America’s political rebellion

I live in a country where elected millionaire representatives, purportedly representatives of the people, cannot agree on securing the country and protecting the citizens they are supposed to protect.  What is their purpose?  Does anyone know?  They’ve or we have given them many labels: Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist.  Communists too, but they won’t outright admit it.  But I must tell you it’s getting more difficult each day to sort them out and place those who belong there into the human looney bin.  Maybe it’s the whole lot of them. The meaning of any of these labels is long lost.  You can put all of them under one column labeled politicians synonymous with liars, crooks, and flimflam artists.  We cannot evaluate them based on what comes out of their mouths but rather what they achieve for the good of the country.  I don’t like to paint with a broad brush.  I know there are many who go to Washington with the right intentions only to find out, aside from political and ideological divides, there is an impenetrable establishment wall.  It’s the only wall Washington has ever managed to construct.  It protects them from outsiders.  If only our borders were the same.  Their options then are to leave Washington after a term or become a lockstep establishment drone.  Most decide to stay.

We have a new crop now.  They are fearless, or maybe stupid depending on your perspective, when it comes to sharing their socialist, communist, progressive views of the world.  I don’t think they’re stupid.  I’ll tell you why.

The 1960’s radicals found their way back to the universities and succeeded in pushing conservative thought (the Constitution, free market capitalism, American Exceptionalism… you name it) out along with any professors holding those views.  As time went along, they became more entrenched evidenced by faculty endorsed near riots when conservative speakers show up on campus.  For decades, they’ve been “taught” about the social injustice of capitalism, they cannot define American Exceptionalism, our constitution is a dated document that doesn’t apply to the new world globalist environment, the virtues of socialism and its accompanying egalitarian paradise (although they probably cannot define egalitarian), revisionist history heavy on the failings of the founders, that God is dead or never was, killing unborn children is a woman’s health choice, and that old white men are the scourge of the planet.  What they haven’t learned is that these progressive ideals wrapped in their utopian socialist bubble always, without fail, lead to tyrannical government and mass death.  The evilest of the evil, Hitler, Stalin, Mao all made the same promises.  Even when tried by modern day politicians considering themselves smarter and more enlightened, they still fail.  Always.  This enlightened new breed of socialist, progressive, communist politicians know is that there is a large, ignorant, and well indoctrinated voting bloc, the only group with a voter turnout increase since 2012, out there waiting for them, already prepped and needing to hear the right words tied with the pretty bow of social justice.  Will they follow the Pied Piper?  Yes, many will.  Right down into the depths of hell.  They will because they’ve been conditioned to believe that America is what’s wrong with the world and that America’s current leader is the worst of the worst.  It is a dangerous and deadly game played by politicians and activists and someone forgot to give the rule changes to the establishment old guard.

We are on the front end of a political rebellion.  It may fall flat, crushed by establishment Washington.  It may change the face of politics for generations to come. It began with the election of Donald Trump.  According to the political class, Trump had no chance to win.  They were laughing at the thought of it.  What these people, so far separated from middle-class America and the middle-class values that bind our nation together, thought was that everything happens and all knowledge exists behind the establishment wall.  They knew who was supposed to be next and it wasn’t Trump.  A middle-class rebellion of American loving working people had a different idea.  They went after Trump with everything they had in the intel community and the Department of Justice before, during and after the election and he’s still there.  Now the counter rebellion of utopia peddlers is on the move.  Establishment Washington values, Middle-class values, and progressive, socialist, communists’ ideals cannot coexist.  It’s time to decide where you stand.

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America is Freedom’s last stand

It’s no longer about Trump.  It’s about anyone who helped him, knows him, worked for him, or voted for him.  I voted for Trump.  I will vote for him again.  If he loses a fair and fraud free election, so be it.  If the Washington Establishment whose hell bent to nullify his election manages a successful coup via impeachment, I reckon I might be moved along with millions of others to take to the streets.

American upside down.

Our country is becoming unrecognizable.  A baseball cap automatically makes you a racist.  A red MAGA caps frighten people yet the Hammer and Sickle flags waved over the dead bodies of millions and prevalent at violent protests in America doesn’t trigger anyone.  When Malcom X hats were popular, I do not recall heads exploding all over the media and Hollywood.  When idiots that have the audacity to call themselves anti-fascist wear masks over their faces and attack MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters, move along there’s nothing to see here.  Only in America can a group of Catholic school boys, a few of them wearing MAGA hats, be profanely attacked and berated by a cult calling themselves the Black Hebrew Israelites, be confronted by an American Indian known for being a professional protestor and lying about his military service, and the school boys called racists and perpetrators all across news and social media.  Only in our topsy-turvy broken American culture can this happen.

