That is just not who we are

In Christianity, today is our most holy day. The day of resurrection is about many things but, most certainly it is about renewal. It is about the gift of a second chance. It is the opportunity for a new life. It is springtime for humankind. It is a time for introspect and choices. Choices whether good or bad that will shape us as individuals and as a people.

In the people’s house is a man well-heeled in communism and Islam. He makes little effort these days to masquerade otherwise. His parents and grandparents were communists. He was raised Muslim by a stepfather. He was mentored in adolescence by a card carrying communist. He has publicly proclaimed his Christianity on more than one occasion. The punditry minds us to accept what he says as truth lamenting that not one of us mortals truly knows his heart.

We are taught not to judge others, but conversely we are taught that a person’s actions speak to what he holds in his heart. Think of the tremendous cost in American blood and treasure spent to block the advancement of communism. Consider the millions who died under the boot of communists across this earth. Then to watch the President of the last nation standing between worldwide tyranny and freedom embrace a murdering communist dictator is sickening. It is just a bit more than I care to take. To look across the globe and see the atrocities committed in the name of Islam and have a leader who still refuses to mention the name of that religious political system in the context of terrorism has also reached a level of detestable I would have never imagined in our country.

The President embraces communism and Islam. Two brutal systems that is wholly antithetical to our constitutionally guided representative republic.

When the President of our country drones on about our values and what we should and should not do regarding out of control immigration, our relationships with oppressive communist regimes, and how we should or should not confront the brutality of Islamic terrorism – we should clearly understand. When he attempts to shame us by declaring “that is just not who we are”, the “we” he is talking about should be clear in our minds.

I recall listening to a local football coach talking about bowl selections. His phrase that sticks in my mind is that “in December, you will remember November.”

We have a chance for renewal. A change to reverse the course we are on, but only if we have leadership that has our security and freedom in mind. First and foremost. There will be a communist on the ballot who is connected through associations at the very top of her inner circle with the Muslim brotherhood. There is no assurance of who will represent the rest of us on the other side of the ballot. But we must note that this is our chance for renewal of America.

We are at one another’s throats about who the person should be to lead our country’s healing process. The political class is trying to circumvent the democratic process to ensure that the “wrong” person is not on the ballot. How does that differ from communist thinking? The punditry class has injected itself at a level I have never seen in a primary cycle. Some declaring for whom they would never vote even if it means putting another person in the Whitehouse to complete the destruction of our country. Some of them are displaying total disdain for voters. One presumably conservative magazine published an article on how America would be better off if the working middle class would just die out. Radio talker Glenn Beck, whom I once listened to, declared that you cannot be a Christian if you are supporting Donald Trump. I guess Beck who is quite proud of his transformation from a down and out alcoholic to a God fearing man, cannot find it in his heart to believe that someone like Trump could have his own re-birth.

For all who are battling hard to save our nation, remember who we really are because in December we will be thinking about what happened in November.

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How do we stop Trump?

These days, that is the prime question on the minds of the country club republicans, their corporate puppet masters, and the communists. They are plotting, spending money, and rubbing Karl Rove’s big round head trying to come up with the answer. The solutions have been to steal the nomination from the front runner in a brokered convention, if that fails plan B is to run a 3rd party to ensure a republican loss in the general election, while at the same time declaring none of this would be a problem in the first damn place if the pesky blue collar middle class would just go ahead and die.

I am thrilled at what Mr. Trump has accomplished during this election cycle. At the end of it all, he may turn out to be a phony baloney, but he has brought to the forefront what most harms the severely wounded but alive and well American Middle Class – illegal immigration, bad trade deals, and destruction of the US manufacturing base. And when people who are fighting for their lives find someone who appears to speak for them, they are going to fight. He has forever exposed the career politicians for who they are and likely has changed the voting and political landscape for a long time to come. The large crowds that are coming out in support are not purely conservative, not purely liberal, most certainly not the dependent class, and most certainly not the brain washed spoiled brat communists and professional protestors who are causing trouble. They are Americans who want their country back and Ronald Regan was the last person able to bring them all together and right our ship of state. I am making no comparison between the two men, but both seemed to have taken a different route to arrive at the same destination. And depending what is done with the prize it could turn out good as it did for Regan or it could go the other way. That is the great unknown, but America after all did gamble on hope and change.

