Freedom and Destiny

God gave it to all people. To all of her citizens, the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees it. That is what makes us an exceptional nation among all nations. We are the one country whose founding documents guarantee individual liberty. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness….

Free will is the modus operandi of destiny. C. S. Lewis

God also gave us free will. It is why each of us is able to choose our way, right or wrong, good or evil – to determine our destiny. God will not direct our paths unless we allow it. That applies to individuals and nations. Through the exercise of our free will, as a people, we continue to move further away from God. Some of it is due to the pacifist attitude held by many Christians, including our pastors. Not so willing to fight the good fight. Most pastors diligently teach the Bible and preach the word trying to steer individuals. Where they are coming up short is that they are not warning the country of its destiny. Not confronting the people and organizations who want Christianity dead is an exercise of free will that will lead to the loss of a free nation. Just like the Black Robed Regiment of the American Revolution, America’s Christian pastors must lead this fight.

If the people and organizations who prefer the death of Christianity in America win, with what will we be left? A society not bound by any morality. A society that is not charitable toward its neighbors because the government will handle it. A society not bound by a sense of conscious. Observe our military that is being methodically reduced to a Godless social engineering test tube. Godless armies are also not bound by any sense of morality and conscious. One does not gain either from an Army field manual. That compass is set early in one’s life and reinforced by leadership holding a strong sense of both. That type of leadership is being purged from our military and what is left bows diligently. Throughout history, such armies are guilty of carrying out great atrocities before they and the nations they represent are ultimately destroyed.

In America, we have rights guaranteed to us by the law of our land. Over time, we created other “rights” and rules that do not appear in our Constitution. The question that most needs answered for Americans is where do these new rights stop?

Man made laws determined that women have a right to choose. As already explained, we did not need a law to enforce the free will ingrained in every human so the “right to choose” was not about choice at all. What we have to determine is does this new right to choose end at the point where the choice in question involves the possible taking of a life of an unborn child? If that “new” right does not end there, then why stop at unborn children, who under our primary law of the land have the right to life? Can I choose to take any life? If it is nothing more than a choice….

The law of our land grants me the right to keep and bear arms. Yet, I am confronted with many laws trying to alter or usurp that guaranteed right. Why should I ever have to register a weapon? I live in an open carry state. I can legally walk around with a visible side arm. But, if I want to put it in my pocket or otherwise conceal it so as not to frighten the timid, I am required to attend a certification course and purchase a permit. I require a certification to conceal it, but nothing to put in on my side and wear it around.

The law of the land guarantees my freedom of religion and religious expression. The problem encountered in this new world of ours is when exercise of those new found “rights” infringe upon my constitutionally guaranteed rights. Christian businesses are being forced to accept and support through their business homosexual marriage or close up shop. There are cases before the Supreme Court now challenging the government’s ability to force Christian employers to provide contraception and abortion coverage in their Affordable Care Act insurance plans.

The point of all of this is that people or governments can choose their way. Whatever the choice made, the choice ends at the point where it infringes upon my constitutionally guaranteed rights. Otherwise the constitution is meaningless and America is over.

I am assured the Supreme Court will sort this out. Not to worry that this is the body of politically rather than constitutionally driven humans that once endorsed slavery, said it is alright for women to choose to kill unborn children, and who’s sitting Chief Justice rewrote legislation to make it constitutional. In these hands rests the fate of our nation and the free exercise of religion. Good luck with that.

God help us.

© 2014

Sunday Stuff

That is what my wife calls this blog. The stuff I do on Sunday afternoons. Your Sunday stuff she says. She knows it is not meditation, but she also knows for me it is therapeutic. Following Church services, lunch, and sometimes a nap I disappear into the Bunker for an hour or two. There I empty out what is pressing on my mind. Sometimes it comes out fast and furious and other times it is like pulling teeth to hit 600 words. Much more than that I am told and the typical Internet reader is long gone. From my own Internet reading experience, I expect it is much less. Some, if they clicked on the link, did not even make it this far. For as great as the Internet is, it has turned many to headline readers and shortened already challenged attention spans.

My Sunday stuff has become my Monday evening stuff for the past couple of weeks. With construction projects going on at Pendry manor and a winter that will not quit, I have fallen behind on my end of the work. So, Lord forgive me, a couple of my Sunday afternoons have not involved listening to Beethoven (shocked?) within the safe confines of the Bunker and attempting to string together coherent thoughts.

