Dear Maxine:

I have been waiting for someone prominent in politics to chat with you. People whose actions are driven by pollsters and political strategists rather than conviction are not likely to do that on my behalf. Like you, they only operate on their own behalf. Disheartening is it not?

Thank you for the invitation to accompany you on your journey. As heartfelt as I know your offer is, I regret that I am unable to accept the invitation to come into your house or accompany you on your life’s journey.

Maxine, I am a red, white and blue-American. That is probably a hard concept for you to grasp. I suspect that the thought might even offend you as you have clearly labored so hard to construct hyphenated walls between Americans. I spent much of my existence on this planet in a culture that survives on candor. A culture that views the ability to call it as one sees it as an indispensable attribute.

I believe in concepts that are obviously foreign to you. If my assessment errs, please feel free to place me back on track. I believe in individual liberty, free-market enterprise, limited government intervention in my life, limited central government intervention in the affairs of states, low taxes, less government waste, self-reliance rather than government dependence, a strong military, borders, culture and language, but to list a few. I also believe that what is good comes to us from God, especially our freedom, and not from corrupt career politicians.

I am not a loner. Millions of Americans feel as I do Ms. Waters. We are of varied ethnic heritage, all ages, races, social statures, education levels, and ranges of personal wealth. We are labeled, derisively so by people such as you, as the Tea Party. You should understand that the people you see at publicized Tea Party events are only a tiny representation of those with similar beliefs. When you invited the Tea Party to go straight to hell you do realize that the invitation extended to most of America? In my circles we call that an alligator mouth bolstered by a hummingbird backside. It is just what we have come to expect from someone who has nothing else to offer us.

What you clearly do not understand is that I and millions more like me want to escape from hell rather than head straight for it. We want to escape from the hell created by your communist ideology. It is an ideology that can only survive and thrive after it has enslaved a population and turned it into a permanent victim class made solely dependent on government.

I know this might hurt your feelings somewhat, but you and others who think as you do, have enslaved generations. You have gifted them with an owed mentality that once accepted locks them permanently in a hell of which you control yet do not have to endure. Dang near Satanic sounding, is it not? Once they depend on you, they are enslaved. A slave is wholly dependent on his master Maxine. Thankfully, most of us are clear about the Master we serve. I does not appear that He has visited Sodom on the Potomac for quite some time.

You want your victims to hate rich people, while you busily game the system for personal wealth. Victims need a bad guy. Yours just do not realize that it is you. Following your logic of demonizing the wealthy, at some point there will be no rich villains left to produce victims for you. There will only be your enslaved victims and you – the overseer whose has the remaining wealth. Generally, that does not end well for you.

What concerns me most is not your communism. It is a constituency that votes for you. These are people who are trapped in your hell. They will never know real freedom, real independence or the idea of earned wealth.

Maxine, rather than wishing you in hell, I offer a prayer for you. I pray that God might soften your heart and open your eyes so that you may know the real truth. His truth. I also pray that He opens the hearts and minds of the millions you have helped to enslave so that future generations might know and understand as did our forefathers that what comes to us from God is much greater than anything you or any other politician has to offer.

Maxine, I invite you to another place. It is due north of the destination you have in mind for me. There are no victims there and likely few communists. It might help you to know that you might not find many of these there either.



Freedom’s Last Stand

I have written before about the leadership equation. The equation discusses necessary elements that combine to make a leader effective. The bottom line of leadership is the ability to influence others toward achieving specific goals or a vision. If the actions of the leader – demonstrated character and competence – fall short, the led will pull away from rather than follow. When the led pull away, failing leaders become desperate. Historically, dangerously so.

As a leader hopes to influence outcomes, he or she must demonstrate some intangible attributes that further define his or her character.

A leader motivates. How do leaders motivate the led? A leader must know that people are motivated by the leader’s actions and not his or her words. A leader’s actions will motivate the led in a direction that is either toward or directly away from his or her proven destination. People are motivated by positive and caring leaders who share the hard times with them. People are not motivated by fear. People driven by fear will at some point rebel. Leaders motivate people by sharing time with them – outside the public eye.

A leader inspires. Before a leader can inspire the led, he or she must first be inspired by the led and what the led has stood for throughout its history. One cannot inspire the led if he or she spends time apologizing for their past and present while promising to fundamentally transform their future. One does not hope to change what inspires them.

A leader is selfless. A leader knows that whatever it is, it is not about him or her. It never was about him or her. It is about the led, whether people, an organization or a nation. A selfless leader does not base his or her actions on what might be gained or lost personally. A selfless leader builds unity in the led and does not seek to divide them. As we are taught, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

A leader may cause the potential led to swoon with motivational phrases like yes we can or inspire them with well crafted and rehearsed messages of hope and change. A leader may speak of selflessness as a shared sacrifice from all. And afterwards, all the people might say amen and choose to be led by empty, inspiring words unsupported by any past action. This speaks to the fallibility of the led. At some point, the leader must live up to the expectations built by words. When he cannot, the led will suffer tremendously and then cast him aside. History will remember not the leader’s lofty rhetoric and unfulfilled promises as something good, only as something very dangerous. History will only attribute to the leader failure and the near destruction of a nation. This is a repeated story in the history of nations.

