American Journal February 24, 2013 Freedom for Sale

There was real excitement here on the hillside last evening. We have not had such fun since Grandpa grabbed the Ben-Gay tube instead of the Preparation H. We decided to follow Vice President Biden’s advice. The advice he says he gives his wife whenever she hears someone prowling around in the woods out back of the house. We all went out on the back porch with our shot guns. And there are plenty of shotguns here in Wild and Wonderful. We pointed in the general direction of the woods just like Ol’ Joe told us too and fired off a couple of rounds. Keep in mind that the direction of the woods can be just about 360 degrees in these parts. My neighbor Marvin, just up the hill from me, is still digging buckshot out of his vinyl siding. Yes, we have that here in West Virginia. The old lady out the road who is always peeking around the drapes has not been seen near a window for hours. May need to go check on her in a bit, but with all the gunfire it might be wise to call first. We do feel better now Mr. Vice President, especially my wife. She was there on the porch watching all of the excitement leaning on her AR-15. It is much lighter and easier for her to operate. It does not kick like the 12 Gauge.

Of course, just like Ol’ Joe’s story about telling his wife to shoot the double barrel into the woods out back, all of mine was made up malarkey too. You have to admit, it was at least as funny as would be the Secret Service agents running for cover out behind the Biden residence. But is that not typical of the progressive blowhards? Spread a lot of malarkey, get the compliant media to chime in, and then use it to push gun control. And if we ban those bad weapons, get ready here comes the false hope, the lunatics in the world will stop killing people. This plan has worked very well in Chicago. As far as our constitutionally protected and legally owned weapons, what the Spartans told the Persians. Molon Labe!

What is more shocking than the malarkey and false hope con, is the ease with which and how cheaply people want to sell their freedom. A freedom purchased for them with the blood of honorable men and women. They will sell it for a cell phone and a food stamp card. People who do this, do it from a foundation of shocking, glaring ignorance. It is a foundation that has no ties to faith, no ties to family, no ties to American history – true history, and no understanding of their own plight.

How does it happen that people are so willing to enslave themselves to a government master? And do it so cheaply. First, they are fed a load of malarkey and in many cases throughout the entirety of their lives. Someone else caused their problems. Someone else is to blame for their predicament. (Also known as Bush’s fault syndrome.) These people who caused their predicament now owe them. Then someone happens along and offers them hope. Hope that is as phony and fake as Ol’ Joe’s rules for how the women folk should defend themselves.

The false hope con always follows the malarkey. You are in the predicament that you are in because the wealthy people of this nation, excluding of course the Hollywood wealthy and the political wealthy – and the Kennedys -, stole the wealth from you. Support me and I will make them pay a fair share. I promise you free medical care, free college education, good paying jobs and I am going to level the playing field and see to it that you get what you deserve. And just to show you what I can do, take this free phone and debit card. And then, they commit voter fraud to ensure the free stuff keeps coming and the yoke of slavery slips easily around their necks. Freedom ends for them who choose to be slaves.

I saw an article a couple of days ago. It offered a $10,000 prize to anyone who could come up with the best plan for the conservatives to take control of the Republican Party and win the 2016 election. The first thought that came to my mind was, who gives a rat’s rear end about the Republican Party? How about we figure out how to take back the United States of America?

Here is the plan Mr. Viguerie. Run for something. Be out there every day running for something not against something. You ran against Obamacare and what did that get you? Do, you want to take back the party or the country? Every day we should hear from prominent conservatives, other than on talk radio, about the most exceptional nation ever known to man. We should hear about freedom, liberty, life, and abundance and with that your plan to ensure one and producing the other. You can keep your money.

If the communist progressive hold on our country cannot be broken in 2014, there will be no free American nation to worry about in 2016. America the country may be fundamentally transformed, but America the idea will always live in the hearts of free men.

You cannot take freedom. It can only be given away.

© 2013

American Journal February 17, 2013 Conscripts

Not long after I enlisted into the Army, the draft ended. We became an all volunteer force. Many people who might have served time in the Armed Forces, never would again. Army Reserve and National Guard units would no longer be the place where professional athletes, the other wealthy and the sons of politicians spent their service time. There would be no more need for phony deferments that were simply not available to the typically drafted poor or middle-class male. For women, it was always a volunteer proposition. Not long after we became an all volunteer force, the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) was disbanded and the women were integrated into the regular Army although not fully into all branches. They were excluded from the Combat Arms.

By law, women were never required register for a possible draft with the Selective Service because they were, according to a Supreme Court decision, excluded from direct combat roles and the purpose of the draft was to provide men for combat. The Supreme Court obviously did not understand that drafted men served in all branches of the Army. If we follow logically, 18 year old women should move out promptly to their local selective service office and make themselves available for the draft.

I suppose I am trapped in a time when the differences between women and men were distinct. John McCain said he would be proud to see his daughter serve in combat. No one asked him how he would feel about her being tortured for years as a prisoner of war in the Hanoi Hilton.

