Who Is Our President?

I got an email the other day. The subject of it was “Obama’s Citizenship.” It talked about his time at Occidental College. Being familiar with this particular circulating email, I hit the reply to all button and sent the addressees the Snopes link on the topic. Lord knows I do not hold Snopes as the arbiter of truth on the planet. In the absence of hard documents pointing in one direction or the other, they can no better proclaim something false as someone else may proclaim it true. I sent the link intending to suggest that we should not put forth things that we do not know or have reasonable evidence to support lest we become labeled. I probably should have ignored it.

At breakfast, I commonly have email and news with my oatmeal. The very next day, one email leaped out at me. It was from a person named Barry who had a last name that is quite familiar to me. Otherwise, it may have met the same fate as similar email – unceremoniously deposited into the cyber trashcan.

Here is the full text of Barry’s email.

“You can deleate [sic] me from your e-mail list….I voted for our President…enough said.”

My first thought was that Barry used that possessive pronoun our quite loosely. I assumed that he meant our in the context of country rather than in the context of his and mine. Or, he may have meant his and the mouse in his pocket, but who knows, a mind reader I am not. Snarky email is generally deleted and forgotten. Unfortunately, that does let the sender have a momentary feeling of a keyboard courage victory and the last word. I am sorry that I must spoil your moment Barry.

None of us can proclaim to know what we do not know and none of us can decide at what point enough is said. We do not know because any evidence that would shine light on the subject is sealed up tighter than the Fort Knox gold reserve. Enough is said, when there is nothing left to say. A profound statement I know. So, Barry I must not let you declare the discussion over. Maybe, however, we should take it in a different direction.

A legion of well paid lawyers have prevented anyone from seeing documents that might tell us who our President is, but they cannot keep us from the evidence that clearly tells us who he is not.

He tells us that he became a follower of Jesus Christ in the church pastored by Jeremiah Wright. Jeremiah Wright preaches liberation theology while damning America. Examine the word. Theo comes from the Greek word Theos, which means God. Ology is a field of knowledge or study. Theology then is the study of God. If anything is placed before God, whether in a Church or elsewhere, it becomes false teaching and something other than Christianity. Period. Liberation theology is a Marxist “social justice” political movement placed before God in Wright’s church. Our President spent many years there. He may have found something, but it was not Christ. When Rick Warren asked him when life begins, a Christian would have unhesitatingly declared at conception rather than declaring the answer is above his pay grade. A Christian cannot support abortion and most assuredly cannot support allowing a baby that survived a botched abortion to die. Our President supports both. There are more examples, but in the interest of space we will leave them for another time. Suffice it to say that it is like a bad rock and roll song where the doo-wops from the backup singers drown out the message in the lyrics. Some believe our President is a Muslim, but we have nothing to prove that definitively. He can call himself whatever he likes, but the evidence is clear that he is not a Christian.

He does not support American exceptionalism and has so stated. That in and of itself is quite telling. It does not require much discussion other than to question how one can enthusiastically lead a nation that he believes is just another nation.

He does not support the free market. If he did, failing businesses would be allowed to succeed or fail without government intervention. The words “wealth redistribution” would not be in his vocabulary.

He does not believe in states’ rights. If he did, he would not meddle in political affairs of individual states and he would not try to force a healthcare mandate on them. He would not support states’ governments operating at the whims of not elected public employee unions – unless he truly bought into Marxist liberation theology.

He does not believe in our Constitutional Republic and its three branches of government. If he did, he would use his duly appointed and congressionally confirmed cabinet and not rely on nearly 3 dozen czars who answer to him only (or maybe he answers to them) and who operate without constitutionally required Congressional oversight. That is how dictators function. He would not assume the role of the Supreme Court and unilaterally declare a duly passed law (Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional leaving Americans to wonder which law that he does not like is next. That was, if you are wondering, the next logical step following open homosexual service in the military.

He is not interested in the security of the United States or the effectiveness of our Armed Forces. If he was, he would not be in the process of disarming us while placing his military social engineering agenda ahead of all else at the same time his Soldier’s are engaged in seemingly endless combat operations.

Then there is that energy issue. He places the fantasia view of energy ahead of reality and national security. He will not allow us to drill for our own oil. He has already said he is okay with 4 dollar gasoline and he plans to bankrupt coal powered electric power plants. Windmills will not produce an energy independent USA. In some century, alternatives to fossil fuel may do that, but not in this one. His buddy, the CEO of General Electric will get more powerful, but you and I will be left riding the mythical bullet train to nowhere.

