Code of Honor

“An honest man’s the noblest work of God.” – Alexander Pope

Each one of us holds to a set of principles. They may not represent a mainstream set of values. In fact, they may be the direct opposite of what is considered mainstream. Attempting to define mainstream only adds to the confusion. Who defines it for us? Those who try to do so by telling us what most Americans want or what most Americans believe or what is best for most Americans. The problem is the leader or would be leader attempting to define mainstream for the rest of us runs it through his or her personally held belief system. It creates a dichotomous environment. An environment where what is expressed to us as mainstream, the values to which we should all adhere if we are normal, is in direct contradiction to those principles outlined in our founding documents. I believe I may have stumbled upon the definition of un-American.

A leader has obvious choices to make. He or she can both align their personal belief system with and preserve the Judeo-Christian principles on which our nation was founded or head off on a path based on a totally different belief system in order to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America. Leaders hoping to change our country into one that functions based on their personal belief systems, no matter how skewed from the founding their beliefs might be, must be dishonest with the people. It is a subtle dishonesty. It is a deceitfulness that draws in those who want to believe. The dishonorable leader speaks tempting words and makes utopian promises. He or she will always speak of preserving those great “American values” without ever defining them thus leading the weak minded to accept that he or she personifies the original values. The sheep follow the wolf just as the children did the Pied Piper – never to return to where they began.

Dishonorable men or women who want to lead our nation could never get a foot up if they did not have powerful supporting forces. The most destructive force in our country in that regard is the media which bills itself as factual providers of information and news. It is a media that is dishonest at its core. If there was any integrity in the industry amongst those who actually drive the stories of the day, a corrupt, incompetent, dishonest politician would have no chance of ever holding elected office. When what you are is equivalent to what the North Korean News Agency is to Kim Jong-Il, then you have abused your first amendment right to become nothing more than a pack of political liars. Sadly.

Dishonorable politicians supported by a dishonest news media are prime examples of a free people misusing the freedoms derived from the Judeo-Christian principles on which our country was founded in order to propel themselves into power. They will follow the Pied Piper until they realize too late that the only freedom left for them is to report to the masses what the Pied Piper tells them to. That is when they will also learn that the collective does not have much use for factual news reporting. The honest among them will be shot and the mediocre among them will be shoveling crap on the collective farm. Ah, utopia. Grand is it not?

Our leadership has expressed to the world that we are not a Christian nation. Does that not imply then that we are a Post-Christian nation? C.S. Lewis wrote about Post-Christian man:

For they neglect not only the law of Christ but even the Law of Nature as known by the Pagans. For now they do not blush at adultery, treachery, perjury, theft and other crimes which I will not say Christian Doctors, but the pagans and the barbarous have themselves denounced.

They err who say “the world is turning pagan again.” Would that it were! The truth is that we are falling into a much worse state.

A code of honor is an uncompromising commitment to a way of life. Even the dishonest are committed to a way of life. They are dishonorable when they try to portray “their way” as something it is not. Their way is not supported by a foundation of integrity without which it eventually collapses taking with it those who blindly followed.

If, as Americans, we do not know to what we are truly committed as freedom loving individuals we are doomed as a nation. There is no pre-Christian America. The only place that we have to return to is our beginning as a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles. If we accept, as our leadership has implied, that we are a Post-Christian nation, then as C.S. Lewis warned, “we are falling into a much worse state.”

I would lay down my life for America, but I cannot trifle with my honor. – John Paul Jones

What is your Code of Honor? Are you willing to discard it?


Life is tough

… but it’s tougher when you’re stupid. That according to John Wayne.

Out in our cities around the land, stupid people are cheering for communism, letting fly with anti-Semitic rants, calling for the destruction of capitalism, raping one another, stealing from one another, trying to burn Oakland with a complicit mayor, and generally being off put by homeless vagrants trying to get some of their food. Life is tough for these people. It will probably get tougher because they are stupid. Someday reality will rise up and smack them between the eyes like a piece of dimension lumber. For their sake, I pray it is not a hard core communist who delivers the blow that shatters the fantasy world that exists only inside their college professor brainwashed noggins.

