State of the Union

In two days, President Barack Obama will make a state of the union address to the nation. I rarely listen to any President’s State of the Union address preferring to make my own assessment.

If we can believe what is being leaked, the central core of the President’s address will be income inequality. Income inequality, the basis for wealth redistribution, is the central focus of Marxism. The problem is it never works out the way the utopians insist that it will. Generally, it turns into North Korea. Them that has and them that starve.

According to the US Census, the current population of the United States hovers around 318, 892, 100. Also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the US workforce population is around 155 million ending 2013 and more than 10 million Americans out of the 155 million are unemployed. Other statistics show that around 90 million people have left the workforce, whether due to retirements, disabilities, or other reasons including the unemployed who have given up looking for work. When I do the arithmetic from census age data, I come up with about 170 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 65, my idea of working age although many begin earlier and work longer.

The interesting thing is that those who are employable and have stopped looking for work are not counted when the Bureau of Labor calculates the unemployment rate, which is currently at 6.7 percent. In a memo to his clients, Wall Street advisor, David John Marotta, calculated the actual unemployment rate at 37.2 percent. Pick your jaw up from the table top and keep reading.

In 2008, a year ending with hope for Americans, 11 percent of American households were receiving food stamps. Ending 2013, it was 20 percent nearly doubling during President Obama’s reign. The poverty level in American is higher than it has been since the 1960s. You do recall that is when the progressives declared war on poverty. The number of Americans receiving Federal disability benefits is approaching 11 million.

As the numbers of people working reduces, so do revenues paid to the government through taxes. When the number of people working is smaller than the number taking, the utopian tipping point is reached. I expect the President will address all of this during his speech. He does, after all, paint himself the champion of the middle class whom he is destroying a little more each day.

Another number that is troubling is that since the Supreme Court of the United States gave the go ahead in 1973 with Roe v. Wade, 55 million babies were deprived of life. Murdered. All of us, through our tax dollars provided to our nation’s largest abortion seller Planned Parenthood, contributed to that genocidal atrocity. I am sure the President, who boldly claimed his Christianity while campaigning for office well tell us what he is going to do with that. He did declare very recently that he upholds the guiding principles of the Roe V. Wade decision. What would those be exactly? The rest of us better get on our knees and pray to God to forgive this sin committed in the name of our country.

Then there are the wars. Our Military has been on repetitive deployments for the past 13 years. We hastily left Iraq only to forfeit the gains made through American sacrifice to the Islamic terrorists. Outrageous rules of engagement in Afghanistan cost many lives. Nearly 75 percent of the American losses there have come under President Obama’s watch. We will abandon there just as well and another generation of Americans will have suffered for little gain. The President may actually lay out his scat plan too.

But, this is not all he has done to our military. Homosexuals serve openly now. They get married in military chapels. Chaplains are not allowed to speak their religious beliefs regarding homosexuality or marriage nor are other Christians. Homosexual partners get full dependent benefits. There is his push to have military standards gender normed so women can serve in direct combat roles. Gender normed standards mean a physically weaker combat force. It will also negate the Supreme Court ruling that said women cannot be drafted to serve because they could not fill direct combat roles. The latest, from the cabal of people who are offended if someone wears a cross or crucifix, is that those serving in the military will be able to wear religious affiliated articles of clothing, beards, tattoos, body piercings – to be followed soon no doubt by the Muslim call to prayers. Will they play it before reveille and after retreat? Just curious. Maybe the President will explain it for us. He did say that it was a wonderful sound.

One thing has always been clear in our Armed Forces. When you volunteer to serve, you volunteer to meet the standards of the service in conduct, dress and appearance. The service does not conform to individuals or groups. The President’s social engineering will divide the people within the ranks of the service. I am sure he will explain to America how things are now better in their Armed Forces so they can feel safe and protected.