Aside from those important personal attributes, a leader, as does any person, is driven by a value system. A person’s value system is what influences his or her choices. A person’s values are the last thing he or she will forsake – no matter the words that pour forth in lofty oratory. To lead a body of people, an organization or a country, a leader must share the value system of the led. As an example, one cannot lead a historically Christian nation if he proclaims before the world that it is not a Christian nation. No, the United States of America is not a Christian nation in the sense that Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation, but it is a nation of Christians. It is a nation founded on Christian beliefs. A nation founded on the notion of God-given freedom and a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence. There are no truer Christian ideals than those.

It is time for all of us Americans to take a long look in the mirror and decide what it is we value and whether we will again follow empty rhetoric – probably to our end. Each of us must ask ourselves if we are willing to stand passively by while America dies.

We must scrutinize every potential leader. We must with open eyes and hearts, see beyond the emptiness of words. If we choose another leadership failure, America dies and with her freedom. As President Reagan said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.”


Heart and Soul

America’s soul is individual liberty.

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. – Matthew 10:28 (NIV)

The meaning of America’s soul resides in the American heart.

For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come—sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. – Mark 7: 21-22 (NIV)

At our Nation’s birth, we declared that our nation’s soul derived from unalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator and among them were life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That implies that if our liberty, our national soul, is endowed to us by our Creator, then it can only be taken from us by our creator, “the One who can destroy both soul and body…” The United States of America is just the body in which the national soul resides.

All that we are as a country, past, present and future is determined by another God-given gift. It is a mind with which we can reason and the ability to choose our paths in pursuit of liberty. Our path toward and what defines the destination is determined by what is in our hearts – those elusive American values so taunted, yet ill-defined, by the political class who would lead us toward fulfillment of the promise held by our national soul. Our founders warned us that the survival of this republic depended largely on the morality of the governed.

Now we stand conflicted. Never before in the history of our country has the choices placed before us been so clear. Maybe that is what our founders knew when they declared “a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence” for the defense of our national soul. Maybe it is by that sought after divine intervention that at this time in our history we are offered choices that stand in such stark contrast.

There are diametrically opposed hearts vying to define our national soul. It is spiritual warfare on a planet wide scale. This warfare can destroy the body that is the United States of America, but it cannot destroy her soul. If Americans choose wisely, we will recapture and fortify our soul and the American spirit. Our alternative is the breakdown of society that produces the images we see from London and the mobs of thugs we see popping up around our country.

One choice tells us that we must seek that divine providence, a reliance on God – the Creator that endowed us with those unalienable rights. The other choice is that there is no God on which we must rely. Men pursue Gods of their own creation – money, power…. If there is no God then there is no source for our declared unalienable rights. This liberty must then be man-given. What man gives, man can take away.

One choice tells us that the cornerstone of our society is the American family. A male father and a female mother fulfilling their parenting role and raising respectful children capable of making good life choices. The other choice tells us that marriage does not have to be between and man and a woman and that it can just as well be between same-sexed couples who can then raise children who will believe and act as they do. The other is single-parenting by choice or as a slave to a welfare system. If you want to understand the street mobs and poverty in America, look at the linked study and the percentage of children born to single-parents (all races 40.6%; White non-Hispanic 28.6%; Hispanic 52.5%; Black, non-Hispanic 72.3%). The American family is dying and with it America.

One choice tells us that the right to life begins at conception and must be protected. The other choice tells us that a woman has a choice to carry her unborn child to term or kill it. The millions of unborn children killed by abortion is worse than any other genocide by man in the history of humankind. Our country condones it. Will our Creator forgive it? If you believe that there is no Creator then I suppose it is not an issue for you.

In our nation’s house we celebrate homosexuality. We support abortion on demand. We honor Islam. We place images of a communist mass murder on a Whitehouse Christmas tree. We are offered a clear choice.

God, family and life. When those are not important, the national soul is at risk. Our choices are about much more than the economy. We must open our eyes and our hearts and make the right ones.

© 2011

All I need to know

All I ever need to know about Washington I learned by observing the debt ceiling debacle.

First and foremost, it is imperative for America’s survival to rid herself of career politicians. Our manufactured, bought and paid for political ruling class has our country on the verge of destruction. The people who caused the problems cannot be counted on to solve them because they do not understand that it is they who are the problem. Self-centered, power grubbing halfwits who would sale anyone or any nation down the river just to maintain a vaunted title and some sense of power. They are pathetic creatures and as history shows destined for tar and feathers and a not too glamorous escort out of town – riding on a rail.

