affair with God and her country. For pedigreed politicians, that is a scary combination.

They allow lunatics who collect Congressional salaries and send obscene photographs of themselves to college students into the club. After Bill Clinton, they must consider such acts a resume enhancer. How else can you explain the conduct of John Edwards and Arnold Schwarzenegger? Look where our Krauthammers have led us. To charlatan’s, crooks, thieves, liars, womanizers, union thugs and not so closeted communists. But they all looked and sounded so good. Then George Will, that pinnacle of faux conservatism firmly ensconced in the liberal media, asks who among us can trust Sarah Palin with nuclear weapons. Frankly George, who among us can trust a collection of nattering Washington beltway knot heads to offer Americans anything worthy of the time it takes us to turn off the television before we projectile vomit all over the flat screen? Hey George! Do you reckon there is a chance that she would decide, unilaterally without the vaunted United Nations blessing or without consulting the United States Congress to intervene in a civil war and start dropping bombs on another country? And then refuse to abide by the lawful requirements of the War Powers Act? Well George? Karl? Chuck? dotcomDick? Anybody?

I do not profess to know a lot. There are some things I do know. It is what most Americans know and maybe Harvard can splain’ it to the snob class. Most Americans are fed up. Fed up to our eyeballs with incompetent, self-centered egomaniacal bone heads who believe they know what is best for the rest of us having never walked a mile in our shoes. We are fed up with the most immoral, unethical, Godless collection of humankind ever gathered in one place short of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Do you know what else I know? On Election Day Americans are not going to line up to vote for the establishment’s pick – from either side. dotcomDick will have a new poll out soon and a book that discusses how the establishment’s pick can win without getting any votes.

It is a sad state. I have a headache. I am going to go reinforce the bunker.


“Undefeated” Palin: Authentic, American, Exceptional — Game on! – Atlas Shrugs

Palin’s background is blue collar. Her father was a schoolteacher who never made more than $23,000 a year. Her mom was a homemaker. Her husband is working class and she belongs to no political dynasty or any insiders clique either in the beltway or Alaska. She is us. She is the quintessential maverick, an outsider, but despite this, she beat old boy powerhouse Republican Frank Murkowski in the primary before crushing the competition in the general election to become Alaska’s youngest — and first female — chief executive on sheer goodness and will. – Atlas Shrugs

Fight the good fight

Well Sarah, whatever it is you have in mind certainly got off to a thunderous rolling start today. Until your true intentions are known, I will maintain a healthy measure of cynicism. When it comes to politicians, I do not think that I am alone there. In America, there is still much national gullibility. We drift toward the voice that tells us what we want to hear. We buy the packaged message then spend our days regretting the purchase. We trust that people who would lead our country are honest men and women and have our nation’s interests at heart. We have been too often burned. I give you the present day.

If you are not going to run the race, make it known soon. It is important, that you not become another figure who used Veterans as a springboard to self-enrichment, which is too often the case with the typical political class. Your legacy, if you do that, would not be good. You would fade into oblivion and Veterans would just harden their resolve that for politicians they remain little more than props.

I believe Sarah, that you understand that America is free for two basic reasons. The most enduring one is that the founders of our country, as they clearly proclaimed, relied on divine providence and declared that man’s freedom is God given. The second reason is that throughout our history, we have been blessed with courageous men and women willing to sacrifice themselves as guardians of that most precious gift from our Creator. There are more than 58 thousand souls represented on the Wall you visited today. More than one thousand of them remain unaccounted for. They never made it back home. It is most certain that we remain the home of the free because of the sacrifice of those brave souls and hundreds of thousands like them throughout our history. Politicians, like John Kerry, who now run our country labeled those brave souls who answered their country’s call to service in Vietnam as murderers. Americans very nearly put that charlatan in the Whitehouse too. Politicians sent heroes off to war in the jungles of Southeast Asia and then turned their backs on them until long after the war when supporting them became politically profitable. Those same people are destroying our military today one social engineering block at a time. But in a pinch, a good “gutty” bin Laden killing is great for ones political image.

