This is an important time for our country. It is the time we set aside to remember and show respect to the men and women who gave their lives in our nation’s wars. The men and women who in their hearts knew they were fighting for our foundational values. Fighting for the principles without which we would not be the world’s exceptional nation.

Families across our land have sacrificed great numbers of loved ones ensuring the freedom of what truly is the world’s greatest nation.

Barak Hussein Obama does not deserve to be their Commander-in-Chief. He is unfit to lead this nation or our Armed Forces. During this, thankfully his last year as our leader, he has stopped pretending to be Christian. He has stopped pretending to embrace the freedom and opportunity offered here. He has stopped pretending respect for the men and women who serve or have served in our Armed Forces and their families who throughout our history have sacrificed so greatly. He is a man who can send a delegation to the funeral of a thug but offer no condolences to the family of a murdered American hero. No, he would probably prefer to apologize for what evil America did to the people who openly call for the death of America, as by action does he.

He has bowed to the Saudis. The image of mass murdering Chairman Mao once adorned a Whitehouse Christmas tree. He signed a deal with Iran that is nothing short of a pact with Satan. His disdain for Israel is plain to see. He has embraced the Cuban communists and posed with them before an image of mass murderer Che Guevara.

This Memorial week however he reached the crescendo of his apologetic hate America tours. In his ideological world view formed in a mind clouded with communist progressive indoctrination since childhood, he believes he has accomplished great things while fundamentally transforming America.

This week he posed before a bust of Ho Chi Minh while shaking hands with the Communist leadership of Vietnam. Why not continue showing disrespect for those who served in that war? It is after all a Democrat tradition. There is no accounting for the American lives lost in that war. No acknowledgement whatsoever for their service and sacrifice. No consideration of the atrocities committed by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese against Americans, Prisoners of War and the indigenous population. No accounting for the South Vietnamese who were abandoned by liberal American politicians the likes of which were mentors to John Kerry. No accounting for the millions who died after these same politicians made it possible for the communist takeover of the country and the millions more who died in the Cambodian killing fields. Just as in Vietnam he continues the Democrat tradition in the Middle East of turning American military victory into a defeat with no regard or compassion for American lives lost and indigenous people left at the mercy of murderers. Nope, just more apologies for American evil.

At Hiroshima, he again apologized for the evil America unleashed on the world and brought upon the Japanese people. That is a simply breathtaking disregard for the millions of lives destroyed and atrocities committed across Asia by the Imperial Japanese even before their Sunday morning attack on Pearl Harbor. There was no acknowledgment of American lives lost defending America and defeating the true evil that was Imperial Japan. Not a mention while back home Americans are left to ponder the mistake of putting Obama into the highest office in the land while he repeatedly spits in our faces.

It must be a miserable existence living a totally made up life behind a façade hiding who knows what and being chosen to lead a nation you despise from her very roots. To all things there is a purpose. Barack Obama’s purpose was not the fundamental transformation of America. It was the awakening of Americans to the realization of who we are. Mission accomplished.

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Our Legacy

Today Suzie-Q and I went out to the cemetery to visit my parents’ gravesite. We tidied up, replaced some old flowers with new, and then took a little quiet time. I thought about a legacy. Looking down at the final resting place for what is often referred to as the greatest generation I pondered how the legacy of my generation, the baby boomers, would measure up. I even pondered it on a personal level and what might the next generation think of me or us.

I suppose we could travel down the long trail of who did what and when, but I do not want to do that. I once participated in a seminar, the core of which was to impart that who you are depends on where you were when. Your life experiences define who you are and to a large part that also defines generations.

The people of my parent’s generation came up through the great depression. They learned the value of work especially the large percentage of Americans of the time without it, and understood the importance of providing for their families. They understood the importance of family. They understood the value of money driven by a time of less affluence. They were thrifty. The Second World War was their great challenge. Every generation has its detractors and profiteers, but for the most part Americans at home and at the war front made great sacrifices to defeat the enemy hell bent on world domination. At great cost, they won. They came home to a grateful nation and built an affluent America. It was a vision and determination from the people of that age that put a man on the moon. An American. It is safe to say they made America great. Churches were full on Sundays. No one claimed it offensive or intolerant to declare we were one nation under God. There was an audible national gasp when Clark Gable said “Frankly my dear. I don’t give a damn.”

They also started having babies, many of them. It was a baby boom. The birth of my generation.