Our President Barry? He has an odd way of showing it.


The Lone Wolf Pack

I spent nearly a decade of my life in cold war “West Germany.” I have been to Ramstein Air Base and Rhein Main Air Base and also to the Frankfurt Airport more times than I can recall. Also, I have been a passenger on countless military shuttle bus rides in and around Germany’s US military communities. These busses carry everything from school children, to military personnel going to and from work and families headed for the shopping centers. For would be attackers, they are soft targets. They are not defended, they are low risk, and they produce maximum damage, and provide maximum impact.

The attack on Air Force personnel at the Frankfurt Airport, we are told, is another lone wolf attack. Just another guy who woke up in the morning and decided, not influenced by anyone or any group, to go out and shoot up a bus load of Americans while praising his Muslim god. He was an employed German born citizen obviously suffering from American oppression.

The lone wolf attacks are adding up, but our government will not properly label them as terrorism. In mental health circles, I believe this is called suicidal ideation. We had the mass murdering Army major at Fort Hood. We had a would be bloomers bomber and the Times Square bomber. We had the shooting at the Arkansas military recruiting station. We also had the recent Texas Jihadi. There are probably more that I don’t even recall. Most thinking people can see a developing pattern here and an obvious common denominator. We are left to wonder how many of these so-called lone wolf killers are roaming the streets in American communities.

I imagine out in the wild there is a lone wolf or two running outside the pack, but I am fairly certain they are of a single motivation and influence. They are influenced by their need to survive, which motivates them to kill something and eat it. Our lone wolves are too of a single motivation and influence.

The United States Attorney General, when asked about it, was unable to bring himself to say that radical Islam influenced any of our so-called lone wolf killers or want to be killers. The chief law enforcement officer of the land cannot concede that these hopeful killers have a common motivation, which is to kill infidels preferably of the American and Jewish variety that originates from a common influence. Islam. Holder is not an imbecile, so I do not know what conclusions to draw from his inability to concede the obvious and then work hard to protect Americans from it. Unless these are also the Attorney General’s people.

When asked if the attack in Germany was considered a terrorist attack, State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley asked, “Was the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords a terrorist attack? I mean, you have to look at the evidence and look at the motivation and then you make a judgment.” Wow! P. J., there was come commonality, both were lunatics. One however, was influenced by his psychosis and the other by his religion, which tells him to kill infidels. Even the stupid infidels who work for the State Department.

These people are killing or trying to kill Americans while proclaiming the greatness of their Muslim god. Hey Eric, in police work I am told they call that a clue and modus operandi. If you believe that any of these murderers decided of their own volition and without any outside influence to murder or attempt to murder Americans, there is probably room for you in our current State Department or US Attorney General’s Office or at a minimum a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Commission now that Libya lost their spot.

In Iran, when the people wanted to rid themselves of the Islamic theocracy, our national position was to “not meddle.” In Egypt where the secular regime was friendly toward America we cheered for a new government. As daffy Khadafy bombs, shoots and strafes his own we offer little beyond stern finger wagging.

We have yoked ourselves to this region and to the Islamic culture that is irreconcilably incompatible with our freedom and representative form of government. We are engaged in a war that is as old as Isaac and Ishmael and it will continue until the last confrontation between good and evil. We cannot stop it, but we do need to have leaders with common sense enough to protect us as they are sworn to.

The angel of the LORD also said to her [Hagar]: “You are now pregnant and you will give birth to a son. You shall name him Ishmael, for the LORD has heard of your misery. He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” Genesis 16:11-12

© 2011

Assault on Fortress America

The United States of America was once too strong to be destroyed by an outside force although we are headed in a direction where that might no longer be so. Because of our strength, the destruction of America must come from the inside. With what is happening in our country and around the world, I could end this essay here and most people with functioning brain matter could finish it.

We allow selected groups or individuals to do our thinking for us. In doing that, we are herded like sheep in our thoughts and actions. We have transformed ourselves from a nation of free thinkers that was founded by free thinkers into something no longer recognizable. We sit in the bleachers cheering one side and heckling the other. Functioning as drones to collective think and believing that we are on the right side is a loser. It is a loser, because the players in this endgame are focused on the prize while we bleacher bums are focused on the players or the sideline antics of the irrelevant mascot. This is right where they want us, being mindless cheerleaders thinking about Charlie Sheen.

The prize? The United States of America. The winner will either see to her destruction or her restoration. A fundamental transformation, words of which I am sure you are by now familiar, is not a restoration. It is not even a renovation. It is the utter destruction of our country and replacement of it with something far removed from what America is or has been historically. The players are focused, like a laser, on winning the prize while too many Americans still take the continued existence of this great country for granted.

