American Journal, December 29, 2012

A real cliff hanger…

Did you ever have one of those falling dreams? One where you always seem to wake up just before experiencing the sudden stop that is at the end. I have. I have also had dreams of being trapped somewhere naked. Like at work. Trying to figure out how I became so exposed.

I am not crazy. You have had those dreams too so go ahead and admit it. I am no oneirologist. That is what the people who purport to interpret your dreams call themselves. No, I do not know if they also read palms. If one was interpreting the dreams of Washington politicians would he be a proctoneirologist. I am just saying, considering where most of those heads are.

I once had a dream catcher hanging from the review mirror of my pick-up truck. I bought it in a souvenir shop in Pigeon Forge. Probably made in China. Can you imagine the Chinese slave laborer wondering what the heck this thing I am making is? I totaled that truck and dang near myself too. Guess it was a nightmare catcher too. I do not know what falling and naked dreams might mean other than highlighting ones insecurity. I have not had such dreams for a long time. Could be that I am growing secure with who I am and what I stand for. Could be because I totaled the dream catcher. Who knows? Ask your oneirologist.

Here in the land of the once free, we are having our own falling nightmare. It is over the fiscal cliff. We are assured if we go over, our national debt will only then become a real problem. Our taxes will go up. Our military will disintegrate and we will have to double up on free cell phones and food stamps.

Washington’s politicians will be left standing. Naked. Exposed. Well, more naked than they believe they already are. As in the band of little misguided emperors with no clothes. They have nothing left behind which to hide their nakedness either. Even their lies are reruns. Maybe they fell. Bumped their pointy heads and cannot remember. Maybe I am confusing that with another naked nightmare. A bourbon soaked naked nightmare. I will have to think on it some more. Politicians, equally guilty of causing our national naked falling nightmare can only blame one another and the toothless woman in Cleveland does not care who is wrong as long as she has her free cell phone and the SEIU can get her to the voting booth. And maybe toss in a bottle of T-bird. Makes you want to stand up and belt out The Star Spangled Banner. Does it not?

Frankly, I believe we have run out of cliffs. We have leapt off so many that we now must make up new names for them. The fiscal cliff? Kind of hard to go over it leaping or otherwise when we are already buried under its rubble. Our great grandchildren will be lucky to dig themselves out.

We jumped off the moral cliff long ago. We live now in the shadow of the valley of moral relativity. Or is it death? The death of a free nation. That valley is filled with broken families and with people who do not know their way out.

Screwtape’s minions no longer whisper evil into ears. They broadcast it over prime time television, the Internet and in theaters with tacky little signs Scotch taped to the doors that remind us “no weapons are allowed in this building”, unless they are producing murder and mayhem on the big screen. With Dolby surround sound. In 3 D. We crash, burn, and destroy families, and abandon children to raise themselves. Or we leave their raising to progressive school teachers and the Internet baby sitter. We turn them loose on society with a shaky moral foundation tempered with a flawed pop culture and over medicated with psychotropic drugs. Then we want to blame inanimate objects for what ails us. Or, much more dangerous than that, we want to blame our freedom. We want to blame the fundamental rights guaranteed to us by the law of the land.

Our country, what remains of it, will not be fixed in Washington. It will be fixed from the pulpit. The same spot where the American Revolution began. It will be fixed by the man in the mirror saying the erosion of my freedom stops now. Squandering of our national wealth stops now. Tyranny stops before it takes hold. There is no compromise.

We better wake up from our falling nightmare before we reach the fatal sudden stop.