You Ain’t My Folks

ThinkerYou left field politicians need to stop calling me the folks. I ain’t your doggoned folks. The next thing you know, you’ll have Government Motors producing Folkswagons. The mind is not quite the steel trap it once was, but I think that happened somewhere else before didn’t it? I could be wrong, but there is a vague memory of it. It will be the automobile that we folks can finally afford. Man, we’ll be living the dream. Then you’ll declare that owning one is a right. An unalienable right granted to us by you in all of your benevolence. It cannot be just any old Folkswagon. It has to be the one produced by party loyal union workers at the Government Motors factory operated by government bureaucrats that know nothing about cars, unless it’s the Goremobile that runs on captured cow flatulence. You will pass a law that requires me to fulfill my right by making me buy one. If I do not exercise my right, you will either fine me for it or make the cost of any another brand so blasted expensive so that I am forced… Well, you know how it all works out. You’ve done this before under the guise of looking out for the folks.

When you pull off your suit coat, take off your tie, roll up sleeves and put that phony possum grin on your weaslely face while looking in no particular direction don’t ask how we folks are doing. You don’t care. We know it. It is insulting when you pretend. Besides, we know that when you say folks you are really thinking gun toting, Bible clinging rednecks. My folks worked hard all of their lives. By their actions they taught me the values of self reliance, hard work and here’s a shocker for you – honesty. You are the antithesis of that. They also taught me to pick phony paid for skunks out of the crowd and to keep one hand on my wallet whenever they start looking out for the folks. My folks are dead and buried side by side. Let them rest. God is looking out for them now so you can take a break.

Do you know what else I don’t need from you? I don’t need any more lectures about moral issues. Nationalizing healthcare is not a moral issue. Like Ol’ Joe said, it may be a big F’ng deal for you, but it’s not a moral issue. Giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants is also not a moral issue. Do you really want to talk about moral issues? Talk to me about murdering innocent unborn children. Talk to me about normalizing sexual perversions. I’m sorry that was a little understated. Talk to me about glorifying sexual perversions. Talk to me about undermining the American family, which is the foundation of our society. Talk to me about demanding that we put God into all of the closets you have emptied.

While I am at it, there is one other little thing. You can put lipstick on a communist with big ears, but he’s still a communist. You can give a pot smoking, military hating, draft dodging, Pentagon bombing, Student for a Democrat Society, 1960s dirt bag hippie a haircut, a bath, a law degree, a 3 piece suit and a job in the Whitehouse and he’s still a communist too. And, he ain’t my folks either.

Want to know what my favorite 60’s expression was? I tell you anyway. Communism Sucks! So did Ho Chi Min and Mao and the rest of your folks.

© 2010

Once Upon a Representative Republic

ThinkerIn a pure democracy, the people exercise power directly rather than through elected representatives. The United States of America is not a pure democracy. The founders never intended us to be one. If we were a democracy, however, the American people would have voted directly on whether or not we should have government run healthcare. If you believe the professional pollsters who are mostly accurate, otherwise people who rely on them would stop paying them, there would be no nationalized health care.

Our government is a democratic form because we exercise power through elected representatives – that is the idea anyway. Therefore, we are a representative republic rather than a pure democracy. In theory, our representatives are supposed to govern with the will of their constituents in mind. Obviously, this is not working out so well for us since we now have the nationalized health care that most of us did not want.

Communism is a form of government based on Marxist socialism where the people own nothing. The government owns and distributes everything. Think about the phrase “redistribution of wealth.” It is a totalitarian system wherein a single party is in control and decides what is produced and how and what is best for you and me. The will of the governed does not count. We call this the People’s Democratic Republic of China or the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. We once also recognized it as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR.

A dictatorship is a form of government where absolute power is concentrated in a dictator, a government organization or a group. We call this Castro’s Cuba, Chavez’s Venezuela, and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Each of our states elects people to represent them in the United States Congress. They are in the form of 2 Senators and a number of members in the House of Representatives determined by the state’s population.

