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One thought on “Comment Policy”

  1. SGM, you do good work.
    May I offer a suggestion; something I have been roiling with lately.
    Too much of what we see today is narrow attack; most of it could be expanded to expose both extremes and the complacy and expectations of our cultural “elite” – on both fringes.
    I saw an article today (RealClearPolitics) about Sen. Coburn from the Washington Times, I think, or the other Washington conservative newspaper that kind of opened my eyes. It discussed how many “elites” from the GOP donated money to Coburn’s Democratic opponent, according to them, and I can believe it, because he threatened their position as well as that of the progressives.
    So my suggestion: hammer more on the elite problem, rather than the Democratic progressive problem, though you’ll catch those bastards in the same net. Throughout history it has always been the elite who think they know it all; it is the way they are. Maybe if we hammer the broader problem rather than the political divide we can make more progress and reduce the stigma they the progressives have hung on us (propaganda). I am concerned with how much invective is being leveled on moderate GOP leadership today, assumption being that compromise is bad; we are never ever going to achieve everything we want; we know where that ultimately leads. Without solid moderate compromise we stand to lose it all.
    Another article today (WSJ) talks of the three myths of poverty – written by Bill and Melinda Gates; I don’t believe any of them and have an idea for thought processing – for me – today: people believe what they want to believe and justify it to jusfify themselves. It’s a dangerous direction to pursue.
    jerry betts

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