Man Size It

Do you sometimes feel like you rolled over, stepped out of bed, and landed in another dimension? Or maybe there really is a Twilight Zone, “a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.” No, that wouldn’t work because in our dimension that is a blatantly sexist expression.
It presumes that what’s known to women, men cannot grasp. But I don’t understand that either. Maybe women do know about the dimension that’s unknown to men. We are so jacked up that Ph. D. John Gray wrote a book designed to fix us. Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex. I begins like this:

“Imagine that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. One day long ago the Martians, looking through their telescopes, discovered the Venusians. Just glimpsing the Venusians awakened feelings they had never known. They fell in love and quickly invented space travel and flew to Venus.”

In today’s world, our newfound dimension, we can’t have anything called “Mansized.” Seeing modern metro-sexual men walking around in skinny jeans I’m beginning to understand that thought process. I believe the aim is to remake men in the image of women. Would it be okay to have something Ladysized? Mansized, Ladysized, is there not a distinct difference? A difference the average asexual thinking human could readily grasp without being offended?

Let’s examine the opening paragraph of Dr. Gray’s book. The book whose stated purpose is A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships. What was acceptable in 1991 would today not pass the politically correct muster. The Doc would be scalded across many media platforms. His opening paragraph implies that men are intelligent enough to invent space travel while the women who awakened before unknown feelings apparently driving the men wild are mere objects of male sexual desire. Come on Doc. You can’t get away with that here in the Twilight Zone.

Hey, how about a Manwich for dinner. I guess that would be a mansized meal and therefore unacceptable. We could call it a bigwich. Could there be a shewich? Oh, a transwich. How about a kidwich? If you were passing through your favorite fast food drive through and the teenager on the microphone asked, “Can I mansize that for you?” wouldn’t you understand? Or would you be so offended that you’d pitch a hissy fit and drive away? I’m guessing you’d say hell yea and throw in some extra ketchup packets. Is hissy fit another sexual reference? If it is my apologies, remember that I’m wandering around in a dimension beyond that which is known to man.

Well, I did not put the bottom line up front. Had I, it would have been the top line. I’m just getting old and have no desire to relearn the English language or its common expressions. That would be a mansized headache. What got me off on this Sunday morning chat is that I hear the Kleenex company was pressured by a “social-media uproar” to change the name of its “Man Size” tissues. Actually, that’s not entirely true. What happened is an electric power line tower was blown over by yesterday’s high wind and most of the town is in the dark. No electric, no church services so I had a little extra time on my hands this morning.

How does social media pressure anyone into doing anything? If you’re not willing to stand up for anything, why are you even in business? Why not declare that you will now have a Ladysize and you’ll add a caption to the Mansize noting it’s also appropriate for women having mansized schnozollas? I guess there is a good outcome for some. On ebay, Vintage Man Size Kleenex is going for $29.95 a box.

Maybe you’re old enough to recall the dimension when masculinity actually sold products. Lava soap to wash the tough grease from your hands. The Marlboro Man of this dimension would be wearing skinny jeans and eyeliner.

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Seasoned Citizens

I am officially old now. I have a federal government issued card in my wallet to prove it. I started working when I was 16. From every paycheck for the next five decades, I purchased that little card. Now some socialist nitwits, either in Congress or wanting to be, want to give everyone a card, even those here illegally, or more than likely give no one a card. Control healthcare, control the people is the adage. What’s worse, brainwashed people believing the government actually has free stuff, will vote for the idea. That’s fine, but even the marginally informed understand the government has no money. They collected my money for all those years and are still taxing the pension check. As President Regan put it concerning the government’s view of the economy, “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving regulate it.” That pretty much applies to people too. The government can only spend what it gets from taxpayers or prints and half of us pay no taxes. Either way, that puts us on the express train to a Venezuelan economy. No politician is brave enough to take away Medicare, but some are nutty enough to try to give it to everyone – every living human in the United States of America – meaning the health care you earned through your lifetime of coerced investment into that little card evaporates. Poof. You then become a question. Are you too old and expensive to get the healthcare you need and paid for? There are plenty of good reasons to vote. This is but one. Now that was depressing.

Being an official seasoned citizen is not all gloom and doom. Unless your kids have you destined for a nursing home. Just so you know, I have it from several former good sources nursing homes are not where you go to live. I qualify for all available senior citizen discounts, but have difficulty remembering that we get a grocery store discount the second Thursday of every month or for that matter which grocery store it is that gives it.

