American Journal -1

I tried to remain civil over the past years. Truthfully. Mellow out some. Keep a calm voice. Try to achieve a little inner peace here at mid-life. Keep to the proverbial high road and deal with problems in a manner that might cause those who disagree with me to engage in constructive conversation. I have good friends who have not counseled me on my demeanor in quite some time. I thought I achieved some success. But, maybe I just become so boring they quit reading altogether. I sincerely did think that if I took a different approach I might actually come together with people who hold differing views and we could critically think through some of our national problems. You know, sort of how Mitt Romney campaigned –“to lead America to a better place.” Like Mitt, I was a sap.

My senses told me that if Mister Romney (and I told him so here and here) used the moderate high road to fight one who travels the community organizer communist low road he would lose. And he did. We both did. America did. There is no high road in a street fight. You cannot intellectualize to a population grown largely stupid and government enslaved. They do not comprehend a grand future vision. They understand only what is in front of them today and what they believe may be in it for them. They have no vision of an American future. They have no vision for their own future beyond acquiring the latest freebie. The communist promises them free stuff like a heath care system that will see many of them turned away, wiping out college loans that paid for useless degrees and for the intellectually challenged, a “free” cell phone might get it done.

In the beginning, the lemmings, also known as useful idiots will do whatever is asked of them including committing the crime of voter fraud in plain view of a complicit and criminal attorney general. They will not learn until the hard truth of communism smacks them square in their unbelieving expressionless faces. They will not understand the value of freedom until it is gone. In the end, when the free stuff does not come, when someone close to them dies because they got pain pills rather than medical treatment, and the free cell phones stop working, and they realize that they traded their freedom and dignity for promises of free stuff from immoral con-men, they will turn on the utopians like a pack of starving wild dogs.

America is not a place. America is an idea. It stands on the pledge to its people of small non-interfering government and individual liberty. The American idea survives through a moral self-reliant people, a strong defense of our God given freedom, and the individual pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. In the American idea, it is individual pursuit of wealth that builds wealth for others. It is the true redistribution of wealth, not taking it from one and giving it to another. America is an idea worth fighting for.

One is not an American just because he lives here and freedom is not a gift given a person who was fortunate enough to have been born here. To be American, one must embrace the American idea. People come to this land from other, often failed states. When they embrace the American idea they thrive and America becomes stronger. When they try to relocate their failed culture here they do not thrive and ultimately, if not stopped, will turn America – the place –into another third world failed state. Just like the one from which they escaped. That is the history of communism and its Marxist economic goals. It always ends up the same way. Wealthy aristocrats suddenly run out of free stuff and peasants starve by the millions. – (Continued)