American Journal – 5

On Thanksgiving Day, we were unable to count our many blessings. Even with a direction change for life in America, our blessings are still more plentiful here than any other place we might consider. I am certainly more blessed than I deserve. As a nation we are certainly more blessed than we deserve.

We appear less thankful than ever – more concerned about a black Friday flat screen than the future of our country. Individual liberty is still ours, indelibly written on our hearts by our Creator. We must act like it and be willing to fight for it. For those of you just waiting for handouts, or who stand more ready to duke it out with your neighbor at the mall over a pair of sneakers than to fight for your freedom, you have already forfeited your liberty. Life is not fueled by snazzy things that break or wear out. Life is fueled by faith- faith in the promise of God and faith in the promise of the American idea. Material things go away and you get new ones. When you give up on faith or you think that liberty is just a word, you have forfeited it all. Without God, without the freedom he gave us, and without the American idea, there will be no one making the things you crave. You once professed to hate the man, now the man owns you right down to your imprisoned soul. As our astute Vice President noted – the man wants to “put ya’ll back in chains.” Our Vice President, like most liberal-progressive-communists likes to project his intent on to others. The communists you put in charge are “the man” who put you back in literal chains. How does it feel? Do not let your heart be troubled. It is going to get much worse for you.

I know why the communists won this skirmish in the battle to preserve freedom. You do not need the Roveshivicks to explain it for you. Having a moderate approach to defeating radical communists is akin to appeasing the Islamists or in other history, the Nazis (National Socialists). Or more relevant to today, trying to talk your way out of rather than blast your way out of a teenaged mob playing the knock-out game. Appeasement never works. Moderate, establishment good ole country club boys will never win a street fight. The Code Duello does not apply in modern throat cutting street thug Chicago politics. Yet, the country club gang believes it does and that is the strategy they take. Each time they trot out one of their boys, he gets shot in the face while trying to appeal to every identity group under the sun rather than attacking the central theme of communism for what it is and defending the American idea. Even when it is common knowledge that the opposition lies, cheats, steals, and even commits rampant voter fraud to win they do not even prepare to battle that.

It is water under the bridge as they say. Except in this case the communists set charges under the bridge and will blow it behind them separating their useful idiots from their freedom. My freedom is mine. It is a true blessing, given to me by God. It cannot be taken from me. It can, however, be neglected, taken for granted or forfeited. The bridge to freedom on which I stand cannot be destroyed by men. I think I will hang on to mine for a while. How about you?

It has been about fifteen minutes it seems. We still have Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge and Marco Rubio is off to Iowa and the establishment is tossing Jeb Bush out there. The faithful are wondering whether Sarah Palin will make a run or flirt irrelevancy. Our political system has turned into an endless campaign. It is enough to curdle the cool whip on my pumpkin pie. Karl Rove and Dick Morris are no doubt doing grander strategizing. In recent history they have done so well for us. How can Americans not be tired of this?

We have become so obsessed with politics that we believe that if the right party is in charge they will solve all of our problems. We think this while knowing that politics and politicians create problems rather than solving them. Still we focus on supporting Rs or Ds rather than demanding solutions. We listen to the self-ordained political prophets rather than thinking for ourselves. We too often follow them as blindly as do the idiots who follow the communists. And what does it get us? As Tennessee Ernie Ford sang, “[And] what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go. I owe my soul…”


American Journal – 4

What price must you pay for freedom? All Soldiers will ever ask of you is to embrace the American idea and be responsible contributing citizens. On their behalf, engage and challenge politicians because they cannot. This part of the battle for freedom belongs to you and me. Look out for their families while they look out for mine and yours. Is that too hard? Politicians can promise you free things, but they cannot promise you freedom and they have proven that they will sacrifice nothing of themselves for it. Freedom does not originate with politicians. Freedom is God-given not man-given and it is the Spirit of America. Unlike cold-hearted and spineless politicians, American Soldiers will not leave you behind.

Fate brought my wife and me to retirement in West Virginia. Although it is my native state, this is the last place I expected we would end up. I rather thought I would spend my after Army years grubbing away among the Beltway Bandits around Washington. Thankfully, the good Lord had different plans.

We worked, saved, scrimped and did without the niceties of life until we paid for the little house we bought. Mortgage free, we were living the dream. We shredded the credit cards and took charge of our lives seeking guidance but from One source. We realized that our life situation comes from the choices we make. We did what we thought we were supposed to do. We never looked to anyone, most especially the government to bail us out of anything or to manage our lives. We were starting to plan our next retirement, but now we are not so sure when that may be or if one may be able to retire in a fundamentally transformed America.

