When Does Hope End? Part 1

A weakness of my generation of Americans is our ingrained gullibility. Those of us who were educated before the hippie generation took control of our public education system, were taught about the greatness of our country and the honesty and good character of our historic leaders. George Washington could not tell a lie and Abraham Lincoln was Honest Abe.

Our first inclination is to trust that people in general are honest and good. The gullibility that encouraged us to believe that today’s political leaders are generally honest as well has put us in jeopardy of losing all that is good about America. We want to believe that these politicians want what is best for us and our country. We want to believe what they tell us – especially if we happen to like their public personas. We tend to trust them without them first having to prove their trustworthiness. Either that is the case or we believe in them for a more dangerous and suicidal reason – because they affiliate themselves with one political party or another.

The most repeated mistake made by the citizenry of the world’s most blessed nation is that we tie our hope to men or to some wrongheaded ideology that points directly away from the principles of God given freedom and liberty on which we were founded. What we need to tie our hope to are the founding ideals, values, principles and freedoms that built and sustained us. We must then only support would be leaders who have proven in their lives by work not words that they live by and endorse our enduring national character.

Here in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia we still have many Yellow Dog Democrats. If there was a yellow dog on the Democrat ticket, they would vote for it before they would even consider voting for a Republican. Their votes have little to do with the person or an ideology. My Daddy was a Democrat, his Daddy was and his Daddy… is typically their reasoning. Today’s Democrat would likely call Daddy (theirs and mine) a far right wing fanatic. Daddy broke his back in a coal mine every day and was paid with company script and a charge account at the company’s store and he lived in a rickety, rented coal company house. Daddy earned his way, raised his family and never looked toward the government or anyone else to help with his personal responsibilities. Daddy, in fact, was to the political right of most of today’s Republicans. Yellow Dog reasoning and logic has kept Democrats in charge of our state legislature for decades and kept our state rated last in every important vital statistic while the politicians themselves are doing quite well. We vote for the party and cling to the hope promised by the party’s figure head. Hope that keeps everything just beyond our reach – perpetually.

Our Congressional delegation except for Republican Representative Shelley Moore-Capito and our Democrat Governor endorsed the candidacy of now President Obama. An endorsement, especially for the Presidency, means that you endorse everything about the person – their associations, their policies and what they might mean for the people of your state, their beliefs and the character of the man or woman themselves. Later, you cannot say I did not know that. The alternative is that instead of endorsing a person, you are endorsing your political party. Like communists, you place party affiliation before the people. Continued in part 2.



“There is no distinctively native American criminal class except Congress.” – Mark Twain

To be fair, not all politicians in Congress are criminals, however, I cannot find it within myself to defend the innocence of a single one of them that is there now. I will, however, stand to defend the first one who finds the courage to poke his fingers in the eyes of his charlatan contemporaries, especially the members of his party, who are systematically destroying our country. If that person stands up, he or she will be the unique one who has managed to keep hold of his soul.

Do you know how to identify these Politician-Americans – Mr. Twain’s distinctively American criminal class? That man or woman who is more dedicated to the prosperity of the Politician than they are to serving the American? Their focus is status and political power and doing whatever it takes to hold on to both. To that end, they will plant their lips on any posterior, grease any palm, craft tall tales of their accomplishments, claim credit for all that is good and lay blame for all that is wrong. In their noses, imagine large brass rings connected to leather straps. Straps held on to by the special interests that provide them their campaign cash and the special favors that add to their personal comfort and wealth. Out of their mouths come words crafted by focus groups and political pollsters. To the extent that they own even a fraction of their souls, these poor devils must suffer constant internal conflict. Conflicted because they promise what the pollsters tell them they must, all the while knowing that they have to deliver the goods to those who exert Faustian control with sharp tugs on the strap that is attached to their nose rings. It does not matter if the goods delivered to their political masters are opposite of the promises made to hapless and gullible American voters. To them, the means justify the end and the end is retaining their status and political power. American voters buy the promises. The special interests buy the politicians. This is the pitiful and corrupt state of politics in America.