Over here in Wild and Wonderful, younger ladies call me sweetie or honey and sometimes even darlin’. I’m certain it’s because they believe me harmless. I am. The lady taking about a half dozen tubes of my blood down at the Doc’s office today was exceptionally flattering. When I rolled up my shirt sleeve, she told me not so high because she wanted to put the rubber band around my shirt sleeve so as to keep it from pulling my arm hair. And that’s another thing about us older guys. We’re apt to have more hair growing out of our ears than from the top of our head. Anyway, I thanked her for that and pointed out that she was the first ever I recall doing that. Then she shared a story about her Dad. Turns out Dad had an emergency appendectomy. She pointed with her eyes and said, “they didn’t even shave him down there.” In a rare moment of speechlessness, I winced. She then explained how she had to use a safety razor to help him cut off the tape. All the while she’s telling the story I’m becoming a little concerned and thinking that maybe this is just too much information. She pressed a piece of gauze over my wound and taped it down right over my hairy arm. She smiled and said, “I left a little tab on the end, love, so you could pull it off easily.” I slipped away while she wished me a good day. Don’t get me wrong. I like it when people are pleasant, especially when they’re poking a siphon hose into my arm, but you can put too much honey on a biscuit. It makes us old guys a little anxious. It’s like the movie Misery where Kathy Bates hobbled James Caan. “Shhh darling. Trust me.”

The journey to seasoned citizenship goes by much too fast, but there are some perks once you get here. Afternoon naps, seven-day weekends and weekday matinees come to mind. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen before except for possibly butts hanging out of ill-fitting trousers. If you think skinny jeans are a new fad you are too not familiar with the 50s and 60s. There are too many doctors in our lives, but I guess we can be grateful we have access to them. We can also be grateful for our lives in the greatest country God ever made possible. There is another of those paid for human caravans headed for our borders. Whoever organized and sponsored this invasion, and it is no doubt an invasion, is an enemy of the state and need to be treated so. They do not wish us well. No borders mean no USA, a globalist vision. Those of us who’ve been blessed to live our lives here, need to use the full weight of our vote to keep it.

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An ideologue activist court or a Constitutional originalist court?

“The biggest myth about judges is that they’re somehow imbued with greater insight, wisdom, and vision than the rest of us; that for some reason God Almighty has endowed them with superior judgement about justice and fairness. But the truth is that judges are men and women with human imperfections and frailties. Some have been brilliant, principled, and moral. Others have been mentally impaired, venal, and even racist.” Mark R. Levin, Men In Black

Mark R. Levin’s Men in Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America is a go to book for anyone wanting to learn about the Supreme Court but more specifically about Supreme Court Justices and how some historical decisions, as Levin puts it, are destroying America. Levin superbly supports his thesis with facts, temperament and decision-making processes of the various Justices, and decisions that wreak of social/political activism rather than constitutionalism. Armed with this understanding of the Court’s history, it’s easy to understand why certain of our country’s political and activist factions adamantly oppose having a Constitutional originalist seated on the Supreme Court. Instead, the prefer activist judges pulling decisions from ideology rather than the original text and intent of the Constitution.

There is a theme running through some of these courts that undermines the Constitution and block by block disassembles the Republic. Justice Thurgood Marshall explained it by sharing that he did not believe “that the meaning of the Constitution was forever “fixed” at the Philadelphia convention” implying that original text and intent are not firm and using bases that agrees with his worldview the Constitution can mean whatever he or the court deems it to mean. Justice Ginsburg explained her views on the topic by stating that sometimes “boldly dynamic interpretation departing radically from the original understanding” of the Constitution is sometimes necessary. Necessary why? So laws the founders never intended can materialize in the court’s chambers? Others, Kennedy, O’Conner, and Stevens believe when making decisions we must also consider international law so as to align ourselves globally. The purview of the Supreme Court does not include rewriting the Constitution from the bench or making America more palpable to the global community.

By now, you’ve certainly seen the video of the woman pounding on and clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court. It’s frightening to witness such conduct. In any context, is this normal behavior? We do not tolerate this from our toddlers. People who act this hysterically are dangerous to themselves and our country. Put ANTIFA masks over their faces and they would cheerfully and brutally march you off to the ovens. It’s serious mental derangement inspired and encouraged by a major political party. This, from the people who want to call the rest of us NAZIs among other things. The same people who will stoop to any level to disqualify a judge.

Hugo Black built the one wall Progressives love.