It just saddens me that for so many years, and I am not the Lone Ranger on this one, I believed that a political party was interested in looking out for me. For certain, my gullibility and naiveté were exposed.

The ideological puritans across the spectrum are certainly part of our problem – especially those with big megaphones and inflated senses of self-worth. It would not surprise me if many of them drifted off into obscurity when this episode of American history concludes. We will just have to see. But be assured of this, the American people are to the point they will walk through and over them to get to the voting booth.

I consider myself conservative in my thinking, but an ideology should not be a national suicide pact. And most certainly it is time to end politics as a career and an industry. I am certain that there are plenty of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents of all ethnicities who still believe in America and who are willing to stand together. For the betterment of America maybe it is the elitist political class that needs to die.

But to answer the burning question. I listen to some news programming. I read a lot of news and commentary. I listen to some talk radio although I must admit I have recently whittled it down some. It is not uncommon to read and hear these media types talk about Rush Limbaugh and wonder out loud how he can maintain such a large audience. The never realize that if they honestly wrote and reported the news Mr. Limbaugh would have no audience. If they did their jobs completely and honestly, people would not have a need to turn to him or others to hear what they otherwise would not – ever.

So the answer for the country club is simple. For many years you have lied to the American people. You have lined your pockets with corporate dollars and failed to keep the promises to the people who put you into power. For the recent years and especially since Americans put you in charge of Congress, you have not stood on a single principle. You have been spineless and conniving. Your time to stop Trump passed you by long ago when you failed to govern in the interests of the American people. And now you are in for an epic beat down because you simply did not live up to your promises or do your job. And Mitt Romney et al are not going to save your sorry asses.

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Summer of 68

I was about to turn 16. I lived in a tenement on the north side of Chicago. Magnolia Avenue from Montrose to Wilson was lined with the red brick three and four story buildings. The tiny apartments were barely heated with steam radiators in winter and cooled by nothing in summer. People dragging mattresses out on to fire escapes at night for reprieve from those big brick ovens were common. On some days the local firehouse would open up a hydrant and the neighborhood kids would splash around in the street. With my few friends, we beat the heat spending many days at the Lake Michigan Montrose beach. Whenever I think of my time in Chicago, it is of the north side’s trash strewn streets and concrete. Quite a contrast for one transplanted from West Virginia’s green hills.

I came to be in Chicago because my Dad migrated to the big city that was filled with factories and factory work. I suppose that made us economic immigrants. We were just part of that great big American middle class that could move, if need be, to find work and better our lives while along the way providing the labor force that built a nation. I suppose it is the disappearing middle class these days.

About a year later I would become a 16 year-old high school dropout working full time in one of those Chicago factories. It is certainly not a course I would recommend for any young person, but it worked out well for me and I learned valuable lessons not taught in Chicago’s school system of the day.

In 68, my brother Jerry was finishing up his Army tour with a Vietnam tour. He stood final muster this past year a victim of the ravages of Agent Orange. Jerry finished High School, the first in my family to do so and immediately enlisted into the Army. Just another member of that American middle class doing what he thought he was supposed to do.

A “conservative” writer from National Review believes “The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die.” His writing is as much of an attack on Donald Trump as it is on the people Trump appeals to. The people who feel no one in snob America gives a rat’s rear end about them and has not for a long time. The people who no longer have a factory to look to for that job that can give a youngster with no path to an expensive college a start in life. So the welfare state moves in and does to these communities what it has done to others – destroys them and their chance with big government, a globalist worldview and corporate centered trade pacts that eliminates the jobs they might have had. If this is conservative thinking, then I suppose I am no conservative. I want no part of National Review’s ivory tower thinking. This thinking has made America ripe for a communist like Bernie Sanders who promises everything except opportunity and work.