Who are the racists?

Democrats, their elitist sycophants, and their heirs apparent own the Klu Klux Klan, Slavery, Segregation, Bull Conner, George Wallace, Jim Crow, Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops Democrat Senator for life Robert C. Byrd; Margaret Sanger, founder of the modern-day temple of child sacrifice, an advocate of eugenics and sterilization of the “race of degenerates”, have the unmitigated gall to call anyone a racist.  What’s worse?  Because of life long media and education programming, you’d be hard pressed to find a millennial that knows any of that and it likely won’t appear in a Google search.  Maybe the slogan should be, make America educated again – less ignorant of its own history.  Or we can run around like spoiled children throwing temper tantrums and destroy reminders of it.

The new religion.

I’m certain some members of the Democratic party claim Christian faith.  The truth is, along with some Republican tag-a-longs, the party has a new religion.  It drives everything they do from funding the government to confirming judges.  Their religion is abortion.  Killing unborn children.  Child sacrifice, infanticide, on a scale not seen since the ancient religion of Baal.  Now, in the state of New York, a woman can decide up to the date of birth to kill her child.  How anyone can embrace that and actually stand, applaud and cheer this evil is beyond comprehension.  I’ve heard all of the arguments.  What about incest? What about rape?  What about?  What about?  What about?  There is but one answer.  What crime did the baby commit that warrants a death sentence?  For the Margaret Sanger fans, according to, “On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States.”  In the states that do not have the death penalty for murder, women can still choose to kill their unborn children.  In New York, it’s illegal to put a murderer to death but okay to execute an innocent  baby on its birthday.  Right now, the United States of America has almost 63 million deaths to answer for.  And we will.  Maybe Speaker Pelosi can comment on the morality of that.

Lurch toward Socialism.

Now, there is the left lurch toward socialism led by Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Socialist darling Coo-Coo Cortez.  Medicare for all, 70% tax rates, and allowing billionaires is immoral all from a woman who reportedly has an economics degree.  She also believes the world will end in 12 years if we don’t fix global warming.  Her Green New deal will save us.  Then there is New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a known Communist sympathizer.  de Blasio declared that we have plenty of money, whether he meant in New York or in the United States I don’t know, but the problem is the money is in the wrong hands.  Socialism fails.  It always turns into a dictatorship and people die – usually masses of people.  It fails everywhere it’s ever been tried.  Just look at Venezuela. The once oil rich country that is now in poverty and its citizens starving.  I know, not much about that in the main stream media.  Keep America ignorant.  The argument made for socialism is take a look at Europe.  For the uniformed, all of those great success stories are not socialist countries.  They are very highly taxed welfare states and if you read the news – beyond Facebook and Twitter – you’ll find that these glorious utopias are feeling the pain of uncontrolled migration.

Freedom’s last stand.

So, based on nothing more than hatred and rhetoric, call everyone you hate a racist.  Never accept the truth about your political party.  Cheer child sacrifice.  Root for socialism.  Watch America collapse.  But know that there are millions of Americans who will choose freedom and will support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Because America is in fact the most tolerant nation on the planet.  It is freedom’s last stand.

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Who is building walls?

Walls can be protective or they can be destructive.  Why do we have trouble figuring that out?

Berlin had a wall.  It was infamous and quite familiar to my generation.  I was honored and privileged to be serving in Germany when it fell.  I have a few pieces of it encased.  My son chipped those pieces from the wall.  They’ll always be a reminder of many Americans and Soldiers from other NATO countries who stood firm until the wall and the Communist iron curtain fell.  The Berlin wall was there to keep people from leaving the grips of communist rule.  People died, shot dead by East German guards while seeking the freedom existing just beyond the wall.

The discussion nowadays centers on border walls designed to control migration.  Walls are up or going up across Europe.  This in the European Union, a bastion of open borders globalism.  These walls are not designed to keep people from leaving.  The purpose is controlling the numbers of people entering.  At the root of it, most migrants are fleeing failed states, failed social systems, and failed economic systems.  It is human nature that people have always sought a better place.  There is however, a stark difference between legal immigration where one is intent on assimilation and building a life in the chosen new land and the economic migrant whose purpose is furtherance of their economic standing and transferring wealth to the countries they fled.  The latter holds no allegiance to the new country and has no desire to assimilate.  Instead, they congregate in migrant communities, do not learn the language, and often proudly display flags of the countries they fled.  They become a burden to today’s modern welfare states’ taxpaying legal immigrants and citizens.