Finally, there is the lawlessness of this administration. It chooses which laws it will enforce and which it will ignore. The health care bill alone has been altered multiple times outside the legislative process. The Attorney General, who worked for the law firm that defends terrorists pro bono, is into selective prosecutions targeting high profile conservatives and groups who oppose the President’s policies. The Internal Revenue Service continues to target conservative groups. These are the tactics of fascists. Maybe the President will address these issues and Benghazi, Fast and Furious …. Probably not. Not to worry, Congress has elected impotence not action to end this reign. They employ the just wait till next time strategy embraced by all losers.

Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. – Matthew 12:25


Peace Dividends

When we entered into the first Gulf War, our active Army strength was around 760,000. It was well equipped, well trained and powerful enough to actually maintain the world peace that progressives and beauty pageant contestants so desire. Even as this force pushed the Iraqis out of Kuwait, the liberal media was questioning out loud whether Americans were ready to see the body bags.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, politicians decided we no longer needed such a robust force. There were no more enemies requiring us to maintain it. No more large force on force battles ahead. We had to reduce it. Drawdown commenced. Or as cheerleaders inside the services and Pentagon called it, a builddown. Word out of Washington was a windfall was upon us. We would reap a peace dividend. All of the money we would save by cutting the size of America’s national defense structure could be used to fund other necessary things. Social programs.

I watched Lone Survivor yesterday. From reading the book when it came out, I fully expected it to be gut-wrenching. And it was. It is a well done movie. Go watch it. Sadly, most Americans never knew the story. Still do not. Even when the Congressional Medal of Honor was presented posthumously to Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael Murphy, the first person to receive it in the Afghan War, it was barely a media blip. You see, it is not the kind of story that interests a progressive media along with the fact that it was presented by President Bush. Never willing to shine a good light on anything military, they were more interested in the propaganda pictures provided to them by the Islamists.

The progressive media prefer the story of down trodden and poverty stricken villagers being brutalized by the U.S. military. Poor people who are driven to terrorism because of stark poverty. Their wealth of course was stolen from them by whom else but the capitalist west led by America. It was the same song they sang throughout the Viet Nam war. I am certain you remember Genghis John Kerry’s famous lies about American Soldiers in Viet Nam burning and pillaging villages. And Hanoi Jane’s radio broadcast. Well, war hero John is at it again. The poor and poverty stricken are driven to war.

When President Bush was in office, the body count was high priority in the media. Boys the media called them or American kids. Anything to pluck at American’s emotions. We would get it daily. There was even speculation about when it would surpass one thousand. The media appeared anxious for that moment. They even went to court looking for permission to photograph the caskets as they came home. Nowadays, it simply is not an issue. You may hear in passing of some “NATO” casualties in Afghanistan. By what we hear in the news, one would think that nothing is happening there. You most assuredly would not know that nearly 75 percent of American war deaths in Afghanistan have occurred under the watch of Barack Obama. The progressive media wing does its job quite well.

While a man like Marcus Luttrell and his team fights and sacrifices and does what their country asks of them to preserve the peace and ensure freedom at America’s front door, Washington’s politicians are giving both away at the back door. Washington is proving once again that it has little thought of the trials the military and their families have endured during 13 years of war.

Beginning with the Whitehouse and right on down through the halls of the United States Congress there appears little concern for the military. Illegal immigrants are more important than Soldiers, Veterans or their families. There is the big budget deal out of Washington. Then one that will keep the government open. It saves a relative few pennies when considering trillions of dollars of debt ($6.2 billion over 10 years) by reducing military pensions, costing military retirees as much as $120,000.00 over a lifetime. Have to love those peace dividends. With a straight face, Washington laments how important it is to cut military pensions to save the budget, while absolutely refusing to close a tax hole that has allowed the Internal Revenue Service to pay out over $14 billion dollars in refundable tax credits to illegal immigrants – the people we supposedly cannot find because they only exist in the shadows.

I was listening to some banter on a talk radio program the other day. Conservative media view versus a progressive one. The topic was Obamacare and how in the world will we ever pay for it. Without hesitation, the progressive said close 800 military bases.