Whether you announce your intentions soon or not, will buy you no favor in the national media. They profess to want you in the fight as bad as Max Baer wanted Jimmy Braddock. Jimmy had the spirit. He fought the good fight. They are painting you as a quitter. One who is apt to cut and run when the going gets tough. Certainly not a preferred presidential character trait. The attacks you endured in the Alaska state house will seem like the good ole days compared to what you face. You are by any measure the most media vetted non-candidate in history. If all candidates were vetted so thoroughly this discussion would not be necessary. There is probably not much left to dig up, but they will ravage your children. They want you to scurry away so they can completely bury you and along with you the hope of anyone else of American middle class origin that may have the audacity to try to be president. Besides, it has just become known that the president now shares with millions of middle class Americans, me included, Scots-Irish ancestry.

Remember the 08 campaign? You said the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick. Not long after, our now president said that you can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig. Everyone, except the media and timid “conservative” politicians knew where that insult was directed. Use your one nation tour to teach Americans that you can also put lipstick on communism, but it is still communism and communism kills. People and countries. Ask Americans why it is always wealthy liberals who chase communist ideals. A system where the wealthy remain so and to poor get poorer.

Establishment politicians, especially the many progressive Republicans who for years have hid behind the veil of Washington’s faux conservatism, will never support you. I think you know that too. The liberal media, which is the most of it, will continue to paint you as a moronic hockey mom. Just remember that you should never argue with idiots (who mostly comprise the liberal media), because they will just bring you down to their level. Do not make the mistake of believing that the Washington cocktail conservative crowd will support you either. I point directly to the punditry that one endures when watching Fox news.

If you are in it, remain true to the image you have built. Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith.

2 Timothy 4:3-7

© 2011

Whoever curses you…

In June 2007, Dr. Michael D. Evans wrote a commentary published in the Jerusalem Post titled Father of the Islamic revolution (web archive link may be slow to load) excerpted below. I was excoriated by friends and some not so friends when I made a similar comment about President Jimmy Carter a year earlier in On Your Hands. Dr. Evans is infinitely more qualified than me to provide an assessment. I am not a Middle East scholar, but I observe and draw my own conclusions. It is good, however, when someone as studied and published as is Dr. Evans agrees with my assessment. He called it the Islamic revolution and I called it the Islamic Nazi movement. I called it that because their goals are the same. Kill all of the Jews and dominate the world.

Carter viewed Khomeini as more of a religious holy man in a grassroots revolution than a founding father of modern terrorism. Carter’s ambassador to the UN, Andrew Young, said “Khomeini will eventually be hailed as a saint.” Carter’s Iranian ambassador, William Sullivan, said, “Khomeini is a Gandhi-like figure.” Carter adviser James Bill proclaimed in a Newsweek interview on February 12, 1979 that Khomeini was not a mad mujahid, but a man of “impeccable integrity and honesty.”

Also in that time frame, International Business Daily published a 10 part series on the Carter Presidency and titled it Profile in Incompetence (also a web archive link). Some in this series are also worth contemplating: Carter Plants the Seeds of Al-Qaida and Iran: Carter’s Habitat For Inhumanity.

As he’s done with our terror-war detainees in Guantanamo, Carter accused the Shah of torturing some 3,000 “political” prisoners. He chastised the shah for his human rights record and engineered the withdrawal of American support.

The irony here is that when Khomeini, a former Muslim exile in Paris, overthrew the shah in February 1979, many of the 3,000 were executed by the ayatollah’s firing squads along with 20,000 pro-Western Iranians.

Mr. Carter’s disdain for Israel became glaringly more apparent when he published his book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid.

A look back to this point in our nation’s recent history is important. It is important because it gives us a panoramic view into the liberal mind and it also shows us how dangerous that mind set is for nations and humankind. By choice, albeit and uniformed one, Americans placed us on that tour again. Only this time it is much more aggressive. Our tour guides are from the anti-American Weather Underground hippie generation who believe that the destruction of America and free enterprise is the way to utopia. In their haste to achieve that end, they will side with any enemy and call it seeking democracy. They know that Americans love the “democracy” word because they have been conditioned to believe that our representative republic is true democracy. It is not. This form of liberalism goes far beyond offering a differing world view to an intense desire to force feed that world view to every American. It is a worldview that is either ignorant of or willing to discount what keeps the world in relative peace, that has a double helping of disdain for the United States of America, and is communist at its core with its open admiration for Chairman Mao and supporting the communism of labor union bosses.