Open borders are the bridge to globalism the hope of the super wealthy.  They are the world’s self-appointed aristocracy.  Their wealth is their wall against the harm this ideology forces on the masses.  If another world war happens upon us, it’ll start where the last two did.  It’ll be between the expansionist globalist union that now wants to form its “union” military and the countries wanting to preserve their sovereignty, culture and heritage.  It is the logical end for one ideology or the other.  From the beginning of time, it’s the human way.

Walls, physical barriers or whatever term chosen to describe them are not a new phenomenon.  Walled cities, walled countries, walled estates, etc. are at least as old as recorded human history and probably older.  People keep building them because they serve the desired function of protecting whatever is behind them.  The thing about physical barriers, unless they’re freedom deniers like the Berlin wall, is they always have a proper way in and a proper way out.

Physical walls hog the debate, but it is a debate born of more destructive human made inner walls.  Ideological walls, cultural walls, religious walls, social status walls, the human caste system wall the elitists will never own up to, political walls and probably dozens more.  People hide out behind inner human barriers because that’s where their parents stood or that’s where the identity group with which they identify stands, that’s where peer pressure keeps them hostage, or that is where the ideology they embrace fits best.  Unlike physical barriers with a gate these walls too often have no entry points and for some no easy exit.  Either you are inside or outside.  Over the years, people of prominence, wealth and political stature built these walls thicker and taller and vigorously defended them.  The goal it seems is to ensure no one, or at least not a majority, embraces the wall behind which stands a people united by one ideal.  It is difficult to accept this happens without plan.  Maybe human, maybe supernatural, but in any regard not without plan. This is how a society, a nation, and a people destroy themselves.  There is only one America, but within its own borders it’s becoming Balkanized by human barriers.  America is in the process of committing suicide.  The rebirth will reside far from utopia and distant from individual liberty.

There is another wall.  It is the most lethal wall our country and much of the world faces today.  It is the wall erected around the truth.  The truth is systematically walled off from the people.  This wall is unique in that the truth doesn’t get in and it’s not allowed out.  It’s a Berlin Wall against truth.  We’ve seen magnifications of it in recent days with the inaccurate report from Buzzfeed and about the Covington Catholic School boys in Washington.  If you should search for either, the misinformation still populates the search screen first.

Our media once consisted of nightly news on the major networks, prominent papers in our largest cities, and a few news talk radio programs.  Now it’s vast and instantaneous and blasts information, right, wrong, and unverified around the world 24/7.  People running on emotion from behind those human constructed walls grab on to anything reinforcing what they’ve been conditioned to believe through their blind hatred and social indoctrination and as the adage goes, a lie circles the globe before the truth gets it shoes on.

Physical barriers securing our borders and protecting our sovereignty are not the barriers with which we need concern ourselves.  The barriers that are destroying our country are those that have pulled us apart and away from American Exceptionalism.  The biggest threat to our country is not the exercise of free speech and free expression.  It is the wall erected around the truth by mass media and and turned dangerously caustic by the ignorant and social media tyranny.

It’s not too late to turn back.

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Toxic masculinity and all my rowdy friends

Certainly, you’ve heard of the new American Psychological Association’s Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men   It tackles the harmful effects of “traditional masculinity.”  Timeout.  Please define traditional masculinity.  Today we have 10-year-old drag kidsExamine the consequences of fatherless homes.  Yet, being a man and fulfilling the traditional role of father, provider, protector is somehow harmful.  Yet, in the name of inclusivity and embracing the world we confuse and likely harm for life pre-pubescent children.  I don’t know what the APA has to say about that.

Now.  Now! The company that makes the shaving products I’ve used since the first time I butchered my face with Dad’s double-edged Gillette tells me I need to shave away my toxic masculinity.  Here’s a news blast.  Not every man is Harvey Weinstein.  Not every man wants to harass or rape a woman.  Not every man is a bully.  Actually, most are the exact opposite.  Most men unconsciously adhere to a moral code.  Most men are not the Hollywood version of brutes and perverts.  C. S. Lewis summed it up quite eloquently: “The man without a moral code, like the animal, is free from moral problems.”