Most of them appear middle to upper crust – wealth wise. Their daddies likely firmly entrenched members of the evil one percent that they hope to lead to the guillotines. Hard lives these deprived youngsters have led I am certain. Carrying their I-pads like it is a holy tablet (Mr. Limbaugh, I am still waiting for my free engraved one. Do I too not deserve a free one?) and thumb thumping text messages on their I-phones; they strangely deify a hard core capitalist who made those devices possible while calling for the destruction of the system that allowed him to do it. Those are tortured minds running around inside them heads. Although I have never read his book, I am prone to agree with Michael Savage’s statement that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. I do have it queued up in the Kindle though, which is just another capitalist produced gizmo that is advancing society along at breakneck speed. Never before could you tote and entire library around with you, but let’s not get off track.

We hear them crying out about their hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt incurred to pay for useless degrees. Degrees that will never allow them to produce any good or service, like the I-pad or Kindle, which might enable them to pay back the honest debt they incurred. Of course, considering the academic abuse endured by these intellectually deficient morons, I probably would not want to pay for it either. Problem is, these George Soros paid for and Van Jones led imbeciles want me, a proud holder of a G.E.D., to pay their debts, and for their health care, and for their homes, and to feed them… ! What I offer you boys and girls is a prayer that someday soon you will have an infusion of logic – a prayer that somewhere inside your mush filled heads appears a small life changing epiphany of clarity. I pray it happens before the communists that you are blindly supporting start stuffing you into wood chippers.

I suppose I have just had it up to my eyeballs with all of you. I have had it up to my eyeballs as well with your liberal enablers in academia, the media, Hollywood, Congress and wherever else their serpent heads poke. All of your useless lives, you have been taught meaningless drivel like do not eat that salt or anything fried in lard, it will kill you. Do not smoke, with the exception of medicinal pot, or tolerate anyone who does because that will kill you too. Have all of the pre-marital and adolescent sex you want, just wear a condom if you think about it. If you slip, not to worry, killing your unborn child is free choice and antibiotics cure most venereal disease, well not AIDS. Sexual perversion is wonderful, heck it might even get you your own popular television program. God? Who needs God? Christianity is as evil as Islam. It is the source of ever conflict ever known to man – or so you were taught. You have been preached to almost daily about the evils of slavery and by people whose only hope for personal wealth and power is to keep you enslaved to an increasingly tyrannical government. And you bought it hook, line and food stamp card. The most racist people in our country have pounded it into your head that everyone else is racist. Ask Herman Cain and Justice Clarence Thomas about liberal racism and what happens to you when you decide to leave the liberal plantation. You want jobs while demanding that the people who create jobs be taxed into oblivion and that every struggling company come under the thumb of a union. Hey dummy! Why do you think your I-pad was made in China and your designer jeans sewn together in Bangladesh? Are you sincerely that stupid? Do you ever entertain a rational thought?

I give up on you. If you succeed, you will be begging for a tent to live in, inside of a crap filled park. Your I-pad will no longer work for you. The communist will own the Internet. You will be tweet-less. You will be looking for some food too, but the shelves will be empty. You see, life is tough. It is much, much tougher when you are stupid.


Meet the 99%: Agitators, Racists and Rapists

The Root of All Oakland

President of the Protesters?

Trick or Treat?

I grew up in Southern West Virginia in the 1950s to the mid 60’s. Out houses were more common than indoor facilities. They were freestanding buildings sitting on top of a hole in the ground and prime for Halloween pranks. Inevitably, our roving band of 10-12 year olds would tip some of them over on Halloween night. More deviously, however, for those who truly deserved our attention, we would pick some up and move them behind the hole. Late night or early morning visits by the deserving, yet unsuspecting, could be an adventure – a breath taking adventure. If you were ornery with us sometime during the year, we remembered you on Halloween night. I guess we were the stinking terrorists of our time.