The players are an interesting conglomerate. Corrupt politicians, feckless national leadership, unions, the media, the Islamists who have infiltrated into positions of influence…. They know that their time in history is now. They will never have an environment more conducive to their aims. They are going for broke. They will either win or suffer a devastating defeat that will drive them back underground for another fifty years. They likely detest one another at their core but will ally under the precept that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The enemy is the constitutional free market supporting republic that stands between them and their utopian fantasia – whatever each player’s vision of utopia that might be – and anyone who stands for its preservation. Once we let them have the prize, they will battle one another for ultimate control. There will be no winner, except the most powerful outside force who will stand by to pick up the remains. We are that close to being Libya.

Their attacks are relentless and unfortunately Americans sitting in the bleachers and focusing on the players and the morality of the Sheen and Lohan brats has given them a salient in the battle line for freedom akin to the one the Germans achieved at the Battle of the Bulge – just before we focused on the prize and kicked their butts back to Berlin.

Their fronts are not that complicated.

Christianity does not have its origins in the United States of America, but the USA has its origins in Christianity. Our founding documents and our founders are quite clear in declaring that our free nation was stood up on the basic principle that freedom is God given. Our founding documents seek God’s approval for our intentions and our currency proclaims our trust in God. God, Christianity… unless it is Allah, Darwin or American-hating Jeremiah Wright theology, it will just not do. The Christian God and Christianity are affronts to Islam, Darwinism, liberation theology and immorality. Remove the Christian influence from America and we quickly become either Amsterdam or Tehran.

Communism and Marxism are being sold by the bushels to Americans as worker protecting unions. Mushy headed people are buying it too, lock stock and barrel. Unions are fine for any private enterprise that wishes to engage one. Unions have no place in any governmental entity whatever the body. When taxpaying citizens provide wages for government workers, whether federal, state or local, and the union dues that are collected from those wages are used to elect politicians favorable to the unions welcome to communism. The politicians are beholden to the defacto union political party – not the people or the established government. In private enterprise, unions blame corporations for moving jobs overseas. Do you not see it as odd that non-union Toyota is increasing its operations in America while government and union owned General Motors is growing in China?

Then there is the pesky constitution that if followed defeats all the destructive efforts of the players. Apparently, that was an easy one as the President now decides which laws, like the Defense of Marriage Act, are unconstitutional. It appears we have the benevolent dictator for whatever we become or are now.

Oh, we cannot leave out the media. Without the media ideologues that hold the collective American ear none of this would be possible. Honest journalism, practically an oxymoron in this time, would rip them to shreds much like their complicity is doing to America.

Their goals are not stated. If they were truly stated they would never be supported, but they are obvious to any thinking person. Our shining light of freedom and good is growing a little dimmer each day that freedom loving Americans are not clearly focused on the prize.

© 2011

An Assault on the Union

My Father was a proud Member of the United Mine Workers Union. Both of my brothers spent much of their working lives as members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and for a short time I did too. There may have been a paper somewhere that asked the question, but I do not recall in my short civilian working life of ever being asked to join a union. The dues just started coming out of my check. In a unionized factory, it was understood that you belonged. Only management could survive as “company” men.

In the coal fields of Southern West Virginia, during my youth, picket lines of striking miners were common. Scabs as they were called, non union miners, were often brought in or allowed in to work for the striking union members. It was dangerous, but miners were and still are rugged men. Union or not, they will work to feed their families and face down the danger inside the mine and the danger outside from a picket line riled up by paid union thug agitators. Sadly, men were hurt. Some died. For what?

I have heard knowledgeable people proclaim that the American automobile industry is a United Auto Workers pension and health care plan that make automobiles as a sideline. Not to worry though, your tax dollars purchased GM and now,

General Motors Leaves U.S. Workers by the Wayside as it Accelerates Operations in China

Shanghai GM, set a monthly record of 71,566 vehicles, while total sales for the first nine months of the year rose 40.2% from a year earlier. Guardian UK

The typical union member is someone who is just trying to earn a living. Today’s typical union leader, however, is a communist. A person who is more interested in pushing a political view and buying the services of politicians who will support their aims than they are in focusing on what is good for workers.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is now the biggest outside spender of the 2010 elections… Wall Street Journal

In the same WSJ article you can see that the Service Employees International Union and National Education Association are also huge contributors to Democrats. So it is not too surprising when the President of the United States chooses to once again meddle in the affairs of another State Governor by stating this:

“Some of what I’ve heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you’re just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions,” President Obama. – Real Clear Politics

The closest thing we have in the United States to entrenched and functioning communist organizations are unions. Sorry, I could think of no politically correct sugarcoating for that.