Do I need to replace my shaving soap encrusted razor?  Maybe I need to lose the shaving soap mug and brush altogether.  It is one of the few joys of shaving and evidence of my backward ways.  Maybe I’ll wax my chest and get some eyeliner?  I shower every day.  I do not cuss in the presence of ladies unless it’s return fire.  I already run things around the house.  The vacuum, dishwasher…  How much more do I need to give?  Skinny jeans?  Do you really want wussified, make up wearing, manicured, perfumed…? Oh, I know.  Back in the bra burning hay day Gloria Steinem declared, speaking for all women I presume: “We are becoming the men we wanted to marry.”  She was trying to turn women into men so maybe today’s more enlightened seek the opposite.

Suzie-Q pointed toward the Rocket.  Of the multiples in our house, the Rocket is my favorite vacuum cleaner.  Maybe it’s the name.  Unlike Gillette, it’s one of those toxic masculine names.  She then pointed toward the bunker.  Like a good Soldier unquestioning, I fully understood Household 6’s intent.  I secured the Rocket and moved out smartly.  Well, as smartly as my knees allow these days.  Making my way down below ground I experienced a little seasoned citizen attention deficit disorder.  In laymen terms we call it the hereafter disease.  That’s where you wander into a room, look around, and ask yourself, “What am I here after?” During my momentary distraction, I turned on the amplifier, opened up the media player and looked at my music selections.  I lost control of my remote-control thumb as it forced me to select Hank Williams Jr.’s, Born to Boogie. “Well my name is Bocephus I drink whiskey by the gallon and I never back down and I love a good challenge.”  While Bocephus filled the room with toxic masculinity, the subwoofer was thumping and I was boogieing, mentally rather than physically, when HH6 peered around the corner and reminded me of my mission.  I cranked up the volume another notch or two and boogied over to the Rocket.  By the time Hank was Buck Naked I was still fully attired and the mission was completed.  Well, back to Beethoven.  It’s hard to concentrate on anything else or nap in the recliner when Hank is thumping in the background.

I know people who quit watching Monday Night Football when ESPN fired Hank.  Do you recall why he was fired?  He compared Obama to Hitler when he said that Speaker John Boehner playing golf with President Obama would be like Netanyahu playing golf with Hitler.  The liberal media world was aghast.  Hank was now in the company of the Rodeo Clown who had the audacity to wear an Obama mask.  For his comment, ESPN fired the Monday Night Football icon.  If that’s the standard, most of the people on television these days should be jobless.  Which, by the way, is not such a bad idea itself.  That is firing most of the people on television.  ESPN replaced Hank with successive female singers, Faith Hill and Carry Underwood.  Both amazing singers.  Who could not listen to Carry Underwood sing How Great Thou Art, repeatedly. It’ll put a tear in your eye.  Even a Clint Eastwood’s squinting masculine eye.  For as good at they are their efforts just didn’t speak football – at least not to me.

Six years after they fired him, amid abandoning sports talk for political commentary, dwindling ESPN ratings and subscribers jumping ship, they brought him back.  Capitalism.  Political correctness defeated by the bottom line and toxic masculinity?  Nope.  The new tune is depressing.  Hank is an afterthought bellowing out his signature, “Are you ready for some football?”  Sadly, it turns into a menagerie of artists covering for Hank and trying to connect with someone or group, I suppose.  You cannot improve Fur Elise.  ESPN’s attempt to improve the original theme does not excite me to watch a game and invite all my rowdy friends to join me.  I’m sorry Bocephus, but in my toxic masculinity tainted dinosaur-esque world view it flopped.  I hope they paid you well.

I am not ready to declare that Hank was fired because his presentation only appealed to the masculine side, but whose to say.  It was however a horrible business decision and obviously more women did not start watching football because they fired Hank.

Just one more thought.  Did you watch the death of the Star Wars franchise, also known at The Last Jedi?  Here’s the plot.  Every heroic act and every decision were made by a woman, even the one who used the force to fly through the vacuum of space.  The only bumbling fool was a man painted as the gunfighting idiot who nearly got everyone destroyed.  And Luke? A defeated washed up old has been whose successor is a woman.  Maybe Steinem had it right.  In my life, I’ve known and served with many smart, strong women who were also excellent leaders of Soldiers.  There was mutual respect.  In real life, Luke Skywalker, A.K.A. Mark Hammill believes it’s time to “let women take charge completely.”  I’m thinking Mark had some input into the script.

God made men.  God made women.  Each with a natural purpose. God provided us a moral code.  In our enlightened times, we’ve abandoned traditional roles and we’ve largely abandoned His higher moral authority.  The result of that is razor blade companies trying to define men and Mothers turning their little boys into drag queens.  Sodom ain’t got nothing on us.  “Well my name is Bocephus I drink whiskey by the gallon and I never back down and I love a good challenge.” 

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