What’s the difference?

Between a community organizer and a Commander in Chief. I believe it is about the same as the difference between a hockey mom and a community organizer.

Our Commander in Chief, who insists that everyone must pay a fair share, has yet to define a fair share. But, that is what a community organizer does. He builds a non-existent bad guy, the one who refuses to pay a fair share, and uses him to divide the community or in our case a whole nation. While the community’s attention is diverted toward despising the fictitious bad guy, the community organizer focuses on what it is he truly wants to destroy. What he most despises. He knows that if light shines on what he is really doing, his only support will come from the like-minded in his inner circle and the narcissist in the mirror.

The President visited Fort Stewart on April 27, 2012. His intent, so we are told, is to protect the troops from aggressive college recruiters out to steal their benefits. He signed an executive order before a rent a crowd of Fort Stewart’s Soldiers and their families. He was looking out for the troops and protecting them from unscrupulous diploma mills trying to scam away their education benefits. It was certainly a noble act of compassion.

In the Army, many of us were on what we called the 20 or sometimes 30 year degree program. Simply put, when time and Soldier business permitted we went to night classes and in later years we also took online courses. Our goal was to have a degree completed as we left the service. Enlisted retirement is not enough for most to live on so the reality is that one must be prepared to find the next job and a college degree is useful – sometimes absolutely essential. We all knew, and I expect that today’s troops know as well, who were the reputable established institutions having long relationships with the military. Soldiers are human and as such will sometimes fall prey to the con – something for nothing. Those institutions that will happily take your money and give you a worthless life experience college degree. Soldiers do not need an executive order protecting them from that. It does make great campaign video – looking out for the troops is always a good thing.

Over the years I have grown increasingly tired of seeing Soldiers and Veterans used as political campaign props only to look into the background to see what is really happening. I assure you that as time passes this summer you will hear magnificent stories about the great things done for serving members of the military and for Veterans. What you will never hear is any of the back stories.

While the President is determined to protect our serving men and women from unscrupulous diploma mills, he appears just as determined to destroy the health insurance benefit used primarily by military families and military retirees. Take some time to read Trashing of TRICARE. While reading it, I want you to recall all of the exemptions from Obamacare issued to unions and others. Signing an executive order in the presence of the troops is worthy of wall to wall coverage in the legacy media, but forcing military families and retirees into Obamacare is not. Have you seen or heard anywhere else about the destruction of health care benefits for military families and retirees? My bet is that you will not. It only hurts a tiny percentage of the population that has always been a great political prop, but never a significant voting bloc.

TRICARE is a significant benefit for military families and it is especially an important benefit for military retirees. An increase in the cost of their health care is a potentially severe economic loss for them because there is no increase in pay to make up for the lost health care benefit. Do you wonder why there are no television commercials showing Veterans being pushed over a cliff by politicians? If not, maybe you should.

What is a fair share for one to pay Mr. President? Men and women have spent their lives in the service of our country and today’s troops have served multiple combat tours. Do you know what they desire most? Just a kind word and the comfort of knowing that there is someone back home and safe who is just as committed to protecting them as they were and are to protecting a nation.

What truly is your goal? If it is to look out for the troops and preserve the nation, then would not your actions show that?

Have you paid your fair share Mr. President?


Silver Spoons

Well Mr. Romney, here we are sir. You are indeed the man. When the Maverick was shot down in 08, I said that it would be your turn next. You see, that is how it is done inside your country club. Alas, you are the warrior with whom we must engage the fight for the life of our nation. Ann Coulter would dub you Saint Mitt. I am not so overwhelmed.

I predicted you would win the nomination and then lose the general election. I am not Karl Rove, thankfully, so I do not rely on a lot of political, establishment mumbo jumbo to tell me the likely outcome. Nor do I rely on over the top pontification of those either for or against you. For me, it is not that complicated. You simply have not proven to me that you are a scrapper. Oh, I will vote for you anyway because if my choice is between what we have now and road kill, I will indeed vote for the road kill. Others, except for Ann, might not be so inclined viewing the outcome as either quick death by a shot in the head or a slow one by a thousand cuts.