The difference between us kids and Washington politicians is that we did not pretend that our intent was something other than causing people to step into a crap filled hole in the ground. We wanted them to do that otherwise there was no point to our mischief. Washington’s collection of con-artists try to convince the people that the hole is filled with rose petals and rolling around in it is nothing short of blissful utopia, unlike anything the senses could possibly imagine. What is in the hole, they insist, is so wonderful that all Americans must take a voluntary dip into it because it is simply what is best for them and the country. This is how we end up with government run health care and other grand social chicanery.

In the steep hills and hollows of Southern West Virginia, you can find generations who are enslaved by this kind of thinking. Political shenanigans keep the voting block on the public dole. It is not unlike some of our nation’s liberally run cities with which you are probably more familiar. They too have generations living on the public dole. It is an industry that takes, but does not return anything to the society that supports it. Its benefactors then are told to demand that the rest of us pay a fair share. Clearly the 53 percent of us who actually pay do not pay enough. The television cameras do not show up to broadcast the plight of Southern Wild and Wonderful to the nation as they might do with run down and dilapidated dumps like Detroit. Even if they did, greedy rich people would be blamed and not the guilty corrupt, quasi communist politicians and people who refuse to take charge of their own lives.

What little prosperity there is in that part of my beloved state is now threatened by the liberal war on coal production, which is also a war on the payrolls that support the state’s economy and provides tax revenues. Not surprisingly, the Democrat politicians from our state’s political families, whose unshakable loyalty to the party and its leaders who have worked hard to increase the size of the dung hole, now run public service ads declaring how hard they are fighting against the people who want to destroy the coal industry. When you hear it, it is enough to make you shoot the coffee you might be drinking right out of your nose. On the enslaved who continually vote them back into office, it is a con that obviously works well.

Obama Tightens Screw on America’s Coal Supply

Nearly half of Americans do not pay any taxes now. More are also on food stamps than ever before. There appears no end to unemployment benefits – for those who actually had a job once. Our major entitlement programs cannot continue in their current form. Your government check is underwritten by red China. There is your rose-petalled utopia – maybe trimmed in Chinese jade. Swell, is it not? Just for a bonus here in wild and wonderful there is a lawyer advertising on the television during every commercial break. Let us sue a car insurance company for you. Let us sue your doctor for you. Let us sue the company or coal mine that gave you a job. Let us sue the government entitlement programs, just choose one. “Let us get you the money you deserve.” Just call Dewie, Cheatem and Howe, Attorneys at law. Yes sir. Let us fill your hole up with rose petals.

Well mountain people and the rest of America, you are not getting any rose petals. Sorry, it just does not work out that way. Those go to the politicians and leach lawyers, which are interchangeable. You may get the thorny stick that the rose was on and possibly a spot in the dung hole. If I were you, I would just go occupy something and make some people pay, but not the outhouse. It is Halloween after all. Or, you can pull yourself up out of that hole. Your choice – for now.

Trick or treat?


Arlo’s daddy was a communist

And the fruit did not fall far from the tree. Hearing that Arlo Guthrie turned out to support the communist occupation of Zucotti Park was no surprise. Where else would one expect a 1960’s hippie anti war communist to be, besides Alice’s Restaurant? Like daddy’s song said, this land is your land. Private property? Who needs it? This land was made for you and me.

As I was walkin’ – I saw a sign there
And that sign said – no tress passin’
But on the other side …. it didn’t say nothin!
Now that side was made for you and me! – Woody Guthrie

It only surprises me that Hanoi Jane Fonda and Genghis John Kerry have not linked arms and strolled through Zucotti Park proudly displaying their communist North Vietnam flags. Their glory days revisited. Come on Johnny, you can throw someone else’s medals at the Wall Street bankers.