The Politician-American begins every conversation telling you that most Americans agree with or most Americans want the snake oil he is trying to sell. He promises to deliver his badly needed snake oil only if he gets cooperation from his reluctant colleagues across the aisle. This is what the pollsters have told him he should say. He has no more mind of his own. That went along with the soul he sold to the people who control the tension on his nose ring strap. He cannot tell you the truth because his truth is whatever he must say or do to keep his political office. He will decry the politics of old and the failed policies of the past offering hope that he will change both. What he hopes for, however, is that Americans will not awaken to the reality that the politics he practices are the politics of old that produced the failed policies of the past. Both are ageless attributes of the world’s true oldest profession. He will always promise good paying jobs for all Americans as long as we go along with his snake oil formula. The alternative formula for America, he will tell you, is just too bad to even contemplate therefore; we must act now before it is too late for us to come back from the edge of the precipice on which we are precariously perched. Only his way can stave off the next great catastrophe and there is always a looming catastrophe.

The problem for them is that Americans, to use one of the snappy political buzz phrases of the time, are finally connecting the dots, between special interest groups, corrupt politicians and failures in our economy, energy security and national defense. They have, however, delivered on one promise. There is bipartisanship in Washington. Political corruption has no difficulty traversing the aisle.

Now, as the lights are switched on for Americans, the flurry of Congress people who suddenly need to spend more time with their families is like a herd of cockroaches heading for the exits. Ironic as it may be, these Corrupticans and Corrupticrats have done a great favor for our country. They have opened the eyes and hearts of Americans and energized the citizenry into what is shaping up as a ballot box revolution so overwhelming that even the organized voter fraud will not be able to counter it.

Every American owes it to every other American to take a wire brush to the Congressional candidates in their own home districts, hopefuls and incumbents alike. We must send to Washington, Americans who are able to put service before self. We must replace the Politician-Americans with American-Americans.


Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

Despite the problems this social experiment will bring to our Armed Forces while we are at war, the issue for our country is much broader. Disguising it as a military service issue or a marriage issue only masks the basic question Americans must answer. Is homosexuality a normal behavior and should homosexuals therefore become a class protected by law?

Anyone who opposes repealing don’t ask, don’t tell is generally labeled a bigot (one who is intolerant of others and their views) by the moral relativists and supporters of open service by homosexuals. If I reject the behavior of a criminal who happens to be of a race different from mine, does that make me a bigot? Criminal behavior is abnormal and rejection of it does not make me a bigot. It is the behavior I reject not the person. If I reject homosexual behavior, it is the unnatural and abnormal sexual behavior that I reject, not the person. The same as I reject pedophilia and NAMBLA.

Military service is a piece of the issue, but only to the extent that it moves the society closer to accepting this behavior than would any other institution including marriage. Soldiers do not care who serves in the Armed Forces. What they care about is that the people who do serve alongside them are of good character, are competent and are willing to fulfill their duties without being a distraction or causing a distraction that could lead to mission failure and cost lives. Individual Soldiers probably do not care if homosexuals serve openly in the Armed Forces although it will create new and unnecessary problems and distractions for the leadership; like resolving the inevitable discrimination issues raised by the newest protected class, which they most assuredly will be. Military leaders have enough important matters on which to focus their attention. Adding another social engineering distraction atop those already in place will not help them or make them better at performing their primary leadership functions. But, repealing don’t ask, don’t tell is not about homosexuals openly serving in the Armed Forces just as homosexual marriage is not about marriage. It is about societal normalization of an abnormal and unnatural behavior – making acceptable a behavior that much of society views as unacceptable and even abhorrent. Military service, like marriage, is only a link advocates hope to add to the acceptance chain albeit a significant one – maybe the one.