Have you ever been in a street fight Mitt? A bar room brawl? A bench clearing de-cleating? Even a tiff over the back yard volley-ball net? That could be part of your problem. I believe you could probably throw the volley ball at your sister and storm away in anger, (of course you would apologize profusely later) but I am just not sure how well you might fair in the other scenarios. Whether you realize it or not, bud, you are in a hair pulling, eye-gouging, shin kicking, foot stomping, bust you in the doggoned head with a trash can lid, street fight. It is not going to be fair and you cannot intellectualize it away. Sadly, you are not the best equipped, qualified, blah, blah, blah. Especially not with that plastic smirk of a grin that appears frozen to your face. You are not Clint Eastwood brother. Put on a George Patton warrior’s face now. And, if you are not prepared to do like the General said, grab him by the nose and kick his behind, go on back home now.

The silver spoon scared you some, I believe. When you are in a street fight, do not let your opponent dictate anything. If he bear hugs you, you head butt him until his face get mushy. Then he will happily let you go. Silver spoons are a blessing for you, attack with them.

Most Americans were not born with a silver spoon. Most Americans would like to have a silver spoon. Most Americans do not want to take a silver spoon away from someone else. They would prefer to earn their own silver spoon. Most Americans want to live where there is opportunity to obtain a silver spoon. Do you grasp where I am headed here? There is no other country on the earth where the opportunity for a person to honestly obtain wealth is as great as it is here in the land that God blessed. You have to make that argument and you have to make it with urgency and concern. And you have to continue to hammer it home all the way up to Election Day.

Then, you have to explain where we are headed if we keep along the utopian pathway. There is no need to mention that our President’s parents were communists, or that his grandparents were communists, or that he was mentored in adolescence by a communist or that his political career started in the home of a communist. But, you could ask Americans every day to ponder why an image of Chairman Mao, a communist mass murderer would be allowed to adorn a Whitehouse Christmas Tree? You do need to show that he is on track to fundamentally transform our free republic into a single party communist state of which he is the dictator.

You will have to teach Americans about communism. Show them some starving North Korean children or the 1950’s model cars zipping around Havana. The communists believe the government should confiscate all of the silver spoons. After which, the government will decide who, if anyone, may have a silver spoon. In a communist state, there are no silver spoons except those in the government vault. Government has all of the wealth and to stay in power, it generally needs to keep it.

Then, explain that in a communist state there are no co-equal branches of government and systems of checks and balances. The head of state makes any parliamentary body, in our case the direct representatives of the people, irrelevant. He surrounds himself with Czars accountable only to him. Like what we have now. Then he challenges the validity of the courts, like now.

Take political correctness and put it in the dumpster. We do not have time for you to explain how we are turning in to a European style socialist nation. No, brother Mitt, we passed that long ago and if we do not have a new president and control of Congress in January 2013 there may not be another free election in America.

And, stop with this mime that he is a good guy and he is just in over his head. He is a much better communist than you give him credit for being. Understand, and make America understand that he is going exactly where he intends to go. He intends to turn this place into a 3rd world communist state. Make it clear to Americans that the choice is freedom or communism.

Forget the polls Mr. Mitt. This is bare knuckles and nothing is certain. Communists do not go quietly and there will be more lying, cheating and thievery than you can possibly imagine. It will be a tad tougher than the back yard volley ball tiff.

Are you ready to rumble?


Malkin – No More Mr. Obama Nice Guy

Happy tax day

Half of us pay no taxes. The other half of us pays all of the taxes. The wealthiest among the half of us who pay taxes, pays most of the half. This does not necessarily include Presidential tax model Warren Buffett who is battling the IRS for the billion that he owes in taxes. Gee, must not I conclude that Warren’s poor down-trodden secretary must owe more. It is all so confusing, but we are talking about the U.S. tax code.

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

Don’t ask me what I want it for
If you don’t want to pay some more
‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
The Beatles – Taxman

The tune could be modernized some. Maybe Paul McCartney and Rush Limbaugh can partner in producing an updated version. Nah, Rush does not need him.

If you breathe in, I’ll tax the air you exhale,
‘Cause I’m the carbon taxman.
Welcome to hell

If that is not enough to ruin the beginning of a week here in the land of the free, I just learned that the most important women in my life have never worked a single day. In liberal speak, this means they have made no significant contributions to our society. Or perhaps better stated, no significant contributions toward the destruction of our society.

My Mother stayed home. I left for school with breakfast in my belly, instead of counting on some program at school to feed me. I did not have a lot of clothes, but what I had was clean. Sometimes patched, but always cleaned. I knew what time to be in for supper, as did my siblings. We all turned out fine. We worked, served our country, paid the taxman and ultimately raised our own families in like fashion. My wife stayed home except for her volunteer work and the times when she made her world-famous egg rolls and delivered them to Soldiers standing guard posts. She raised our son while I Soldiered. Today he is successful and I have two beautiful granddaughters. I also have a super-star daughter-in-law who chose to delay a promising teaching career to nurture her daughters through the most important developmental years for children. I am betting they will do the same someday.