The debt debacle, which is a king sized red herring, like all of the other manufactured crises, has a purpose of focusing attention on one hand while with the other hand the junta pulls another brick out of our national foundation.

For most working Americans, and trust me when I tell you that I do not count many politicians among that group, compulsory payment of the Social Security tax has been a way of life. Brazenly, our political leaders, and I use title of leader sarcastically if not just a bit disdainfully, have the audacity to stick their pointy political heads before every available television camera and state that they cannot promise that Grandma will get her Social Security check – unless Americans are made to pay more taxes. Let us see how that works. Americans pay taxes. Washington gangsters squander, steal and divert them. The gangsters then tell us we are in this national debt quandary because we do not pay enough taxes.

This collection of political gangsters, no better than Al Capone in his day, have the unmitigated gall to label as terrorists the people Americans sent to Washington to stop their insane, runaway socialist spending and taxation spree. I love liberal projection too – suicide bombers…gun to our head…held hostage… terrorists… words they will not use to describe the actual perpetrators of those crimes. I sincerely hope these political cretins understand that it is Americans, the everyday working Americans who pay their salaries, who feel like hostages – victims of an American political class that is corrupt to its rotten core. History should have taught this collection of Ivy League degreed political thugs that most Americans do not make good complacent victims of tyrannical governments.

Where in the heck are all of those Social Security tax dollars one wonders? Does the Capone branch of our federal government mean to tell Americans that they have paid into a system with a guarantee that money would be there to supplement their retirements and now, amazingly enough, it is not there? Where did it go? Well? Do you political thugs have some more AARP senior citizen actors to trot out before the cameras to demand that you keep your hands off of their Social Security? What a charade. Hey AARP! It is already gone. As they say here in Wild and Wonderful, “Ain’t none bud.” It was used to build monuments to politicians and pay off political cronies like communist led unions so if you want your check, you must do the right thing and pay more taxes. Yep, support the criminal activity of the Capone branch of our government and watch your tax dollars at work.

They threatened Veterans as well. Told them they might not get their payments. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told serving Soldiers that he could not guarantee that they would be paid either if there was not some sort of debt deal.

Bawney Fwank said the debt crisis can be blamed on military spending. Now Bawney, if you cut the budget more they might not be able to afford all of that new homosexual sensitivity training. Leon Panetta is out there lamenting that if the debt deal triggers kick in, the military will be devastated. This is the same Leon that certified that openly serving homosexuals would not harm the military. A certification he made with knowledge of his own Inspector General’s report stating that Leon’s Whitehouse bosses leaked phony numbers reporting that most serving military members did not have a problem with open homosexual service when the polar opposite was the truth. Leon’s lamentations are just another scare tactic for raising your taxes.

Is there anyone reading this that believes this irresponsible collection of egomaniacal criminals gives a rat’s rear end about anything or anybody except keeping themselves and the party in power?

Our solution to solving our debt problems? Cut up the credit cards? Nope. Now, we have a super duper committee. A new dirty dozen. If the super committee is going to come up with the solution, the remainder of those Congressional salaries should be returned to the treasury. Maybe put it in the Social Security account – oops sorry, I forgot that there ain’t none.

Go work on your bunker.


I Remember Carter’s Army

I remember President Carter’s Army. I remember Carter’s gasoline lines. I remember Carter’s interest rates. I remember his turn your thermostat down and wear a sweater energy policy speeches. I remember him really showing the Russians how tough we were by boycotting the Moscow Olympics. I remember his policy of restraint while Americans were held hostage and abused by Iranian terrorists. I remember his cheerleading for the “moderate” religious man to replace the “despotic” Shah of Iran. I remember his amnesty and upgraded discharges for military deserters and draft dodgers, most of whom got a better welcome home than our Vietnam combat veterans did. One of them almost became our president. But, mostly I remember his Army because I was in it. Money was scarce and because of that training, equipment, spare parts and maintenance suffered. It was a worn out Army and it was still hung over from the political surrender of the Vietnam War. It was a volunteer force. It was a hollowed out, underpaid and underappreciated volunteer force.

I remember President Reagan’s Army. I was in that one too. I actually got some pay raises although I was still paid less than some big city welfare recipients and qualified for food stamps in most places. With President Reagan, our military got the attention it needed. It was peace through strength attention or as Soldiers of the time called it, peace through superior firepower. Leaders who endured Carter and some of his predecessor’s finally got the wherewithal and mission to rebuild the force. Given the means and the mission, they did one heck of a job.