Where are we today? We refused to support Iranians as they were being killed in the streets while protesting the oppressive Islamic theocracy aided into existence by actions of a United States president. Our stated national position is that “we should not meddle in the affairs of other countries.” After that, we enthusiastically meddled by supporting the overthrow of the “Shah-like” leader of Egypt. For whatever warts he had, he was a secular leader who was not an enemy to the United States and kept peace with Israel. Now, the Muslim Brotherhood that spawned practically every Islamic terrorist organization you can name is about to change Egypt, with its US equipped military, into an Islamic Republic not unlike Iran.

Not only must we be rid of Mubarak, but other leaders (most of them thugs granted) must go as well. Why do you reckon that is? It is because these dictators, good or bad, stand in the way of forming Islamic theocratic governments in those countries. It is not because they stand between the people of these countries and “democracy.” If it was, we would have done everything within our power to help the people of Iran overthrow that murderous regime. You are watching the birth of the Islamic caliphate.

Now, it appears that our national position is to turn away from support of Israel. Israel is the only free country and the only true American ally in the entire region. Whatever else transpires in this insane approach to a peaceful world and a secure America understand that the fate of Israel is the fate of the United States of America.

Genesis 12.

© 2011

Memorial Day

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.” — General George S. Patton Jr.

George Patton was not known for political correctness. I imagine that it was a foreign concept to him. He was more suited to plain talk. Unfortunately, his gift to unapologetically call it as he saw it kept him in hot water. Especially with politicians and the news writers of the day and his bosses who had to contend with both.

Memorial Day is near. On this day, we are asked (those of us who still understand the purpose for this day) to mourn those who gave their lives fighting our country’s wars. I stand with General Patton on this one. Instead of mourning their loss, we should get on our knees and thank God for providing them to defend the freedom that He gave to us.

I was traveling this past weekend. Have you ever driven through the Shenandoah Valley on a sunny afternoon? It is quite a sight. Even the 18 wheelers rumbling across Interstate 81 do not detract from the beauty of that small piece of God’s creation. In fact, those big trucks are but one of the symbols of our freedom and national prosperity. Leaving the valley and driving into the green hills, as the state song reminds us “how majestic and how grand”, of West Virginia, I get the same heartfelt wow feeling that I always get whenever I am returning home. Montani Semper Liberi, Mountaineers are always free and God has provided us with a breathtakingly beautiful place in which to enjoy the freedom He gave us.

I have been to other strikingly beautiful places in the United States, from Niagara Falls to Carlsbad New Mexico. I am also fortunate to be able to draw comparisons with other well known sites around the world including such places as the Swiss Alps and Holland’s Tulip fields. Beautiful sites be assured, but there is something I feel in America that I did not feel when visiting those other countries. The spirit of freedom. If you have traveled outside of our borders, you understand that spirit. It is ingrained in Americans. It is in the American DNA.

Our country was founded on one enduring principle. The principle that freedom comes from God and that men must be the guardians of it. I believe that was a divine inspiration. There are plenty who snicker at that thought or who are content to label people who think as me as some sort of religious fanatic. But that is just fine. Just as they are unable to explain with any confidence or certainty how this magnificent creation came to be, neither can they explain how this one nation became the most free, most powerful and most prosperous nation mankind has ever known. Or why it has remained so.

Throughout our history, God has provided courageous Americans willing to battle with those who would try to take the freedom that comes to us from Him. No enemy has been powerful enough to defeat them. But evil does not surrender, it is always lurking. There are other forces at work inside our country that are bent on its destruction. Multiculturalism and hyphenated Americanism among them as well as those who would cheerfully discard our founding documents and constitution. Our Soldiers cannot battle this enemy; it is one for the rest of us. There is also a red herring out there that claims that America is a nation of immigrants and we go to great politically correct lengths to accommodate that ideal. Well, no it is not. It is a nation of Americans. We are one people, E Pluribus Unum “out of many one”, living with shared values under the shared principle of our founding – God given freedom. We must be if we are to continue to exist. Ask any American if he or she would move to the country of his ethnicity and when there refer to himself as an American-Asian or an American-African? His answer will proclaim his allegiance.

On this Memorial Day, think about what it means to be an American. Contemplate all of the things that are happening in our country today in the name of diversity and tolerance that undermine our national motto and our most enduring founding principle. Then get on your knees and thank God for this place and for the American men and women who have sacrificed throughout our history to defend the freedom we enjoy in this most blessed nation. Then take up the fight that our Soldiers cannot.

© 2010

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