Other people had a different vision and different plans than we did for the country we spent our lives serving. These people know what communism is. Of course they prefer being called liberals or progressives, but they are communists. The do not know communism because they personally witnessed its destructive force, faced it across frontier borders, confronted its minions on battlefields, or learned about it in classrooms. They know about it because they live it, believe in it with the essence of their Godless souls and practice it every day. They came into power because we have a nation filled with a new majority of participation trophy recipients who took freedom and this great country for granted. Either they believed the utopianism or, like the hippies I knew in my youth, are simply to ignorant to know the life destroying force that communism is. I was fortunate to grow up in a time when most Americans still knew the horrors of communism.

Utopia sounds wonderful in America’s public education indoctrination centers – the factories that produced for us generations of ignorance. People who actually believe that there is free stuff – including freedom itself. Dear leader provides and no one has to pay for it. Communism can only breed amongst the ignorant.

There is not much point in continuing my American journal for fear of boring you into unconsciousness. I received some nice email with these posts. I have a good feeling that there are millions of American Journal stories waiting to be revisited and shared with others and with the generations we apparently lost. They must know or learn that America is the most tolerant nation God has ever blessed, it is the most prosperous and it once was the most free.

All those who insist that I must compromise with what others believe in order to move our country forward do not understand America. They do not understand freedom and the most certainly do not understand individual liberty. America was not born of compromise; it was born from a refusal to compromise with over reaching tyrannical government.

We must never become a nation of people willing to compromise away our freedom, our beliefs or our Christian values. If you stand with communism, you stand in opposition to the America I know and love and served. I will not stand with you. Most assuredly, I will not follow your leadership. I will never compromise.

God blessed America. Live free or die.


American Journal – 3

In 1971, enlisting into the military was not popular. Hiding from service was. To avoid the draft, the well-connected finagled their way into reserve and National Guard units. Later they became politicians and college professors. Some joined the ROTC long enough to avoid the draft and then proclaimed in their own words that they “loathed the military.” One particular self-proclaimed loather, the one who did not inhale and dishonored our country with deceit and disgraced our land’s highest office with his infidelity became our President. He and his wife in name only continue to aid in the destruction of our national fabric by courting dangerous enemies, within and external, for personal gain. The enlightened hippies? They moved to Canada to await Jimmy Carter’s amnesty for draft dodgers. Afterwards they too became politicians and college professors. With an upgraded deserter’s discharge another of them almost became our President. He, a Navy Reservist, lost to a famous former member of the Air National Guard. He who called Vietnam veterans murderers and accused American Soldiers in Iraq of terrorizing women and children in what might become the final insult to our serving Men and Women, may become our new Secretary of Defense.

What a grand generation of leaders they became. America haters many of them and all running at a sprinter’s pace away from our founding principles and our Constitution. What a grand generation of followers they educated and indoctrinated to demand handouts and to whom voting is nothing more than cheating on a college examination. We are losing the war for America’s soul. We are losing it to soulless communists adored and followed by mindless useful idiots more steeped in popular culture than in America.

By the time I finished Army basic training and school, Vietnam was in drawdown. Fate found me beginning my Army career in South Korea. I spent the next 28 years as a cold warrior, facing down communists across the globe. No glory for me. My unit never deployed to the first Gulf War. By the time Islam visited terror on us in 2001 I was already retired from the Army with my piece of the Berlin Wall secured in its own case and in my memory. My military time was a cake walk compared to what our Men and Women have endured in recent years and endures today.

From Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan, the acts of America’s political class have killed more American Soldiers than has our Nation’s enemies. It continues and it is on track to get even worse. Pray for the protection of those wearing uniforms in service to our country. Keep close watch on the purge of General Officers that is underway. History shows that this is how communist regimes solidify their hold on nations.

My wife and I never knew a home that we owned. Gallivanting around the world with a move every couple of years we found ourselves always living in undersized military family housing or tiny apartments with boxes that never got wholly unpacked. We raised a son. He grew into a responsible man. He and his wife, both Army Veterans, blessed us with two beautiful granddaughters. Life never gave them any participation trophies either. You see, families serve their country. Not just the Moms and Dads.