This masterfully rebuilt force was handed off to the first President Bush. The Berlin wall fell, with nary a shot fired. Sort of put things in a Biblical perspective – when Reagan fought the battle of Berlin, the wall came tumbling down. It showed its stuff when it ran through Iraq’s “elite” faster than berries can pass through a goose. The combination of asking Americans to read his lips and the third party candidacy of Ross Perot, Bush number one did not have time to do us much damage. Although, he did herald in the era of the cold war “peace dividend” – a cute buzz-phrase that ushered in filleting of the military.

With lip reading and Perot’s help, Americans sent the draft dodging William Jefferson Clinton to the Whitehouse. President Clinton’s legacy was “downsizing” the military while quadrupling deployments of our war fighters to so-called “peace keeping” missions. He also left us with a bevy of political and politically correct generals. They called the “drawdown” the “builddown” and assured those of us serving that we would be a smaller but more effective force. Down sized military bases were called “power projection platforms.” For certain, we were good with buzz phraseology. Ironically and maybe somewhat prophetical in title, one of the general officer books born of the era was titled Hope Is Not A Method. “Drawing from their military experiences in downsizing, restructuring, and reengineering….” We were not likely to ever see another heavy armored corps barreling across the plain with the ability to absolutely crush an enemy. For my liking, Clinton’s Army looked like a downsized politically correct version of Carter’s Army. He did not leave office with hostages held in Iran, but he did leave behind him the first World Trade Center bombings, the Kohbar Towers bombing, US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombings, the USS Cole bombing and all of them unanswered and the legacy of “that woman.” He also left us his, not the military’s, “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy meant to circumvent Public Law 103-160, Section 654, Title 10 U.S. Code passed by veto proof majorities in both houses of Congress and held that homosexuality is incompatible with military service.

After they finished counting pregnant and hanging chads in Florida, the second George Bush became our President. He did not have much time to think about the status of our forces when the attacks of September 11, 2001 happened. We finally went to war against the people who had been at war with us for years and most intensely through the previous eight. Our Soldiers have been at war since. We have young men and women with more combat stripes on their uniforms than they do service stripes. In case you do not know, a Soldier in the US Army gets one service stripe for 3 years of service and one combat (or overseas stripe) for each six months of such duty. Bush inherited the remnants of Daddy’s peace dividend and President Clinton’s downsizing. By the end of his time, he decided to increase the size of the Army and Marine Corps. Fortunately, the legacy of training doctrine left by the leadership that rebuilt the Carter era Army served our men and women well. They were and remain prepared to confront our nation’s enemies. Unfortunately, the President had to contend with political and media enemies on the home front who really wanted to hang a military and a political defeat around his neck. These people long for another victory like they produced in Vietnam. Their actions showed how little they truly cared about the men and women serving in uniform. George Bush was not a conservative of the Reagan mold, but he was and still is a decisive, trusted and respected commander–in-chief.

After Bush was elected and the country had suffered the 9/11 attacks, former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger said Clinton had cut back the military so much that we might not be able to fight a war on terrorism on several fronts. He listed the problems brought on during the Clinton years: lost air and sea lift capacity, two or three years during which nothing was procured for the military, and cuts in R&D. – Human Events

In January 2009, the promise of hope and change came to the Whitehouse in the form of President Obama. Before he arrived, he told Americans his intentions. Watch the short video clip. I do not know how much hope this brought, but it did bring the promised change with the Secretary of Defense Gates’ proposal to cut defense by 400 billion over 10 years. Analysis of the Reid/Obama plan shows planned cuts closer to 900 billion over 10 years.

“Immediately the plan would cut defense in real terms below the FY11-enacted level of $553 billion and hold defense below the FY11-enacted level through FY13. It represents a $16 billion cut to our FY12 levels for next year and a $26 billion cut for the following year.”

He cheered the removal of Egypt’s Mubarak who is destined to be replaced by the Muslim brotherhood. We know how well that generally turns out. Our casualty rates in Afghanistan in the past two and a half years exceed the number for all the years prior to that. The media keeps reporting these as “NATO” losses and none of them are running the daily body count and demanding to photograph their flag-draped caskets. Much of this increase in casualties is attributable to his administration’s rules of engagement. The Stars and Stripes, the newspaper published primarily for overseas serving military members, reminds our serving Soldiers of what the administration deems most important – guidance on observing Ramadan. In his January 2010 state of the union address, President Obama reiterated his promise to homosexuals that he would repeal Public Law 103-160, Section 654, Title 10 U.S. Code. Bolstered by Whitehouse leaks of phony military polling data, his lame duck Reid and Pelosi lead Congress gave him what he wanted and he repealed the law – in spite of what most Americans and Soldiers think.

Let me see if I can sum it up. Reduce defense spending by nearly one trillion dollars. Usher in “moderate” Middle Eastern governments. Abandon missile defense, abandon space, abandon development of future combat systems and use the military as a tool to normalize homosexuality. Mr. Carter’s Army is looking pretty good about now.


Panetta Warns on Across-the-Board Pentagon Cuts

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