I heard one addle-brained liberal on a talk radio program proclaim these are not real women because they have never earned a paycheck. He went on, note I said he, to imply that if they do not work outside the home they cannot possibly comprehend the country’s economic situation. Men, fes up. Who controls the budget in your home? The woman, who dutifully pays the ever increasing electric bill, fills up the mini-van and buys the groceries also with steadily increasing prices. Unless she is one of the 46 million on a government assistance program, like food stamps, she is well informed about the speed at which our economy is traveling southbound.

Families anchor our society. They are its most important piece. A true corner-stone. Stay home Mothers anchor the family and therefore anchor America. When the family is destroyed, society will breakdown. Check inner-city America. In my often too cynical mind, I believe the communists who hope to destroy our country realize that. Thus their attempt to shame American mothers out of the house is just one more approach to accompany the homosexual agenda and free condoms in public schools.

Do you find it interesting that all of our societal ails are coming to light during what might be America’s most defining year since 1776? A clear choice divinely presents itself for us. We have a cabal that is working feverishly to push us toward being an international Mecca of utopianism – a global existence with no boundaries, no culture, no language, no God, no traditional family and no America. At least not a recognizable America.

Sadly, the people who buy into this pap being pushed by rabid anti-Americans have likely never traveled more than a few miles beyond the city block that is their world. Generally a world that is the product of liberalism – like Detroit. Anything sounds better to them than what they see every day. It is the standard con game played on a national level – a promise of something for nothing. They are paying with their freedom and they are too indoctrinated by the promises and proclamations of the con men to even know that much.

Before you discount America’s greatness, Exceptionalism and positive influence on the rest of the world go spend a large chunk of your life in other countries. Live in Europe or Asia and then come home and tell me with a straight face that America is a racist country. Visit the red light district of Amsterdam and come back and tell me that is what you want for your America and your children. If that is what you want, then this is what you will realize.

‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
And you’re working for no one but me

Then you can call me a rabid anti-American.



Spring is renewal. The grass is green, the dogwoods are in bloom, and the azaleas are ablaze. The little league baseball fields are alive with activity. Not long ago all of it looked lifeless. It was cold and gray. The baseball field sat empty, missing its heart. Each year, our spring moves into summer, then to an often breathtaking autumn only to be followed by a cold, sometimes colorless winter unless you count blankets of white snow. Beautiful in a countryside landscape, but quite ugly when touched by man and turned into dirty slush covered city streets. When it seems that winter may have beaten us down, life springs forth again in an uplifting explosion of beauty that man could never create. We are rejuvenated. For a time, at least, until we are pulled back to earth by the weight of a world whose warm bright light appears flickering and her brilliant colors fading toward cold gray. The question in our hearts is always the same. How do we break free to enjoy our God given gifts? There is only one way that I know.

Today is Easter. It is the very essence of a new start, a new chance with a promise to never revisit the darkness – if we start now and do things the right way. Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have victory over the darkness, but we must choose it.

Light over darkness. As choose men, so goes nations.

You will not find the United States of America in the Bible. You will find many accounts of the nation of Israel turning away from God, turning away from the light, only to be left by God to suffer at the hands of their enemies.

At this very moment in human history, Americans are about to choose. We will choose either the spirit of freedom or the darkness of communism. We stand in our autumn. Our brilliant colors are fading into a long, cold winter. One from which, as Americans letting go of our Judeo-Christian values, we may never visit another spring. In a nation so blessed by God I never thought that there could be such a choice to make. Most of us did not. Maybe that is why we are where we are. We have allowed a nation where freedom and tyranny, light and dark, good and evil have become so blended that for too many, the choice is not a clear one.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. – 2 Corinthians 3:17 (NIV)

I know a woman who grew up in one of the Soviet Communist east bloc nations. She told a story of walking along the street and seeing a line of people going into a store. She said that you never knew what the line was for, but you got into it anyway because maybe at the end there would be some oranges or something else that was rare. There is no one who has lived their entire life in the United States of America that can recount such a story. Yet, too many Americans unknowingly pine for a life controlled by government. They are unable to see what communism, socialism, Marxism, Islam or any other political scheme billed as utopian will bring to them. How it will snuff out the wick of freedom on the now flickering American candle.