Instead of a great depression my generation experienced relatively great affluence. Our big war was a cold one, the mission to block the expansion of communism. It was dotted with the hot ones of Korea and Vietnam, neither of which garnered the total national sacrifice of World War II. In Korea communist aggression was turned back, but the war ended in political settlement not military defeat of the enemy. Many from my generation balked at military service during the Vietnam era with protests and draft card burnings. The great generation had movie stars and the wealthy involved in the war effort. My generation had movie stars heading off to the land of our enemies to take photographs with them and make propaganda radio broadcasts directed to American Soldiers. Our wealthy were receiving multiple draft deferments or filling the bulging ranks of National Guard and Reserve units that largely never deployed to the combat zone unless they needed to build some credentials for future political endeavors. There was no big welcome home for our Vietnam War Veterans. Instead, they were blamed for the failures of politicians. Churches were much less filled on Sundays. We began rating movies based on the content of vulgarity and Mr. Gable’s big screen declaration would raise nary an eyebrow.

Where is my generation now? We are running our country. I am so proud. We are confronted by an enemy hell bent on world domination and we are unable to call him by his name. I suppose we produced the millennial generation, if I am up on my generational tag lines, fully indoctrinated with a progressive education, participation trophies and the need for safe spaces. A generation one would think based on current observations willing to totally embrace socialism because their indoctrination is completed and they missed the history lessons about the millions killed by it. Declaring we are one nation under God is just too intolerant and offensive for them to even contemplate. With vision and determination, the great achievement of my generation is going to be putting a man in a woman’s bathroom. Now that is a legacy a man can be proud of. Well maybe not just a man. I need a safe space.

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What have you done for me lately?

OK, so Donald Trump is not a conservative. At least not as defined by the self-proclaimed pristine conservatives of the never Trump bunch. I get it. But, neither are they except for purposes of pontification. Answer some questions for me. What have those prima donnas – those annoying people with inflated views of their own talent or importance – done for me lately? What have they done for Americans lately other than look down their noses at the unwashed masses – us voters? During the past seven years, which conservative principle did they collectively stand on? For which ones were they ready to pay more than lip-service? Any? These boys and girls who swore they would fix things if we just put them in charge, learned to roll over quicker than you could chuck them a doggie treat or a bale of cash. Then they wonder aloud why any thinking American would be attracted to a non-politician who promises to secure our borders and right our sinking ship of trade allowing for some of those 94 million who are not in the workforce to possibly have work. Is that a foreign concept to the snoots? People wanting to work? Is it odd that Americans across the landscape of ideologies might be drawn to a man who is offering Americans a shot at restoration rather than fundamental transformation?

They did a few things for me I guess. They have caused me to refine the list of radio people to whom I will no longer listen – the self-absorbed bat crap crazy ones bordering mental illness or total implosion. Maybe they should just have one song in their bumper rotation, The Eve of Destruction.

The world is coming to an end so go to my sponsors and by a year’s worth of survival food, a solar generator and a freeze drying machine. The economy will never recover so go to my other sponsor and buy gold. Yes! Get it now before it is too late. They helped me identify the faces and voices that cause me to hit the mute button or switch the television channel. They have helped me to know the publications to avoid unless I need flooring for the bird cage. They have clearly pointed out for me (and anyone else whose paying attention) the Washington politicians who are wholly owned and answering not to the American people.

Trump is not a liberal either. Nor do I think you can call him a moderate. I do not think you can hang upon him a political ideology. He is a nationalist maybe or he is just a straight talking person that gives the snobocracy the vapors. And if I may ask, what is exactly wrong about putting American first? Unless of course you are an anti-American with a head full of progressive communist drivel. Or, you do not want a man in the Whitehouse who knows where the bodies are buried and how businesses in this country have to grease the right political palms. One who just might slow the flow of the money spigot?

The Speaker of the House will not endorse the presumptive nominee of his own party. He wants to buck the will of the majority of the Republican voters. That is quite interesting. I wonder how much his cash flow has been during his tour as our public servant and from whose reservoir. Now they are huddling in the dark corners around Sodom on the Potomac to discuss a third party run to keep Trump from winning the presidency. The Department of Justice is probably not going to indict Mrs. Clinton since they are very busy trying to force the state of North Carolina to allow grown men who think they are women to use the bathroom with little girls. So, she will be the nominee. A third party bid generated by the snobocracy will ensure a Clinton presidency, which to them means business as usual. Theirs not ours. Then those pure and pristine conservatives will have provided her the hammer with which she can drive home the last nails into the coffin of freedom. History and Americans will assign the correct level of responsibility.

The fight is on and I do not think it is a choice of the lesser of evils. The choice is between resuscitating our country or unplugging it from life support.

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