I want to make my position clear. I believe anyone who wants to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States of America should be allowed to give it a try. I believe that they should be allowed to serve in any branch of the services. What I can never support is changing standards to accommodate those who might not have otherwise qualified and using it to press forward an agenda that has nothing to do with the opportunity to serve. Service in the Armed Forces is not a Constitutional right.

I have a rather cynical world view these days. I believe decisions such as the one to allow women into direct combat roles is to smooth the path way for Hillary -at this point what difference does it make – Clinton to be Commander-in-Chief. Nothing ever turns out to be for the stated purpose. It is most certainly not so that women can have the opportunity to die in direct ground combat. I served a long career in Army combat support units and served with many women. Like men, some were spectacular, some were just average, some were mediocre and some were abject failures at life and at service. I do not recall very many, at least enlisted women, being angry that they were not allowed into the Infantry. A woman in a direct combat role is just another item that has long been on the liberal social engineering shopping list for the military. Like open homosexual service, it most certainly is not about service.

In 2010, I wrote about don’t ask, don’t tell.

Homosexuals openly serving in the military will kick the door wide open to societal acceptance of homosexual behavior as a norm. Homosexual partners will become military dependents, entitled to all of the benefits associated with being a military family member. Homosexual marriage will no longer be an issue. Repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell will make it a non issue. How could it be otherwise? One of our nation’s most trusted institutions does not do anything with half-steps. Using the same energy with which Equal Opportunity and Equal Rights laws and policies are supported and enforced (as they should be), the military will be the leader in bringing us Gay Culture and Gay History Month celebrations and gay affirmative action. There is no sarcasm in that statement. The military will lead the way toward making homosexual behavior normal and acceptable to the greater society and will be pointed toward as the example of how homosexuality should be accepted by everyone. The society, which holds its military in high esteem, will follow their lead.

There have already been homosexual weddings held in Army chapels and Leon Panetta just extended dependent benefits to homosexual partners. It did not require a prophet to see that coming.

Calling it “a matter of fundamental equity,” Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta today signed a memorandum to the service secretaries and the Pentagon’s top personnel official extending benefits to same-sex partners of service members. – American Forces Press Service

It too was never about service.

Open homosexual service is not about service just as homosexual marriage is not about marriage. It is about whether or not American society is ready to accept homosexuality as normal and therefore make homosexuals a protected minority class. The military and marriage are institutions that stand between acceptance and rejection of homosexual behavior as normal. For homosexuality to be generally accepted, these two institutions must be dismantled. They must accept homosexuality as normal.

In the same sense, combat roles for women are not about opportunities for women.

Is American society now ready to accept the real possibility that their daughters will become conscripts for combat roles just to satisfy what may be the last opportunity for a minority of liberal progressives to impose their ideology on the rest of America? Maybe Ellen can make recruiting commercials.

In good conscience, I do not know if I could presently suggest military service to a young man or woman. That saddens me greatly. The Army has been my extended family for most of my life. Army Chaplains are instructed to stand against their faith and not speak out about homosexuality. They are told when giving invocations at events not to pray in the name of Jesus. Men and women now serving are told to embrace homosexuality or leave the service. We are moving dangerously close to gender-norming our direct combat specialties. We continue the dismantling of our military and the destruction of its warrior culture.

The draft will necessarily return to America. The dismantling of the greatest professional military ever assembled will be complete. Utopia achieved.


American Journal February 10, 2013 Forfeiting Freedom

It has not been long since much of the country professed outrage over the Patriot Act. Especially the piece of it dealing with wiretaps – or government eaves dropping. Collecting and maintaining information on those of us who are not terrorists or criminals. Loss of privacy for all of us was determined necessary collateral damage – we had to forfeit some freedom to ensure security. Is that not somewhat of an oxymoron? Moronic at least. And, Americans are always naïve enough to think that government will never abuse the freedom we give up.

It was a Republican presidency at the time so the liberal and media outrage was on queue. Not that political party matters. Progressivism rules Washington. I remember writing that we should be as concerned about Google. Maxine Waters, another glittering jewel of intellect, was boasting on the Roland Martin radio program the other day that, “The president has put in place an organization that contains the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before.” I feel more secure now. Do you?

The same people had their drawers in a wad because the terrorist killers, combatants, held at Guantanamo might not be afforded the same level of due process guaranteed American citizens. Now, however, they are not too concerned that the President and his Attorney General have decided that execution orders can now be written for American citizens without the benefit of due process. Got to love those drones. Do you know they are making them very small now? About the size of your hand. If you see a toy-like helicopter zipping around the neighborhood and there is no kid nearby with the controls, you might want to take cover lest it fly up and shoot you in the face with a hollow point. We standby, some of us cheeringly, and forfeit more of our freedom and protections in the name of what? Security? Now that it has started, where does executing American citizens without the due process of law end?