Washington can only find passion these days for the military when it comes to social engineering it to resemble their Godless utopian world view. The next time they need Soldiers willing to sacrifice for their political blundering, maybe they can find a few brigades of illegal immigrants to do their bidding. They are certainly paid well enough. We can even embed them with progressive media.

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Progressive Wars

We used to call them communists.

The real wars? Progressives are not good at fighting them. It is primarily because they find themselves in the quandary of being ideologically aligned with the enemies of freedom. If we declared war on Israel or England, hell would have no fury like that which the progressives would unleash. That is something they could really sink their ideological teeth into.

I wrote about how the progressive war strategy plays out in Just Another Vietnam, suggesting for you how Iraq and Afghanistan would end. In Vietnam, many Americans died. Many more than needed to. The North Vietnamese were broken by the end of Tet 1968, but the progressive media convinced Americans we had lost it and progressive politicians dawdled and brought liars before Congress to call our Soldiers murderers. As we drew down our forces there, we equipped and trained the South Vietnamese. Then, the progressive politicians decided we could waste no more time or money defeating their ideological comrades. Any of us from the era can remember the last Americans in Saigon lifting off from the roof of the embassy while the communists rolled in.

So tell me. How is Iraq any different? When al Qaida flags are raised over Fallujah, is it not the same? Our Secretary of State, a Vietnam Veteran in case you have forgotten, just promised that we would help Iraq fight al Qaida, but with no boots on the ground. I feel sorry for the many American men and women who served and sacrificed in that God-forsaken place. I feel sorry for the people of Iraq as well, because people the likes of our Secretary of State made the same promise to the South Vietnamese. The result will be the same. When we pull out totally, many people who believed in us will die because of us or more specifically because of progressive politics.

Progressive are not good at fighting real wars against their ideologically aligned brethren of despots, dictators, and communists. They do well fighting wars against America and freedom.

The progressives like to fight made up wars, but they do have an end in mind – the destruction of freedom.

Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty 50 years ago. Ironically, Americans are in worse shape now than then and all of it due to progressive policies that produce poverty not wealth.

Progressives recently lamented the war on women. Yes, there is a war on women being waged by the evil straw men. It is always straw men. In a made up war one must have a made up enemy and made up victims. There is a strategy in this war and since they unleashed it on America, the country with whom the progressives truly want to war, it has been devastatingly effective.

According to them, women have reproductive rights. In the grand scheme of men and women in God’s creation I suppose that is correct. Women can choose to procreate or not and with whom or not. So they have a right. Progressives believe; in that regard, women should be allowed to, I guess, spread the wealth around. However, they also believe that you and I should provide them with free birth control. That then extends their war strategy into the oppression of religious freedom. They believe if women want to spread the wealth around and by some unfortunate turn of events become pregnant that somehow their reproductive rights include a right to murder an unborn child. And you and I should pay for that too.

This is just another front in their war against Christianity like insisting that everyone should accept and embrace homosexual marriage. Added to all of the other well-know examples too numerous to list – again. Suffice it to say, it is a long fought strategy to remove the value system that is the social foundation of America and we are letting them win it.

But that is just a piece of it. The progressive war on poverty was and is a direct assault on the family. Welfare nation has produced more single parent households than about anything else I could imagine. Our failed education system produces a heck of a lot more high-school dropouts than it does educated productive citizens. The sure fire formula for poverty is a simple one. It has basic elements. A single parent that did not finish high school and unending welfare that does not have the purpose of producing self-reliant people.

The progressive war strategy to marginalize the basic family unit of a man married to a woman that produces and raises children has been quite effective. The basic family unit with a foundation of Christian values is the only strategy one needs to defeat poverty.

Do you remember when Condoleezza Rice told Congress that our problem was that al Qaida was at war with us, but we were not at war with them or something similar? The progressives are at war with American and their strategy is not that complicated. It involves the destruction of the very things that stood this nation up and made it strong. That foundation begins with the American family that is being destroyed by the evils of progressivism.