Here are the brass tacks placed neatly in one pouch. Study it closely. I suggest that you make a screen capture of this information and keep it for reference before it is sent to cyber heaven or hell as it may be. It provides you with all of the information you need to counter the nonsensical arguments supporting what is happening in Wisconsin and that is only going to spread around our country.

This chart is particularly informative. It shows that the median weekly income for unionized education, training, and library occupations is $1,023. The median income for Federal Government workers represented by unions is $987, for State Government workers it is $917 and for Local Government workers it is $962.

The median income of union members for all private sector workers, those who pay the taxes that pay the wages of the others, is $864, for those only represented by a union it is $855 and for nonunion private sector workers it is $703.

Redistribution of wealth achieved. The people whose primary products are business stifling regulations, bureaucracy, and failing public education systems are doing quite well for themselves compared to the people who pay their salaries.

King Solomon told us that there was a time to be silent and a time to speak. I believe it is time for the majority of Americans who are not union members to have their say.

No Sir. What we are seeing here is not an “assault on unions” it is a long overdue challenge to the union assault on the United States of America.


A fork in the road…

1 Corinthians 13. As this is the time when we choose to invest millions of dollars into objects with which we hope to express love to someone dear to us, I thought that may be a good place to begin. Give it a read and some critical thought. Then come back here and finish.

Can you love a thing like country? Or ideas like a form of government?

I believe one of the many witticisms attributed to Yogi Berra is; when you come to a fork in the road, take it. And we usually do. The problem we often encounter is having the necessary foresight to choose correctly. Whether we headed down the right fork is usually not known to us until we reach the destination. Fortunately for us, we can look around our world and see our likely destination. That is, unless we correct our current course heading.

There is a lot of cheering for democracy these days. Most of the cheerleaders say they want democracy for everyone just like the democracy we have here in the United States of America. That is certainly where we would like to see the countries of the world because free and content nations do not attack one another, but I fear that we have discarded what a true democracy is and that too appears to be what the cheerleaders seek.

True democracy fails. True democracy is mob rule. Our form of government is not true democracy. It is a Constitutional Representative Republic. Abiding by our Constitution protects our freedoms. It protects us from would be dictators. It protects us from ourselves. But, it only protects us if we follow it and make sure our leaders do as well.

Where do you reckon the USA would be today, if we did not try hard to abide by the Constitution given to us by our founders? What if we went down that other fork? Would we be Egypt? Would our separate states resemble the Balkans? Might Washington DC more closely resemble Tehran than it does?

We are in mess today because we have wandered too far down the wrong fork in the road. We have veered down the path toward more government control of our lives and consequently less freedom. We are straying from the way of less government that our founders designed. It is our original direction that propelled us to the forefront of the nations of the world.

We have people who want to lead our country now telling us that we need to forget about social issues and just focus on the fiscal ones and other policy issues. That is a hopelessly ignorant way to look at our country. The founders of our country made it very clear that our Constitutional Republic would only stand if our people remained moral. They are being proved right. Morality these days is in the eyes of the beholder, but our founders and Americans of the time I believe had a little better clarity of thought on the matter.

Forget the obvious social issues that continue to rip at the already threadbare social fabric of our nation and think about what disregarding social issues really means. Does it mean abandoning all of our social values or just those persnickety ones like revulsion of sexual perversion and infanticide? That is what we mean when we talk about “the social issues” is it not? But there is more and if we just forget about all of our “social issues”, what happens to our borders? Our language? Our culture? Our country? Ask the leaders of Germany, France and the United Kingdom about the effects multi-culturalism had on their countries. All of them have been quite frank about it recently. Remember the last time that was viewed as a problem in parts of Europe, most specifically Germany, it did not turn out well for the rest of the world.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. – 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

In the above quote, replace the word love with the United States of America and read it again. You may not be able to accept that our country meets or has met all of those defining characteristics, but we have fulfilled many of them and are much farther down the road than are most nations.

We will continue fulfill those defining national characteristics as long as we stay on the right fork of the road. If you cannot accept that then there is a very good chance that you are traveling down the fork of the road that leads to the end of the place that once stood as the shining example of freedom and the last great hope of the world’s un-free. And you are probably headed there on an 80 billion dollar bullet train.

Did I wish you a happy valentines day?

© 2011

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