Instead of typing to Moonlight Sonata, I have cleared away snow and replaced the shrubs that I had the concrete contractor rip out. I have moved a couple large piles of mud, mostly clay mud, left for me by said contractor. I had to refill the planters with dirt, actually with the piles of mud the contractor left. I had to move the mud before I could plant the shrubs. The planters? They had to be torn out because some engineering genius from the past used the edge of the sidewalk for his footer. I had to replace the resulting broken sidewalk that was attached to the broken steps I replaced along with the porch. After the expensive brick mason put new planters back in, they really look nice, I had to fill them. So I used the piles of left over dirt and mud. Mud in the planters is fine because I will be planting rocks in them. They don’t need water or fertilizer and the neighborhood cats prefer something softer.

Out back, I removed all of the stone. In its place is a brand spanking new concrete patio. Yes, same contractor same piles of mud. In case you are interested in such things, concrete being pumped uphill and around the house is a neat operation. I had to replace a good portion of the back yard drainage system. I live on a hillside here in Wild and Wonderful. Mother Nature and gravity does not care where you placed the house. When it rains, the water is running downhill. Just in front of my retaining wall is a French drain system (a ditch with a pipe in it surrounded by rocks) that captures the running water and channels it away from the house. It was partially destroyed. Yes by the concrete contractor. For the length of the patio, I had him leave a foot of space between the patio and the retaining wall for a new drain. That is a lot of rock to move up a hill one wheel barrel at a time. They get lighter as the day goes on.

That is how I spent my last two weekends and the third is promised. I have helped my Nation’s economy. I have employed a concrete finisher and his crew, the concrete pouring company truck and pump crew and a brick mason. I have also employed a contractor that is installing the gold-plated porch rail. Well it has to be gold-plated by the cost of it. I have been a frequent flier at the local box store and you know the wife demanded new patio furniture too. But look on the bright side. I am, along with you, paying for someone’s healthcare and food stamps so they, as the progressives put it, are not locked into a job. They are free now to pursue their dreams of writing poetry or painting the next masterpiece while smoking legal dope.

I feel great that I am helping so many. Oops more than 600 words. Have to quit now.

© 2014 J.D. Pendry

Courting Evil

Evil cannot be courted. When courted, evil is called good. Under the guise of good, it consumes individuals, people, and nations. It kills. Without remorse.

When it is courted, appeased or accommodated, in any fashion, evil wins. Every single time. Evil is winning in America and much of the world. It is leading the dangerously tolerant and hapless nations toward destruction. People, ever so willing to court and accommodate evil rather than battle it so as to be seen as more tolerant and politically correct, are following evil’s lead toward self-destruction.

The duly elected leader of our country has publicly professed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. You have heard it. Often during his campaign for the presidency, and at other times sense when the need is felt to stroke ignorant and blindly adoring followers. And many have declared that if he says he is, I believe his is. Only God knows the man’s heart, but many Americans have become too familiar with his walk. The walk does not jive with the talk. Scripture tells us what is in one’s heart determines what comes out of him. His walk.

It is difficult for adoring followers, with so much vested in the made up man, to turn and walk away much less challenge.

Our self-professed Christian leader openly supports killing unborn children up to and including partial birth abortions. He also supports allowing children that survive failed abortions to die. He believes that a sexual orientation should be America’s newest protected class of people. He believes that if two women and two men should unify the rest of us should call it a marriage and accept it as so. Hardly a biblical idea of marriage. He believes the new made up civil right of homosexuality trumps the right of religious expression. He believes the government should be able to force people to violate their Christian beliefs. Yes, it does seem to only apply to Christians. He believes America is neither a Christian nation nor an exceptional one. Since he does not accept the most fundamental building blocks of the American foundation, he set out to transform it into a state that conforms to his ideals, which based on his walk does not include God, freedom and the guaranteed individual liberty that indeed makes America the world’s exceptional nation. At the Call to Renewal Conference in 2006, he mocked the Bible demonstrating his ignorance of the scriptures, the faith he publicly expressed and subsequently his disdain for God. It is never a good idea to mock God. Reckon I do not have more to add to that except that evil always tries to appear good.