What is our response? So-called conservatives, talking heads and politicians, are unequivocal when they declare that to win elections we must shy away from those old social issues. For 50 years, we have shied away bringing us to the brink of becoming a nation that will make paganism look attractive. To paraphrase C. S. Lewis, even the pagans adhered to natural law.

The progressives are at war with America and freedom. America is not at war with the progressives.


Happy 2014

It is 2014. It seems like only yesterday we had the Y2K hysteria. We transitioned seamlessly from that to the global warming hysteria. Over recent years, we have endured our share of faux crises with each accompanied by politician generated hysteria. The new brand of politics that is running rampant through the hallowed halls of Washington lives by the motto of never letting a good crisis go to waste. Even if you have to invent the crisis.

I am not a political prognosticator, although I did predict that Mr. Mitt Romney would take a whoupin in the general election once again highlighting what we have come to expect from pastel establishment Republicanism. Neither am I falling into the trap of thinking the Democrats will be swept from power in the mid-term elections. For the simple reason that the controlling establishment Republicans prefer back room deals and cigars and scotch to a street fight to preserve the soul of America. So I do not expect morning in America to arrive January 2015. If there is not a drastic turn around it will more likely be the sun setting on freedom. Communism is not going to roll over and play dead.

But, cheer up. It is not all gloom and doom. I believe this will be a year most remembered in American history. Americans, the vaunted middle-class that every politician swears to protect, are awakening to the fact that problems are not solved by Washington politicians. They are solved by working Americans.

Americans only see internecine warfare in Washington. One collection of politicians is hell bent to change America into a communist controlled socialist state because they believe they are smarter than the all of the communists who have failed at it throughout history. This is why we should not be shocked that an ornament with Mao Se Teung’s image appeared on a Christmas tree inside the Whitehouse. Then there is the collection of career politicians who believe that over time everything will get back to the Washington normal of back scratching and back rooms deals that fattens their personal wealth. They have not awakened to the fact that the Communists do not play that way. It is this collection of the political ruling class that sides with old Washington and the new Communists in agreeing that it is the Tea Party that is dangerous. The unspoken is dangerous for them, good for America.

This is the year Americans push back against an unlawful ruling class that is making a shambles of our Constitution and destroying the American dream they claim to want for all. Problem is their American dream does not jive with my American dream, or the dream of anyone who has had to work for a living.

What has been foisted upon Americans over recent years is the great shopping list of the progressives. At the very top is wealth redistribution that is also the heart and soul of Obamacare. Americans will soon learn the dirty little secret of modern day Communist wealth redistribution. It may not be what cheerleaders believe it is and it will be a hard lesson. Let me explain it a little. Look around the financial pages these days and you will discover that billionaires the likes of Warren Buffet, who pays less taxes than his secretary, and George Soros, famous Nazi collaborator and currency speculator who thinks we need a controlled decline in America, are unloading their enormous stock holdings hand over fist. They know the Federal Reserve money spigot that has been pumping dollars into the market is about to dry up. What that means for us out here in the real Middle America is a market that rose rapidly and artificially is headed for a fall of epic proportions. Couple that with Washington generated debt and coming inflation that will make the Jimmy Carter era look like and economic boom and what do you get? Your retirement savings, your fixed income annuity and Social Security? Practically worthless. Modern day Communist wealth redistribution destroys the middle class and increases the wealth of the already super wealthy. Wealth redistribution defined. From me to George Soros to the pockets of the politicians he owns – in Congress and the Whitehouse. The new circle of life in America.

What will happen when Americans who have worked their entire lives, have dutifully paid their taxes, planned their retirements suddenly awaken to the horrifying thought that it is all gone. And not gradually, but in an instant. I believe Americans will fill the streets of our cities and the little dust up in Greece will look in comparison like a rowdy celebration after a college football game. It is then that Americans will learn why the Department of Homeland Security bought billions of rounds of ammunition and why they have armored military vehicles….

Welcome to gulag America, once the land of the free. Oh, and happy 2014.

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