“I would think that if you understood what Communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees, that we would someday become communists.” – Hanoi Jane Fonda

I always wanted ask Jane to whom does a communist pray? Shallow rich liberal. She would blend in well at Zucotti Park. Maybe the occupiers would pray to her then return to raze Zucotti Park in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan.

I suspect that if your mother was a communist, if your father was a communist, if the grandparents who raised you were communists, if your adolescent mentor was a communist, chances are you did not fall far from the tree either.

History has not broken through to the liberal mind otherwise they would know how communism turns out for “the people.” Typically it ends with mass murder of millions in a fashion reminiscent of Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, the North Korean Kim Clan, and Ho Chi Min. Not to steal any thoughts from Dick Durbin. We know how communism turns out and it never turns out well, yet we still cheer for it. Be careful for what you pray Jane.

Some old sage once said that if you live long enough you will see things twice.

In 1979, “we” were thrilled that we helped depose the Shah of Iran so that he could be replaced by a moderate religious man. I still recall hearing the breathless, excited reporting of ABCs Peter Jennings as Khomeini entered Tehran while the masses cheered the end of what little freedom they did have. I suppose that was the Persian spring or maybe the Islamic spring. Whatever you call it, we encouraged it and we also know how that turned out.

Clearly we learned nothing. We cheered the Arab Spring. Meanwhile the Egyptian Army busies itself cleaning the remains of Coptic Christians from the wheel wells of their armored vehicles. In Libya, we assisted, then watched while a country’s leader no matter that he was a vile human, was captured alive and then summarily executed. Not much outrage there because we are seeing freedom spread by the Arab Spring while Libya’s interim leader assures us that in Libya, Sharia will be the basic source of all law. He is the interim leader because the caliphate has not decided which Ayatollah will take charge. We are cheerleading for the same outcome in Syria. Is it not interesting to you that we support deposing oppressive yet secular Arab leaders, but when the people of Iran wanted to throw off their oppressive Islamic Thugocracy our stated national position was that we should not meddle. It is a head scratcher. Not to worry though. We know how these things turn out.

Bugging out. Yes, I do believe we have been too long in Iraq. We were too long in Vietnam too. Both thanks to politicians. I have resisted drawing any parallels between Vietnam and Iraq. But, now I am forced to do it. Forgive me, my brothers in arms, but once again Washington’s politicians have turned your military victory into a political defeat. Not to worry, they will again not take responsibility for the generation of young men and women mentally and physically scarred by their wars and political fiasco. The defeat is yours. There will be no welcome home celebrations for you other than those provided by your grateful families. Sadly, we know how this turns out for “the people” in Iraq. Much the same way it turned out for the Vietnamese who were murdered outright for supporting US Forces or forced into communist reeducation camps, or like the Cambodians whose lives ended in Pol Pots killing fields. But, politicians were not responsible for any of that, it was just a product of misguided military adventurism.

Freedom loving people of Iraq, do not concern yourselves. We know how this will turn out. We left Soldiers in Germany and since there has been peace in Central Europe. We left Soldiers in South Korea and there has been peace and much prosperity. We left Soldiers in Japan and there has been peace and prosperity. Your peace and prosperity is in the hands of the Persians and their allies in Washington and inside of Iraq. Do not worry peace and prosperity is near.

When you know how things turn out, it is probably a good idea to reinforce and stock the personal bunker.

Islamic Radicals Claim Victory in Tunisia

Islamists Join Occupy Wall Street Protests

Christians Under Threat as Radical Islam Spreads in ‘New Middle East’

Key general: Iraq pullout plan a ‘disaster’

Obama Cedes Victory to Radical Islam

© 2011

Revolting Revolution

People who have been in this world awhile and experienced life in America at its toughest and at its best are expressing fear. I have been personal witness to it. It is fear of a revolution and not one in the spirit of the first American Revolution. They fear one that ends in death, destruction, and loss of their freedom. It is a revolution that “fundamentally transforms” the United States of America from a Constitutional Republic into a Chairman Mao-like communist dictatorship. One that extinguishes the true beacon of “hope” that the United States of America has been to the un-free world since its founding and transforms it into gulag America.