In 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) appointed Hugo Black a former Klu Klux Klansman to the court. Justice Black built the mythical wall that progressives love. The establishment clause is quite clear declaring the government, “can make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting free exercise thereof.” The original intent protects the people from federal government establishment of a state religion such as the Church of England. Justice Black when writing the court decision for Everson v Board of Education, relied on the metaphorical statement, “wall of separation between Church & State” found in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury, Connecticut Baptist community. He then stated that the establishment clause, whose original intent was to restrict activities of the federal government regarding establishing a religion, also applied to state and local governments. Since 1947, the mythical “wall of separation” is the bludgeon used by Progressives to prohibit the free exercise of religion. It’s the wall that’s destroying our country’s Christian based culture rather than protecting it from government established religion as originally intended. In Justice Ginsburg’s words it was a “boldly dynamic interpretation departing radically from the original understanding”. Our country would be better off if we adopted the view of Justice William Rehnquist: “the “wall of separation between church and State” is a metaphor based on bad history, a metaphor which has proved useless as a guide to judging. It should be frankly and explicitly abandoned.”

In 1962, another Justice Black behind the wall ruling (Engel v. Vitale) held that school sponsored non-denominational prayer violated the establishment clause of the first amendment. There have been countless court orders prohibiting prayer at school graduations and sporting events most championed by the organization whose name implies it stands for civil liberties.

It is possible to resist. In his book, Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christians, David Limbaugh recounts a story from my hometown. A federal judge outlawed a student-led prayer at the St. Albans High School graduation. He also awarded legal fees to the 18-year-old atheist who brought the suit. The judge decided the student-led prayer would likely cause irreparable harm to the atheist. During a moment of silence, more than 100 students stood, bowed their heads, and recited the Lord’s prayer. Irreparable harm? The atheist student did not attend the graduation ceremony.

In 1973, Justice Harry Blackmun found a “zone of privacy” in the Constitution which according to him included the right to abortion.

“Blackmun felt that the right to privacy, where ever it comes from, includes the right to abortion. Do not look any further for legal argument amidst the voluminous opinion, because it does not exist. Perhaps the excessive historical analysis was included to compensate for the lack of legal analysis.” Mark R. Levin, Men In Black

Following Justice Blackmun’s decision, nearly 58 million unborn children have lost their right to life.

Every right and the freedom we cherish is at risk with anything less than a court of Constitutional originalists. Mark R. Levin sums it up quite well:

“Activist judges have taken over school systems, prisons, private-sector hiring and firing practices, and farm quotas; they have ordered local governments to raise property taxes and states to grant benefits to illegal immigrants; they have expelled God, prayer and the Ten Commandments from the public square; they’ve endorsed severe limits on political speech; and they’ve protected virtual child pornography, racial discrimination in law school admissions, flag burning, the seizure of private property without just compensation, and partial-birth abortion. They’ve announced that morality alone is an insufficient bases for legislation. Courts now second-guess the commander in chief in time of war and confer due process rights to foreign enemy combatants. They intervene in the electoral process.”

Forget liberal or conservative labels. The difference between a judge and an ideologue is that a judge can put aside ideology, whether liberal or conservative, and arrive at decisions based on the historically supported original intent of the Constitution. We’ve witnessed the lengths some are willing to go to prevent such judges from being seated.

If saving the Republic from the ongoing “fundamental transformation” is important to you then there exists a no more vital reason to vote.

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The light shines brightly on the USA

I am listening to Beethoven with background nature sounds. Odd you might think for a 60’s Rock and Roll guy. I like country and bluegrass too, although not so much the nasally new country. Yeah, I know. Who cares?

I am tiring of the deafening human racket. That happens and then I need a serious brain break. First, I pressure washed the house. Dang near took the siding off. After that, I repainted my storage building. Barn red is one of my favorite colors. I finally ran out of stuff to do that could take my mind off our country’s plight. I came in through the laundry room. There I left a pile of soiled and paint stained clothing. I showered, sat down in the kitchen, made a cup of coffee and reached for the TV remote. Suzie-Q gave me the look and said rather firmly, “No more! Go to your room and do something!” As usual she was right, so I headed for the bunker. To spite a strong urge to open the web browser, I pulled up the play list I titled “Thinking Sounds” that includes everything from Beethoven to some light instrumental blues to smooth jazz. So here I sit.

From my aching head, I needed to remove mentally created images of Washington crumbling, our broken culture and our broken people. People hopelessly lost in a nightmare existing only in their minds. Their fears magnified by unethical people willing to rerun them through torturous memories just to score a perverse political victory. A victory where everyone loses. Our country loses. Our Constitutional Republic loses. The people lose. A victory without winners. It’s fitting I guess.