So through the process of elimination, let’s see where we stand here in the Land of the Free. Although you hear the word often from liberals, it is clear that the United States of America is not now nor has it ever been a pure democracy.

We were founded as a representative republic guided by the law of the land which is the United States Constitution. A document with its guarantees of liberty and preservation of individual rights helped build the freest and most prosperous nation in human history. It provides most importantly the checks and balances of the separation of powers through the 3 branches of government, legislative, judicial and executive. The legislative branch crafts the bills. If passed by a majority of both houses of Congress, the executive signs those bills into law or rejects them with a veto. If it becomes necessary, the judicial branch determines the constitutionality of the laws.

We have problems when any of the branches of our government break outside their constitutional parameters. It can happen when Congress writes bills using bribery and parliamentary chicanery to pass bills that are in direct conflict with the provisions of the Constitution and the will of the people. This slips our representative republic down the scale in the direction of communism. It can happen when the Supreme Court decides that private property can be taken away and given to a for profit entity or that a choice to kill an unborn baby is a right. This moves us somewhere between communism and Alice’s Wonderland. It can happen when the executive branch actually believes that an after the fact executive order trumps federal law passed by both houses of Congress and then signed into law by the executive. This is the kind of thinking that moves us either toward mad hatterville or Zimbabwe.

That 8th grade civics lesson was for the benefit of the 3 branches government that forms our constitutionally directed representative republic and who all need to report to remedial middle school government class. Right after Election Day in November.

Today’s oxy-moron: Pro-life Democrat.

© 2010

American conservatives must fight on implacably to repeal Emperor Obama’s healthcare coup

A Time of Reckoning

ThinkerThere comes a time of reckoning for all of us. For Democrats and for America it is today. I particularly want the Democrats in the West Virginia Congressional Delegation to pay close attention. Americans, yes and even the underestimated West by gosh Virginians, are more politically attuned now than at any time in our Nation’s history. Probably as much as we were pre-Revolution and pre-Civil War. We know what a cover vote smells like and the stench covers you. When your party boss has enough votes, she allows you to vote against the party so that you can plead later to your constituents that you opposed the legislation that put them out of work, raised their taxes and attempted to replace God given rights with government given ones. That is why when contacted just hours before a vote, you report that you are undecided. You are undecided because your party boss has not yet determined whether she needs your vote to help steer our country in a sharp left turn toward communism. Therefore, the desires of the San Francisco liberal communist that you bow to and represent with your votes is more important to you than the West Virginians you pretend to represent. The bottom line is that whether you are from West Virginia or North Dakota, your constituents know that you support the party and the direction the party wants to take our country. Whether you vote yea or nay, you own the outcome. Period!

What is even more farcical than the cover votes and the outright political bribery is the pro-life red herring. If your political party collectively supports that murdering unborn babies is just a choice and you remain a party member, then you remain a supporter of death that makes the atrocity of the holocaust pale in comparison. So spare me your pro-life credentials. You have none.

You support a party that wants cap and trade legislation. Legislation that the President has stated will quadruple the price of electricity and will bankrupt coal fired electric plants. Since more than half of our Nation’s electricity is generated from these plants, how do you think that will affect all Americans? The federal Environmental Protection Agency is making it practically impossible for new coal-mining permits. In case you didn’t notice, unemployment just hit 11 percent here in the mountain state. I suppose an Executive Order could declare West Virginia a national park, as has happened to other potentially energy producing regions of our country.

Now, you are about to vote for health care legislation. It is not about health care. It is about controlling our lives. The fact that you considered pretending that it passed without voting for it only shows the fascist tendencies of your party and most specifically its leadership. The fact that you want to pass it when it is clear that a majority of the “represented republic” doesn’t want it is even more telling. The bill will also make student loans available only from the government. That is a strange health care provision. So besides deciding whether or not we get medical care, you will now decide where we go to school and what we study. Isn’t that interesting? Communists decide whether their people are educated and whether they become mechanics, sanitation workers, physicists or party politicians. So when your party casts the vote that puts our country on the express train to communism, know that you own it and we know it. We won’t forget it.