It is a revolution whose logical outcome is the total annihilation of the strong American middle class for which the communists always profess to fight – the strong middle class that is and has always been the backbone of our national strength and character. Take down the greedy banks they preach. Protect the down-trodden middle class. And the stupid trust fund kiddies camped out on Wall Street embraces it. And they will be the first residents placed on the boxcar headed for the gulag. Michael Moore will get his own boxcar. Unfortunate for them all, useful idiots never get invited to the victory celebration.

It is a revolting revolution that leaves us with the “Washington Party” the wealthy who own the party – yes the evil wealthy – and a remainder that does whatever it needs to each day to put meals on the table. The occupy idiots endorsed by the American Nazi party, Communist Party USA, and other assorted socialists and Marxists, as is establishment Washington, are bought and paid for by George Soros and company. When is the last time you heard a Washington politician questioning the antics of Nazi collaborator Soros?

This promised fundamental transformation takes us from being the most prosperous and freest nation in recorded human history to third world dictatorship status – in the blink of an eye. It is a place where a person must choose to remain free or submit to an authoritarian, oppressive and potentially murderous regime.

We should pray we never have to make that choice, but while we are doing that we must ensure that we are prepared to defend those things we most cherish. The things that made our country great and that have been slowly dismantled over the years. Those are a reliance on God, a dedication to the family unit and the willingness and desire to defend our country and shore up these solid foundational blocks.

We need to be led back to what was once the greatest place on earth. We need to be certain that we do not fall into the trap of following a leader whose words do not exactly meld with their past. We need to be wary of false prophets – those who promise much, but in the end are more devious than the leaders replaced. Proven false promises of change and hope might bring some change, but certainly they can destroy hope if that hope is misplaced.

We need a solid leader. We are courted by many who profess to be so these days. Some of them are establishment chameleon politicians firmly entrenched in the American ruling class aristocracy. They are the go along to get along reach across the aisle maverick country club class of Republicans – not conservatives. As before, we are told that we have to choose one of these otherwise we cannot win. You see, it is winning that is important. The problem is that “we” word. If one of these is elected, who wins? The establishment wins and there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic establishment and the Republican establishment – both want to control our lives. There is no representative conservative party in America. There are only the establishment parties. One co-opted by the communists and the other by the country club crowd.

So, where do we turn? At my Church, we gather in prayer for our country. That is a good first step.

We were courted by one with potential who many felt was of common conservative stock. Sarah Palin, however, left us at the altar. One hint as to why might be when establishment spokesman Chuck Krauthammer who, on the day she bowed out, declared that she was out because she most definitely would have lost. Let me explain that one if I may. It was Tea Party Conservatives who gave establishment Republicans a landslide victory in the 2010 Congressional races – whether they or Chuck like it or not. It was establishment Republicans refusal to support the peoples’ choices for some Senate races that ensured establishment Democrats continued control of the Senate. Establishment is establishment. R or D matters not. The establishment ruling class would rather lose an election than have a person in the Congress or Whitehouse who they cannot manipulate. Especially those lacking country club pedigrees.

Herman Cain is doing a great service for this country, although I do not think he will pick up any Republican establishment support for it. What he is doing is showing the world that racism is a commodity of liberalism – no matter the color of the liberal. Neither Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, nor Paul will get establishment support either.

Face it conservatives. The fix is in. It is Romney’s turn and he will lose the general election. And America will be over. Unless, there is a true patriot red, white and blue revolution.


Soros: “I’m having a very good crisis.”

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