Do you pray? Do you believe in the power of prayer? I certainly do and for deeply personal reasons. Sometimes I just need to talk it out and who better with than my maker. I pray for our country. I pray for our political leaders. Yes, even the ones I detest. I ask God to grant them enough wisdom and clarity to understand the ramifications of their actions. Help them understand that their existence is as brief as the morning mist, but people endure results of their actions, good or evil, for generations. The country they build or tear down is the inheritance they leave their children and grandchildren. Help them to see beyond the end of their noses and the next election.

I have prayed God would shine his light over this country that claims to trust in Him. Evil cannot exist in the light. I prayed that all Americans clearly see the depth of corruption existing in our country many decades. That they would clearly see the lengths people are willing to go to destroy someone who does not share their views. I prayed that He would stand up a leader to boldly battle. I believe my prayers are being answered.

Fur Elise with songbirds singing background.

“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

In a few hours, the United States Senate will vote to confirm or not a man to a seat on the Supreme Court. A man whose life and family were virtually destroyed on an allegation to which there is no supporting evidence and not a single corroborating witness. One of the primary building blocks of our foundation, the presumption of innocence, is being obliterated. Spare me the “it’s a job interview” BS. The presumption of innocence is the bedrock of a free nation. What’s happening in our country right now is what might happen in Putin’s Russia. Just an allegation and you are off to Siberia.

The light was shining brightly as Americans watched the entire show.

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When wrestling with pigs, everybody gets muddied

I’m puzzled. In this instance, I don’t care about your political or ideological persuasion, your race, your gender, your sexual orientation or even if you are confused about which of those you are. If you are an American or if you call yourself one, I don’t know how you can be okay with what is happening in our country.

There is no longer presumption of innocence. Allegations are made that cannot be supported or proven with any evidence or witnesses yet the person to whom the complaint is against must prove they’re not guilty. Politicians, media and totalitarians insist a person must prove they didn’t do what is not proven that they did. Not even by a single witness or a shred of evidence. You cannot prove a negative. Sadly, that only applies if you are a Christian minded conservative. If you are the co-chair of the Democratic National Committee with a history of beating your girlfriends or a Congressman whose sexual assault allegation was silenced with a healthy sum of taxpayer dollars that’s OK. If every allegation must be accepted as the gospel truth, then you must apply that standard to everyone – especially to Democrat idols the likes of Bill Clinton. Otherwise, you are the total hypocrites you convict everyone else of being. To quote the extraordinarily fair-minded Democrat Congress woman Mazie Hirono shut up and stand up. All of this hullabaloo has nothing to do with Kavanaugh’s qualifications. It only has to do with the fear of losing the manufactured right to kill unborn children on demand. Something that seems at the center of left-wing existence.

It is shocking how similar our nation’s left wing is with the ancient religion of Baal. Followers of Baal sacrificed babies. While the babies burned they participated in sex orgies. That was how they worshiped their false god of fertility. Today’s left has built a sex centered culture with Hollywood the largest purveyor. Have sex, sacrifice the baby, repeat. There’s no difference except that abortion is more clinical and enlightened than a bonfire and now they can profit from the baby’s body parts. It truly is nauseating to put it into that context, but it is what it is. Wrap it up as you please, but the left has become its own religion remarkably similar to one that’s been around since the beginning of time.

I’ve said it a dozen times. The progressive/Communist/totalitarians will not go quietly. They’ve had quite a run of acquiring everything on their social engineering shopping list. They are engaged in all-out war to fundamentally transform America while country club Republicans in Washington believe a dignified and intellectual response is the way to fight back. Their ultimate aim requires a like-minded left-wing activist Supreme Court. The progressives pushing the destruction of Judge Brett Kavanaugh are devoid of integrity, honor, morals, principles and most certainly lacking in support for the rule of law, the Constitution and the bill of rights. It is guttural politics’ finest hour. It is put up or shut up time for the accusers and their media and political cheer leaders.

If you are hatred driven, you may think what is happening is okay. It is a means to your desired end. You know that decent people will not stoop to your level of incivility. You know the complicit media will fly with any narrative you throw out. They too do not need facts or proof as long as they can bring harm to the duly elected President.

If you are so naïve as to believe that the attack on Judge Kavanaugh is just about him, you’ll be truly shocked one day when your freedom disappears. You’ll be even more shocked when you show up on the street in your pussy hats and black masks only to learn that the true oppressors and fascists are the people who coaxed you into the street in the first place. You’ll be totally astounded when they open fire on you. Then who will you blame? Start with the person in the mirror.

For the Republicans, I’m reminded of an old Army expression that says arguing with the Sergeant Major is like wrestling with a pig. Everybody gets muddy, but the pig loves it. Sometimes, to have any chance to win the scrap, you must get in the mud and do a little eye-gouging too. This is a war. It will never be over. At least not before Armageddon.

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