Our country’s Armed Forces is one of our nation’s most trusted institutions. That means that the American citizenry is confident that the military will do what they are charged to do and do it professionally. Most Americans also perceive that don’t ask, don’t tell is a military policy instead of law passed by Congress to which the military must abide. Under the law, the military cannot ask (don’t ask) a Soldier or potential Soldier what their sexual orientation is. Also, once someone is a serving member of the military he or she cannot openly declare or practice (don’t tell) their homosexuality. The expectation is that like everyone else in society, except for maybe prostitutes and pornography stars, they are expected to keep their sex lives private.

I have listened to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Secretary of Defense supporting open homosexual service. I do not support their positions, but we should expect the Chairman and Secretary who were appointed by to the President to support the President’s views. I have no reason to believe the views they express are dishonest. Men of integrity, as the Chairman proclaims to be, and of personal courage would not openly support a view with which they disagree. Would they?

Homosexuals openly serving in the military will kick the door wide open to societal acceptance of homosexual behavior as a norm. Homosexual partners will become military dependents, entitled to all of the benefits associated with being a military family member. Homosexual marriage will no longer be an issue. Repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell will make it a non issue. How could it be otherwise? One of our nation’s most trusted institutions does not do anything with half-steps. Using the same energy with which Equal Opportunity and Equal Rights laws and policies are supported and enforced (as they should be), the military will be the leader in bringing us Gay Culture and Gay History Month celebrations and gay affirmative action. There is no sarcasm in that statement. The military will lead the way toward making homosexual behavior normal and acceptable to the greater society and will be pointed toward as the example of how homosexuality should be accepted by everyone. The society, which holds its military in high esteem, will follow their lead.

Once homosexuality is normalized and accepted, what becomes of the arguments against other abnormal sexual behavior? What logical argument could you then make against any other sexual perversion?

The cornerstone of society is the family unit consisting of a male father, a female mother and their children. A society cannot logically accept homosexuality as normal and maintain that cornerstone.

So the question for Americans to resolve is not whether homosexuals may be allowed to openly serve in the Armed Forces or if they should be allowed to marry. The question to resolve is whether Americans want to accept homosexuality as a normal behavior and create from that acceptance another protected class.

© 2010

Our Foundation is the Spirit of Freedom

Everything has a foundation. The bedrock of America’s foundation is our ingrained spirit of freedom. For years, progressive ideologues have attacked our foundation with the destructive impact of their freedom destroying attacks not usually known until many years later. Now, we must stand more vigilant than ever if we are to remain free people. Because when the foundation can no longer support the structure, it will fall.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. – 2 Corinthians 3:17 (NIV)

According to Kris Kristofferson in his song, Me and Bobby McGee, “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” I agree. When everything else is lost, if you choose it, you still have freedom.

The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America begins:

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their CREATOR, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

In our founding declaration, we affirmed to the world and acknowledged before God, that freedom is God given. For most of our country’s history, we have defended the affirmations in our declaration. Americans have sacrificed their lives to defend the spirit of freedom, even in foreign lands. Because we have understood and defended the principle that men are the guardians of freedom and not the givers of it, our country is blessed. For many years, men, considering themselves progressives who would move us to something better, have tried to nudge us away from the enduring principle that forms our nation’s foundation.

Men can take from you material possessions, but they cannot take freedom because unlike material things freedom does not originate with men. Men have the free will to choose so it is only by choice that freedom is lost. People who are not free are so because they made men the givers of freedom by permitting them to make seemingly insignificant choices that they should have made for themselves. That was their first precarious step taken down a primrose pathway. A pathway painted by men who desire to control other men and who aspire to replace God as the givers of freedom. These progressives promise that their pathway leads to utopia when truthfully it leads directly to living hell. It is only utopian for them because they will not abide by the freedom restricting rules that they will impose on everyone else. When we allow men to replace God as the givers of freedom, freedom is lost.

Just as man cannot give you integrity, dignity, courage, your values or cannot determine whether you live honorably, neither can he give you freedom.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. – Galatians 5:1 (NIV)

As Americans, we can continue as the guardians of freedom or our citizenry can submissively slip the yoke of slavery around its neck.

