Be Thankful

This is the time when Americans observe the state of our lives and of our nation and wonder what it is for which we should be thankful. As a matter of introspect, these thanks are too often for material things. But that is not what ties it all together. Is it?

C. S. Lewis, one of the greatest minds of all time, could pack more logic into a single phrase than most could hope to achieve in a manifesto. His reasoning is clear and his point concise. For all things, be thankful.

“We ought to give thanks for all fortune: if it is “good,” because it is good, if “bad” because it works in us patience, humility and the contempt of this world and the hope of our eternal country.” – Letters: C. S. Lewis/Don Giovanni Calabria

When Mr. Lewis wrote of “our eternal country”, be assured that he was not writing about his Great Britain or our United States of America. The atheist turned Christian was speaking of the eternal country that follows our brief respite in this world. Nothing here is permanent. Our eternal country, to which we are all destined, is either a place so amazing our feeble minds cannot fully comprehend its wonder or a place of such misery and suffering that we cannot fathom its horridness.

In The Screwtape Letters, (which I recommend along with
Mere Christianity
) Lewis said:

“Humans live in time…therefore…attend chiefly to two things, to eternity itself and …to the Present. For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity…in it alone freedom and actuality are offered.”

My meager interpretation: The path I choose presently points me to my eternal place and if I choose correctly, it is in eternity that I will realize true freedom and understanding.

Of course, if you worship at the altar of Charles Darwin you have no thoughts of eternity. You have nothing steering you to choose between good or bad because in your world, there is no good or bad. You accept that you were not created. You believe you are a product of happenstance. Before you, there was nothing. Beyond you and this world, there is nothing. All things are relative. What an utterly dark, blank existence that must be. Even though you see nothing for yourself beyond this temporary existence, you still have reason to be thankful.

Be thankful that God decided that you should be born in or permitted to live in the United States of America. It is a place where the Christian value of God –given freedom and free choice, on which our nation was founded, allows you to choose any faith or no faith. You are allowed to choose your “present” path and you will not be executed for the choice unless the present you choose is capital crime and even with that you might die of old age. When you choose your present, realize that you are also choosing your eternity. Be thankful that in the USA, for now, you still have the freedom to ponder your choice.

Be thankful that you have a mind and the ability to think and reason, whether you believe it a gift of His creation or a product of random chance and evolution. You can think for yourself, although many of us clearly do not. You can make your own choices. You cannot choose your past, although there are famous and audacious cases of invented pasts. You cannot choose your future, but you can hope for it and have faith in what it holds. You can only choose your present, this moment, not the next.

Be thankful for your mind that allows you the clarity to choose. May it also give you the character to accept the consequences of your choices.

Be thankful that you live in a nation where obesity is more of a problem than starvation. It is a nation whose poor own cars, television sets, cell phones, and computers and have air-conditioned living quarters.

Be thankful that you live in the world’s most charitable nation. That is charity that originates with individuals who have chosen their present wisely and not from a benevolent government.

Be thankful for the men and women of this nation who volunteer each day to place themselves and their lives between you and anyone – foreign or domestic – who would deprive you of your freedom to choose.

Be thankful that you are in a land that is more blessed than any nation in the history of the world and that you get to choose peacefully its leaders – a most important present choice.

Be thankful.

pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 (NIV)

May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.

© 2011

Code of Honor

“An honest man’s the noblest work of God.” – Alexander Pope

Each one of us holds to a set of principles. They may not represent a mainstream set of values. In fact, they may be the direct opposite of what is considered mainstream. Attempting to define mainstream only adds to the confusion. Who defines it for us? Those who try to do so by telling us what most Americans want or what most Americans believe or what is best for most Americans. The problem is the leader or would be leader attempting to define mainstream for the rest of us runs it through his or her personally held belief system. It creates a dichotomous environment. An environment where what is expressed to us as mainstream, the values to which we should all adhere if we are normal, is in direct contradiction to those principles outlined in our founding documents. I believe I may have stumbled upon the definition of un-American.

A leader has obvious choices to make. He or she can both align their personal belief system with and preserve the Judeo-Christian principles on which our nation was founded or head off on a path based on a totally different belief system in order to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America. Leaders hoping to change our country into one that functions based on their personal belief systems, no matter how skewed from the founding their beliefs might be, must be dishonest with the people. It is a subtle dishonesty. It is a deceitfulness that draws in those who want to believe. The dishonorable leader speaks tempting words and makes utopian promises. He or she will always speak of preserving those great “American values” without ever defining them thus leading the weak minded to accept that he or she personifies the original values. The sheep follow the wolf just as the children did the Pied Piper – never to return to where they began.

Dishonorable men or women who want to lead our nation could never get a foot up if they did not have powerful supporting forces. The most destructive force in our country in that regard is the media which bills itself as factual providers of information and news. It is a media that is dishonest at its core. If there was any integrity in the industry amongst those who actually drive the stories of the day, a corrupt, incompetent, dishonest politician would have no chance of ever holding elected office. When what you are is equivalent to what the North Korean News Agency is to Kim Jong-Il, then you have abused your first amendment right to become nothing more than a pack of political liars. Sadly.