Evil often tries to appease evil. I know that sounds somewhat paradoxical, but I can offer no other way to describe it. Maybe it is little evil or novice evil trying to appease old established evil. Evil will attack evil too. It must satisfy its never quenched thirst for total power.

“Wickedness, when you examine it, turns out to be the pursuit of some good in the wrong way. You can be good for the mere sake of goodness: you cannot be bad for the mere sake of badness. You can do a kind action when you are not feeling kind and when it gives you no pleasure, simply because kindness is right; but no one ever did a cruel action simply because cruelty is wrong – only because cruelty was pleasant or useful to him. In other words badness cannot succeed even in being bad in the same way in which goodness is good. Goodness is, so to speak, itself: badness is only spoiled goodness…. Evil is a parasite, not an original thing.” C. S. Lewis from Mere Christianity

Novice evil, trying to be good evil and trying to appease old evil, apologized to the world for American prosperity. Apologized to the world for American military superiority. Apologized to the world for America being America and no more exceptional than any other nation. Novice evil then set about destroying prosperity, military superiority, and the thing that makes us exceptional – individual liberty. Novice evil drew redlines for old evil then ran from them. Novice evil pulled missile defense away from friends and promised old evil he would soon have more flexibility. Old evil grinned then began the expansion of his empire.

Somewhere out there is a missing airliner and its mostly Chinese passengers. When that airliner, piloted by old evil, re-appears over American airspace likely filled with Chinese hostages and a nuclear weapon, will novice evil find the balls to blast it from the sky before it can kill millions of Americans? Somehow I doubt it because novice evil cannot defeat the master of evil or even stand against it no matter the cost to his own people. Only the bright light of good can stand against evil. Whether it is novice or old, evil cannot stand in the light.

Be a light.

©2014 J. D. Pendry

Whatever Happened?

Whatever happened to that intense desire to be the best? Whatever happened to never settling for second best at anything? Whatever happened to show me someone pleased with being runner-up and I will show you a perpetual loser? Usually a Republican. Whatever happened to adult mentoring and encouragement? Whatever happened to the parents, teachers, big brothers and sisters who unequivocally declared to their charges that if you set your mind to it and work hard at it, you can become whatever you want to be in America? Whatever happened to the sky is the limit? Whatever happened to you are only limited by your desire and imagination? Whatever happened to the teacher that insisted you do it over and over and over until you learned it and got it right – to the standard? Whatever happened to you will do the 6th grade over next year son because you failed? Whatever happened to inspiring leaders who issued challenges to a nation like putting a man on the moon within a decade? Whatever happened to men being men and not being ashamed of it? Whatever happened to women being women and being proud of it? Whatever happened to families sitting down to supper – together? Whatever happened to families? Whatever happened to earning your own way? Whatever happened to the little league baseball coach who could put his arm around little Johnny and say I am sorry you did not make the team this season, but look I want you to come to practice with us anyway? Then next season it might be different for you. Whatever happened to politeness? Whatever happened to watching your language in mixed company or in front of the children? Whatever happened to the unwed mother who was the exception rather than the rule? Whatever happened to men who opened doors for women? Whatever happened to women who expected men to open doors for them? Whatever happened to modesty? Whatever happened to the kid with a lawnmower who would scour the neighborhood after school or on Saturday looking for lawns to mow to pad the allowance – if there was an allowance? Whatever happened to the kid who looked for Friday night babysitting opportunities for the same reasons? Whatever happened to school kids who wanted part time jobs and summer jobs? Whatever happened to keeping your sex life private, in the closet so-to-speak, rather than making it the very public center of your life? Whatever happened to Churches that were full on Sundays? Whatever have we done with God? Whatever happened to taking time out of your day to meditate and talk with your creator? Whatever happened to looking to God for the wisdom to guide life’s decisions? Whatever happened to pledging allegiance to the flag and meaning every word of it? Whatever happened to knowing beyond doubt that you lived in the greatest country in the world? Whatever happened to knowing the reason for that is God-given freedom protected by law? Whatever happened to the expectation that one must serve his or her country? Whatever happened to believing America is a good country? Whatever happened to believing that Americans are good? Whatever happened to believing America is a good country because Americans are good? Whatever happened to knowing and believing that Godless communism is evil on earth? Whatever happened to America does not owe me, I owe America? Whatever happened to self-reliance? Whatever happened…?