For 28 years my family and I stood together in service to our country. We believed it was to guard and preserve America’s most precious promise – freedom. Many, many families sacrificed much more than we did and they are still sacrificing today. They paid the price for the freedom that the new and future government enslaved takes for granted and now many have forever forfeited by criminally abusing the most basic citizen’s duty and privilege – the vote.

Nothing is free, especially not your freedom. Maybe when it is given to you with no sacrifice on your part, it does not mean as much. Experience teaches that one has little respect for that which is given and not earned. Like Nobel Peace prizes. Freedom is not a participation trophy. It must be earned and protected. The American idea is the last guardian of freedom on this planet. After America, the world goes dark and compassionless. – (Continued)


American Journal – 2

For my wife and me, life began with little. We have received no participation trophies.

I come from deep in Southern West Virginia coal country. My Dad was a coal miner for most of his life. Before he was 50, thirty years of underground mining had broken him down physically. In those days, there was no mine work for a man his age. Forget age discrimination. In his time coal was dug, paid for, and sold by the ton. It was simple biology. A young man could dig it and load it faster. When my Dad was a miner, the job did not pay much. After the mines, he had to continue work to support his family so we migrated to the big city where he gave what remained of his physical health to a metal die-cast factory.

My wife’s beginning was even more humble. Born in a war torn country she knew about aggressive communism – Chinese and Soviet backed. In 1972, the first time I saw the family homestead there was no electricity. There was not even a drivable road. Sadly, the pampered generations of her home country are now as liberal as are our most liberal. And they have imminent danger at their door step.

Men like my Dad spent many hours underground bringing out an abundant energy source and keeping the lights on in America. These men who come from generations of miners are being tossed aside by utopian wind mill dreams, while other nations rely on this cheap and plentiful energy source to build strong industrial bases bound to equal or surpass our own. Maybe that is the aim of our utopians.

The miners came out from underground long enough to fight our nation’s wars. For my Dad, it was World War II. These are the men on whose backs a nation was built. Yes, communist utopians, they built it and with little help from you or your like who are in charge of tearing it down today. They were not seekers of handouts. Most would be ashamed to give up on providing for their families to accept welfare checks or today’s food stamps. Thanks for your service Dad and for being the sterling example of character that is missing in too many American homes these days – that is missing in too many Americans- that is totally lacking in Washington. May we transplant some of your spine and character into Washington’s career politicians.

My journey from the rugged green hills and valleys of West Virginia to the gray, dirty concrete canyons of Chicago was enlightening. I encountered my share of street punk greasers and pot smoking hippies. The first thought he was cool and offered the appearance of toughness. The second, hallucinogenic drugs aside, considered himself an enlightened intellectual. He read the communist manifesto, wore tee-shirts with the North Vietnam flag or Che on them and penned amateurish protest poems.

When I was 16 years old, I went to work full time in a Chicago factory. No one has provided for me since. A few days short of my 19th birthday, I escaped factory life and Chicago’s streets by enlisting in the Army. It was 1971. The draft not yet ended. Lottery numbers were drawn to see who would win a 2 year all expense paid vacation and the opportunity to visit foreign lands and meet exotic people who wanted to kill them. It was a lottery most hoped to not win. When my numbers came up, I was already in basic combat training at Fort Ord, California. – (Continued)

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American Journal -1

I tried to remain civil over the past years. Truthfully. Mellow out some. Keep a calm voice. Try to achieve a little inner peace here at mid-life. Keep to the proverbial high road and deal with problems in a manner that might cause those who disagree with me to engage in constructive conversation. I have good friends who have not counseled me on my demeanor in quite some time. I thought I achieved some success. But, maybe I just become so boring they quit reading altogether. I sincerely did think that if I took a different approach I might actually come together with people who hold differing views and we could critically think through some of our national problems. You know, sort of how Mitt Romney campaigned –“to lead America to a better place.” Like Mitt, I was a sap.

My senses told me that if Mister Romney (and I told him so here and here) used the moderate high road to fight one who travels the community organizer communist low road he would lose. And he did. We both did. America did. There is no high road in a street fight. You cannot intellectualize to a population grown largely stupid and government enslaved. They do not comprehend a grand future vision. They understand only what is in front of them today and what they believe may be in it for them. They have no vision of an American future. They have no vision for their own future beyond acquiring the latest freebie. The communist promises them free stuff like a heath care system that will see many of them turned away, wiping out college loans that paid for useless degrees and for the intellectually challenged, a “free” cell phone might get it done.