I like Spring. I spent the full day yesterday outside working in and admiring God’s creation. I am amazed at the renewal that comes this time of year. I also realize that we can prune it, clean it and maintain it, but we cannot improve it. All we can do is care for and protect what God gave us. It is just like our God given rights. Men, especially American politicians, must protect the unalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator and not try to replace the Creator.

Whatever the outcome of the vote that may forever change our country I believe that just like the renewal that comes with Spring it will bring about a re-birth of the American Spirit of Freedom. If there is a Whitehouse celebration , it will be a short one.

© 2010

Time for Courage

ThinkerYou said it is time for courage Mr. President. So let’s talk about courage. Let us talk about honor too. When you proclaimed our need for courage, you were at a campaign stop for your nationalized healthcare plan. It followed one of those gut wrenching emotional tales that somehow always turn out not to be as you present them.

“Forward, the Light Brigade!”
Was there a man dismay’d?
Not tho’ the soldier knew
Someone had blunder’d:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.
-from Charge of the Light Brigade- Alfred Lord Tennyson

I must admit, I do not know how much courage it takes to tell embellished stories to a flock of admiring sheep. Stories fluffed up by back office minions and intended to fill the rest of us with enough guilt to cause us to want to charge forward like the Light Brigade “into the valley of Death” before we have time to figure out that “someone had blunder’d.”

What lies ahead for us in that valley is the forfeiture of our God given freedoms and the resultant destruction, or as proclaimed the fundamental transformation, of the greatest nation God ever blessed. That is not an overstatement of the predicament in which Americans find themselves. From supposed leaders, we get heart tugging stories rather than clear and logical solutions to problems. Stories told in the name of what? And to what end? Americans are not so stupid, although we may be somewhat “dismay’d” these days.

Maybe it becomes easier to spread crafted tales of human pain after you do it the first time. Someone recently referred to such things as political props. Maybe it does not take much courage to lie when someone else writes the lies for you and puts them up on a teleprompter. All of it in the name of that social justice you always claim to be in search of or the wealth you hope to redistribute. Justice owed to whom and for what? Wealth redistributed to whom? Are there gulags and re-education centers in our future?  Are we expected to make that blind and futile charge into the valley on your terms? “Theirs is not to make reply, there is not to reason why.”

Yes, we need courage. To paraphrase you Mr. President, let me be clear about that. All of us need to well up enough of it to help us stand up for what is right and face down would be tyrants just as did our founding forefathers.

How about honesty? Do you think we need some of that too? Do we not deserve men and women of honor to lead our country?

“Trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone.” – Pubilius Syrus

Honor, Sir, is the system of values by which you live. Integrity is the foundation of honor. Integrity includes telling the truth and the way I see it, you only get one shot at telling the truth before trust is lost. With instant worldwide communication and endless computer servers trapping every uttered word, political lies simply do not stand up anymore. Charlatans are exposed.

Freedom’s embers have been smoldering in Americans for quite some time. Washington’s political winds are fanning them into an inferno. Mr. President, led by you Washington is fueling a summer of American discontent that may be like nothing ever before seen in the United States of America. The protesting draft card burners and Pentagon bombers of the 60’s who now surround you and run Washington will have seen nothing like what is coming I fear. America is as angry. Dangerously angry.

Our country is being dragged into Lord Tennyson’s valley of death by corruption and political chicanery that makes a mockery of our constitution. We are fully aware of what is at stake. Freedom loving people will not sit idly by when faced with tyranny. Americans never have. Freedom is ingrained in us. It is who we are. We have faced down communists, Nazis, fascists, Islamo-Terrorists and just about every other freedom oppressing blight on humanity that is imaginable. Most of us out here in the real America have actually served or have relatives and friends who have served and died in the uniformed Armed Services of our Country fighting freedom’s enemies around this world. Unlike many of you in Washington, when we took our oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, we meant it. We still mean it.