C. S. Lewis tells us:

Most, I fancy, have discovered that to be born is to be exposed to delights and miseries greater than imagination could have anticipated; that the choice of ways and any cross-road may be more important than we think; and that short cuts may lead to very nasty places.

Bound by the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness endowed to us by our Creator, choices for now are ours to make in the United States of America. If living in a cardboard box is your idea of the pursuit of happiness and you are not breaking any laws, infringing on the rights of others, or insisting that others provide for your needs, then that is a choice you are free to make. Allowing other men to choose for you is a short cut that may lead to very nasty places.

I will show you what he is like who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice. He is like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete. –Luke 6:47-49 (NIV)

The cornerstone of our nation’s foundation is trust in God and God given freedom. Preserved on this foundation is our most enduring principle. We arrive in this life as free men with unalienable rights, blessed by God, and equipped with the ability to reason, choose and distinguish right from wrong and good from evil. God instilled that spirit of freedom in the hearts of all men, not just those who were fortunate to have been born American. Being born in the world’s freest nation is indeed a blessing, but being born here does not ensure freedom.

The gift of freedom and the blessing of life in the United States of America obligate us to defend the one place on this earth founded on the principles of trust in God and God given freedom. Allowing men to be the givers of freedom will crush the rock on which our nation stands. We must protect the foundation that lights the one true pathway of hope for the un-free world.

© 2010

The Noisy Room

In the cyber world, millions of blogs vie daily for attention. As if that did not create enough noise, they started tweeting although more like cawing crows than morning songbirds. The talk radio and cablevision commentary ranges from reasonable to insane. Then there are the cable television debate programs with one yapping head appearing in the box on the right side screaming is to and another in a box on the left side screaming is not. In all forums, one side tries to rise above the noise and the other tries to drown them out. Irrational shouting is more common than civil conversation or debate. Entering this environment is like searching for a quiet booth in a noisy back street dive stinking of stale smoke, stale booze, over-perfumed ladies of the night, and backed up toilets accompanied by the tinny notes of a deafening out of tune band, from which to contemplate important issues and solve problems.

Some people, who have successfully built audiences of millions, manage to communicate above the barroom din. Still, it is a standoff where each side mostly sings to its own choir. What is missing from this scene is the barroom bouncer willing to take each side by the napes of their necks and toss them into the urine stench permeated and trash dumpster filled back alley. For the sake of our nation and sanity, we need a quieter and more decent place from which to examine our national problems. Presently, the United States Congress does not appear to be that place as it is busy setting the example for the remainder of the bar’s clientele.

Engaging in earsplitting bouts where facts and reason duel emotion and ideology is futile. No one wins. No one can win. Futility be damned, both sides continue to go at it enthusiastically. Standing unyieldingly in the middle of the noisy barroom dance floor, both insist that they have secured the high ground factually and ideologically. Neither has. All we are accomplishing now is grinding the foundation of humankind’s last great hope into dust. No one is winning and we are losing sight of what is important – like our steadily eroding freedom. America is losing. When America loses the rest of the world also loses.

It is better to contemplate things in a quieter environment, but we cannot disengage. Instead, we must find a way to focus all Americans and ourselves on an undeniable conclusion. The United States of America is in peril of being a future chapter in the annals of the world described as a majestic place where men once lived free. We cannot meekly give up our freedom to mortal men. Paraphrasing the poet Dylan Thomas, we must not go gentle into that good night. We must refuse to be bit players in the ancient history account of the magnificent, divinely inspired, human accomplishment that once was.

Shouting across the noisy room is not the answer. The Americans who have always sacrificed to preserve our country and its God given freedoms will have to do it again. The often heralded silent majority who turn the wrenches, put out the fires and fight our nations wars from the battlefield rather than from the pristine rooms of the nation’s capitol and who do not engage in the barroom brawls called debates must raise their voices above the roar. Only by them will America be saved – again.

© 2010

Test Fire

Test Fire

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