But, back to the summer of 68. The democrats had their convention there in 68. The Yippies, Youth International Party, organized demonstrations for the convention. Some called the Yippies radicalized hippies. Hippies the pot smoking, LSD dropping, communal free-love anti-war draft dodgers. These demonstrations morphed into riots. I watched some of it on television and listened to the rioters who were having the crap kicked out of them by the Chicago Police Department chanting ‘The whole world is watching.” And probably rooting for the cops I thought.

Among these hippie yippie commie loving American GI hating miscreants, you could probably find people like Bernie Sanders, Bill and Hill, John Kerry, Obama mentor and terrorist Bill Ayers and a whole list of others who are still trying to destroy our country. They are starting to turn up now at Trump rallies because he is the antithesis of what they have been indoctrinated to believe. It would not surprise me at all if these demonstrations continue until they erupt into full scale riots similar to those in the summer of 68. Maybe Governor Kasich might want the Ohio National Guard to bone up on riot control.

I left Chicago after walking into Staff Sergeant Ball’s Recruiting station a few days shy of my 19th birthday.

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Gravy and biscuits

Suzie-Q had an early morning medical test. She was not allowed to eat or drink anything since the evening before robbing her of her usually warm morning disposition. When the test finished, I took her to breakfast. I sat there at the table sipping my coffee pondering the plate filled with food the waitress sat in front of me. Over easy eggs, home fries, sausage links, gravy and biscuits. I would need to research to be certain, but I believe there is a law here in Wild and Wonderful declaring if it does not include gravy and biscuits it is not breakfast. I believe the same law also bans granola from all points west of the eastern panhandle. If not, it should.

I put some butter and apple butter on the biscuits then covered them with gravy. Then I covered the home fries with gravy. Since there was still some gravy in the bowel, I covered my gravy with some more gravy. I winced a little when Suzie-Q squirted ketchup on the plate beside her hash browns confounded about where she might have picked up such a horrid habit.

Any of those things sitting alone on the plate would not be a very good breakfast, but when combined brother, you have to mainline the lard straight into your arteries to beat it.

Fried bologna (baloney here) is also a staple. At one popular eating place you can get fried baloney sandwiches. The menu fittingly calls it “The Politician.”

For the first time, probably in our state’s history, we have a Republican controlled state congress. We are becoming a right to work state in a place with a history of gunfights erupting for crossing union picket lines. Common core is being blown up. As of this week, anyone one 21 years of age or older may carry a concealed handgun without a permit. We have always been an open carry state, but some people get a little nervous around exposed side arms. There is some concern, but when you get right down to it the bad people have always illegally carried concealed handguns. Now, they may just think twice. And, if I only want to carry inside the state I do not have to pay the permit fee (tax) to exercise a constitutional right. I will continue to pay the permit fee so that I can carry in reciprocal states.

It does not surprise me that the Republican establishment, led by former presidential election losers, is plotting to take the political party’s nomination away from the people’s choice. It just surprises me they are so brazen about it including the self-proclaimed political puritans who state they will not vote for the choice of the people unless it is who they prefer solidifying their place in the I am smarter than you elitist snobocracy. So they should go back to writing smug commentary in magazines that the common American does not read and talking on radio programs that most working Americans do not have time to listen to.

For all I know, it is divine intervention that is awakening Americans to the antics of the typical tyrannical and corrupt Washington politician. Even more so, Americans are coming to realize that these men and women of bought and paid for political power only have interest in maintaining the status quo with an in your face approach. And they believe Americans will do as they traditionally have for decades – sit on the sidelines and watch the further destruction of our country and freedom. To their chagrin American are not sitting this one out. Instead, they are adding the final ingredient to the recipe for revolution presented to them.

Did you ever have a fried apple biscuit followed by a hot and gooey cinnamon bun? It just tops off the perfect breakfast.

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