In the beginning, the lemmings, also known as useful idiots will do whatever is asked of them including committing the crime of voter fraud in plain view of a complicit and criminal attorney general. They will not learn until the hard truth of communism smacks them square in their unbelieving expressionless faces. They will not understand the value of freedom until it is gone. In the end, when the free stuff does not come, when someone close to them dies because they got pain pills rather than medical treatment, and the free cell phones stop working, and they realize that they traded their freedom and dignity for promises of free stuff from immoral con-men, they will turn on the utopians like a pack of starving wild dogs.

America is not a place. America is an idea. It stands on the pledge to its people of small non-interfering government and individual liberty. The American idea survives through a moral self-reliant people, a strong defense of our God given freedom, and the individual pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. In the American idea, it is individual pursuit of wealth that builds wealth for others. It is the true redistribution of wealth, not taking it from one and giving it to another. America is an idea worth fighting for.

One is not an American just because he lives here and freedom is not a gift given a person who was fortunate enough to have been born here. To be American, one must embrace the American idea. People come to this land from other, often failed states. When they embrace the American idea they thrive and America becomes stronger. When they try to relocate their failed culture here they do not thrive and ultimately, if not stopped, will turn America – the place –into another third world failed state. Just like the one from which they escaped. That is the history of communism and its Marxist economic goals. It always ends up the same way. Wealthy aristocrats suddenly run out of free stuff and peasants starve by the millions. – (Continued)


Voting is the best revenge.

At a campaign rally in Ohio, President Obama proclaimed this to his supporters that, “Voting is the best revenge.” Challenger Mitt Romney told his supporters to: “Vote for love of country. It is time we lead America to a better place.”

I do not know how you feel about the election. I do not know how you feel about the process. I do know that there are many anxious Americans on this day and that will compound until the final vote is counted and the inevitable litigation and claims and counter-claims of voter fraud have ended.

We see results of polls and feel momentarily elated and then we see another and the depression seeps in. Pundits are declaring victory on both sides. The average American holding the power of a single vote stands in the middle of it all not knowing which way to turn and too often decides to ignore the whole process. By doing so, they allow a percentage of people and a scattering of fraudsters to determine the direction of our country. They put the direction of their lives and that of their families in the hands of others without a say. They forfeit their freedom.

I decided quite some time ago, before this campaign and before all those preceding it, how I would vote in elections. This time, the revenge vote comment put an exclamation point on my determination. It is time to “lead America to a better place.” Maybe our self-proclaimed Christian President might want to seek guidance from scripture as he asks for the revenge vote. That is, assuming that he asks guidance from God or reads His word.

Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. Romans 12:19

It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.” Deuteronomy 32:35

If the President’s goal is revenge, I must ask against whom. America? If someone is a deserving recipient, he will be repaid. That is where I take solace.

The sermon delivered by my Pastor today was from chapter 5 of the Old Testament book of Daniel. Take a minute and read it. Belshazzar, the ruler of Babylon, had Daniel brought to him to interpret an inscription written by a human hand on a plaster wall while he and his nobles, wives and concubines partied and drank wine from the gold goblets taken from the Temple in Jerusalem. Daniel told Belshazzar that since he had not humbled himself and instead set himself against the Lord, that God sent the hand that wrote the inscription that when interpreted said:

God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.
You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.
Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

On that night, Belshazzar was slain and the kingdom was taken over by Darius the Mede. You can read how that turned out in Daniel 6.

My Pastor is not an outwardly political man, but his sermon today was quite reassuring. At least to me it was and the message is that God is in charge. So, turn off the pundits, tune out the political ads, and ignore the pollsters. Vote for what is in your heart and God will take care of the rest.

I am not a political prognosticator. I generally make no predictions. This time I did make one. I predicted that Mitt Romney would be the Republican candidate for President. I also predicted that if he did not attack his opponent like a street fighter that he would lose the general election. Thankfully, he did not follow my advice. Instead he has placed humbleness in contrast to arrogance. He has placed God and love of country in contrast to self-indulgence and a demonstrated hatred of the “American way.” He has placed calm in contrast to not so subtle anger. He has placed substance, thought and maturity in contrast to child-like political one-liners and tired clichés. He contrasted hard choices ahead against utopian promises.

On Election Day, humble yourself before God. Ask Him to shine His light of truth across this land so that every voting American might clearly see the choice before them. To reiterate, I do not make political predictions. I can only pray that the Lord’s will is done on this day and that the Bible scripture I have written on my day planner for the day holds true: 2 Corinthians 6:2

For he says,
“In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.”
I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.

May God save the United States of America.