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” – Benjamin Franklin

My freedom is your freedom. Everyone does not see it that way. Jim Carrey, clown, posted to his Twitter account “Any1 who would run out and buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little in the body or soul worth protecting.” Well Jimmy, I suppose you and I have differing views on whom and what we should protect. First, stick to being a clown because you are good at that. Knowing weapons, no so much. There are no assault rifles for the general public to purchase. None of them will fire a burst or on full automatic. No Jimmy, these are rifles cosmetically altered to look, not function like, military assault rifles. The 2nd Amendment is a right that I imagine you can live without. Millions who did not survive in Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, etc. might wonder about such thinking.

Maybe you should question why the federal government (not the Department of Defense) is buying up so much ammunition. Is it because of the President’s proclamation that, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” I do not like to make this comparison because it makes me a little ill to my stomach, but read up on why Hitler created the Waffen SS, the armed wing of the Nazi party. Scary times they are Jimmy.

The young men and women who serve in our armed forces might argue with you that every body and soul just like every freedom and guaranteed right is worth protecting. Even the body and soul of a misguided clown. America needs its clowns.

Today, you might not care about the freedom to keep and bear arms. You may cheer taking it away. You may not care about the freedom of religion and prefer to see it put into our now empty closet. But tomorrow when they come after a freedom you do cherish, like getting on to your twitter account and speaking your mind, how will you feel then? Not to worry Jimmy, millions of us will not stand by and let you forfeit freedom nor will we go quietly while you cheer its demise.


American Journal, February 3, 2013

A motivatin’ over the hill…

I like many old rock and roll tunes. On the way home the other night, Johnny Rivers came on singing his version of the Chuck Berry hit, Maybellene. Released in 1955, it was a song from better times in America. At least in my view it was better times. The American foundation was firm. It looked like Normal Rockwell painted it. Much has happened since then.

Do you reckon someone from 1955 would describe 2013 as the American way – and vice versa? In 1955, people with the “right stuff” were starting to fly at twice the speed of sound and were learning how to travel to the moon. Today, it seems, we are content chasing windmills while our space agency does Muslim outreach.

In 1955, it was okay to pray in school. It was not okay to kill an unborn child. We forbid prayer in 1962. That began in earnest the push to remove God, the God of Christianity anyway, from public view. In 1973, the same group of people who took prayer from schoolchildren gave women a choice. Because of the choice, more than 50 million children would never make it to school, much less pray there.

We became involved in Vietnam in the 1960s. It was not good for our country and it was not good for our Armed Forces. It became a war managed by politicians and not Soldiers on the battlefield and as is always the case it was the Soldiers who paid the price for Washington’s incompetence. The same mindset has turned the current long war into Vietnam. Dangerous rules of engagement and Washington incompetence are once again responsible for killing American Soldiers. After Vietnam, our Armed Forces were beat down, hollowed out and not well supported by the Washington ruling class. Not much different from today except now there are more dangerous people ready and capable of taking advantage of that. Soldiers will die again because of Washington stupidity and ideologically and political driven leadership. Our socially engineered military utopia may please some who will never wear the uniform of one of our Armed Forces, but will it be able to defend America – as it stands virtually alone in the world?

Soldiers swore oaths to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. When there is an all out assault on the right of Americans to keep and bear arms and when they are ordered to disarm law abiding Americans, will they consider who is actually abiding by the Constitution and who is not? And act accordingly?

We have learned through time and experience that we cannot count on the Supreme Court of the United States. They have wholly politicized themselves and routinely pulled decisions from their nether regions. I suppose when one sits at the last stop on the line, the power and ability to change our national direction and character with one decision might be too overwhelming for mortal minds – especially ideologically weakened minds.

We cannot rely on the Congress. I believe it is corrupted beyond repair. We have let it become a national ruling class – a wealth producing family industry incapable of producing anything of value for Americans. They have made themselves irrelevant, superseded by executive orders and regulations taking away our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms they are sworn to protect.

Political party affiliation is meaningless. In America, in 2013, there is Washington and then there are the rest of us. How often do you see your Congressional representative in the home district?

As we race up the hill in an old Ford with steam rolling out from under the hood all that truly matters is what you believe and the foundation of those beliefs. How did you arrive at what you hold dear? I wager if you walked down the street where you live and asked people what they believed, you would not get many comprehensible answers. Culture has succeeded in beating those long held beliefs in God, Family, Freedom, and Country out of many of us. Too many Americans do not view the world from that foundation. No, that is replaced. It is replaced with false hopes. Hopes that stem from promises. Promises that come at you from whatever direction and whatever speed the popular culture winds are blowing. The winds shift and the promises are never fulfilled. Then a foundationless people do not know what to believe.

America is “motivatin’ over the hill”… the question is can we and are we willing to slam on the breaks.