Whatever happened to America?

Liberalism. Progressivism. Communism.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

The End of American Military Dominance

On July 31, 2011, I posted I Remember Carter’s Army. If you have not, please go read it. When this President told the nation how he intended to destroy our military, apparently no one listened. Or, in the worst case if they listened they did not give a rat’s rear end about the treatment of serving military people, their families, or veterans. They cared even less about the security of our nation. They took for granted that in the Presidential election an establishment progressive Republican could defeat a radical Democrat progressive communist.

So three years later, perched on the precipice total tyranny and destruction, I have a small request. I want you nit-wits running around Washington a scared of your shadows and who just now got your knickers in a wad because the Secretary of Disarmament and Surrender (formerly the Secretary of Defence) announced to the world the end of the era of American military dominance to spare me your phony outrage. Most of you sat by said and did nothing from the beginning. But now? Now that elections are on the horizon you once again start pulling at the heart strings of Americans using our serving men and women, their families, and veterans as nothing but political pawns toward your personal aims. You disgust me.

The man, second most responsible for the defence of our country and the welfare of our serving men and women and their families, standing beside a bobble headed general looked them right in the eye (bravely through the lens of a television camera) and pretty much said tough bananas boys and girls. Life is going to suck for you from here on out. When we next send you off to war, it will not be with the best of anything. We will want you to strap it on and go to war knowing full well that you once were, but no longer are the dominant force in air, sea or ground combat.

Nope, we will make sure you are the “firstest with the leastess.” Your combat training will come in second place to homosexual tolerance training and hyphenated-American multiculturalism awareness training including the proper wear of turbans and the length for beards, and recognition of the Muslim call to prayer. Once you have mastered that, we will send you off to war. Probably lacking much of what you need and probably without a Christian Chaplain to say some words over you.

While you are laying it on the line, your families back home will see their commissaries going away and the cost of their medical care increasing. We assure you as well that their welfare considerations will fall well behind the larger voting bloc consisting of the state-dependent and ignorant. To make up for your benefit loss, we will stop raising your pay, which in turn lessens the value of any future pension you may get and what the hell, we will cap raises for that too. We love you guys – and your families. You sacrifice greatly for our nation. Place aside that we have classified all of you as potential terrorists. Too bad you do not have a union that could kick in some dues to the commies.

On March 25, 2012, I posted the question, Just Another Vietnam? The question stands answered now.

On March 11, 2013, I posted Soldiers Slighted. I told you what I thought about our current Secretary of Defense. One year later he is living up to what I told you he would do.

Serving men and women and veterans do not feel owed for their service. They do have reasonable expectations. They expect a country willing to send them off do die in combat will provide them with the best, most advanced equipment and the best training. They rightfully expect that their families should not have to do without or be forced on to food stamps to put food on the table.

Our professional force is comprised of families. The serving members of these families when forced to consider the welfare of their spouses and children will just walk away. That will leave this great country with a conscript force and this time it will include boys and girls. Girls not drafted before because of their historical non-combat roles. They will be led by bobble-headed and party loyal officers. The rich and well connected, just as it did during the Vietnam era will have all sorts of draft deferrals or they will fill the ranks of the reserve components. The politicians will fill the active ranks with another McNamara’s hundred thousand of the mentally and morally challenged. Cannon fodder. There is no such thing as a professional conscript force.

America is fully capable of maintaining battlefield dominance. Our allies count on it, or once did. If we are not the dominant battlefield force who then will roll back the communist and Islamic push for world supremacy? Threats once kept at bay and a world kept relatively peaceful by a dominant American military. But maybe second or third fiddle is the aim of our current leadership – to be dictated to by the Russians, Chinese and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Our Soldiers face down the nation’s enemies while danged few at home even seem to care that they are being sacrificed and destroyed by Washington and a growingly ignorant and state dependent population.

This is not about the end of American military dominance. This brothers and sisters is about the end of the United States of America. It is not being fundamentally transformed, it is being fundamentally destroyed. It is being destroyed the only way it can be. From within by a growing concentric circle of communism whose center of gravity rests at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The White House and our country are quickly turning red while Congress plots strategy for the next election.

© J. D. Pendry