The United States of America was founded under one enduring principle. God-given freedom. It is no accident that we are the world’s most blessed nation. At our founding, we placed our trust in God and sought the protection of His divine providence. As long as we live up to our side of the covenant, we will be blessed.

Communism is Godless. It cannot exist in a country were the people believe that their freedom is from God. So the communists (under whatever name they call themselves these days) had to first remove God.

Communism cannot stand in a nation where the people hold firm to Judeo-Christian morality. Now, if you do not accept homosexuality and promiscuity, you are labeled a bigot or an out of date prude. Traditional marriage and traditional family, the bedrock of our society, is practically gone.

Communism cannot stand in a nation whose people are united for freedom. So the communists look to divide us and set ‘identity” groups one against the other. Race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, you name it. At the end there is only one group. The party. There will be no hyphenation. There will be no individual liberty. You get the only thing the party offers. Darkness.

Communism cannot stand in a nation that holds on to the economic freedom borne of the God given freedom that created such abundance and prosperity. So, they attack wealth and capitalism as evil.

Communism cannot stand in a nation where there is a free and objective press. Sadly, we have not had that for many years. When there is a voice that exposes the communists for who they are, every effort is taken to silence it. There is no communist free press.

Communism cannot stand in a republic that holds to its constitution. So the communists make our Congress irrelevant and replace a congressionally approved cabinet with a bevy of unaccountable communist czars.

Communism cannot stand when there is a Supreme Court of the land that ensures that our government adheres to the Constitution. So now, the leader of our nation has set the final battle in motion. It could be America’s last stand.

Will we renew? Or will America go quietly into a long dark night?


American Spring

In answer to the President’s call, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Reverends both I am told, along with Minister of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan and New Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shaabazz gathered at the Whitehouse rose garden. The Reverends two and Minister Lou called for a national day of calm and a healing prayer for an end to the divisiveness brought on by hate mongers like Rush Limbaugh who would use a tragic event to further a political cause and their own self-promotion. Shaabazz announced that the New Black Panther party was prepared to support with ten thousand dollars any inner city community that would start a mentoring program for young men to teach them responsibility and help them to acquire skills to become productive citizens.

The President’s pastor Jeremiah Wright, previously banished from the Whitehouse grounds, prayed as he has been known to do that God would bless the United States of America.

In a heartfelt plea, the President called for national unity adding that if he had sons he could only hope that they would turn out to be like these men with him there in the garden. The First Lady added that for the first time in her adult life, she was truly proud of her country.

Vice President Biden assured America that this was a big effin deal.

Sadly, Nancy Pelosi was unable to speak during this historic event because Botox injections froze her mouth shut. Cases of Botox were subsequently shipped to the office of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Over at Homeland Security, Secretary Napolitano stated that the massive amounts of small arms ammunition recently ordered by Homeland Security was nothing more than a government stimulus for ammunition manufacturers. She fast and furiously insisted that there is really nothing more to it than that.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a concerted effort to root out the communists and radical Islamic sympathizers who have permeated the U.S. State Department over the decades. After she finishes this, she will lay out her strategy for totally absorbing the United Nations as a branch of the State Department, making her the de facto leader of a new global government. When asked if she saw a role for her husband, she mentioned the possibility of goodwill ambassador to Amsterdam’s red light district, but would not further elaborate.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner said he would lay out his new plan to fix our nation’s failing economy as soon as he masters Turbo Tax.

In the Pentagon, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and now Secretary of Defense stated that homosexualiztion of the U.S. Armed Forces is going better than he ever hoped it would. He announced his plan to move forward with new initiatives on that front. It will now be acceptable for men who so choose to wear female uniforms, feminine hair styles and make up that is in good taste. He added that this also means women in the military may now sport high and tight haircuts and wear male uniforms if they choose.

In further developments, and to make our fraternity of warriors more inclusive the Secretary announced that all military chaplains would have to denounce their religious denomination and profess allegiance with the one religion that would be allowed for the military. The tenets of this one religion will be those that the government supports as most beneficial to our new world view. Chaplains who do not accept their role in this new faith may be retrained as Infantry, both male and female. Furthermore, chaplains will be required to perform homosexual weddings. Homosexual spouses will be afforded all the benefits enjoyed by heterosexual spouses.

In closing, the Secretary explained how under the Affordable Care Act military families and military retirees will necessarily see their health insurance rates triple.

The Secretary was certain that his new plans for the military would have a definite impact on recruitment and retention. Due to national security, the Secretary was unable to disclose all of the great changes he was able to put into place while at the CIA.

Then it was April 2nd.