Dishonorable politicians supported by a dishonest news media are prime examples of a free people misusing the freedoms derived from the Judeo-Christian principles on which our country was founded in order to propel themselves into power. They will follow the Pied Piper until they realize too late that the only freedom left for them is to report to the masses what the Pied Piper tells them to. That is when they will also learn that the collective does not have much use for factual news reporting. The honest among them will be shot and the mediocre among them will be shoveling crap on the collective farm. Ah, utopia. Grand is it not?

Our leadership has expressed to the world that we are not a Christian nation. Does that not imply then that we are a Post-Christian nation? C.S. Lewis wrote about Post-Christian man:

For they neglect not only the law of Christ but even the Law of Nature as known by the Pagans. For now they do not blush at adultery, treachery, perjury, theft and other crimes which I will not say Christian Doctors, but the pagans and the barbarous have themselves denounced.

They err who say “the world is turning pagan again.” Would that it were! The truth is that we are falling into a much worse state.

A code of honor is an uncompromising commitment to a way of life. Even the dishonest are committed to a way of life. They are dishonorable when they try to portray “their way” as something it is not. Their way is not supported by a foundation of integrity without which it eventually collapses taking with it those who blindly followed.

If, as Americans, we do not know to what we are truly committed as freedom loving individuals we are doomed as a nation. There is no pre-Christian America. The only place that we have to return to is our beginning as a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles. If we accept, as our leadership has implied, that we are a Post-Christian nation, then as C.S. Lewis warned, “we are falling into a much worse state.”

I would lay down my life for America, but I cannot trifle with my honor. – John Paul Jones

What is your Code of Honor? Are you willing to discard it?


Life is tough

… but it’s tougher when you’re stupid. That according to John Wayne.

Out in our cities around the land, stupid people are cheering for communism, letting fly with anti-Semitic rants, calling for the destruction of capitalism, raping one another, stealing from one another, trying to burn Oakland with a complicit mayor, and generally being off put by homeless vagrants trying to get some of their food. Life is tough for these people. It will probably get tougher because they are stupid. Someday reality will rise up and smack them between the eyes like a piece of dimension lumber. For their sake, I pray it is not a hard core communist who delivers the blow that shatters the fantasy world that exists only inside their college professor brainwashed noggins.

Most of them appear middle to upper crust – wealth wise. Their daddies likely firmly entrenched members of the evil one percent that they hope to lead to the guillotines. Hard lives these deprived youngsters have led I am certain. Carrying their I-pads like it is a holy tablet (Mr. Limbaugh, I am still waiting for my free engraved one. Do I too not deserve a free one?) and thumb thumping text messages on their I-phones; they strangely deify a hard core capitalist who made those devices possible while calling for the destruction of the system that allowed him to do it. Those are tortured minds running around inside them heads. Although I have never read his book, I am prone to agree with Michael Savage’s statement that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. I do have it queued up in the Kindle though, which is just another capitalist produced gizmo that is advancing society along at breakneck speed. Never before could you tote and entire library around with you, but let’s not get off track.

We hear them crying out about their hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt incurred to pay for useless degrees. Degrees that will never allow them to produce any good or service, like the I-pad or Kindle, which might enable them to pay back the honest debt they incurred. Of course, considering the academic abuse endured by these intellectually deficient morons, I probably would not want to pay for it either. Problem is, these George Soros paid for and Van Jones led imbeciles want me, a proud holder of a G.E.D., to pay their debts, and for their health care, and for their homes, and to feed them… ! What I offer you boys and girls is a prayer that someday soon you will have an infusion of logic – a prayer that somewhere inside your mush filled heads appears a small life changing epiphany of clarity. I pray it happens before the communists that you are blindly supporting start stuffing you into wood chippers.

I suppose I have just had it up to my eyeballs with all of you. I have had it up to my eyeballs as well with your liberal enablers in academia, the media, Hollywood, Congress and wherever else their serpent heads poke. All of your useless lives, you have been taught meaningless drivel like do not eat that salt or anything fried in lard, it will kill you. Do not smoke, with the exception of medicinal pot, or tolerate anyone who does because that will kill you too. Have all of the pre-marital and adolescent sex you want, just wear a condom if you think about it. If you slip, not to worry, killing your unborn child is free choice and antibiotics cure most venereal disease, well not AIDS. Sexual perversion is wonderful, heck it might even get you your own popular television program. God? Who needs God? Christianity is as evil as Islam. It is the source of ever conflict ever known to man – or so you were taught. You have been preached to almost daily about the evils of slavery and by people whose only hope for personal wealth and power is to keep you enslaved to an increasingly tyrannical government. And you bought it hook, line and food stamp card. The most racist people in our country have pounded it into your head that everyone else is racist. Ask Herman Cain and Justice Clarence Thomas about liberal racism and what happens to you when you decide to leave the liberal plantation. You want jobs while demanding that the people who create jobs be taxed into oblivion and that every struggling company come under the thumb of a union. Hey dummy! Why do you think your I-pad was made in China and your designer jeans sewn together in Bangladesh? Are you sincerely that stupid? Do you ever entertain a rational thought?

I give up on you. If you succeed, you will be begging for a tent to live in, inside of a crap filled park. Your I-pad will no longer work for you. The communist will own the Internet. You will be tweet-less. You will be looking for some food too, but the shelves will be empty. You see, life is tough. It is much, much tougher when you are stupid.


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