It never occurred to anyone I know in or out of uniform that someday we would encounter the greatest threat to our freedom entrenched inside the Washington Beltway. We never imagined that the People’s House and the People’s Capitol would be filled with communists and Marxists.

When we come out of the valley again, freedom and honorable leaders is all that will come out with us. We have deemed it so.

© 2010

What Do Most Americans Want?

My bovine scatology meter pegs whenever a politician steps in front of a television camera and proceeds to tell me what “most Americans want.” Each time that I hear that, I am left questioning myself about which of us it is that is confused about the desires of most Americans.

My life situation is not unique among Americans. I was raised by a coal miner, which is certainly common in West Virginia. However, with cap and tax, the activities of the federal Environmental Protection Agency and West Virginia’s career party politicians it could become uncommon. My family was materially poor. The problem is I did not realize I was poor. No one was on the television every day reminding me of how miserable and hopeless my life was and how much I needed government help to survive. Thankfully, there wasn’t much television. The azimuth of my upbringing pointed toward self-reliance and directly away from self-pity or the expectation that anyone, especially government, would provide for me.

I spent most of my life in the military and there encountered every conceivable culture, religious belief, level of wealth, educational level, a multitude of personal and family problems and just about any human character flaw you could imagine. My most beneficial education was practical. The ivy-less formal parts of it were picked up on the fly during the nights and weekends that duty permitted. Granted, few Americans, and fewer still as the years pass us by, spent much time in military service, but like me they lived and worked with multitudes of people who spent their days trying to achieve security for their families. These are the people who comprise the great American middle. It is the part of our society that separates us from the 3rd world hell holes where numbers of us are often sacrificed for some political goal or to un-screw some major political screw-up.

In comparison, I look toward Washington and at the people there who everyday profess to know what most of us want. Even putting aside the crooks and scoundrels, I see dogonned few of them who have lived lives even remotely close to that lived in the American middle. Millionaire San Francisco liberals neither speak for nor have the remotest concept of what most Americans want. If there are those in Washington with middle class upbringings, they have been there for so long that that significant piece of their souls has been irretrievably erased. Some however, are quite good at tweaking the right emotions at just the right time. We bet the fate of our nation on the promise of hope only to watch it morph into hopelessness.

I find it quite amusing that the people who tell us everyday what we want – politicians and their sycophantic media friends – have ratings, approval and otherwise, hovering just below the altitude of whale crap. Apparently there is some unresolved conflict between pretending to know what most Americans want and then actually delivering it.

I profess to know only what one American believes and wants.

I believe America is a Christian nation and was founded on Christian principles.

I want government to leave me alone. A burning desire to be left alone by oppressive government is how our nation was born. In more ways than one, it is time for a Born-Again America.

I believe that being in Washington does not make you smarter than anyone else – just better paid than most.

I want to live debt free. Not an easy goal, but an achievable one. There will be some long term debts in life, like mortgages. Well maybe not so long term if you bought your house from Barney Frank Real Estate, Financing and Escort Service. Living debt free is the only true way to build security for those who depend on you. It is a concept Washington should consider. Stop spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need. All that does is add to my personal debt in the form of increased taxes. The country and I cannot build prosperity while digging ourselves deeper into debt.

With our vast natural resources of coal, shale, natural gas and oil, I believe we should be 100 percent energy independent. Not one red cent more of American wealth should be transferred to Middle Eastern or South American dictators. Not one more American life should be lost to preserve the Middle Eastern oil pipeline.

I want a strong military, not just one that is on par with other nations. Being on par means being vulnerable. Cutting future combat systems development takes the advantage away from our Soldiers.

Stop apologizing for me. Period. Cemeteries around the world are filled with Americans who died confronting tyranny. We feed and help more people than the other nations combined. We owe no one or no nation an apology.

In this world, America has friends and enemies. I do not offend my friends while appeasing my enemies. You should give that a try.

I want to get to know my President a little better, but since it doesn’t appear that is going to happen then I should at least enjoy the same level of privacy. Here’s my 2010 Census. 2 Americans live here.

© 2010

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