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A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions. – Proverbs 18:2 (NIV)

Do you like the way Proverbs hit you between the eyes like a blow delivered by a piece of dimension lumber? With a bazillion commentators piping in on every topic, self-included, and many of them backed with heavy doses of keyboard courage, it gets noisy these days. Everybody wants to be Rush Limbaugh. Most cannot. Ask Ed Schultz. There is little chance of the truth breaking through the racket, so we just settle in on the opinions with which we agree or we make up something else. That is a dangerous approach when the fate of the world’s freest nation is at stake.

I prefer the written word even if it does come to me most often in an electronic format. Reading it, rather than listening to a droning or whiney condescending dissertation of it, works better for me.

In our Internet driven world there is a gridlock of thoughts on the overhyped information superhighway. We have condensed most of those thoughts to one-liners – a headline, a sound bite or a snarky thoughtless comment.

I am as guilty as anyone else. If I am not hooked by the first couple of lines in the first paragraph, I usually move along to the reader’s comment section or the next headline altogether. That probably explains why some of you have already moved along from this offering. Had I started out by hammering on the politician or policy you most despise, you may have hung around for a little bit longer.

It is okay if you have moved on because writing in this form is akin to talking to yourself anyway – so I am saying it whether anyone is listening to it or not. I also occasionally answer myself and even carry on complete conversations – with myself. I even impress myself with what I consider flashes of my own brilliance. And I can do it without the benefit of my head pivoting as if on a swivel between dueling Teleprompters while I read someone else’s script.

If you skip ahead to the comments section generally offered in our new electronic media and then back up and read the article, it is obvious that many of the commentators do not read far beyond the headline. They comment about what other commentators commented about. Neither of which have much to do with the thoughts offered up in the original piece. It proves the adage that instructs if you spend less time talking and more time listening, no one will know how little it is that you actually know Chris Matthews. If only we could program that thought permanently into the brains of politicians. Smokin’ Joe Biden comes to mind.

Being a headline reader and snarky commentator more often than not leaves you standing nekkid (Appalachian-American dialect for naked.). Unable to defend your positions, you just keep making stuff up. You add one silly position atop another and continually build upon your well-established biases and borderline idiocy. Opinions supported by opinions. Imagine that. The old media comes to mind. And in deference to the second most powerful man in the world, so does Ol’ Joe again.

I believe headline reading is a national problem. It leads to headline thinking. That is thinking that rarely ventures below the surface. It is the only reasonable explanation for why we elected a slogan without substance to the Presidency of the United States. I Hope we can Change that in November. Can we? Yes we can!

Proverbs 23: 1-3 (NIV).

© 2010